omg he just wants to spend more time with them before they fade away


It was night, and not for the first time Mike had fallen asleep on the sofa. The television was still on, and buzzing in a sort of comforting way that made the lull of his exhaustion more pronounced. It wasn’t easy, spending long hours unable to rest because all he could think about was the one thing he couldn’t have; the one thing (one person; human being) that had been unjustly taken right before his eyes.

She had faded to dust. And that hurt more than anything ever had. She had died, sacrificed herself to save them, to save Will, and… and she’d torn away a part of Mike, too. Taken a piece of him to whatever dark place she dwelled, and there was no way he would ever ask for it back. There was no way he would ever be so selfish.

He could live with it; with being partial. If it meant she could be whole.

Crickets chirped outside, barely audible through the closed windows. It was October, nearing on the end of the month, just around the time people start giving up hope.

He had been trying, as hard as he could, to convince himself he could be strong for her — that he could be strong like her. But it was hard. It was so hard, and it hurt so much. Days felt like weeks, and his head felt like it was filled with smoke; veiled and hazy, and overgrown with tangled vines that obscured his thoughts.

He tried for his friends, to be normal. And truly, all he wanted was to be able to revert back to the way it had been before. Yet, with every passing day, that seemed more and more impossible.

It should have been the opposite. It should have been getting easier.

But it wasn’t, exemplified by tonight.

She was standing just out of reach, silhouette shadowed and thin. Back bowed. Dress muddy and torn. Still the same though. And still pretty, but he wouldn’t dare speak those words aloud again.

Mike took a step forward. He was hesitant this time, unlike the others. Beneath his Chucks a thin layer of water splashed, alerting her of his presence. She turned, but couldn’t see him. He knew she couldn’t.

She never did.

This time, something was wrong (well, everything was wrong, every time, but this was something else). She was breathing quickly. Mike’s hair stood up on end as she whirled back around, in the direction of something she couldn’t see, and screamed.


Mike jolted awake, covered in a cold sheen of sweat with tears streaming out of his eyes. Mike angrily wiped them away and looked around him for some sort of sign that it had been real, because at least that would mean she was alive.

But there was nothing. Mike deflated, curling into the couch and covering his eyes, watching the last flashing remnants of the dream dance in his vision. He felt his chest tighten and his throat burn, and with a quick breath he began to cry. Alone, in the dark, feeling like the smallest thing on the planet, Mike sobbed into his arms.

She was dead and he hadn’t saved her. She’d saved them, and he hadn’t saved her. Useless. He was useless, and pathetic, and weak.

“Leggo my eggo!”

Mike looked up, frantic, but the source of the sound had only been the television.

“No, you leggo my eggo!”

Mike sniffed, drying his eyes. He slipped off of the couch and crawled over to the television set, with just enough scrounged energy and hope to sit before it and watch the signal flicker in and out.

The sound came in again. “Leggo my eggo!”

“No, you leggo my eggo!”

And again. “Leggo my eggo!”

Mike leaned forward, drawn into the white flashing. He shuddered as he pressed his hand against the glass. “El?” His voice was an echo of a whisper.

“Leggo my eggo!”

He knew this commercial. He and Nancy had despised it because it came on all of the time.

Four years ago.

Why would anyone re-run a four year old commercial?

“Leggo my—”

“No, you leggo—eggo—”

His breath caught. Electricity hummed against his forehead, and his vision narrowed. “El?! El!”

“Leggo my—”

“Mission from God—”

“They’re here—”


He gasped, just as the television crackled. He was zapped away, shaking, wide eyed, and slammed into the sofa.

The set smoked. Mike stared at it, chest heaving. “El…”


He jumped, and for one second, dared to hope. But it was only Nancy, standing in the living room entryway, staring open mouthed at the broken TV set. “Oh my god, Mike, are you okay?!”

She was at his side in an instant, hand on his hand, searching his face. There was only fear to be found.

“Nancy,” he said, quietly. “She’s here. She’s right here.”

