omg he look so cute like that this away

My favourite thing about the new clip is it changes everything. Like, in the very first scene we see Even in, we thought Even just happened to casually catch Isak’s eye and then we watched as he very nonchalantly looked away like the Cool Kid he is. Whereas now, we know his thought process was probably more along the lines of FUCK omg the cute boy is looking at me fuck FUCK FUCK OK play it cool play it c o o l

So last night I met cowbell ghoul and he signed my wristband lmao. He was so cute and funny and his accent..omg adorable. He said he got a lot of fan art in his inbox really fast after his lil debut. And he was shocked that people instantly knew it was him. 😂 (like those legs didn’t give it away)
He showed us one drawing someone sent him and he said “This one actually looks like me. See! Haha I’m gonna have to frame this and put it up.” Aww he was so energetic and excited about the fans.
It was so funny when he told us about how he ended up being the cowbell ghoul because he said “Well I’m always with them you know I was a sister of sin that time?? Yeah I just had the outfit on one day and was joking around and I thought hey I need an instrument..*mimics banging a cowbell* COWBELL yeah haha! Then everyone was like YES but I didn’t have one.. So I went out all over Lubbock looking and ya know what?? *pauses* I couldn’t find one! *laughs hysterically*”
It was just the way he said it I was like omfg. 😂
Then someone asked him about the outfit he wears like who it belonged to and he said “Oh I don’t know. I have a little bit from everyone. Just the extra pieces laying around. And ya know what? They can really hold a smell!” Lmao he was cracking jokes left n right like what even are you?!? 😂💘 I love him.
He said Earth helped him make his symbol but he added his own flair to it with the cross. Lol he said he’s a “really bad drawer” too.
I think I talked to him longer than I did Papa bc everyone kinda swarmed him of course. But it was so great! I’m glad they came out to see us. I was sad I didn’t get to hug Aether tho 😢

Title: Jealous of a Fossil (Fem! Reader x Peter Parker) 

Summary: The ultimate Avengers fangirl’s best friend, Peter Parker, takes the reader to meet the Avengers; including their huge celebrity crush, Steve Rogers.

Word Count: 1593

A/N: I hope this brings you a sense of joy today, like it did for me. I’ve been in such a slump lately,  just so sad and defeated? This definitely helped. I love writing this cute imagines omg. I hope you enjoy!!

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“Boyfriend Wonwoo” moodboard

● he’d like someone he could sit in silence with and read with or something without it getting uncomfortable
● matching sweater paws (this is so cute)
● being cute sometimes
● waking up to him is the best
● always catching him staring at you fondly
● when you catch him he looks away all red and shy (so cute omg)
● dates are typically sitting together in a place which really quiet and peace and talk about deep conversation together
● or reading books together
● big bear hugs and when he’s really misses you so much its gonna very long
● wears glasses more bc he knows you find them sexy
● he cares a lot for you
● sometimes he’ll giving you a peck in the cheeks while youre talking
● not many talks but many acts
● you’ll so rarely fighting with him, but if you do he’ll give you silence act
● likes cover you with a blanket when youre sleeping
● bc he really love you so much


Isak and Even hair drabble | what even is this tho?

I miss Isak, I miss Even…I wonder what they are doing right now…

I imagine that they are being goofy as always, showing their affection by arguing about something silly like 

OMG like Isak deciding that he wants to get a flipping haircut! And Even is just like NO !!!!! FUCKING !!! WAY !!!! BOI. He is literally so offended and I mean this actually turns super serious. Isak kinda just said it one day like “Ugh my hair is getting so long, and it’s so curly and so annoying and I just want to chop it all off” and Even’s all like “lol don’t do that baby, you would not pull of bald. You’d look like a cute baby egg” and then he just kisses his golden curls and Isak playfully slaps him away while grinning “Shut up! I would not, I’d look like a fucking king” 

Even just laughs and is like “sure baby” 

but then of course eventually it gets serious??? like Isak brings it up again one day, like Even mentions a film he wants to go see and Isak is like “Oh let me know the time it’s on because I was thinking of getting my hair cut on Sunday” and Even just like freezes and is all “EXCUSE ME? wot da fuq” and Isak looks up at him and is like “yeah i mean i’m just gonna get it cut a little shorter so it’s not as curly and annoying.” Even’s hand (which was stroking all of Isak’s ‘annoying’ curls) has just stopped in his hair and he is just Not. Chill. At. All. he looks at Isak with his mouth all open and pouty “You are not cutting your hair.” he declares meeting Isaks eyes. 

