omg he look so cute like that this away

im laughing cause….well @mat-murdock isn’t totally wrong (we do hate mon-el for everything he does always) but this post is so ignorant im dyin. so here are some real reasons why everyone has a beef with him just existing in general that y’all kremlins like to ignore!!! 

Mon-El: *admits he misses objectifying women, is hyper-possessive and is jealous and generally misogynistic on multiple occasions*
Karamels: OMG MY SPACE PUPPYYY!!! he’s so cute he doesn’t know any better!!! its his culture omg c h i l l y’all are reaching….look @ him defending kara…mr. mxy man get away from MON-EL’S girl!!! im glad he disobeyed her cause he did it cause he LOVES her.

Mon-El: *demeans Kara on multiple occasions, in private and in public*
Karamels: this is what she gets for being so bossy and controlling like i don’t blame him for getting mad….he deserves RESPECT bc he is SO respectful to her!!! anti’s are just mad cause blonde barbie kara isn’t kissing girls on the show!!! stay pressed!!

Mon-El: *ignores Kara’s wishes on multiple occasions, both while on the job and in a personal setting*
Karamelsshes asking WAY too much of my sweet puppy like she holds him at a higher standard than EVERYONE…i cant believe she’s so selfish and controlling…WHY IS SHE SO DEMANDING!?! he doesn’t know any better ok!!! my puppy is LEARNING its his CULTURE to blame!! she is just trying to control my handsome space blob.

Mon-El: *gets broken up with for lying about who he is and expects implicit forgiveness from kara, always*
Karamels: kara is just so…..unreasonable. so prejudiced and unforgiving. look at how hurt my space puppy is! :(:(:( he said he was sorry and that he LOVES her!! she should be forgiving him it’s not like he’s the only liar on the show. like.. mon-el only lied to her to stop ppl from thinking he’s as bad as other ppl on his planet… he totally isn’t what show r u watching where he’s terrible???

And last, but certainly not least…

Mon-El: *not only owned slaves but benefitted from/did nothing to even attempt to stop slavery on his planet despite being in a high position of power*
Karamels: ok lets be clear his FAMILY owned slaves, HE didnt!!!! like his mom put him in time out when he said he didnt like it….he’s totally doing all in his power to stop this!!! plus he said he hated it. like, im not excusing slavery im just not gonna get mad at someone over their views on slavery you know???? thats lame… 

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ooh~ ooh~ my turn for an ask lolol how would the rfa + saeran react to an mc who has a really big, mean, and just generally aggressive looking dog but it turns out to be the sweetest thing (like my sisters' pitbulls, omg they're so cUTE??? HOW ARE THEY CONSIDERED SO BAD HOLY SHIT) sorry if it's a little confusing but i just love dogs

d’aw… i kinda relate to this… I used to have a very mean looking husky but he was just a cuddly sweetheart, like he’d run up to someone and just walk around them. The fun part was when people were seated because he’d jump on them and lick them. he was adorable af, and then my mom gave him away ;-;  f u allergies…


  • glad you don’t have a cat
  • when he sees him e’s a bit surprised
  • then you just tell him he’s a cuddly sweetie
  • he doesn’t look like one but ok…
  • after a bit he just notices how sweet he is and he’s just ???
  • he falls in love with your dog
  • probably sends a pic of ur dog to Jumin}
  • “Furball better watch out”
  • Gets along pretty well with your dog


  • no just no
  • why would you have dog when you can have a cat?
  • Jumin bby pls…
  • when you tell him your dog is the sweetest thing he calms down a bit
  • then he sees it…
  • shook
  • Mc he looks aggresive
  • he’s not coming near Elizabeth 3rd, no
  • takes a while for him to notice it really is a sweetie
  • holy shit he was wrong
  • still not a fan tho
  • cat mom
  • after noticing how sweet your dog is he’ll let him come close to Elizabeth
  • not for too long tho
  • Jumin pls


  • Thank goodness it’s not a cat
  • when you tell her your dog is increadibly sweet she can’t wait to see it
  • sees it and just
  • well… looks fool sometimes so…
  • unfazed by how ur dog looks
  • notices it’s really sweet 
  • well with an owner like you no wonder it’s so nice
  • pretty sure even ur dog noticed u blushing
  • oops


  • this boy loves animals
  • you tell him you have a dog and he’s just
  • YES
  • sees your dog
  • bit scared
  • MC what if your dog eats me?
  • Yoosung… Sweetie no
  • also effing omelette yoosung just popped on my mind after writing that goddamit
  • when he notices your dog’s a sweetheart
  • He’s  so happy
  • d’aw the two puppies…


  • Probably found a pic of your dog when he stalked researched you
  • he jumped when he saw it
  • and now you’re telling him to meet your dog
  • scared
  • he remembers how a pic of your dog almost gave him a heart attack
  • he can’t tell you that tho
  • he’s a brave chip
  • you take him to see your dog
  • your dog leaps towards him
  • probably yelps a little when your dog tackles him
  • then he realizes your dog is literally just liking his face
  • omg yes
  • forget Elly not really
  • he’s always near your dog now
  • they’re so fucking adorable you just wanna take pics 
  • cute babes 


  • umm ok?
  • desn’t really care tbh
  • has he ever seen a dog?
  • holy shit if he hasn’t this would be so cute yo
  • Let’s say you forgot to tell him your dog was sweet af
  • so when he sees your dog he just
  • fuck
  • your dog just walks towards him and he’s like welp this is how i die
  • then your dog just sits in front of him
  • “Saeran, he wants you to pet him”
  • You’re telling him to touch this beast? are you insane?
  • *pets him*
  • your dog just jumps at him
  • shook
  • “Oh he likes you”
  • oh okay… what would your dog do if it didn’t like him holy shit
  • your dog grows onto him
  • loves how he looks pretty scary
  • edgelord here wants a scary pet pls let him be
  • also loved how scard his bro was of your dog at first

hope this is what you wanted! 

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Hi, can you do a hc about the rfa (and v and saeran, if you write about them) on a mc that they have met before when she was drunk and was flirting with them really smoothly? And then the storylines happens and she doesn't remember them but they do?

(*´ω`*) np! I wonder if I’d flirt when drunk….So far when I’m tipsy I just get really stubborn. I think the RFA would have a handful dealin with me, haha!


-When he finally met you in person, he suddenly realized why your voice seemed so familiar.

-You were that chick from about a month back!

-But…You didn’t seem embarrassed? You just smiled and joked just like you did on the chat (albeit with a bit more blushing). Did you even remember?

-He sure did. He remembered just hanging out with his fellow co-actors, just relaxing at a local bar he enjoyed and having a few beers. He was used to women coming up to him and trying to flirt, but uh…Not drunk women who didn’t realize who he was.

-”You- You know? You look a LOT, like a LOT, like this actor guy dude from the local theater. God, you should just see that dude. His name is? Is uh. Zenny? Something I can’t fucking, remember…But god I’d lick his abs, he’s so handsome. You look like that guy man! That cool guy. That beautiful dude.

-Oh my god. He felt so fucking embarrassed for you. You just kept going and going, not realizing the whole time, until your friends finally dragged you back home.

-He thought of that scene a few times, but oh my god, your friends never told you? (GOOD FRIENDS GOOD FRIENDS)

-He decided NOT to bring it up then, not when the two of you were finally meeting in person for the second first time. 

-(A few weeks later, he finally brought it up. Your face was so red as you called your friends for confirmation. When they finally admitted what had happened, you just stood in embarrassed Shock. Until Zen finally admitted you were the one girl who managed to flirt with him at a bar and he actually got interested in you.)


-Jumin had given her so ‘free’ time. Which was, of course, allowing her to go on a wine tasting event with him. It was a bit better than working (and he’d probably have her set up a few meetings anyway), so she agreed.

-She didn’t drink often, but she could see how some lightweights could become overwhelmed with the all the samples.

-At least, that’s the excuse she came up for you. God, as soon as she heard your voice on the phone, she instantly remembered how drunk you had gotten at that simple wine tasting event. But you didn’t remember her? It stung a little, but you were…Very. Very drunk.

-She remembered you trying to casually walk towards her. She thought you were wanting to talk to her about Jumin, praying that it wasn’t about how you could get a date with him. But when you slid your arm around hers and slurred, she nearly had her heart stop.

-”You-You are literally the only pretty person here. These dudes are so uuugly. Oh my god, how come rich guys can’t even look decent half the time. Do you like girls? I like girls. I’m a girl. You’re a girl. Lets. Lets hang out. Blow this popsicle stands. We’ll have fun.”

-When security dragged you away (Jumin’s doing, with light murmurs of complaints from him), Jaehee had to try her best not to blush and laugh.

-You were cute, but oh my god she had never been flirted with like that.

-As the two of you started dating, she never, ever mentioned it. Not until about a year later after a night you had gotten tipsy again, and thankfully you two just laughed together about it.


-As soon as he heard you voice, he knew it was familiar. A nice one, something that didn’t urk him that much.

-Seeing you in person made him immediately want to ban all wine from the RFA party. How you were so shameless he never understood.

