omg he looks like a ghost

Most iconic moments from Beauty and the Beast (2017)
  • Le Fou trying to spell Gaston - G-A-S-T-i think there’s another T but it’s occurred to me I’m illiterate and have never attempted to spell it before wow this is hard 
  • Belle turning down Gaston’s dinner invite and he’s like “Oh, you’re busy” and Belle just says “No” like bitch apply cold water to your burn.
  • Cogsworth’s wife turning up at the end and him wishing he could turn back into a clock
  • Beast’s “makeover” to impress Belle- that makeup though 
  • “Have you thought about growing a beard” and that grOWL AFTERWARDS
  • Ewan McGregor and his terrible French accent
  • Beast literally taking Belle doWN with that big ass snowball 
  • Those three women that keep pining over Gaston turn up and Le Fou leans in and stage whispers “Never gonna happen” 
  • Those three dudes getting Schuyler sister makeovers and the third one owning it
  • Everyone forgetting about Gaston at the end like did his corpse disappear or is it laying on the grounds somewhere and everyone just left him to rot
  • Le Fou trying to comfort Gaston by telling him to think back to the war where he killed all those dudes
  • Maurice: Hey look a nice meal thank you kind person. Maurice: A FUCKING TALKING CUP WHAT AM I HIGH I’M LEAVING GOODBYE
  • Le Fou being concerned that the castle has ghosts when a literal beast lives in it
  • The Beast giving Belle a library just to prove she has horrible taste in literature
  • “Have you read all of these books???” “No, some of them are in Greek” and Belle being all “Was that a joke are you trying to joke omg”
  • Gaston being French and having no clue what Je Ne Sais Quoi means
  • Gaston complimenting himself in the mirror like “you are the most beautiful I’m not done with you yet”
  • Disney actually acknowledging that not all relationships are between one white male and one white female like there’s love all over the place in this movie BLESS 

look at that hard af nipple tho


Yelling at Italy

Hitting Italy

Pushing Italy off of him

Scaring Italy away

Freaking out at Italy

Being mean to Italy in any way shape or form


“Yea sure you can cuddle my man tiddies, but move your pasta lovin’ ass over.”

So don’t feel bad about being OOC when Germany reciprocates or accepts Italy’s affection, he ain’t a monster.



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Happy Concepts for Dirk: !!! Sometimes filling in as a substitute teacher to make a bit of money/maybe as part of a case, for primary school kids and they ADORE HIM!? and they're like "It's Mr Dirk!" and they all run up and hug him and he's all enthusiastic and jumping up and down and looking out for the kids and perhaps accidentally a bit morbid and irresponsible sometimes but full of lov for these kids!!! also bonus,,, Dirk introducing Todd to the kids and them all being like "WE HEARD ABT U"

This is perfect omg!!!
Also like he would teach the weirdest things?! Like “ok kids let’s talk about ghosts it’s the invisible beings always leaving you candy in your pockets”
Oh and when Todd comes in Dirk asks him to teach some physics and all the kids just seat in circle and Dirk joins them to listen to Todd with starry eyes!!
(Oh and if you’ve got more don’t hesitate!! I LOVE IT!!)

The RFA + V and Saeran go outside/ on a walk with their s/o

Maybe some pretty fluffy headcannons to start off this blog?


-This child has been playing so much LOLOL
-Please take him outside he’s practically forgotten what the sun feels like
-Once you’re finally able to drag him outside, you guys stroll around a forest area nearby
-After a bit, he gets super hyped and energetic like a puppy
-“Look, ____! A butterfly!”
-”That looks like a boss I fought yesterday.
-You hold hands after you two almost get lost
-Which happened more than once
-Eventually, you get pumped enough to match his hype
-It’s like the sunny weather is giving you both so much energy and it’s really refreshing
-You start playing tag and you almost tripped and broke your face a couple times
-When Yoosung saw you stumble over a tree root, he would stop running to check on you
-You took the opportunity to tag him and run off with a grin
-After a while you’re both tired from running and avoiding all the tree roots sticking out of the ground, you lay together against a nice looking tree that just blocks the sun
-Comfortable silence fills the air while you both sit, your head on his shoulder
-Yoosung would definitely be open to going on more adventures with you
-He leans his head against yours and just enjoys the fresh air


