omg he looks like such a male model

Ok I just need a second, who allowed this? Like wtf. I’m gonna talk about each member separately though

Hosh- ok first of all, I’ve said this every damn era, messy hair looks so good on that boy omg. Second, is that eyeshadow or just the lighting? Cause like either way, damnnnn. And the fucking parted lip thing!!!

Jun- my boy Jun up here looking like a fucking male model in that turtleneck, also jawline, like holy shit (that goes for all four of them!) And he’s got that lidded eye thing going on like someone is sucking him off. Ugh.

Chan- MY SON! Who even let him grow up this fast, like two months ago this boy was doing the cutest aegyo and all of a sudden he looks like a fucking dad.

Haohao- first of all, Holy shit, Minghao has the sexiest neck I have even seen, like look at those collarbones!! And the pierced ears are so good.

Ok well this ends my small rant. Have a good day guys 😊