-A few months back, he had attended an event that allowed for extra guests to be brought. He didn’t really remember which one. He had went to so many they just blurred together at times.

-He did, however, remember clearly of a drunken woman suddenly grasping his arm. He immediately was annoyed, thinking it was some other woman who had tried flirting with him earlier, but when it was someone new, he gave you a moment to talk.

- “These rich dudes are so. Boring. Are you boring too? You look cool. You look…Cool. Not borin’. Not borin’ at alllllll. Do you wanna be not boring together? Like. The dude who brought me doesn’t even know where I am. Fuck em. Fuck em all. I’d even fuck you if you’d lemme.”

-Oh my god.

-Security had came and gotten you later, and he just sighed and fixed his sleeve. He thought you were ridiculous. 

-So at the RFA party, when you said you were introducing yourself the first time, he called you out on it. It wasn’t the first time you two had met.

-He ended up going in full detail, exactly what you said, how your hair was messed up, how everything about you was just. Embarrassing.

-Your first RFA party was filled with many embarrassing moments after that, especially from a teasing Seven.


-He was just hanging out with Zen when the drunk you came sauntering up, looking strangely confident and slightly confused.

-He almost pulled his phone out, getting ready to film what was possibly Zen’s most embarrassing moment.

-Instead, his hands froze when you passed by Zen and went directly to him.

-“You’re. You’re weird lookin. Not in a bad way though. Like. You look weird but cool. Cute. Yeaaah. I like redheads. Are you into girls? Or guys? Because i wanna. I wanna take ya out.”

-Omg. He was dying. He never really had this happen before, and Zen’s shocked expression was totally worth it.

-Before he could give you a reply, your friends finally found you and pulled you away while spouting apologies.

-So when he found out exactly who you were when he did his background check, he laughed so hard

-He wouldn’t bring it up with the others around (Maybe Zen), but he’d tease the FUCK outta you about it.

-“I guess you got what you wanted, huh?”


-Poor baby. He’d NEVER bring it up to you, except on his deathbed.

-He had finally agreed to go to the bar Zen wanted to take him to. He was a bit nervous because of how often he was being carded. His hands wouldn’t stop shaking!!

-Of course, to make matters worse, there were girls flirting with Zen constantly. He was just here as a third wheel!

-He watched as another girl kinda. Stumbled over to Zen. Great. He couldn’t even have drunk girls- Oh god she was going to him, not Zen!

-“Heyaaa, cutie? You’re preeeetty young, huh? Barely able to get in here huh? Hahaha.. but you’re so so cute. Hey, cutie, gimme your phone number! I’ll be your girlfriend!”

-Oh my god. Oh. My god. He was mortified. Even Zen was watching! Oh my god.

-Before he could gather the courage to respond, he saw a few girls come and drag you away, full of scolding and giggles.

-That night, Zen just laughed and patted your back.

-Of course Zen wasn’t laughing now as Yoosung kissed you, vowing to keep that memory to himself.

-(Until Zen told you literally a day later)


-V didn’t really go to bars or anything of the sort. But when he visited exhibitions, especially ones he was also featured in, they tended to offer wine to drink.

-Unfortunately, not everyone could hold their alcohol.

-He watched a woman stumble a bit, quietly murmuring to several different pictures.

-Eventually she made over to where he was standing.

- “God. I love this one. This. This is a good one. Better than the others. Wait. No, that’s mean. Those are good too. But this one, this one is like. Good good.”

-Oh god. He was trying his best not to laugh. He decided to stand beside his own just in case he could answer questions, or interest people in more of his works. He was not expecting this.

- “But man. This guy has to be sooo fun to be with. I’d love to date this guy! Have coffee! Talk about. Flowers and shit. God, I’d probably sleep with him too.”

- Wow?? He didn’t even know how to respond. So… He didn’t. He watched you sleepily study his picture and… Walk away.

-Flash to him finally meeting you after the RFA party, and you didn’t seem to remember him OR his pictures at all.

-He worried a bit if his pictures just didn’t last well in people, but when you looked as if you never saw them, he concluded maybe you just didn’t remember that day whatsoever.

-Later on, when you two had been together, he always kept you away from the wine at his exhibits. When you questioned him about this, he finally told you about the first time he met you.

-Needless to say, you never drank at exhibitions ever again


-The first time he met you, before the whole RFA mess, was at a bar.

-Needless to say, he pegged you as a target before you really said anything.

-He had watched you from a corner, just basically watching everyone. He was just trying to see what the fuss was about with bars.

-The drunks were annoying. And stupid. Annoyingly stupid.

-But… He wasn’t expecting a decent looking one come to him and try hitting on him.

-He watched, slightly amused, as you stumbled over your words.

-“You’re a little black parade looking punk, aren’t you? Lookin. All tough. And like a punk. Very punky. Can I sit with you, punk? You’re. Cute punk. Yeah! I like punk stuff too, imma even gonna get this badass tattoo one day, man! Whoop!”

-He didn’t even manage to give a response before you sat down and promptly conked the fuck out.

-He didn’t really know what to do, and since he didn’t feel like getting mixed up in anything, he left the bar before any of your friends could question him.

-So when the two of you finally met in person, and you introduced himself, he just laughed for a while.

-“Do you not remember me?”

-After a brief explanation, he ended up laughing for a looong time with how red you had gotten. He actually joined Seven in teasing you.

When you ask them to be rougher in bed (NSFW)

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Junmyeon doesn’t strike me as a rough person, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t up for roleplay.  He’s definitely a roleplay kind of guy.  He’s a Daddy kink for sure.  He’ll he sweet and slow at first, but the second you mention being rough in bed, don’t be surprised by his change in demeanor.  This guy has a switch and that switch is costumes.  You want this guy to really give it to you?  Dress up for him.  He’s a gemini, so he’ll go both ways.  He’ll like it if you take control and get rough with him, too, so don’t forget that.  Just imagine for a second:  you’ve been dating for a little over five to six month, been sexually active with each other for maybe three and you just want to explore a different side of him.  He’s a shy one, so you know you have to approach this a certain way.  He gets back from a long tour away from you, tired as hell and just wanting to lay in your arms while sleep takes him.  Instead he walks into the bedroom to find you dress up in kinky nurses outfit, the doctor’s coat laying on the bed beside you.  Shock.  Shock, shock, shock.  But sooooo turned on.  All that tiredness?  Gone.  Boner?  Yup…He’ll probably stutter out a question, but if you pout and ask him for a check up, he’ll lose his mind, okay?  Off with the clothes!  The only thing he’s wearing tonight is a stethoscope and a white coat.  Explore with this because he’s totally into it.  This one will mark you up to high heaven simply because he’s so into his character.  I still think he’s a bit vanilla when it comes to positions, but that doesn’t take away from the experience as a whole.  Never underestimate this man.  Ever.  You will regret it. (well, maybe in the morning)  “Baby, you’ve been failing all my tests lately.  Do we need to have a tutoring session?  I’m sure there are some studying techniques I can share with you.”  (good god, not even my bias and damn,  Have FUN!)

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Magic words anyone?  I feel like Minseok would be the type to be gentle with you at first.  Like he knows he’s a kinky af (he’s an Aries duh!), but he wouldn’t want to scare you off.  Your first few times together would be super sweet, loving, and just him pretty much worshiping your body.  You like it for sure, but you want to spice things up.  It almost feels too safe.  So when he comes home from work one day and is just getting out of a hot shower, towel around his waist, brush in hand, you pop the question on him.  To say he’d be surprised would be a total understatement.  He wouldn’t expect it at all.  But DAMN if he’s not immediately turned on.  This one is the type to zone out as the images of all the ways he could ravish you race through his mind.  So if you suddenly get nervous because of the silence and backtrack, he’s going to throw the brush on the counter and march his way over to you.  He’ll only ask you once if you are completely sure that’s what you want.  If you back down, he’ll be fine with it, but if you say yes PREPARE!!!!!  He’ll throw you on the bed, that cocked eyebrow look on his face, tongue running over his lower lip.  Intense!!  Minseok will still be sweet in certain respects, like he strikes me as someone who has a praise kink, so expect a lot of ‘that’s a good girl/boy, you take it so well’  ‘that’s right, just relax’  ‘you’re so good’ ‘ugh, you’re so gorgeous’.  Lots of moaning and grunting, quietly of course cuz he’s not a loud person.  I feel like when he’s being sweet he likes the missionary position because he wants to see your face while he’s pleasuring you, but when he’s rough, he wants you face down and grasping at anything while he takes you.  Expect marks, too!  Not where anyone can see them, but in places that only the two of you know.  It’s a reminder of who you belong to and how he’s the only one who can get you off a certain way.  “Oh, baby, I hope you don’t have anywhere to go tomorrow.  It’s going to be a looooong night.”