Isak laughs “what??” he shouts amused and surprised at the passion inside his boys voice over his damn hair. Even just tilts his face down and gives Isak his “I am not kidding babe your not going there, fight me boo” look. 

and Isak just laughs before shouting “oh my gosh your being ridiculous! It’s just hair It doesn’t even matter EVEEEEEN!” 

so then Even just thinks oh you want to fucking start this before smiling and nodding. Isak nods with pride thinking he’s won this fight befooooore Even says 

“You know what? You’re right, summer is coming up and it just gets so hot, I think i’ll go and get my hair cut with you.” 



Isak looks back up at him in horror “NEI!” he practically screams before he could rethink it. 

Even’s eyebrows shoot up smugly “what? no? But baby it’s just hair right?” 

Isak rolls his eyes and crosses his arms in defeat “Fine…fine no fucking hair cut. I hate you.” 

Even rolls over and pulls grumpy Isak closer to him, holding him against his chest. “You love me…” He runs his hand through Isak’s prince hair and kisses it before whispering in his ear “and I love your hair.” 

Isak smiles to himself and blushes. He would never tell Even but after hearing those words from the man of his life, Isak has never looked after his precious curls more.  

IKON REACTION: If you suddenly kissed them and then says ”I shouldn't have done that” and tries to run away from them because youre embarrassed

B.I:  “oh, what was that?” He’d be surprised and happy at the same time and would think how cute you’re during all day.

Jinhwan: “aigo~~ look at her, she can’t just kiss me and run away like this” he’d saying random words until realized that should run behind you.

Yunhyeong: “yahh come back right now! I want to kiss you too”

Bobby: “omo, she’s fast” and after this he’d follow you, with a smile on his face.

Donghyuk: “yah… stop! yah kiss me again” dongdong would be happy.

June: “yahh, hajima, you really shouldn’t have done that… I should kiss you first!“

Chanwoo: “omg… she is so cute” He’d be frozen, and without beliving in what you did.

~ADM Cherry~

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I just fought So Sorry...


I checked, he has like five different hats omg <3

I feel so sorry for this cute little baby

Just look at how cute he is <3


Are we in Super Mario Sunshine? Is this a furry version of Elsa with the gift of creating life?? Anyway, I want that pen he has xD

So cute <3 It’s funny because you can’t actually harm them, you just MISS xD

This is the most hilarious way to get rid of an enemy in this game xD Draw a boat, and away it goes xDD

Adiós, compañero. Sayonara, baby. Nos veremos en el infierno.


100 gold!! That’s for the minimun turn count, though, you’ll get more if you waste your time doing more stuff!

I love this enemy and I must draw him. Sorry for the rant… I just had to share this ahaha xD

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Alex in his undies while eating oreos!!! Gabi, are you trying to kill me with his cuteness?! He looks so comfy too omg. I love it. ❤❤ (Oh and I love the socks btw)

Awwiee, you’re the one trying to kill me with those sweet msgs 😙 ❤️❤️  I’m glad you like it! The friend requesting it has some pretty original ideas and it’s fun to play along hahaha

He definitely is very comfy there, he’ll have to be carried away to get something done this day. He is in the middle of those TV series marathons you watch in a day or two, and all he needs is some snacks and a comfy pair of clothes (or the lack of them) to get it going 👍✌️

fantastic-t-o-p  asked:


👠: What member would make the prettiest girl? 

JIYONG! He looks damn pretty as a girl maybe even prettier than his sister haha

👶: Would you like it if Taeyang had kept his cute mohawk?

Noooo, I don’t really like it, I’m team Youngbae-with-blond-fluffy-hair omg

🌺: Favorite lyrics

Probably from Oh Mom

If in this world my voice makes you happy, then I’ll shout even louder so you can hear me from far far away

Idk that one always makes me emotional, as he’s singing this to  a fan who died??? So he wants to sing even louder so that she can hear him even from heaven??? help

BTS reaction - to you (their crush) catching them staring at you

Jin: He would just smile at you because he wouldn’t really know what else to do

Namjoon: He would look away so quickly, but I can see him looking down, and if you keep looking at him, he would gently chuckle at how stupid he was for getting caught

Yoongi: He would be so nonchalant about it, and just look away slowly, and very naturally. If you told him about it later, he would just brush it off and say something like “I was just looking at the window”

Hoseok: He would burst into fits of laughter, but his red (blushing) face would give him away. He would just keep on laughing until the situation passes

Jimin: He would be so flustered about it. I can imagine him just looking to the other members and bringing up a random story like “remember the time when…” and try to brush it off. OMG HE WOULD BE SO CUTE WHEN HE"s Flustered

Taehyung: He would joke about it and say something like “YAH Y/N HOW LONG WERE YOU LOOKING AT ME FOR?!?!” or something like “y/n I thought we agreed to be friends *smirk*”. To be honest he would make it so all the blame goes on you lol cheeky little ….