Colors/Soulmate Renjun

Genre: -

Request: Can i get a Renjun colourblind soul mate Au ?

can i request the soulmate thing but with renjun?

So I was intrested in your soulmate stories and would like to request one for renjun Thank youuuu ^^

Hey! I would have a request for your soulmate stories! Could you write one for Renjun?

A/N: happy birthday to this angel & im happy he’s getting so much love?? haha yay i actually did this concept with Mark’s and it was really fun, hope you enjoy reading!


“They resemble the color of chocolate, the cocoa brown strands shining brightly, with a few streaks of caramel-like strands popping from beneath.”

You nodded your head in excitement as your eyes glued to your mother’s mouth, anticipating what she was going to describe next. The woman in front of you reached her hand out and held your small palm in hers, which was huge in size as compared to yours. You smiled innocently at her, and asked with excitement, “Mommy! Describe more! I want to know what other colors there are”

Pink, orange, blue and green. All the colors you wanted to see but couldn’t at all, not until you met your soulmate.

As a child you had always been curious, as you’d beg your mother to describe all the colors she is able to see, as you let your imagination run wild. You were told that your cheeks were of a rosy pink color-a light and calming shade that many loved. Your mother had also told you that your eyes were of a light brown shade, as your rather pale and fair skin made you look even more lovable.

Your mother looked around, then picked up the small rose lying in a vase from the table. Pointing it to you, she smiled and waved, “This is red,”

You nodded your head once again, as you mouthed out the word in fascination, “Red”

She gave a small smile, then continued,“,red is normally seen as a symbol of love and romance. That’s why daddy got me this red rose, do you understand?”

The 8 year old you stared at her in confusion as you furrowed your eyebrows together,“Romance? What is that?”

She smiled and chuckled, then pat your head, “It’s something that happens when you meet your soulmate, you’ll understand later on”

Without saying much, you simply nodded your head and smiled, “Thank you mommy!”


You couldn’t remember exactly when you started to see those, but recently you had been seeing lighter shades of white and colors, but they would only last for a while.

In just a split second you were faced with many different bright and outstanding shades of colors, making it seem more vibrant as compared ti the black&white vision you had been having since you were born. But weird thing was, this sudden outbursts of colors did not last long. Everything would be back to the monotone two colors that you were so familiar with in just a few seconds, and moments later you’d be face by the same highlights again.

You were confused and scared at the same time- what if something was happening to your soulmate? What was going to happen from there?

Coincidentally, all these strted after you met him.

Although y'all had never once met up before, you could tell that he was a genuinely nice person, and was always there for you no matter what.

You came upon one of his song covers on the internet. Although he didn’t show his face, his angelic voice managed to capture your attention and next thing you knew, the both of you were constantly messaging and chatting with each other, as y'all seemed to immediately ‘click’.

One problem though-he lived far away from where you did, coming all the way from China. You cherished him as a friend and it broke your heart to know that there was a possibility that the both of you would ever get the chance to meet.

How’s your day going Y/N ah? -renjun ☆

I’m still seeing these random colors, is this normal omg? have you experienced this before -you

Maybe you’re just going to meet your soulmate soon? and nah, i haven’t met mine yet, everything’s still black and white for me –renjun ☆

they’d be so lucky though, being able to be yours -you

yours would be luckier -renjun ☆

Your heart almost stopped as you felt yourself blushing, you couldn’t be possibly falling for someone whom you’ve never met before, when you already have a soulmate right?


Three months passed but still no one, especially your soulmate, was appearing. You still had the random color ‘strikes’ occuring from time to time everyday, and it only made you more afraid and nervous.

Yet another thing that made you afraid, just last month Renjun had called you frantically telling you that he had seen a few colors that day too, and was similar to what you were experiencing.

He was going to meet his soulmate too and probably stop spending as much time chatting and calling you online. You knew he wasn’t the type to abandon his friends, but you still felt uncertain and part of you wanted to be his soulmate so badly.