-Rehearsals have taken up a majority of his time lately
-He’s preparing for a role he’s not really familiar with, which has him a bit stressed
-That, and his costar has been really stubborn and difficult to work with
-When he gets off of rehearsals early one day, you immediately suggest going outside for a walk to clear his head
-He’s honestly pretty tired, but he wouldn’t pass up getting to spend more time with you
-So, you both set out for a public park
-As you walk around, you two talk about anything and everything that comes to mind
-Zen gives you some top notch theater gossip
-“And then the makeup artist used the wrong shade of foundation and they looked like a ghost”
-In exchange, you tell him a few jokes and funny stories to make him laugh
-Thankfully it works (his laugh is heaven omg)
-You find a little shaded picnic area with a few tables
-Zen goes to get some drinks from a vending machine, and you sit at one of the tables to wait for him to return
-Drinking your beverage, you both watch the sun begin to get low in the sky
-Some children scream and play in the background a bit of a distance away, but it doesn’t bother either of you and you continue the conversation
-Overall, your little alone time really helped him get his head back in the game, and you can just tell by his newfound inspiration his performance will be amazing


-Oh god
-Please let her have a break
-You notice how obviously stressed out she’s been, and you decide that she needs to go out and get some fresh air
-When you bring up the idea of taking a walk, she was a bit surprised, but in a good way
-She, of course, agrees
-You lead her to a small park a little ways away from your home
-There’s plenty of benches to relax on, which you make her do so when you notice how tired she is
-You insist that she lays down, and she rests her head on your lap as she talks and vents about her day
-“This guy had me running back and forth all day long without a break”
-Being the supportive partner you are, you listen intently to her whole ordeal even throwing in a few sassy remarks
-“Geez, what a jerk. You deserve so much better.”
-Jaehee falls asleep on your lap without you really realizing it at first
-This girl barely gets any sleep at all so you gladly allow her to nap there. You even get annoyed when loud people pass by you two
-*Death glares at every loud noise*
-You eventually have to wake her up when it starts getting late however
-She nods when you explain that you should be heading back home, considering the time
-”Thank you for taking me outside, ___. It was very relaxing.”
-Mission accomplished


-Stop sitting around and go outside for once
-Seriously, even though this boy doesn’t hack for a living anymore, he still lazes around the house all day everyday
-His unhealthy eating habits make it even worse
-So you force him to go outside with you
-He groans at first and doesn’t really want to go until you convince him
-“Oh. I just wanted to spend time with you, but I guess if you really don’t want to, I’ll just go out by myself…”
-*pouty face*
-Saeyoung is instantly on his feet next to you, holding your hand and leading you to the door
-You walk along the sidewalk of town, going no where particular
-Saeyoung tells you a few stories, cracking a few jokes along with them
-You can’t help but laugh at his exaggerated tales
-The clean air in his lungs makes him feel rejuvenated
-“_____, I’ll race you to that stop sign”
-“Saeyoung, there’s a bunch of other people on the sidewalk-”
-Saeyoung takes off running cheater
-You start sprinting after him
-Who knows, you might’ve had a chance to beat him if he hadn’t gotten a head start and the sidewalk was clear
-You tried your best to keep from bumping into or disturbing anyone walking along
-Saeyoung, however, did not
-He just wanted to beat you so he can rub it in your face later
-You kind of apologized on his behalf to all the people you passed that were giving him dirty looks
-Out of breath, you finally made it to the stop sign
-You start lecturing him on cheating and bumping into people and he just kisses you in the middle of your sentence
-Before you can get grumpy about it, he adds “That’s my prize for winning” while smirking triumphantly