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find boyfriend jungkook (here), boyfriend jimin (here), & boyfriend v (here)

  • knowing yoongi he would spend a good deal of time procrastinating on his own feelings for you because he’s both unsure and worried (though, he won’t admit it) about telling you what he feels but at the same time he’s a very blunt person - just skimming around the subject would ultimately annoy him and so one day he’d just be super straightforward and be like;
  • “I like you as more than just a friend. You don’t have to answer me now, but I hope that you’ll be truthful.”
  • and tbh it’s kinda chic and courageous the way he just tells you and you’re impressed by his brave front (and so is bangtan even though taehyung spends like 5 hours imitating yoongi later and adding in exaggerations and yoongi would fight him but he’s too busy being happy because you said you LIKE HIM TOO)
  • so the first date is really relaxed and laid back it’s just a trip to the movies with a nice dinner after and like yoongi is his usual self and you’re kinda nervous and you’re like holy shit he’s so calm?? and collected 
  • but tbh he got his phone open to the group chat and he’s like ‘listen jin don’t ever use this as blackmail against me because i still have that pic of you in a cheongsam in case you do so help me out whAT THE HELL DO I DO’ 
  • and you don’t see it but yoongi keeps kinda tapping his fingers and shaking his leg because you two are in such close proximity at the movies and you’re just eating popcorn looking cute laughing at all the corny jokes and yoongi even in the dark light of the cinema can see your cute feature illuminated by the movie lights and he just
  • ok he really wants to like kiss you but jin’s text was like ‘act natural and don’t say anything too mean and blunt’ and yoongi’s like in his head like jin is right but also jin is wrong i just wanna tell them i wanna kiss them
  • but he holds back and at dinner you two just talk and you jokingly ask if he wants to do twenty questions on the way back home and yoongi’s like you know what sure
  • and like you ask each other basic stuff like your favorite color/ dream vacation/ what kind of animal do i remind you of kinda thing but then he’s like 
  • “what do you feel right now? like in this moment?”
  • and it’s so straightforward but you like gulp down the lump in your throat and you’re like “well,,,,i feel like the luckiest person on the planet.” and he kind of gets taken back and like his eyes drop to the floor cutely and he’s like “why?” and you giggle into your palm and you’re like “it’s embarrassing,,,” but yoongi slowly lifts his eyes to meet yours and he smiles and it’s probably the most gentle one you’ve ever seen on him and he’s like “i promise i won’t laugh” and you’re like “i,,,,feel lucky because im with you and…….i….know i want to be even closer to you …know….if that’s ok….”
  • and yoongi kinda doesnt answer for a moment and you get a bit scared but it’s honestly because he’s biting his tongue with happiness and he’s just at a loss for words until he’s like 
  • “i want you to know that i feel the same way.”
  • and it’s cute afterwords your dates don’t really get fancy even though jin is always like for godsake yoongi take them to like a play or at least a more expensive restaurant but you never mind just meeting up with him to go like to the grocery store since the dorms running low on food or eating street food with him on a busy saturday night like it’s the small moments with him that count for you
  • and once you two kinda become official you like spend a lot of time with yoongi in the studio because he’s breaking his back over lyrical writing and guaranteeing armys a fantastic album and like
  • you love watching him so focused and determined even though every now and then you have to be like “yoongi here is some water and some snacks no you can’t eat them later eat them now because i know you will forget”
  • tbh you and jin bond over feeding yoongi it’s cute jin’s like thank you for keeping my son nourished and you’re like ??? ok ofc
  • but taehyung and jimin always peeking through the cracked door to see if you and yoongi are doing anything ahem “adult” and yoongi threatening to throw his notebook at them or something because god they’re like kids
  • but also like when he’s got a little time to spare he goes over and you cuddle into his shoulder and he’s just like “i wish i could nap” and you’re like “i wish you could nap too so i could nap with you” and he’s like “our next date should be a nap.”
  • and it’s in this like innocent small moment that he leans over and pecks your lips ever so gently and you’re like ,,,oh and yoongi just kinda lazily smiles and closes his eyes and the next thing you know he’s knocked out on your lap but you’re like touching your lips like ,,,, goddammit min yoongi you cutie pie 
  • and skinship like yoongi starts off reserved but after this like after he falls asleep in your lap and wakes up to see that you’re calmly sleeping as well with your fingers entwined with his he gains the confidence to be more affectionate
  • and like a big cat he gets very cuddly when he’s tired just head rubbing against your shoulder and murmuring against your neck that you’re warm and like pulling you closer by the waist
  • but most of the other times just holding hands is enough honestly yoongi will never say it but just brushing his fingertips over your skin makes him so comforted because like you’re so warm and you’re all his like ,,,, wow
  • jimin: i think you should kiss them more often yoongi: i think cHiLDREN shouldn’t know about these things 
  • kissing is kinda limited to soft little pecks and yoongi isn’t the biggest fan of making out, he’s much more prone to kissing other places of your body especially your hands
  • he’d just love pressing his mouth to the back of your palm while working just like a habit of his
  • but when he does want to get a little more……intimate….his kisses can be very slow and calculating and every step is dragged out until you can’t take it anymore and take control by just grabbing his face and honestly like
  • yoongi likes this go-forward, dominate side you can have
  • but like it’s just for him to know about it has to be hush hush around the members even though when he comes in with a scarf wrapped around his neck taehyung is just like OOOO SOMEONE GOT SOME LAST NIGH-
  • and yoongi like thumps him on the head like shut it boy
  • also yoongi lives for massages like sometimes he’ll just plop down in front of you and be like “my muscles are dying please revive them” and you’re like omf are you ok and yoongi with his eyes closed is just like a muffled “no”
  • when they’re preparing for a comeback or tour yoongi can get extra moody and hard to read and there are days when he just wants to be alone and like you know not to bother him but the truth is even in those stressful situations like he wants to feel you cuddled in his arms 
  • like he needs your touch to calm himself down and like when he’s too tired to call you over like 
  • namjoon will be like: taehyung get yoongi’s phone and call you know who because yoongi looks like he might kill all of us 
  • when you come over in a rush, probably in some sweatpants yoongi just sees you and he opens his arms and you’re like “is it tough? the dancing?” and he just nods and like curls you closer to him and you pet his hair and just kiss his forehead
  • the rest of bangtan like quietly slips away but like afterwords tae, jungkook, and jimin aren’t gonna let you two live until jin pulls them away by the ear
  • and when you’re there for long hours like watching over him while he practices and you’re like dozing off trying to stay awake yoongi catches himself just looking at you because your sleepy, dreamy gaze is just so adorable 
  • jungkook in the back: hyung you’re drooling 
  • you honestly probably get texts complaining from the maknae line about how naggy your boyfriend is they’re always like “control him, he keeps getting grumpy about everything” and you call yoongi and like literally while you’re on the phone he’s like “taehyung i swear to god if you drink all the milk before i can have any im going to-” and you’re like “honey, let it go he’s a child” and yoongi is grumbling like “child or not, he can be such a headache” and you’re just giggling like don’t be mean ill buy you some milk after work and some snacks ok and yoongi is like this is why i love you
  • yoongi actually never wants to show you how good he is at basketball and you never know why and it turns out that he’s just kinda shy about his skills infront of you like he’s worried he’ll mess up and look dumb but one day jimin invites you over to watch a match and like
  • yoongi is so good he looks so happy and like he’s having fun 
  • and at the end you run over and you like lean up to kiss him and be like “you’re so amazing!!!” and the compliment makes him falter a little and hide his face behind his bangs but you’re like leaning over to wipe the sweat from his face and you two are having your cute moment on the court while jin is probably like namjoon get your camera out take a picture of this sweet moment omg look at yoongi’s smile this is like a mOViE
  • whenever yoongi is away overseas or something you make it a point to listen to his compositions, even the ones that haven’t been released because they remind him of you
  • and yoongi, when he has no motivation or inspiration and needs to compose, he just automatically starts thinking about you and everything about you that makes him love you and that just makes him want to write
  • honestly he has a notebook full of ideas that he’s gotten just because you inspire him you’re his lyrical muse it’s kinda cheesy but like ,,, it’s true he loves you so much
  • one time when yoongi was away on tour you got an email from jin and it was titled ‘photos of yoongi sleeping in weird positions’ and it made you almost fall out of your chair laughing 
  • yoongi likes seeing you wear his beanies,,,,he’s like you look cute and you’re like cuter than you and he’s like in your dreams lmfao
  • sometimes you’re like yoongi it’s been three days you need to go out in the sunlight and he’s like akhfgldens nooooo and you’re like yoongi if you go outside i will kiss you and he’s like ,,,, you already kiss me enough and you’re like Min YOONgi and he’s like uuuuuughhhh will you kiss me five times? and you’re like hmmm four and he’s like uuuughhhh but rolls off the couch and is like fine let’s go the things i do for your LOVE
  • he’d have a habit of like filming you,,,,like when you least expect it like you’d just be reading over something, tucking your hair behind your ear and when you look up yoongi’s there with his phone and you’re like !!!! omg yoongi and try to cover your face but he’s just chuckling like no no you’re cute
  • “my ideal date is us going to ikea, buying some really good blankets and pillows, going back home, and sleeping” 
  • i don’t think he’d be the biggest lover of like petnames or anything like that but i think he’d occasionally just hold you against him and be like “mine?” and you’d be like “yours.” and he’d press your foreheads together it’d be so great ,,, 
  • you and yoongi making sarcastic comments about tv shows as you’re laying on the carpet eating pizza out the box would probably be a regular thing for you two
  • also yoongi using your tummy as a pillow
  • and like yes being with him is cute and like not high maintenance at all but yoongi is a complex person with a beautiful and creative mind that sometimes drives him to want to be better than he already is but like ,,, there’s a limit and yoongi sometimes ends up blaming himself for mistakes that are ultimately out of his hand
  • and you’re like always stern about this you always let him now when too much is too much like being in the studio for over 48 hours straight or beating himself up over something he did at a fan sign or on a show that people were criticising him for
  • even though he’s stubborn and will argue with you about how no he’s wrong, like you don’t give up and in the end yoongi probably just hangs his head and you have to like hold his face in your hands and be like yoongi you can’t please everyone but im proud of you, bangtan is proud of you, please give yourself some credit
  • and yoongi doesn’t cry easily but he’ll just lean into you for support because hearing that validation from you makes him feel loved and sometimes that’s what he needs because otherwise he’d wear himself out to the bone trying to fix mistakes that can’t be
  • and out of everyone namjoon really thanks you for that and sometimes you and namjoon just go out so you can talk about yoongi and you thank him for taking care of him when you’re not around and namjoon is just like “im happy he finally found someone he never wants to be apart from. he used to be so lonely, but now he’s found you and you’re really his everything.”
  • and it’s true like yoongi hates noise and hates having too much company but like you are never a burden on him you are literally his shining light and like 
  • one day as you’re laying next to him, skin on skin, wish like the moonlight in the window he’s just like “seriously, i really don’t want anyone else but you.”
  • and you know it makes your heart melt and your knees go weak and you’re like min yoongi you have permission to wREck me but also like 
  • permission to have my heart forever 
  • like its so cute just you sitting with your legs over yoongi’s feeding him like cookies and he has those round glasses he likes to wear on and he got you a pair so you could match and you’re just comfy
  • like you’re his home and he’s your home and like 
  • watch his perfect face as he works and every now and then he leans in to let you kiss under his jaw and like 
  • it’s nice and relaxing
  • yoongi has the cutest bedhead in the world like you love when it’s all messy and you’re like don’t comb it i love it and he’s like ok and leans over to mess up your hair with his hands and you’re like yooNGI and he’s like look it’s cute on you two
  • you and yoongi the kinda couple to stand in the bathroom together and brush each other’s teeth or well like you’re brushing his teeth cuz he’s still very sleepy 