You love him.

remember 7pm!! i have great news to tell you -renjun ☆

okay junjun, woah what’s so great? -you

don’t call me that >:-( you’ll know later hehe -renjun ☆

It wasn’t the first time the both of you were going to video call each other, and the first time the both of you did, you were stunned by his beauty and sharp features. The cute and small little smile he’d give when he was giggling melt your heart and for some reason, you could always see a little color whenever you were video calling him, but did not think much about it, assuming that it was part of the random colors you face.

You let your hair fall perfectly on your shoulders, as you looked at the reflection of yourself one last time before accepting his call. You were faced by his comforting smile and soft eyes, as they immediately brightened as soon as he saw you on the screen. He gave a small wave to you, as his mouth formed a small ‘o’, “i can actually see a light shade of colors now wow, anyways you’re looking pretty like always.”

Your cheeks turned slight warmer, as you shook your head and laughed, “don’t be like this renjun- anyways, what was it that you were so excited to share?”

Renjun’s cheeky smile shined brightly on your laptop screen, as he asked you to close your eyes. Listening to his orders, you waited for him to signal you to open them again patiently, as you heard the shuffling through your speakers, followed by his calming voice “Okay, open them now”

You squinted your eyes to read the small slip of paper he held in his hands in front of the camera and you screamed loudly- it was an air ticket to your country. Renjun laughed at your reaction, as he paused to continue, “also, my parents are planning to migrate there. We can finally meet up and spend time together!”

You were so happy you were at the verge of crying, as you jumped excitedly around your room with Renjun giggling at you-it was something you had never expected to happen.


You clasped your sweaty palms together nervously as you waited excitedly in your seat, your eyes checking the numerical digits on the big screen once every few seconds.

Today was the day you were finally going to meet him, your online best friend for more than a year now. You couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

At the same time, he colors you were seeing had been more defined and of more gradient lately, and they seemed to last longer than usual, was this a sign?

A big group of people emerged from behind the gate, as your eyes darted around the crowd to find that one person you were only looking for.

The young boy looked around confused as he knitted his eyebrows together, also only looking out for that one person.

You saw him, and you immediately shouted out, “Renjun ah!”

The boy turned and his blank and confused expression turned into a bright and happy one, as he made his way running to you, engulfing you into a big hug.

You looked into his eyes, and if felt much different as compared to when you were looking at him through the screen. Almost immediately, you noticed how the light pink color of his lips become darker and that you could see clearly the brown orbs of his eyes-something you couldn’t see ever before.

Everything around you seemed more lively and vibrant, as the colors slowly seemed to take their place. Renjun noticed too, as he grabbed your hand, “This is actually happening right?”

Already tearing up, you nodded your head as you hugged him again, this time the colors did not fade away once, even after a long solid one hour.

He was your soulmate.


“Why do you need so many of these plush toys, you’re 17 this year babe” you called out to him, as you help arrange his big collection of his moomin characters from the big box. Renjun gave a small scoff, then rebutted, “I love moomin shush, just help me in arranging that and we’ll be done for today”

You wiped of the perspiration on your forehead, before plopping down on his bed, lazily calling out to him, “You have so many things to unpack because you’ll be living here permanently from now on, are you sure you can finish doing everything”

Renjun flashed you his angelic smile, then nodded his head, “Yes i will, for now let’s go grab lunch shall me?” As he grabbed your hand and pulled you out of bed.

He then stopped and scurried to his backpack. You looked at him confused, but all he did was let out a smal giggle.

He pulled out a red rose from his bag, then held it out to you, “I saw this at the flower shop just now and i thought of you, i love you”

“red is normally seen as a symbol for love and romance,”

You blushed as you brought your lips to his cheeks, “i love you too”


this is so bad im sorry ;-;

Fate (Bucky x Reader)


Pairings/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Female), Steve x Peggy makes a brief cameo

Prompt: Soulmate AU where a timer on your wrist counts down until the moment you meet your soulmate, then underneath appears the date and time that you met your soulmate and the initials of your soulmate written in their handwriting.