-Jumin had been a bit down lately
-He had ideas for new projects that fell through for one reason or another
-When he came home one day with a frown that wouldn’t go away, you decide to take him out on a walk
-He agrees, unable to say no to you and your cute little puppy eyes
-You walk together in silence for a minute along the road until you ask him about his day
-That’s when he starts opening up and ranting and venting about everything that happened today
-It explains why he’s been frowning so much
-Clean air is always a good way to clear your mind
-You don’t feel trapped like you do indoors
-Jumin realizes this
-After his little rant is over he looks over at you and sighs a bit
-“We really should do this more often. It’s very pleasant.”
-You smile up at him happily, and he can’t help but smile back
-How could he not smile when the love of his life is right beside him
-“Of course!” you assure him, “Anytime you want to take a walk, just let me know!”
-He gently runs his thumb along your hand intertwined with his


-V has been wanting to get new photos
-Some for selling, some for keeping
-It’s a nice excuse to ask you to join him outside
-He takes you out to a lovely forest on a clear, sunny day
-He leads you through despite his poor eyesight while holding your hand tightly but gently
-You ask him where he’s going, but he says it’s a surprise
-You shrug it off and enjoy the scenery a bit before V stops walking
-“We’re here” he announces with an adorable smile
-When you look forward, you see a big meadow filled with rainbows of flowers
-Your mouth opens slightly in shock at the beautiful landscape
-How did you not know this magical place existed??
-“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” V smiled at you and wrapped his arm around your shoulders
-You don’t answer, you just kiss him lightly on the cheek and continue beaming
-V sets up and starts taking photos while you sit beside him and watch
-You’re a bit distracted, watching the wind blow the flowers into a wave-like motion before you hear the camera click again
-You look over at V, and the camera is facing you
-“Sorry,” he says bashfully, “I just wanted to capture the beauty of the love of my life.”


-You’ve been wanting to do something special with Saeran
-He’s been upset lately, and you can tell
-“Hey, Saeran, let’s go outside.”
-Saeran just kind of grunts in response from his spot on the coach, playing a game on a handheld
-“Please? You need to get out of the house a bit more. It can get suffocating, staying inside all the time…”
-You manage to convince him one way or another, so you bring him out to a park
-Guiding him along, you lay down in a field
-He doesn’t join you at first. He just stands there with a grumpy frown until he notices that you’re staring up at the sky
-His eyes drift up to see what you’re looking at
-Fluffy white clouds float peacefully along the bright blue sky
-Saeran gets lost in the sight, and eventually gives in and lays down next to you
-You bring up that he’s seemed a bit off recently
-That’s when he opens up
-He tells you everything that’s been bothering him
-Worry, anger, regret; all of it
-You listen intently, surprised that he’s actually comfortable enough to explain all of this to you
-When he’s done talking, you stay silent. You don’t want to upset him by babying or pitying him too much
-The sky and your presence are enough to calm him down
-The longer you two watch the sky together, the more he can feel the weight lifting off of him
-Now he knows exactly what to do when he feels troubled






And dude, making the fenton thermos into gautlets would make so much sense, it would make Danny’s life so much easier

Yoongi natural skin colour appreciation post !

Yoongi is naturally really pale and doesn’t have much of a tan like other members but there is a difference between whitewashed pics like this —>

And these pictures who show his natural skin ! 

He is pale ! 

But he most definitly does not look like a ghosts like some pics show him lol

Smiiiile ^^

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He has nice skin just like all the other members <3

BTS: SMUT: Jimin: First time.