Jungkook: He would be every type of flustered. He would have a bright red face, and would feel so awkward that he would just look away, but wouldn’t be experienced enough at doing these things, that he would look and stare at a random point in the room, for a long long time. that would  honestly be the cutest thing ever

Awww Tamlin is so sweet! Like, he’d try to get Feyre to go to walks with him or he’d just try to talk to her, but she’s always ignoring him and running away because she feels threatened by him. I pity him, but omg he’s just so cute!

(Also, I’m a bit afraid to post this because of the fandom’s reaction. I’m waiting for a the huge Rhysand support club to come get me and yell at me for something. I don’t even know who the guy is yet … but he’s everywhere on Tumblr … like an omnipresent being … *narrows eyes and looks around*)

MiniCat and H2OVanoss


the H2OVanoss moments are really obvious, you don’t have to look hard and in Vanoss’ videos, he occasionally captions what Delirious says and i think it’s really funny. like Delirious tells Vanoss to wait for a moment by a closed door but the ghost gets released before Delirious can go through with what he was planning and Vanoss runs away screaming at Delirious “YEAH? YEAH??? WAIT RIGHT FUCKIN THERE, YOU IDIOT?!?!” but you can tell he obviously doesn’t mean it and it’s just really cute. AND THE FUCKING CLOSET PART BETWEEN THEM? YOU KNOW THE ONE I MEAN.

and the MiniCat moments are a little less obvious but it’s just small things like that they’ll usually be hiding together or chasing each other and there’s one part where Wildcat corners Mini and just says really softly “You think that bubble’s gunna fuckin stop me, bitch?” which causes everybody to laugh in chat. and there’s a really funny part where Vanoss and Wildcat hide in a closet together and Mini keeps checking up on them like “wtf that should be me, Vanoss you bitch” and it’s hilarious because eventually Mini gets them caught.

the new videos are just ahhhhhhh

  • My Brain: (sees a cute guy) OMG OMG OMG! HE'S SO FLIPPING CUTE! (thinks of all the possible ways to get him to notice me) DROP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW AND TALK TO HIM.
  • My Conscience: What if he doesn't like you? What if he has a girlfriend? Shit. He's staring at you. Look away. Look. Away. What if he's gay?!
  • Cute Guy: Hey. Do you know where room 212 is?
  • Me: Yeah. It's right down the hall. I'll walk you to it.
  • Physical Body: (calmly walks down the hallway)
  • My Brain: Fuck. He fucking asked you. You! Out of all the people in the hallway! You! Don't fuck this up.
  • My Conscience: Shut the fuck up Brain! Just focus on walking without tripping. It'll be fine. Talk to him during lunch.
  • Physical Body: (uh- you kinda passed room 212 forever ago...)
  • Me: Fuck...
  • Cute Guy: Huh?
  • Me: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. (guides the both of you back to room 212 while face palming the shit out of yourself)
  • Cupid from the High Heavens Above: (face palming) Goddammit Y/N. God fucking dammit. I give you ONE job-
  • My physical body in the state of face palming and embarrassment: YOU PASSED ROOM 212 THREE DOORS AGO YOU BLITHERING IDIOT!

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Oihina where when Hina first sees Oikawa with glasses he is completely blown away by the beauty that is his new boyfriend that he gets completely flustered whenever megane!Oikawa would talk or even look at him (which was a lot due to Oikawa being unable to look away from the smol ball of sunshine) and Oikawa just falling in love over and over again with his adorable boyfriend because he loves the sight of Hina blushing like crazy, that he wears his glasses every time he's with.

who wouldn’t be floored when seeing Oikawa in glasses lbr

but omg that all sounds so cute!! OiHina is too adorable help me

Exo Reaction to them waking up and seeing their girlfriend sleeping next to them in their sweatshirt

Can you do a reaction to when Exo wakes up and sees their gf sleeping next to them with their sweatshirt on in which it looks really oversized. -Anon. 