Originally posted by jeong-hanie

  • This tall dumbass, omg I love him.
  • First of all I can imagine him being so awkward when having a crush on you.
  • Like you enter the room and he just freezes.
  • And stutters a lot when speaking to you.
  • He stares at you and then looks away completely embarrassed because you noticed.
  • Everyone teases him about his crush on you.
  • But they still listen when he asks them for advise on wether he should ask you out or not.
  • Though most of them are like “What are you waiting for???”
  • So Mingyu asks you out all shy and stuttery. 
  • and he takes you on a very cute date.
  • He starts feeling a lot more comfortable around you.
  • This boy loves hearing about you, because it is very important to him to get to know you.
  • When coming back from your date he’s so happy, he can’t stop smiling.
  • He asks you on other dates before actually asking you to be his girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • and he’s like an excited puppy when you say yes.
  • He grows to love you soooooo much.
  • Calls you baby.
  • And actually babies you quite a lot.
  • This boy loves skinship.
  • He’s always holding your hand or with his arm around you.
  • Bu when you two are alone he literally holds you as close as it’s physically possible.
  • He’s the type to give slow kisses.
  • But also makes-out.
  • Lots of forehead kisses too.
  • He loves cooking for you.
  • and you two cooking together.
  • though that almost always ends up being a mess.
  • He convinces you of going to the store at 2 am.
  • And you end up walking in the streets, holding hands and talking.
  • Sometimes he’s just chilling and you’re like “sTOP iT” because he just looks so good doing nothing.
  • And he’s so confused.
  • But he finds you very cute when you do that because he always says you’re the attractive one in the relationship.
  • He’s always complimenting you.
  • Not only on your looks, but also on your personality because he loves how, smart, funny, kind, you are.
  • He’d be ready to fight anyone who does you wrong.
  • Though we all know this boy wouldn’t hurt a fly.
  • Very likely that he has a picture of you or of you two together as his wallpaper.
  • With his mates he’s often like “haVE YOU SEEN HOW CUTE THEY ARE? I AM SO LUCKY TO BE THEIR BOYFRIEND”
  • The type to say “I love you” out of nowhere.
  • Not only the first time, but he does it very often.
  • You’re talking or walking next to him and he just turns to you and tells you he loves you.
  • Doesn’t like to argue with you.
  • But also he won’t let problems “just disappear”.
  • I think he’s the type to let you take your anger out on him.
  • And it would make him sad.
  • But he’d also tell you to look for a solution.
  • Like he’s already thinking of one but he wants to hear your side too.
  • Sometimes needs reassurance that you still love him.
  • Mostly when he’s away for long.
  • Because he might think you don’t deserve that kind of relationship, like he wishes he was always there.
  • But you tell him it’s okay, because you love him no matter what.
  • You’re the couple everyone is lowkey jealous of.
  • highkey, jealous tbh.
  • Because everyone sees how much you care about each other.
  • And how good you’re together.
  • Goals honestly.

spookygibby  asked:

could you do headcanons for tsukishima and kageyama when their s/o makes them smile or laugh really loud and everyone's like ???? that's not even fair they never do that, thank you!

Hellooooo i personally think Tsuki and Kageyama (my baes) aren’t as requested as the others :-( buT THERE ARE SWEETHEARTS LIKE YAMS AND KYOTANI WHO ARENT THAT REQUESTED AS WELLL

but i hope you like these hcs anon-chan!


Tsukishima Kei

- “Yesterday, a clown opened the door for me. It was a nice jester.”

- that’s what sent Tsukishima Kei, salt boy, also known as tol bean, laughing up to the point that he clutched his stomach.

- he had to stop to lean on the gym doors and you were laughing along side with him

- Nishinoya and Tanaka stared at him with eyes wide and jaw open. 

- “Kageyama is he laughing?” 

- “I didn’t know he was capable of doing that.” 

- Yamaguchi walks up to you two and is like wth how did you do that

- and you say that Kei always laughs around you and Tsuki’s like shUT Up

- Suga and dadchi Daichi look like proud parents 

- Narita’s just like “dang guys he’s human too ya know”

- everyone is always bombarding him with lame puns now to get him to laugh

Kageyama Tobio

- “Hi Kageyama! I got you some milk.”

- he literally smiled so wide when he saw you walk into the gym with a carton of milk in your hands

- and he thought wow she looks so cute and omg milk

- then hE SMILES

- everyONE BACKS AWAY (dont hurt my bb u lil babies -_-)

 - “Kageyama don’t hurt her!”

- I think he’s smiling Shouyou.”


- tsuki walks away from him 

- “I never thought the King could smile, how’d she do that?”