Summary: It didn’t matter to Bucky that his timer was extremely long, or that it wasn’t on his left wrist like everyone else’s. No, he just lived his life to the fullest as per the words of his father. A soulmate didn’t matter to Bucky. Until it did. Until a big buff Steve rescued him from the HYRDA base and he saw how happy they were together, Steve and his soulmate Peggy. Until he fell off that train and he realized, that he wouldn’t live to see his own soulmate. Then he regained his memories and realized that he didn’t deserve a soulmate. But then he found her.

Word Count: 2286

Warnings: Holy fucking shit I don’t think there’s any swearing in this, well I just swore but that doesn’t count, I don’t think there’s any warnings, maybe some sad Bucky and a bit angsty. If you see anything that you think is a trigger or warning, please let me know.


Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or any of its characters. Marvel belongs to Disney blah blah legal stuff, don’t sue me I’m poor.

Disclaimer No. 2: I know that a lot of people have written Soulmate AUs about Marvel characters and the timer seems to be the most popular one, this has been sitting in my docs for months on end and I just cleaned it up a bit. But I have read a couple stories about the timer so if you do see anything familiar to something you wrote here chances are that I’ve read your story and somehow remembered little details and wrote them in. If this is the case and you aren’t comfortable with it just message me or send an ask OFF anon and we’ll work it out.

A/N: OMG I’m alive! My first Bucky x Reader fic I’m screaming internally I have my laptop (YAY!) and I’m spending the night at my grandma’s place so I have WiFi (double yay!) and I found this sitting in Docs from like, way back when i don’t even remember and I haven’t written anything soooooo long, so I cleaned it up and I thought why not? Feedback is always welcomed, it’s not a suggestion, it’s a command, you tell me what you think! jk. On with the story!

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

When he’s in fourth grade the word ‘soulmate’ is one of the questions his teacher asks the class if they know the meaning of. Bucky does, but still he copies down the statement written on the board.

Soulmates – People that the universe destined to be together.

There’s a box on the underneath, for him to draw a picture that represents the word. The girl and the boy in front of him try their best to draw pictures of themselves, writing their names underneath, their timers having stopped two weeks after the start of the initial school year when the girl transferred into their class. Bucky draws the best stick figure of himself, holding hands with another mystery figure, a question mark in the place of their head.

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Always You

Anon Requested:  Seventeen’s wonwoo-23 and 3 please! (Fluff~^•^)


Originally posted by daihun

Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader

Warnings: No warnings

Word Count: 1043

“Do you like him?”

“After everything…I’d still choose you.”

“Bye, Jackson!” You waved to your phone screen seeing the facetime call end. Once you didn’t see Jackson’s face anymore your face fell and a sigh left your lips. The weight of the phone weighed down against your hand and you let it plop down beside you on the couch.

Your head fell back against the back of the couch and you felt a heaviness come upon your eyes. There are days in which the tiredness you have comes in both forms, physical and mental. Your body needs to rest, you work six hours a day and you’re a full time student so you’re easily tired, but still making time to see your friends? You should get a gold medal just for the effort of that. You wanted to sleep but a low chuckle caused your eyes to slowly open and head turn to the hallway where you saw Wonwoo leaning against the wall, his eyes were staring at you but a small smile was on his face. If you hadn’t known his face so well you probably would’ve missed it because it disappeared almost as soon as you saw it.

You blinked slowly but a lazy smile came across your face when you saw Wonwoo make his way to the other side of the couch sitting across from you. Your back leaning against the right arm of the couch while Wonwoo’s side laid against the left, another square couch cushion was the only space in between you both. You hadn’t spoken to Wonwoo in weeks so seeing him in the flesh made you happy. “Do you like him?” Your smile completely faded at that, your mind being brought back to Jackson, the cute older boy who wanted nothing more than to have your attention. You couldn’t help the sigh that left your mouth, you shook your head at the question not answering him verbally.