You were finally alone with your boyfriend Jimin. He’d been busy with dancing. The other boys were out clubbing, when Jimin decided to stay in for the night, spending it with you. You guys were lying in his bed watching a horror movie. You were hugging a pillow to death, you hated horror movies. All of the sudden you screamed because of the ghost from the movie. “Y/N, I thought you said you liked horror movies?” Jimin giggled at you. “I hate them!” You screamed into his pillow. “Why did you lie to me?” He laughed. You didn’t answer him, you were embarrassed that you couldn’t even watch a ghost movie. “Yah, answer me, or else..” He warned you. *No response*. He tickled you, and you screamed in laughter. He knew exactly where and how to tickle you. “Please don’t Jimin, omg!” You laughed. To hold you down he had to sit on top of you. He held one of your wrists above your head. He stopped his movements when he noticed your bare shoulder. You shivered by the way he looked at you. He let your wrists go and placed his hand onto your cheek, caressing it. You felt fuzzy, you felt like your world stopped as soon he kissed your shoulder. You didn’t even know your shirt had fallen a bit. “You’re not wearing anything under this shirt, are you?” He asked, even though he already knew the answer. Your heart started racing. He shifted to your neck, probably giving you blue and purple marks tomorrow. Your hands out of pure pleasure grabbed Jimin’s hair. You suddenly moaned, loud. “I’ll take that as a no” He whispered. You pushed him roughly off of you. You both sat there, looking hungrily into each other’s eyes filled with lust and dirty thoughts. You moved yourself closer to him, looking at his plump lips. You wanted to feel them so bad. You kissed him slowly to start off with, but it soon became more animalistic. You caught him off guard. You’ve had episodes like this before, but you felt like he didn’t want to take your virginity because he wasn’t a virgin. He always stopped himself. You were still kissing roughly. You could feel his hands started to move to your shoulder, you know that it was his stop sign. You weren’t having any more of that. You pushed his hands quickly off your shoulders and pinned him down. “Jimin, please don’t stop” You begged innocently. He smiled and he pulled your shirt off. “Tell me when to stop, okay?” You nodded in response. You kissed back and forth, taking your time. You pulled each other’s clothes off. Your lips were wet, red and swollen from the abuse.  He took the blanket behind him and rapped you in it and lifted you bridal style. “Jimin!” You laughed.  He just smiled and kissed your forehead while walking with you in his arms. He then walked backwards with you, using his elbow to open the door. He threw you on the couch. “Let’s begin” He whispered and winked at you. He hovered over you, intertwined your hands, using his free hand to spread your legs. Your face turned a few shades more red. He looked into your eyes with a hint of sadness. You hand immediately caressed his cheek. “Jimin, what’s wrong?” He just smiled lightly. “You don’t have to do this jagi, I understand if you want to do this with someone who hasn’t done this before either” You kissed him. “I don’t care Jimin. I want you to be my first, not anyone else”. He just nodded and his smile turned to lust. He rubbed his shaft through your folds. Making you a moaning mess. He couldn’t wait any longer, he had to have you. He pushed himself a little further into you. He could see by the look on your face that it hurt, a lot. You dragged your legs around his waist signaling that he could go further into you. “Jimin, it feels so good” You whispered with a shaking voice. He fastened the pace and you soon followed. You moved your hips to his rhythm, making your skin meet each other and echo in the room. You felt your insides started to clench around him. “y/n, you’re so tight!” He growled into your neck and ear. That was it, hearing his harsh voice pushed you over the edge. You felt your juices run down your inner thighs. He followed soon after, inside of you. You laid there, on the couch all sweaty and in love. “I’m glad I was your first jagi” He kissed your hand. “Me too Jimin”.

New flash

Jullian I love you, it’s okay, save caitlin

I like that they’re having Wally be faster


I feel like those guys are familiar, we’ve seen mirror dude before

aww Cisco

ooo what’s HR up tooo

…future cisco is acting like a ghost


watchu doing Cisco

ooo stuck in the future

oh hey that flashback again

hiiiiiiiiii malfoy I love you

killer frost awww

“heeeeeey beth”, such cinnamon

why is the fact that whenever anything happens in this show joe always ends up hating Barry

like i can’t take emo Barry seriously

Awww Cisco is so lonely

Aww teamwork




you would think he would learn not to look her in the eyes, COME ON IF MIGHTY GUY CAN THINK OF IT SO CAN YOU

Future Barry’s voice tho

How is future Barry taller, THATS NOT HOW ADULTS WORK

ooo is that hope

awwww bromance

OOOoooo late


of course, ya bastards

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Request for RFA+V+Saeran for Having a crush on girl MC which is a ghost thanks

I’m going with crush ‘cause that’s what it said. How exactly does being a ghost work out? I’m tryingg sorry if I mess it up ^^;;