Xiumin: -You make up and see him staring at you- “Sorry, I just think you’re really cute sleeping in my sweatshirt”

Luhan: -sweetly looks at you and gently brushes your hair away from your face-

Kris: When you wake up and see him staring, he pulls you in for a hug and tells you you should wear that more often

Suho: *starts getting shy*

Lay: smiles and tells you to keep it… my sweatshirt fits you better than it fits me :)

Baekhyun: Omg that sneaky girl… when did put that on? Is that my favorite sweatshirt she’s wearing? ;)

Chen: -needs a picture so he can look at it when he misses you-

Chanyeol: -stares at you like this for the rest of the time your sleeping-

D.O: thinking to himself “my girlfriend’s in my sweatshirt, my girlfriend’s in my sweatshirt”

Tao: woah, who is that cutie wearing my clothes?

Kai: You don’t have to change, just wear that the entire day :)

Sehun: Aww, my sweatshirt is a dress on her

CHEESE IN THE TRAP DEMOGRAPHICS: the types of people who watch this show

TYPE 1: Only here for the visuals

“Omg yoojung is hott!!!!!! omg inho is hot!!!! they’re so cute!!!!!!! i don’t really care about character development but who’s gonna end up with seol????? i wanna marry them omg”

These people are the classic casual watchers of k-drama that are there just to spazz about looks. Some might dismiss Seol as plain looking, etc. They tend to like any lead that looks better to them.

TYPE 2: Judges from the surface/ Armchair Psychologists


These people tend to go for InhoSeol, and most likely, they have deemed Jung as a cold, crazy insane psychopath along the lines of Hannibal from very early on in the show. They’re the people who are the first to comment in blogs or articles and they write paragraphs on how Yoojung is horribly inhumane and how the romance has no chemistry and how Inho is more deserving of everything, etc. 

Some will act more intellectual. Example:

“42 Kimyoung

February 2nd, 2016 at 9:14 PM

Never read the webtoon but watching this drama so far, I think Yoo Jung has a classic case of Aspergers Syndrome. He feels absolutely no compassion or feelings for anything and this form of autism description suits him to a T. Redemption is at least with Seol, he seems to be trying.

The episode last night was disturbing. I dunno how people can still ship an OTP where the girl was in a fight with a another, risking getting hurt and her man who supposedly cares just stands a corner and watch. I was INCREDULOUS. Wouldn’t it be instinctive for anyone in a relationship to be even more protective. I will dump the guy in a heartbeat if this was my situation. So he anticipated minor injuries and bought medication as a remedy. What if its more serious, just pay for surgery if something breaks. OMG.

I’m beginning to think thats the case with Inho’s hand. He likely got into trouble with those thugs because of standing up for Yoojung and when he was being beaten to a pulp by them, Yoojung probably stood by and did nothing to help and resulted in Inho’s hand being damaged.

I honestly don’t care about his secret pain and rubbish darkness that needs a damsel to rescue him. Just because he’s Park Hae Jin is no excuse for poor character.

A point of reference to the psychology of self centered people:

In closing – I never liked shipping wars but if the yardstick is measured on how to treat a girl right and not how to pander to Mr. Perfect. In-ho wins hands down. He’s NORMAL and so are his reactions. Will take his explosiveness and protectiveness anyway over a guy I’m forever trying to understand and JUSTIFY for.”

They will go on forever on how Jung is scary. These people tend to not have actual experience with mental disorders, social aversion or APD, but they will claim so. Ask them for qualified views, and they’d probably do this:

TYPE 3: The character analyzers// “chill guys stop diagnosing Jung”

“42.2.2 Lin

February 3rd, 2016 at 3:49 AM

Thank you. As a grad clinical psychology student I read all the comments on identification and diagnosis of Jung’s pathology and I like….does the audience know how difficult is is to identify such a thing and how it is so much more that checking off boxes of requirements met. We haven’t even gotten the background on Jung’s childhood, home environment, parental rearing, do much social developmental history we need and ever much beyond that. Those quick to label him as something or the is just like. You need so much more information.”

These people tend to go VERY in depth with character development of individual people and they focus less on the romance/shipping but spend time picking out prospects for reconciliation/growth and draw parallels to real-life situations, etc.