- whenever you make Tobio smile everyone’s always unprepared for it 

park woojin - highschool bf!au

Originally posted by woojinnies

  • shy boy omg what a cutie
  • the type to watch from afar and keep his crush a secret 
  • “how can you not like anyone at this point ??? we’re juniors now dude !!!!” someone would ask
  • “i dunno lol” and he would just shrug
  • not stubborn like jihoon just shy 
  • i also see him liking his friends, not really a love at first sight typa guy
  • so ya you guys were friends
  • just a typical friendship that blossoms from school on the first day of freshman
  • ya’ll are in the same friend squad
  • probably sees you laughing and he’s suddenly red 
  • cause you’re so cute and he’s so flustered omg what’s going on
  • he can’t really look at you or talk to you cause he’s a soft beanie
  • it gets to the point where you think he doesn’t like you at all 
  • and jihoon is like trust me bro, he doesn’t hate you and he’s amusingly patting your back and chuckling to himself
  • but you’re still doubtful 
  • oh yea and his crush is defs long term, none of the hoppin around 
  • he over analyzes everything, you’re laughing and push his arm away and he’s embarrassed
  •  omg omg they touched me do they like me omg omg omgomgomgomgo
  • he’s only able to confess to you once daehwi tells him that you liked him too 
  • it’d be funnier if didn’t daehwi actually doesn’t know jack shit lol 
  • he pulls you aside all nervous underneath a tree 
  • he rambles and stutters awe 
  • “s-so ye-yea, yo-yo-you’re sw-swe-sweet k-kin-kin-” 
  • “woojin, just tell me whats going on” 
  • “i like you” he has a hushed mumble
  • “woojin its okay, i like you too” 
  • has thee thee THE smU S HIeST smile on his face evER 
  • the feelings are just floating in the air
  • both of your eyes are wandering around 
  • hands behind backs, fingers fiddling 
  • and you both finally giggle at the awkwardness
  • the dating process is pretty slow
  • which is definitely not a bad thing because me too woojin, me too
  • you both just don’t want to push each other boundaries 
  • not much pda cause he’s a. afraid to touch you and b. is v shy
  • he really really likes it when you give him affection ‘
  • like i know if he gets really awkward and flustered you would probably stop cause he seems uncomfortable
  • but he in reality he doesn’t want you to stop
  • “okay okay i’ll stop” you laughed and pulled away
  • but he holds on your arms and shakes his head, red faced and looking down “dont leave me now” he’d mumble shyly
  • doesn’t get extremely jealous, but will get lw protective
  • hates the idea of someone flirting with you/taking you away 
  • yall at school and someone confessed to you 
  • is probably slightly hurt if you said something like “oh we agreed to be friends, he such a nice guy but i didn’t really see us together” 
  • “oh” 
  • he’s really quiet for the rest of time you guys are together
  • and when you ask him whats up he just shake his head but is clearly out of it
  • but notice as soon as you feel his hand slip out of yours just when grab it 
  • “okay woojin, whats up, whats wrong?” 
  • “nothing..” he’d mumbled 
  • honestly, he wants to keep it in just cause he feels stupid and doesn’t want to seem vulnerable
  • his little jealous confession ends up coming out as mumble of threaded words
  • and when you smile at him and assure him that he’s all you ever want he probably still wouldn’t be able to look up at you
  • and when you pull his face up to look at him and assure him more he’s a mess 
  • the eye contact is so overwhelming that his face is so red and he can’t seem to function 
  • “i like you and only you” you’d say directly at him 
  • and all he can do is nod and you let go of his cheeks 
  • he’s just shookith 
  • woojin.jpg malfunctioning 
  • he’s still very boy 
  • probably a trickster and loves making people laughing 
  • also plays basketball and other sports, probably loves pe 
  • like i see him walking into class, his friends and him tangled in their arms and shoulders 
  • they’re almost stumbling 
  • it’s really rambunctious 
  • just so bro 
  • but he sees you, plants one on your cheek and smiles
  • and now you’re flustered
  • honestly do you even know him ????
  • like is he soft or not ?????? 
  • i hate him too ugh 

wow this took waaaay too long LOL i’m sorry guys !!! i just have a lot a lot of school work so im really bad at updatin

not proofread like always !!!! 

@thelovepineapple-blog !! 


I hope this is what you wanted :”) ilysm💖 ⭐️ requests are open !! ⭐️ masterlist

can you make a cute artist!au w renjun bc that is probably the cutest and softest au ever :’)

  • art class is!! really fun
  • u basically got to do ur own thing on an assigned project and chat n have as much fun as you wanted
  • and 👀👀
  • there’s renjun
  • he’s a rly cute and soft boy who absolutely loves that class
  • and watching him draw or paint or just mess around was pure joy !!he would space out a lot with the end of his pencil in his mouth,, just thinking about what to do next
  • and sometimes he would just smile sO bright because of how funny a line or feature looked
  • a lot of the time he was more quiet and to himself, just sketching away and humming and occasionally looking up
  • but u never really paid attention to what he was looking at 👀👀
  • sO
  • one day when u were going to get ur snuffs
  • he was smiling really wide to the point where u could see his lil snaggle tooth 🤧🤧 (REST IN PEACE)
  • he was drawing in a very awkward position so he could cover the paper with his arm
  • and u were rly wanting to see it,, ofC
  • so u peeked over his shoulder and saw a really really pretty sketch :”)
  • but there was hearts and stars and flowers all over the background
  • nicely blended also
  • he didn’t realize you were there until you complimented him
  • then he waS SCREAMING
  • “OH hello,,, uHm may I help yOU??”
  • “yEa, wHAT were u drawing 👀👀”
  • when u ask him he gets all blushy and cute and closes it really fast
  • avoiding eye contact as much as possible too,, and lots of shaking
  • he says smth really dumb too
  • “MY C—ACTUS”
  • renjun w t f
  • he had a crush on u and u couldn’t see it smh u eggo
  • bUt then u just left him alone because he obviously wasn’t comfortable with sharing
  • and then the day after in art
  • he found the courage to sit beside you and watch you paint the scenery instead of letting you watch him
  • and when u weren’t looking, he just smiled so softly and did a cute laugh if u messed up
  • and then said encouraging words to make you feel better about the wrong stroke or bad blend or failed technique
  • “messing up just makes your art ten times more beautiful!!!”
  • after a week of just helping you and keeping you company, he stopped you after class on a Friday probs and gave you a SOFT and nervous smile and it conCERNED u a lot
  • and he was stuttering quite a bit probably :(
  • but he ended up asking you about his art
  • hMmm “could you come by my house sometime so I could get help with a drawing????”
  • oFC u said yes,, if u said no I would’ve hunted u down ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
  • and he wrote his number on ur hand rly fast with his special tracing pen
  • and zoomed out of the room bc he was so nervous
  • iT WAS cute though !!! soft shy baby boy
  • after school tho
  • he probs texted you right away n made it nice!! And sent lots of hearts n smiley faces
  • “du trist edderkopp 👺”
  • he was so cute and awkward n,, u just lov him
  • even though it was making u anxious n whatnot (pROBABLY I mean,, renjun is so cute how could he not make you nervous
  • you went over to his house for whatever he needed
  • I feel like his house would feel reALLY welcoming
  • nice flowers at the front n a fresh lawn and a lil porch decoration
  • and then he answers the door in pajamas bc he fORGOT and he was just screeching into his sketchbook or smth and stressing about this very moment
  • you’re trying not to laugh bc CUTENESS and he’s so embarrassed
  • it’s awful,, poor bby :(
  • he’s rUNNING while saying you can come inside and just leaving a trail of tears
  • but in like 5 minutes he’s back with a presentable outfit and those glasses that make him look so precious :”)
  • and he still has messy hair which makes him 29389292x cuter so u don’t say anything
  • but he just sets his sketchbook at a table and pulls out a chair for u 🤧🤧
  • “hEY do u want anything???”
  • “UHm 👀👀 can I have water ??”
  • his smile omg
  • probably smiles n runs to his kitchen,, ready to make u the best glass of water you’ve ever had
  • his sketchbook was one of those rly aesthetic ones !!!
  • the front was a little old and torn at the corners and it had lots of dirty on the edges and papers shoved in between pages
  • it looked so tempting to open :”)) but u had to rESPECT
  • he comes running in with some water and a tiny plate of cookies or whatever u prefer
  • “you mentioned it while you were sketching your background!!” 
  • while ur drinking ur water,,,
  • “uhh renjun??? why did I come over??”
  • “oH, I needed help with drawing someone!! you both have similar features and I needed an example!!”
  • as he was drawing and looking back n forth from u and the paper, you couldn’t help but notice how happy n determined he looked
  • he started making small talk with you after like five minutes so you wouldn’t be bored and you both learned a lot
  • and soon, he was done with the sketch and had asked for you to come back another time
  • it happened to be the following saturday
  • and throughout the whole week in art, both of you talked the whole time about so much
  • he was a good friend of yours at that point, and he was so much more interesting
  • he paid attention to all of your quirks and habits and literally fell in love with them all
  • if you liked to chew on ur nails or smth
  • he would laugh a lil and grab your hands and give u a warm smile
  • or if you liked to ramble a lot and stopped in between to say “sORRY I’ll stop :>”
  • he would frown n ask you to keep talking so he could work better
  • he paid attention to it all and remembered every little thing you said
  • you like flowers?? he’s already painting 20940 different kinds !!
  • when u went over again,, u went in his tiny art room
  • it was cozy and bright in there with lots of supplies on shelves and art hung up all over
  • and it was aLL his art !!
  • he probably had a painting of moomintroll and snorkmaiden tBH and when u asked what it was he snatched
  • “UH that’s just an old kid thing I liked sry wrong number ://“
  • “renjun wtf ur literally speaking to me”
  • but u both just sit and he gets his work done while u rant abt world issues and opinions and he also does too while aggressively cOLORING
  • and when he does finish
  • he shows you!!!
  • it’s yOu though :o
  • ur screeching bc “omg I thought u wERE USING ME AS AN EXAMPLE THIS IS AMAZIG ILYSM YOU EGG”
  • ur just showering him in compliments and love and tears and he is so flustered and happy that you like it
  • but it gets overwhelming so he drops everything and hugs you sOO tight
  • and then he steps away from you and covers his face,, and u can see marker stains and pencil lines on his hands and he looks sO cute n like he’s conquered his life goal istg
  • messy hair n messy artist renjun is my aesthetic
  • wOw he’s so cute,, trying not to look u in the eye and still form words so he can tell u how he feels 🏌️🏌️
  • “snjdksk I drew you because you’re beautiful and I’ve been trying to draw you since our very first art class but I never could :’)”
  • and he gives u 2993 moomin stickers he made himself
  • after that he holds ur hand all the time in class when he can 
  • and draws hearts all over ur stuff YES
  • and always gets paint on ur clothes so pls 
  • beware 
  • also hums while drawing in class since it calms both of u i’m tearing u p
  • aNd u need to date thx
  • the art teacher is assigning a partner project next term for that sole purpose
  • “date or u get an F”
  • thank u ilysm
Monsta X & their 163cm s/o

requested by anon~


a/n: i feel so attacked right now omg LOLOLOLO JUST KIDDING ;u; XD thank you so much for requesting anon and i hope you guys like this!