  • He didn’t expect it at first?
  • He was pretty sure you were just as real as the next person
  • But for some reason other people didn’t seem to notice you when you guys hung out?
  • And you never hugged him?
  • He didn’t get why
  • Until he tried to hug you and he went through you like you weren’t there? cause you weren’t there
  • Oh my gosh the poor boy was so confused
  • “HOw– wHAT? MC??”
  • You can’t touch a ghost, Yoosung
  • The poor boy, he doesn’t know what to do
  • How’re you still here? Don’t ghosts “move on”?
  • He doesn’t get it, but he worries about you then?? Like is there certain ways to care for a ghost??
  • He’s such a nerd that he’s really superstitious and worried over everything
  • “Don’t go outside at the sunrise!”
  • “Should I get rid of the salt in the cupboard?”
  • “Do you eat?”
  • Poor baby he’s trying


  • She’s really skeptical
  • What? You’re a ghost?
  • Then again, it’s not entirely impossible
  • She can’t touch you so she’s found out
  • So it’s probably true
  • She kinda just accepts it. What else can she do?
  • But she’s really curious about your limits
  • “Can you move things?”
  • A little bit? Not really big things, but small things like cups
  • “Do you eat or drink?” 
  • No. You kinda miss how food tastes
  • “So you’re dead?”
  • Yes. You’re a ghost.
  • “That’s fair.”
  • You don’t really need to touch to watch a movie though. You two get really into watching netflix with each other. She asks you a lot about what it’s like being a ghost at random times whenever a question comes to her mind
  • She eventually starts keeping a journal about ghosts
  • At least, about you


  • “Woah”
  • “Wait what??”
  • “I’m in love with a ghost???”
  • His reaction the first time he tried to wrap his arm around you and you revealed the fact to him
  • He’s a really touchy person so he didn’t quite know how to feel?
  • He can’t feel your hand or touch your hair if you’re a ghost
  • That kind of hurts him
  • But he’s in love with you. He just needs a little time to get over the fact, and he’s just as loving as ever.
  • (He’s salty about not being able to touch you)
  • (But he loves you for who you are so much more that it’s okay. He won’t give you up for that)


  • Jumin’s in denial
  • He doesn’t want to believe it? Even though he can’t touch you?
  • He doesn’t talk to you for days. It breaks you ‘cause most people don’t see you so when he stops talking to you, you’re pretty much alone
  • And you love him
  • but he’s ignoring you
  • You try and get his attention. “Please stop ignoring me, please..”
  • He’s breaking from ignoring you too though
  • He’s so in love with you but you’re a ghost
  • It’s not supposed to work like that
  • It’s a couple months before he completely loses it. He can’t ignore you anymore, it hurts too much. It hurts to ignore you and it hurts to hear you beg him to stop and to see you so sad
  • He loves you
  • Maybe that’ll be enough for the two of you


  • Seven’s shocked for a moment after finding out
  • Then he starts making puns
  • He isn’t passing up this opportunity
  • “Why do you look so grave MC?”
  • “You scared me to death!”
  • “MC, you look a little ghostly today, are you feeling sick?”
  • “Would you say you’re favorite berry… would be a booberry?”
  • omg you want to shoot him
  • *face palm*
  • *hand goes through ghost head*
  • *brain palm?*
  • “But shooting me might be a little deadly MC, wouldn’t wanna kill me, would you?”
  • You would never you actually consider it
  • Seven pales
  • Someone else is looking a little ghostly
  • He nervously giggles at your pun
  • You won’t kill him, you promise
  • “Heheh”
  • You love him and his puns


  • Honestly he’s not phased?
  • He’s kind doesn’t know what to think
  • but of course this kind of thing would happen to him, he isn’t surprised that there’s something up with you
  • He doesn’t quite know what to do about it though?
  • Like you’re a ghost…?
  • How does that work?
  • You kind of just loom around him, he doesn’t mind, you are actually kind of comforting
  • Other times you two banter and argue back and forth being a snarky sassy little ghost
  • Although he sometimes abuses the fact you’re a ghost
  • And feels really bad about it later and doesn’t know what to do except kind of mumble “sorry”
  • You get back at him by spooking him
  • It’s all good 