Probably the less aggressive ones out there. Also more likely to point out flaws in every character, esp Jung, but will defend them from haste judgement.

TYPE 4: The shippers of the drama couple

We all know what they do, but sometimes they overlap into any of the previous types in order to support their claims and to show that their OTP is actually the superior one and the right one, etc. 

TYPE 5: Actor stans/shippers

/religiously watches every behind-the-scenes video and timestamps every interaction/

They’ve probably watch most of Kim Goeun’s movies. They know about PHJ and SKJ’s past dramas too. Some of them may ship Haejin and Goeun in real life too, and yeah, there’s a lot of ship evidence, and they definitely won’t overlook any of it. 

Reblog and tag your type!

I’m crying rn b/c all I want is a rhink fanfic where Link calls Rhett his bear when they’re alone together because one day Link just thought he looked like a bear being as tall as he is w/ his beard so he called him that. But on an episode of GMM Link accidentally calls him his bear in front of the crew and doesn’t realize it right away and please I just need this omg

What Lucy actually thinks about Natsu
  • Lucy: Gosh look at his abs
  • Lucy: His salmon hair I wanna touch it
  • Lucy: He is so perfect
  • Lucy: he's mine stay away from him
  • Lucy: omg I'm touching him
  • Lucy: so muscular
  • Lucy: how does he not get fat when he eats a lot
  • Lucy: He's so cute can I like
  • Lucy: He always saves me
  • Lucy: My hero has come where have you been all my life

• was like calmly excited for Christmas like he didn’t show it physically but inside he was jumping around like a child bC CHRISTMAS IS COMING YALL
• only started to get excited when it was about a week before Christmas
• “I just realised… Christmas is like days away. Omg what do I do I have no presents” //hyperventilates//
• takes you out to go look at all the pretty lights around the neighbourhood in the middle of the night and take cute photos together and pretty much use all ur storage on ur phone but that’s oK ;;_;;
• is rLLY careful with his decorating and wants everything to be perfECT like sometimes he refuses to let you decorate bc no offence but he’s got this :-)
• let you climb on his back so you can put the star/angel on the Christmas tree but it looked a little wonky so he climbed on YOUR back so he could straighten it out and iT HURT SO MUCH BUT UR OK ITS CHRISTMAS SO ITS OK OK
• was pretty chill about what you were gonna get for Christmas, he just went up to you and was like “hey jagi, what do you want me to get you?” And your just like “IM NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL U OTHERWISE THE WHOLE PRESENT OPENING EXCITEMENT WILL BE ALL GONE.”
• and he’d just laugh bc ur so cute and ur such a child aw
• you had NO idea what to get him but noticed his stash of shampoo and conditioner running low and bc of that he seemed a little ( a lot ) depressed so ended up purchasing 10 whole bottles
• brought matching everything’s for you and him to wear - Christmas themed, of course. and your just like is it rlly necessary to wear these at home? and he looks at you like ur insane bc uM YES
• got really giddy and happy and excited when he saw the snow begin to fall, he pretty much dropped everything and ran outside and tried to eat the snowflakes that were falling from the sky WHAT A CUTIE ~~~~ then he realised you were still inside so he made sure you were extremely warm, like mittens, beanies and stuff and pulled you outside and made snow angels bc he’s an angel lol
• dislikes the fact that some people can’t celebrate Christmas as well as he does and it makes him really upset bc he’s always so busy and he can’t do anything about it :((
• was actually an ecstatic little bun when it was Christmas Eve bc it suddenly dawned on him thAT CHRISTMAS WAS LITERALLY TOMORROW AIDNIWNDIENF he pretty much jumped on the bed in joy and started yelling carols at the top of his voice yAYYAYYYYY
• insists that the two of you stay up and wait for santa to come and ur like OOH OKKKK but you two ended up falling asleep at like 11:59 ooo what bad luck
• the two of you then proceeded to celebrate with your friends and family, when it was time to open presents, jeonghan was squealing and jumping up and down when he found the hair products hidden beneath the wrapping paper
• halfway through the party you realise jeonghan had disappeared somewhere and you couldn’t find him :((( but all of a sudden the lights turned off and a little spotlight shone on you and another one, on your boyfriend.
• “you said that having me was the best present you could ever have had, so here’s my present. a promise ring, a promise that one day when I’m old, when I can no longer sing to save my life, I will marry you. You’ll have me completely.”
• and so u kissed ;;^;;