Shownu would really find it adorable when his s/o’s 163cm tall. Everything that has to do with you reaching for something out of your reach would just have him smiling right away. When you’re angry, he also wouldn’t be able to stop himself from not taking you seriously since you looked really cute when you’re angry, happy, excited and whatnot. One of the things that he would really like about you and your height is the softest and cutest cuddles he’d receive from you. Nonetheless, Shownu would really find you oh so cute that he just wants to envelop you into a tight hug and just protect you. 

Wonho wouldn’t be able to contain his feels, to be honest. Just like Shownu, he’d find every single thing/action that you make really cute. Constant teasing and laughter would be heard whenever he’s with you. There would be times that he’d just watch you in so much amusement that he’d just let you struggle while reaching a packet of ramen on the topmost shelf, but don’t worry, he’d help you out in the end while laughing his heart out, gums out to peek at you. Wonho would literally love it when you have to tiptoe to just give him a quick peck on the cheek before he leaves for work. 

Minhyuk would have his arms wrapped around you most of the time to be honest. Anything that you wear or even use would be the cutest thing in his eyes when he sees you. Dress ups won’t be excused since there would be times when he just barges in your apartment with a couple of onesies or even costumes for you to wear, especially…. a highschool uniform or even a maid cafe uniform. But, Minhyuk would sometimes love it when you come out from the shower, smelling oh-so-good and fresh that he wouldn’t really have a hard time appreciating your new shampoo (since he can sniff your hair right away just by standing behind you).

Kihyun wouldn’t really mind, to be honest, since he loves it when you tell him that he’s really tall. Sometimes, your height just makes everything easy for him. Kissing you, hugging you, cuddling you, and all those lovey-dovey gestures would feel so perfect with you. He loves it when you’re cooking or just washing the dishes and he just slips his arms around your waist and have his chin resting on either on top of your head, on your shoulder or some place else. Anything that has to deal with you reaching for something, he’d immediately burst out laughing at the sight of you struggling but he’d help you out in the end.

Hyungwon would actually somehow prefer the two of you conversing when seated…. since he knows that if he keeps his head staring down at you and you staring up to him, both of you would probably be groaning in pain after. You would actually be the cutest thing in his eyes, and with whatever you’re wearing, may it look sexy or cool, it’d still look really cute for him. But he actually loves it when the two of you are cuddling since he can always be the big spoon, but he loves it when he’s the smaller spoon since he can nuzzle his face in your neck or chest. 

Jooheon wouldn’t really mind at all to be honest. But, he would be the type of person who would literally die from too much cuteness when you do anything cute, or even just look cute. Aegyos would be something that you have to ban to be honest… since Jooheon wouldn’t get enough of it. Sometimes, Jooheon would love it when both of you are out to get some grocery and how cute you looked when you try to reach for your favorite snack…. and end up looking at him with a pout. Jooheon would love wrapping his arm around your shoulder when the two of you are out for some walk or something since he could feel this sense of protectiveness around you.

I.M would not let you live. He will not let you live. The thought of him being taller than you would be the greatest thing for him. All of your time together will be filled with so much teasing and adventures, like trying to climb up on top of the counter and see who gets this thing first and whatnot. But, Changkyun, just like the others, would melt at your cuteness. He would get really protective around you and he would actually hug you so tight whenever he just see you. Sometimes, he just wouldn’t let you go since you perfectly fit in his arms that it just makes him so happy and content with having you by his side.


Request:  Wow those Soulmate ones are great! I love that idea and independent movies based off it are great… Could I request one with Jun? Take your time love 💖

  • So meeting your soulmate was a thing people looked forward to of course but you weren’t in a rush to find them
  • you were just gonna let it happen when it does
  • the magical words on your wrist were “Hey that’s exactly what my wrist says!” so you knew you had no idea how you’d meet your soulmate
  • of course every time you met someone new you hoped to hear that but sadly you didn’t have that much luck
  • but one day you were grocery shopping in a small store
  • you knew about everyone in your town or well at least the faces
  • but now there were a few ones you’d never seen
  • if by a few you can say 13
  • there was this one guy who stayed with the cart and ordered the others around to get stuff, he was pretty buff that’s nice
  • and you saw him smiling at this teen you saw about every time they went to the store. *cough*  Soulmate!S.Coups *cough*
  • but moving on you were going on with your own business just getting what you needed
  • you passed this tall guy getting flour from the highest shelf you could never reach so you asked him to get you one too
  • which he did and you were all like “I’ve never seen you guys here before where did you come from?”
  • apparently they were all visiting one of the boys’ hometown and yeah the rest is history
  • you had a nice little chat with the guy that was apparently called Mingyu
  • they seemed all like polite guys as you passed some of them on your way to the items you needed
  • after some time you saw one of those guys taking selfies in the cereal aisle
  • and you had to admit he had the right because he looked hella fine
  • you were pretty far away from him but you knew you were in his selfie
  • so of course you wanted to photobomb him
  • you decided to go classic and throw up a peace sign and try to look cute from behind your shopping cart
  • after a few selfies he turned around and started grinning
  • you rolled your cart a little closer and said “Shouldn’t you be searching like eggs or something for your friends?”
  • and he was like “Hey that’s exactly what my wrist says!”
  • “No way you have that written on your wrist omg I’m so sorry” because thinking about it the poor dude needs to live with that horrible sentence on his wrist forever
  • he shyly showed you his wrist with a little chuckle “Yes way, my name is Junhui but you can call me Jun for short how about you?”
  • you shortly introduced yourself and suddenly you couldn’t move
  • you had been wrapped by Jun’s arms
  • he was like swaying you a bit from side to side like a little kid who was hugging his teddy bear
  • “I’m sorry I’m just so excited I’ve finally found my soulmate!” he genuinely seemed overwhelmed with emotions
  • seeing him so happy made you even more glad to have found your soulmate
  • “Wait send me that selfie where I’m also in! I need to have our first picture together i mean we basically met through those”
  • and so that specific selfie of Jun became your wallpaper also
  • you clicked so easily with each other it was ridiculous
  • every time you could you would remake your first pic together in as many ways as possible
  • (switch ver.) (summer ver.) (outside ver.)
  • just all the fun and being silly


anonymous asked:

I really really like the headcanons about MC and RFA's first fight!! Can you do RFA + v + saeran reacting to a MC who has short hair and gets self conscious when people tell her she looks like a boy. Only if you have time 💖💖💖

(υ´Д`) This used to happen to me when I was younger. I hope this doesn’t happen to you much, anon! (Also, thanks for the kind words!!)


-Boy howdy he’d be so quick to spill out words of praise and how beautiful you were

-But once he learned how self conscious you were about it, he’d try giving you compliments every now and then, making sure they pertained to how well your hair complimented your style and attitude, how it made you so beautiful to him

-I mean, hey, if he let his hair down and was just wearing his coat, he’d get mistaken for a girl from the back. (*coughs* Definitely. Has happened.)

-If he was ever with you when it happened, he’d shut that person up so fast.

-”Maybe you should go get your eyes checked, buddy.”

-Very protective Zen mode. The rest of that day, however, he’d be calling you his Princess constantly, especially within earshot of others. No one is going to say that again when he’s around!


-Does she know this feeling well. During the winter when she wears the bigger/poofier jackets, she’s been mistaken for a guy a few times (due to her bust being well hidden).

-When she hears that this happens to you at times, that people teasingly tell you so, she remembers how she felt and tries her best to come up with counters to help that sour mood go away

-Baking sweets together? Yep. Watching Zen’s DVDs? Yep. Quietly telling the RFA members to never ever say anything of the sort to you? Definitely

-If you two were out and about and some stranger teased you about it, she would glare at them and pull you away.

-”Don’t pay attention to them. Some people just don’t know manners.”

-Would offer to help you search up cute ways to wear your hair in different styles


-”What? People do that?” 

-Cue cute adorable ‘angry’ Yoosung

-”That doesn’t even make sense!” He’d go on and on about how your hair makes you so cute, and how he never even thought once about it making you look like a boy. Even now, he just can’t see it.

-He loves your hair, though. He loves running his fingers through it and burying his nose in it during cuddle sessions. The idea of someone making you feel bad over your hair would make him upset.

-Though, he would show you some cool video game girls with short hair. “Look! She has short hair, but she’s still awesome! Saving the galaxy and everything. Don’t feel down, okay? Lots of cool girls have short hair!”

-(omg bby you tried)

-If someone in public tried teasing you, he’d get so red and upset.  Stutter out some sort of “Mind your own business!!” And huff away with you.