  • V doesn’t actually realize you’re a ghost???
  • He hears your voice but he can’t actually see you?? poor blind little bean
  • He was super confused when he could’ve sworn he found you then ran into a pole??
  • Poor V hit his head
  • You felt so bad you told him why he couldn’t find you
  • He was just kinda like “okay..?”
  • Like what else do you do?
  • It kind of saddens him that he won’t be able to feel you, ‘cause he can’t see touch is like one of his senses he depends on
  • But you use your ghostly powers to help him out, like hand him a cup he can’t reach
  • Help open doors
  • Help him not run into people
  • He doesn’t realize how much you help by this, but you felt bad for not actually existing
  • Other people are so confused by this honestly? A blind guy and weird floaty objects?
  • You’re just a really sweet ghost girl in love with the little blind bean

I actually looked up bad ghost puns to write Seven’s

Okay I tried ;-;

~Sunflower is sorry if she failed ;-;


Omg yes welcomed back by the ghost force of his mentor yes yes yes yes like obi waited years to be able to say welcome back tho. And yes please kick the sky guy booty


Svt Reacts to Hearing You Sing for the First Time

Request: Could you please do SVT members’ reaction to you sing please😝😝😝 Ty~~~

S. Coups: Papa Coups would be so proud. He would be the President, Vice President, and Secretary of your fan club. He would probably gather the members of the Vocal Unit and tell them to bring a notebook because they were gonna learn today. 

Originally posted by satanteen17

Jeonghan: Angel face would give you his full attention and immediately become lost in your voice. He would get this dreamy smile on his face and catch himself singing quietly along with you. He would insist you were the true angel with a voice like that. 

Originally posted by jeohans

Joshua: At first Joshua would be in shock and just kind of stare at you. Once it began to set in to his precious lil’ skull that you were a literal songbird, he would get so smiley and insist he introduce you to his manager, the talent scout, and even the front desk secretary for Pledis. He would want to help you in whatever way he could to be recognized for your talent. 

Originally posted by jishooua

Jun: This little muffin would be so excited. He’d probably be your hype man and just start finger pointing and throwing in random words and getting turnt even if you were singing a ballad or something. He would insist that you have the best voice he’s ever heard and you’ve landed a spot as his human jukebox.

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Hoshi: Hosh would just be so sweet. He’d immediately start bopping to whatever song you were singing and try to make you completely comfortable as you sing to him. Once you’re all finished, he’ll just sit in amazement for a quick sec and ask if you are a secret world class dancer too. 

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Wonwoo: Wonwoo would act super lowkey and just kind of nod along as your singing, but inside he’s highkey dying and amazed at how talented you are. He keeps giving you these reassuring and proud expressions. Once you’ve finished singing, he’ll clap politely, but his smile will be so huge. 

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Woozi: Jihoon likes to put on the facade like he’s super particular and will critique your voice, but in reality anything you show even a remote skill in is so impressive to him. You start belting out a ballad and he just closes his eyes with this little sappy smile and completely immerses himself. Private concert for one and he’s just so about it. 

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DK: This little ray of sunshine would be so excited, he’d have to sit on his hands to keep himself still. He’d be grinning from ear to ear the whole time and would even start singing with you. He’d reach out and hold your hand and it would be this total love fest that turned into a vocal riff extravaganza.  

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MIngyu: This tol squish would be so comforting and reassuring as you sang. He’d probably put a big ole hand on your knee and give 110% of his attention because he would know you’re super nervous. He would give you literally all of the cuddles once you were finished and shower you in every compliment he could think of. 

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The8: MInghao is so soft and sweet. He would be a literal human puppy and just hang on to every line you sang. He would coo different compliments in Korean and Chinese, just repeating himself and trying to get your performance etched in his head. 

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Seungkwan: You already know he’s going to be so extra. He would go into an elaborate and detailed dissertation about how well you did even if you still weren’t as good as him, he wouldn’t say it outright, but he would hint. Boy’s got confidence for days. He would give you tips on how to not give a fahk when you’re performing and how to be unapologetically you. 

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Vernon: Vernon would look at you like he saw a ghost. He would have a million different thoughts flying through his head (omg she’s so good, she’s too good, i’m not worthy, i just fell in love, omg, maybe she can sing everything instead of just saying it). Once you’ve finished he’d just look at you in awe until he could figure out how to verbalize his mind being blown. 