Things have been weird between you and Wonwoo, you two dated, that much wasn’t as shocking as all of the boys first made it out to be. You two were different but it was nice, you were louder while he was quiet, you enjoyed that. You also picked up on it soon finding yourself not yelling as much as you used to. He was the talented one, knowing how to sing and dance while you would rather spend your time at a university and get your degrees so you could have a high paying job. You two were both busy with your own things but you two also balanced each other out extremely well.

“How have you been? I haven’t seen you around here in a while.” Wonwoo asks, you draw your eyes away from him to just shrug and pull your knees to your chest. You guessed you really did pick up on how quiet he was because just a few weeks ago you would have jumped at the chance to talk to Wonwoo, but now you weren’t even giving him short answers, they were all nonverbal and you didn’t know why you were being so quiet. “(Y/N).” Wonwoo spoke, his voice deep but it rang through your ears. He never really called you by your name, not even when you two were friends before you two started dating, he always had nicknames for you, he only really called you by your name when he was being serious or you two were fighting.

Your eyes shot up to him finally looking at him and uttered a ‘What.’ Wonwoo’s body turned and scooted closer to you landing on the middle couch cushion and placed a hand on your knee. “Talk to me, we haven’t seen each other in weeks. You can still talk to me, you know.” You sighed for a third time and nodded before dropping your legs to sit criss crossed on the couch. “So…” Wonwoo trailed a sly smile appearing on his face and you instantly quirked up an eyebrow at what he could possibly say next. “I heard you’ve been on a few dates.”

A loud groan left your lips and your body fell back against the couch arm. His statement all true, you have been on a few dates. Three to be exact and all with Jackson Wang. Wonwoo figured from your answer that you either didn’t want to talk about this with him or the dates went horribly, but how bad could they be if you went on three of them in a matter of two weeks? He figured it was the first option and opted with that. “I know you probably don’t want to talk about it with me, but-”

“It’s not that.” You sighed before sitting up straight again. Your eyes fell to your fingers which were only preoccupying you.

It’s not that you didn’t want to talk to him, you loved talking to Wonwoo. He knew all of your secrets and you knew all of his. You two had only dated for maybe a year but you two fell hard and fast. You knew everything there was to know about him and he knew everything about you, he knew when you were trying to ignore him, he knew what you did when you were sad, angry, happy, excited, he knew it all. So, it was obvious to him that you were trying to preoccupy yourself while you were thinking of what to say next. He didn’t rush you to speak, he knew you were going to say something, you just didn’t know what to say to him. Actually, you knew what you wanted to say you just didn’t know how to word it. You’d get lost in your own thoughts until you felt a hand coming up to stop your fidgeting fingers. You closed your eyes momentarily remembering what it felt to have his hands on yours, you missed this. You missed him.

You let out a huff of air and looked up at him. “After everything…I’d still choose you.” You admitted the words falling from your lips. The only thing you could remember was the feeling of his hand tightening on yours and the simple nod of his head and warm smile agreeing with you.

There was nothing more that he wanted than to be with you again.

dont-sneeze  asked:

What about number 8 for the kiss prompts? :)

8. being unable to open their eyes for a few moments afterward

You guys. I love kisses. I love writing kisses. I loved writing this. I think it’s the fastest I’ve ever dished out almost 2k in my entire life. I really hope you like this – Because I’ve got two more of these kiss prompts in my inbox. Enjoy.

The first time they kissed it was messy – At least, Crutchie had thought it was. He had never kissed anyone before. Sure, he’d seen plenty of people do it. People in movies, people in parks, even people on the front page of a paper he once had to sell. Not to mention, he’d been pining after Jack since he was 12 years old. He remembered pretending to be so happy for Jack when he came home one night, so proud that he had his first kiss with a pretty girl. He stood back and watched Jack flirt and kiss on girls ever since. He knew how it worked, but he had no real experience.