- That night he’d give you plenty of kisses to your hair, reminding you he loves how you look, no matter what


-It never occurred to him that you may be teased for it. He didn’t even think you could be mistaken for a boy. You were so cute and sweet- Not like most men he knew

-So when a fellow business associate said something about it over dinner with the two of you, he was stunned. Just for a moment, though.

-”I suppose you don’t care about C&R working with you too much, do you? I think this contract is over.”

-Straight-faced as ever, he just paid the check and left with you in tow. He didn’t say anything until you both were in the car, you looking a little down.

-”Don’t ever pay attention to comments like that. They’re useless to dwell on when they’re so blatantly wrong.”

-Would kiss your head and hold you hand. The rest of the night, he made mental notes on ways to show how much he loved you and your short hair.


-Honestly, he’d offer to pull off some great pranks with you due to his arsenal of girl outfits and wigs he had.  When you weren’t into that, he’d be sure not to joke around like that as a way to cheer you up.

-He’d pull you in his lap while he was working and just. Ruffle your hair so much.

- “Don’t worry about what they say! You’re so cute, and I love how soft your hair is.”

-He’d rest his chin on your head as he worked, trying to cheer you up with jokes and tickles.

-If none of that worked, he’d give you so many kisses and tell you how stupid those who teased you were. He’d even offer to hack into their facebook accounts and post silly things on there for you. Anything that could help.


- The first time it happened he’d just be shocked. The two of you were out on a walk, holding hands, when he heard someone say something negative about you.

- “Even with my poor eyesight I can tell she’s clearly a woman. What kind of excuse do you have?”

-Back home he’d cuddle with you on the couch, murmuring about how beautiful you were no matter your hair length. 

-If you’d let him, he’d want to take photos of you in a nice field with his photography friends to help. He knew you’d make such a great subject.

-He’d probably go through some old photos of women he’d taken with short hair, and explain how you were more radiant than they were.


-Angry bean would want to knock out anyone who teased you.

- “Hey, listen to me. Don’t you ever, ever, think what they say about you is true. You’re so beautiful to me, and you’ll see that yourself one day.”

-He’d be holding your hand so tightly telling you this, and he’d look so firm, but he’d be lowkey blushing a little

- He’s not so good at saying sappy stuff

-If anyone did say something in public, you bet your ass he’d fuss at them and maaybe need to be reminded he didn’t have to punch them.

(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و Don’t let anyone be mean to you about your appearance, anon!

Dating Jimin Would Include:
  • •waking up before him and seeing his cute mochi face
  • •Gently running your fingers through his hair and caressing his face as he sleeps
  • •him finally waking up and his sleepy gruff voice saying "Morning Jagiya"
  • •when you get out of bed he is attached to your back like a leech
  • •"Babe I need you to let go a little I have to make breakfast" "But Jagiya you are to warm"
  • •On his days of you force him to relax and you even surprise him with sweet gestures that mainly revolve around relaxation
  • •like running him a warm bath and you wash his hair for him
  • •he stares at you with a goofy smile and eyes full of adoration as he continuously reminds you how much he loves you
  • •but there are some times that he stays at the studio past midnight
  • •You going to the studio to beg him to come home and rest and he can't say no to you
  • •Just laying in bed in silence staring at each other, admiring each other and thinking about how lovely you both are
  • •Tons of forehead/temple kisses
  • •Casual PDA
  • •hand holding all the time
  • •him always saving a concert ticket for you so you can "See how much your sexy boyfriend has improved"
  • •arguments hardly happening but when they do they are quiet and usually are resolved quickly
  • •Going up into the mountains or out into the Forrest to get beautiful scenery pictures
  • •you taking all the scenery pictures and not even noticing Jimin taking pictures of you(looking aesthetic af)
  • •When he is away on tour he Skype's you as much as possible even if it's only for five minutes
  • •him getting really soft when you do cute things or if you are super sleepy or sick
  • •Tons of cuddling, like OMG so much
  • •breakfast in bed happens very often
  • •gentle morning sex
  • •He can be kinky af but always makes sure you are comfortable and you are okay
  • •But the aftermath of any love making is close cuddles and gentle caresses and quiet reminders of how beautiful you are and how much you love each other
  • •he gets clingy when the other guys are around
  • •He gets jealous quickly but it's cute because he will pout and cross his arms like a baby
  • •constant reassurance that he is amazing and beautiful and deserves everything he has
  • •staying up almost all night if you have to to make sure he goes to sleep
  • •being so deep in love that almost any time you two go out it's like no one else exists
  • •you always making sure he eats well
  • •Meeting each others families and laughing at how you both fit in perfectly
  • •him laughing because moth of your guys' mothers where pestering you two to get married already
  • •always enjoying each others Company
  • •Finally going public and getting support from fans but also hate from saesangs
  • •him apologizing for all of the hate and you reassuring him that it's fine and it doesn't bother you.
  • •but it does and he can tell but eventually the hate stops and you both live happily ever after 😊
  • Hope you guys enjoyed😊😉☺ -Julie

okay SO i was at work yesterday (i work as a cashier at a supermarket) and this obviously gay couple came through my checkout and they were so cute but then one of them pulled away from the other one and kinda looked at me like he thought i was gonna judge them??? obviously i wasn’t so i was like hey, i need to reassure him and i opeNED MY BIG ASS MOUTH AND WHAT CAME OUT WAS ‘don’t worry, i’m a gay too!” I KID YOU NOT I DEADASS SAID I’M A GAY LIKE WHAT THE HECK IS THAT A DOING THERE HELP I DON’T KNOW HOW TO FUNCTION

Dating Haechan would include

Originally posted by nakamotens


- Can you pretty please write what dating Haechan would include? Thank you so much haha,i really like your blog and all the admins💞💖💕 all the love xx

-Can i have what jealous Haechan would be like? You know like he is my bf and gets jealous ,what would make him jealous,what he would do then ,how would he act,talk…. is he a jealous type etc etc , love you💕

A/N: this is the first time i’m doing this for nct so i hope this is good enough and i hope u guys enjoy it~

  • k so let’s start shall we
  • i’m putting this under a read more bcs
  • it’s gonna be
  • a long ass ride

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Imagine like centuries in the past Shiro is a nine tailed fox who was just looking for a person to be his special someone. But the humans at the time were afraid of him thinking he was a monster. That led him to be incredibly lonely, howling in sadness at times. It would rain when he was sad.

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astro reacts to you jamming to their songs 🎤


  • he will pause when he hears the song playing
  • “what the heck are you singing to…”
  • but just when you’re bout to explain urself all embarrassed that he caught you
  • “oh? i’m just listening to your so–” 

Originally posted by moonbinny


  • you will be singing in your room when jinwoo happens to catch you doing so
  • leans against the door with a proud smile
  • “that’s my girl not bad with the rapping eh”
  • you turn and give him an embarrassed smile and he starts to clap making you turn red even more

Originally posted by asterocky


  • this boy would be chuckling to himself on how cute you look esp trying to dance along as well
  • encourages you to sing for him even
  • “come on! what’s the next line??”
  • eyesmiles eyesmiles and more eyesmiles

Originally posted by asterocky


  • “omigosh is that even our song???“
  • “yah, jinjin hyung doesn’t rap like that”
  • teases you so much and probably imitates you singing their songs for the next couple of days grr cheeky binnie
  • can’t help but look away cause he finds you so adorbale

Originally posted by 6astros


  • all smiles cause wOW my babe is singing my song
  • tries to record you a vid of you jamming but gets caught instead cause hes laughing too much
  • “minhyuk!! a-are you recording me?!!”
  • *running away* “NOPEEEEE!”

Originally posted by moobinthighs


  • tries not to smile too much but hes going crazy in his head
  • ‘shes dancing!!! omg look at her jumping arnd gAHH!!! too cute!!!’
  • “omg, sanha!! how long have you been standing there?!”
  • “heheh not long”

Originally posted by sugakins

a/n: requested by a lovely anon! hope this was alright~

ptg: reaction to you getting shy when you’re caught staring

Originally posted by ptg

Jinho: STOP. STOP BEING SO FUCKING CUTE. YOU’RE BREAKING HIS TINY HYUNG HEART. He already thinks you’re the most adorable thing to ever walk this earth so when he catches you staring???? aND looking away n getting shy? He’s gonna be all up oN you. be ready b

Originally posted by jjaebs

Hui: he’ll chuckle a little when he catches you staring and sees you look away, just turning back to what he was doing, but keeping the little scene in his mind for later.

Originally posted by crystalclearpentagon

Hongseok: smug, smug… smug. He’ll smirk when he catches you staring and it’ll only grow when you look away. He’ll press closer, those beautiful lips near your ear.

“You know, jagi, you can stare all you want when you’re underneath me.”

Originally posted by hyosjong

E’Dawn: lowkey flustered; lots of weird but cute giggling. He’ll lean over to you and poke your side repeatedly, making you giggle with him.

“Staring at me, jagiiii?”

Originally posted by yeo1

Shinwon: knows he’s handsome so there’s no shock at all. Your eyes will lock, and he’ll wink at you right before you turn away, fueling your embarrassment even more.