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Dino: Dino would be a blushing lil pumpkin. He’d have secondhand embaressment and his face would be red the whole time. Like Vernon, he would just kind of stare in awe, but with this giant grin. He’d keep blinking, trying to come to terms that this singing angel was in front of him. He’d want you to audition for an entertainment company asap cause you should be an idol already.

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reasons i'm loving teen wolf season 6 so far (ep. 1 &2):

- scott mccall screen time!!! finally our true alpha is getting the attention he deserves;
- he is a great leader & just wants to help everyone he deserves the world;
- malydia!!!! i love their rising friendship! they are looking out for each other :))))
- i love malia’s constant character development! she is strong and independent!! and she is now EVOLVED!! im proud of her!
- and lydia is using her banshee powers a lot! a lot of interesting ideas/hints n stuff with that + lydia’s unque powers are being used to help!!
- sciles!! even when stiles isn’t there sciles is strong?! you gotta love these best friends;
- stydia of course!!! FINALLYYYY. they! love! each! other! asksdjekdjem
- and cutie I Can Be The Alpha!liam; liam is my smol angry and adorable son i love him;
- & father scott is helping and encouraging his son to be team captain! his inspirational speech following in dereks footsteps;
- okay and there’s COACH FINSTOCK. no more needs to be said. everybody loves coach.
- COREY AND MASON!!! they are sooo cute & pure ah they are a blessing in every moment;
- also corey is finally getting more screen time too! appreciating this lil helpful chamelion boy;
- and i am v proud of mason!! he is so smart oml;
- the humor!!!! i feel like the show is more comedic as it was during the first seasons & i really like that;
- they are also bringing back memories! scott & stiles in the woods! scott being bitten!!! + they used the same music omg;
- i’m looking foward to the rest of the season!!

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just saw your cute art about arieto asks so i decided to send you one: Eto has a bit of a thing for Arima's hair, since its always so orderly, as opposed to hers. She tangles her hands in his hair, pulls at it, tries to mess it up and sometimes bites it. She also puts cute hair clips on it and gives him all sorts of silly hairstyles and he's gone out like that without noticing. Arima doesn't understand her fixation with his hair but it feels good and she looks happy so he lets her play with it.

Exo reaction when you show them some jokes from tumblr about them

Sehun: That was not funny and I hope you end up deleting your blog by mistake.

Kai: No one makes fun of my love for chicken or my dogs 

Tao: This is so lame , can this fandom come with better jokes? like you have one job fandom do it right…and plus I’m not even scared of ghosts anymore

Kyungsoo: Why are you looking at me like , that was supposed to be funny?


*after he realized it’s about him* Wait…….

Chen:*his eyes fell on the name of the blog* Okay that’s weird and it makes me me fear for your safe around here…or for mini chenchen

Baekhyun: Are there more of those around here… is going to have a full night and so much fun

Lay:*5 min  after the joke* So this is why I didn’t see chanyeol around the dorms anymore…..kyungsoo what did you do?

Suho: No one takes me serious do they….ahhhh this is so disappointing *kicked puppy mode on*

Kris:*gets offended by the joke* Yah my head is not a big round egg, it’s more pretty than an egg

Luhan: When will these jokes will come to an end, what do I need to do to prove that I’m manly

Xiumin:God save us all and have mercy on your soul

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Even though he wouldn’t say it out loud, it was nice having someone who could see him and talk to him so camly, not getting scared by his presence. He knew just how upsetting his mere existence could be to the alive. He didn’t even look up from his lap, holding a magnifying glass in his hands, the one he had died holding. 

Although he had never been the best man that there could be, he still dedicated his life to the truth, to discover it and punish those who tried to hide it. But he never truly understood just how important the truth was when he was alive. Only now did Ranpo understand it’s need to be shown. It eased hearts and souls and hoped that his would be able to be at peace too.

“I need to know what happened” He frowned as he rolled the object in his hands “I need to find my murderer and to remember how they killed me…But my super detective abilities haven’t been working since I passed…I can’t leave this place until I know. I’m just not someone who gives up when it comes to an investigation, even if it’s my own death” He then stared at the other “I would advise you to stop coming to this hospital unless you want to end up like me”