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Home (Prologue)

Title: Home (Prologue)

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: Maybe some cursing, implied smut, slight angst.

Summary: Reader has been dating the man who she thinks she wants to marry for four years- ever since after she moved away from her old life in Riverdale- but when he finally pops the question, her mind drifts to the boy she left behind her, Jughead Jones.
She goes back to Riverdale to try and figure some things out. But ends up accidentally falling for Juggie once again.

A/N; If I do decide to make this a series, this will alter between before the reader moved and left Juggie and after.
If you do enjoy this, please let me know if you’d like for this to become a series!
I hope you all enjoy!

Additional notes:
The characters are all in their early/mid twenties in this fic.
The reader and Juggie dated in highschool.
This fic is slightly AU.
And yes I might have gotten this idea from The Notebook (I’m sorry omg)

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Jimin Imagine/Scenario


Blurb: What happens when a sweet and shy boy suddenly appears and seems to take over your world? What secrets does he hold inside and will you ever be able to uncover them? In this tale of love, the supernatural, and cute as hell moments, you can find out whether or not you and Jimin are destined to be together.

Word Count: 10,435

Reader x Jimin

Theliel: angel prince of love.

BTW, this imagine is dedicated to @joah-rangie because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH  💜🖤 Have fun reading this fluff filled post!

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BunnyRibbit: Facetime

[You got it, my dude. Though…it turned out a little long for a flash piece.]

           I’m here now, okay? Don’t leave yet! Hana was hastily texting as she got into her apartment, throwing her keys aside. Her computer was already on—naturally—so it just took a quick shake of her mouse to wake it up. Drills had gone on way longer than they should’ve, which meant that rather than having plenty of time to get home and clean up a little, she was already late for her planned Skype call with Lúcio. Their time zones were exactly twelve hours apart, so mid- afternoon for her was three in the morning for him. Still, he had answered her last few texts saying he would wait, so she figured this was better than nothing.

           Are you still up? she typed quickly as she got her webcam working.

           I’m here, don’t worry, Lúcio responded. He video called her, and she answered with a wide smile. Of course she knew he wouldn’t care that she was still in work mode, but she couldn’t help feeling bad regardless. When he saw her, he smiled back, and her stomach filled with warmth. “They’re really working you out there, huh?”

           “No kidding,” she said. “It wasn’t even a MEKA day. I’m exhausted—but I’m glad to see you! I’m sorry for making you stay up so late.”

           “It’s cool. I’ve had concerts keep me up later,” he assured her. When her eyes fell on his shirt, her smile widened.

           “Nice PJs, nerd,” she mumbled, though she was honestly pleased to see him sporting her B.Ny logo. It was one of her favorite designs, too! Had she told him that? Or did they just have similar tastes? 

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The Gym Meeting

Jackson held her bags all the way into the airport. She went late at night so he could follow her, she had said a sad goodbye to the boys. Mark disclosing that he would miss her the most, because now who was going to keep Jackson’s crazy ideas at bay? 

Jackson sighed, holding her hand into the airport, wheeling her bag behind him. He followed her past security and customs, and finally stopped looking quite forlorn as they stood there staring at each other. 

“I want you to say that you’re coming back. Maybe not tomorrow, or the day after, but that you will.” He held tighter onto her hand and for a second she was sure, that he wouldn’t let go. 

“So, in three days?” She chuckled, but he didn’t laugh.

“Come, to the concert at least, you’ll be front row, I can promise that. At least, I can see you then.” He pulled her into his arms, mask still covering his face. 

“You know I will. I’ll cheer you on.” She had to go, she was running behind already. 

Jackson held her tight in his arms. Could she feel his heart? Were the pieces shattering individually? His head was spinning with the idea that, she was actually going to be leaving. She leaned back in his arms enough to pull his mask down, she pressed her lips to his. She was breaking his heart, somewhere inside Jackson wished she didn’t kiss him, because then he wouldn’t remember this pain. He deepened the kiss, tasting her, he didn’t want to forget this moment. When he let go she was wiping her eyes. 