Originally posted by yeosprout

(i relate to the subtitles omg and it goes so well with his reaction wOW)

Yeo One: he’ll be surprised to find you staring so openly and might be a little offended that you looked away. He wants you to appreciate his beauty, just like he appreciates yours.

“Yah, don’t look away!”

Originally posted by 4smols

Yan An: our long limbed baby!! Is Definitely gonna get really shy, his cheeks turning red and that familiar shy smile crawling up his face. He won’t say anything, but he’ll be happy that you find him somewhat attractive.

Originally posted by bbykino

Yuto: aww he’ll get so flustered!! Will totally be surprised that you’re blatantly staring and he’ll rub up and down his face, trying to make sure nothing was on it.

“Yah… why are you staring?”

Originally posted by shineuro

Kino: probably wouldn’t even know why you were staring lmao but when he catches on he’ll turn to fluff. Lots of laughing and teasing will occur throughout the whole day… and week.

Originally posted by jungwooseok-ptg

Wooseok: another one that wouldn’t know how to react and would sigh bc you put him in such an awkward situation. Will probably laugh afterwards though, signaling he caught you and doesn’t even mind.

anonymous asked:

RFA + V and Saeran go to the Amusement park with MC (Like a Date ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ))

This is sooooo cuuuuuute.

~I was seriously just imagining this the other day. Maybe our brains linked?? I’ll write this as a carnival/fair sort of thing because das cute.

◉ Yoosung

  • Loves the Renaissance Fair. He will buy a sword or chain mail don’t try and stop him ok
  • Will also insist that you guys wear matching shirts so that he can find you in the crowd
  • Likes the game where you fish for the ducks in the pond
  • And you get the prize based on the number on the bottom of the duck
  • It’s a game for children
  • But he’s right there fishing with 5 year olds
  • And gets jealous if they get a good prize
    • “Oooooh! So lucky!!”
  • Not a fan of the rides
  • He likes the games
  • Tries his best to win you a BIG stuffed animal !!!
  • He’s so good!!!
  • With you cheering him on he finally gets it and now you’re walking around with a giant teddy bear, like, it’s bigger than you omg so cute

◉ Jumin

  • He’s never heard of these things before?
  • But if you want to go…
  • His only stipulation is that you have body guards tailing you
  • Actually really likes rides and roller coasters ????
  • You have to peel him away from them to look at other stuff
  • He asks if you’re hungry so you go to get food
    • “Why is everything on a stick, MC? This is strange.”
  • You get a corn dog and omg he freaks out he thinks it’s the cutest thing watching you eat a corn dog on a stick
    • “I like this concept. I’ll have to talk to the chef, I wonder what else we can put on a stick?”
  • You guys are walking by the ring toss booth and
  • OMG
    • “Juuuuminnnn!!!! It’s so cuuuute!”
    • “You are absolutely right, MC. I’ll get it for you!”
  • He goes to the booth worker
    • “How much for that kitten?”
    • “Uhhh……you have to win it???”
    • “Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a monetary exchange for such a thing? I have cash, so give me the cat.”
    • “That’s not how it works, dude.”
  • Okay now he’s annoyed.
  • But your eyes sparkled so brightly when you saw it!!!!
  • He had to get it for you
  • Rolled up his sleeves and started tossing the rings to the bottles
  • He wasn’t doing too good at first but he was determined
    • “You can do it JuJuBee!”
  • You’re just standing next to him cheering him on
  • FINALLY he gets it!
  • You thank him with a kiss
  • Your happiness makes it all worth it

◉ Zen

  • He loves these things!
  • He will take bites of your food and kiss you
  • Puts his jacket on you because he doesn’t want you getting cold
  • Takes so many photos and selfies of you guys
    • “About to win my babe some prizes!”
  • Has his arm around you the whole time, he doesn’t want some random guys to get any ideas or approach you
  • You’re walking by that strong man game
  • the one where you hit the base with a hammer and try to ring the bell
    • “I work out all the time. Watch me, MC. This will be a piece of cake.”
  • Grabs the hammer and slams it down
  • It goes high but doesn’t hit the bell
    • “That was just a warm up shot…I’ll get it this time.”
  • Doesn’t hit the bell
    • “What the hell?”
  • Hits it again
  • And again
  • and again.
  • You have to pull him away from the game and he’s crying
    • I swear I’m strong…stupid game, must be rigged…”
    • I know you’re strong. There, there…” //pat pat

◉ Jaehee

  • You guys are just running around trying to see everything
  • You really like watching people play the games !
  • You’re holding hands walking around
  • When you see it
    • “Oh, Jaeheeeee! I want one?!”
    • “Are you going to carry a fish around for the rest of our date??”
  • You’re just nodding furiously with puppy dog eyes
  • She’s weak
    • “Alright…”
  • She kisses you
  • But to win, you have to bring the hammer down and ring the bell
    • “Wanna give it a go, sweetie?” the game operator is smug
  • She grabs that hammer and slams it down
  • Bell rings instantly OMG
  • Game operator is just
  • stunned
  • mouth open
    • “The fish please.”
  • She wraps her arm around you and you walk away
  • You’re bouncing around with glee at your new friend

◉ Saeyoung

  • He just
  • Wants to eat all the food
  • You guys go on a ride first thing
  • But as it starts moving Saeyoung yells
    • “WE’RE ALL GUNNA DIE!!!!!”
  • You are promptly banned from the rides.
  • He’s so freaking good at carnival games?????
  • Within 15 minutes your hands are full of stuffed animals and prizes like, you can’t hold any more
    • “Saeyoung I think I have enough…”
    • “Oh? Alright then…time for food!”
  • He’s eating everything
  • OBSESSED with funnel cakes
  • You help him with half of one but you can’t keep up
  • He’s tried every topping and now he’s doubling back to eat his favorite, the one with strawberries on top
  • You have to literally stop him from eating
  • On the way home he cries because his stomach hurts and he cuddles all of your prize stuffed animals for comfort

◉ V

  • He doesn’t usually like to be in such crowded places because of his sight
  • But he made an exception for your date 
  • As long as you keep him close and help guide him, he’s fine
  • He wanted to go on a ride with you so badly
  • You chose some spinny cups
  • Bad idea
  • Poor guy
  • He didn’t throw up but you spent 5 minutes after the ride patting his back while he tried to stop his brain from spinning
    • “How about we just stick to some games, V…”
  • You sat down at the water gun game
  • Where you shoot the water at the target
  • And whoever keeps the steadiest hand wins
  • He couldn’t see but he liked to do the same stuff a normal couple would, so he took a seat next to you and you both smiled at each other
  • and
  • How the hell
    • “Congrats to our winner! Which prize would you like, sir?” the booth operator asked V
    • “Whatever this gorgeous lady next to me desires.”

◉ Saeran

  • All the sweets!
  • He’s eating so many treats the whole time
  • He’s got cotton candy and he blushes he thinks it’s so cute when you lean in and eat some as he’s holding it
  • Sometimes he’ll pull it away super fast and replaces it with his lips, kissing you
  • You’re holding hands walking around when you stop
  • You’re just staring at this cute teddy bear stuffed animal its so adorable!
  • Saeran notices you staring
    • “You want that?”
    • Mmhm…”
    • “Alright.”
  • It’s a dart game where you throw them to pop the balloons
  • The booth guy puts the darts down and starts explaining the rules
  • But
  • omg
  • Before he can even finish his sentence theres just a
  • The darts went whizzing through the air and past his head barely grazing it and he turned around to see all the balloons demolished
  • His hands are shaking as he holds out the teddy bear to Saeran
    • “Here you go babe. Let’s go to the ferris wheel next?”
  • The booth guy is sweatin as you walk away
  • You go up in the ferris wheel and it stops with you on top
    • “It’s so pretty up here!”
    • “It is,” he smiles at you. “I paid the guy to give us 5 minutes up here.”
  • He kisses you

fandomsonthemoon  asked:

Imagine before elucien becomes a thing Lucien coming back from training or something and is having dinner with everyone but sees that elain is missing. He gets concerned like "did she get lost in one of her visions? Does she need help?" And looks for her. He finds her in a bath tub filled with mountains of bubbles and the only thing he can see of her is the top of her head. She peeks up: "I may have gotten a little carried away" cue Lucien laughing his ass off

omg this has been in my inbox forever SORRY but SO CUTE OMG?? I LOVE IT. U kno elain would be in awe of those giant ass fae bathtubs (… probably also the concept of running water but i’ll refrain from getting into worldbuilding things again) 

further proposal: Lucien is all flustered like SHIT SORRY bc its rude to walk in on someone bathing, ofc, but elain is like no no its fine come sit down and hang out :) no closer :))) closer :)))))) actually could you come here and heat the water up for me? It’s getting a little cold :))))))))) until Lucien’s sitting on the edge of the bathtub like [blushy face emoji] and Elain kneels up and is lookin all Sexy half-covered in bubbles w wet hair stuck to her face and she leans in like she might kiss him–

And then she pulls him into the bathtub and fuckin dunks him and laughs her ass off while Lucien splutters and flails around in the bathtub fully clothed. bubble fight ensues.