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woojin being charismatic on & off stage for anon ♡

If your first reaction after Dans vid was to go back to his old videos and over analyze every single thing you see, just know that I hate you. Dan did not make that video so people could look back and go “OMG HE WAS DEPRESSED HERE 1!!!1!1!1!!” He made that video to share his experiences while battling a mental illness. He made it to show awareness and to show that people aren’t alone and there’s always hope. He made it so people see that this mental illness is extremely shitty but you can get through it with determination and help. We should be focusing on the fact that he feels better and he is literally at a point where he feels HAPPY, we should not be picking out every past detail of the bad times he had while battling depression.


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Idk if you guys have seen this but please watch it.

I’ve saved this video and watch it when I need cheering up lol


cuddly Jae 💕💕💕

Dré yesterday after the flight to Portugal

When the reporter came to him to ask him questions he was like no no no no i’m not in the condition for talking a little buzzed of just tired from the flight? But continued answering either way

About AC Milan: “It’ll be hard but i hope everything goes well”
젝스키스 고지용 그대로멈춰 리허설 고지용포커스 직캠
이 날 지원이가 아파서 리허설 불참..초반에 지원이 찾아헤매다가 바로 포커스 지용이한테로 맞추고 찍음. 안경벗었으면 더 예뻤을텐데..

So if you search on Youtube, you can see a lot fancam videos focusing on Jiwon/Suwon/Sunghoon in Sechskies’s live performances popping up, but it’s freaking hard to find one zooming in Jiyong.

And there we go, I found this video. I’m not sure whether it is a 1999 performance, which is not really important to know. The thing is how cute and free Jiyong is in this video OMG.

(I don’t know what made he smile like that but it doesn’t really matter)

(😍😭That is such a precious moment when he smiles and then sticks out his tongue. I was wondering to whom he is doing that. I don’t know why but this somehow reminds me of Seungjae)

(Well.. He seems to be having a lot fun here. Is that because of Jiwon who is singing?)

He seems to be free and comfortable and enjoy the performance a lot. Aw… Jiyong oppa~ T_T

 I want to say ‘Thank you so much’ and ‘I love you’ to the one who recorded and uploaded it. I appreciate that a lot. 

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when an irritable siwoo meets an innocent sena for the first time (๑>◡<๑)

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I saw Alfie once in London, he walked passed by me, total coincidence. This happened last year, I wasn't into Youtube or watched his vlogs, but I knew who he was. He had something about him. I'm 27 and I'm ashamed to admit it but hey I can do anonymously.. I still dream of him sometimes. I watch him every day now.

Omg ahahaha what a nice coincidence. He made you watch his videos just by passing by your side #goals ahaha