“Don’t cry.” He whispered, pushing her gently away from him. 

She began to walk away. “I love you.” She called. 

Jackson pulled his mask back on, and lowered his hat on his head. “I love you, too.” He hid his tears, as he turned around and walked away, unable to watch her fade into the distance. 

The next few weeks he threw himself into work, promoting the tour, music videos, interviews, photo shoots, new songs, the tour had begun in Korea and then he was off to China. He tried not to think of her, only when he performed because he hoped she knew this was all for her. They talked every day, they were still together after all, but of course at home there was a time difference. They went a week without talking, and she had a job now back in Houston. 

“So, how is work?” He asked her one morning for him, night for her. 

“Tiring, but I’m saving a lot so, that’s good.” She was in her bed, getting comfy for the night. 

“We haven’t face timed in awhile. I want to see you.” He listened to her groan.

“I probably look a mess, can we face time tomorrow?” Jackson became irritated. 

“You said that yesterday. Why can’t I see you? Someone else with you now?” He almost heard her teeth grind. 

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that. No-I’m not. What’s wrong with you, why would you say something like that?” She almost yelled remembering it was nearly 11pm at night. 

“I’m upset!” Jackson yelled into her ear. “I’m stressed, I’m tired. I want you here, with me! Where you should be!” 

“Jackson, we’ve been over this.” She sighed heavily. She understood where he was coming from. 

“I want to go over it again. Look, the concert there is in two weeks, I’m going to send you a ticket, and I’m going to make sure you can come backstage. Come see me, I’m not asking.” She had never really heard him talk like this. 

On one hand it was making her blood race with anticipation, and on the other it was pissing her off. 

“You’ve never ordered me before.”Rolling her eyes, although she knew he couldn’t see her. 

“Clearly you don’t remember the nights that I do, then.” He chuckled. 

She laughed, then he did. They were better, they never fought long. She sighed into the phone. “Fine, you can see me in all my ugliness.” 

Moving the phone from her face, she pressed the face time button, waiting on him to answer. 

“There’s my girl.” Jackson was smiling wide, Mark walked past in the background, backing up, waving at her.

She waved back, ducking down more in her covers. “Don’t hide I want to see you, wait I’ll move.” 

Jackson walked into a different room. “What are you wearing?” 

“Dear god, Jackson, this isn’t going to be that kind of party tonight.” 

He tried to puppy lip her, to no avail before giving up. “Fine, never let me have anything.” 

She laughed, sliding out of the blankets enough to let him see she wore one of his shirts. 

“I wondered where that went. You should mail it to me, before you wash it.” 

She covered her face. “Stop, my god you’re embarrassing me.” 

They talked a little while longer, before she said she had to sleep. Work in the morning. Jackson kissed the screen of his phone and then proceeded to try and make Mark, Yugyeom and BamBam kiss the phone as well, before hanging up. 

The day before the concert, she got off of work early, the downside being that she had to go in the next day. She wasn’t going to be able to stay long after the concert, in order to drive home and get enough sleep. She hated retail, but she managed to secure a management position that was earning her good money. More money she made, faster she could see Jackson. 

She went home, and hurriedly packed a small bag for the one night she was going to stay in a hotel in Dallas. A good drive a little over three hours. As she drove she listened to BTS, feeling a little guilty that she wasn’t listening to Got7, but hey she was about to see them in concert. She checked into her hotel, and apparently other fans had as well, girls in the lobby, talking excitedly about the guys.

“I’m so ready to see Mark.”

“OMG BamBam and those legs.” 

“Yugyeom has to do a sexy dance, I demand it.” 

“I hope Jackson has on no shirt, or gets it wet.” 

She smiled to herself, as her phone rang, and she answered it. 

“Where are you?” Jackson said quickly. 

“I just got to the hotel, I’m going to shower, I have food with me so I’ll eat and sleep. I’m excited to see you, tomorrow.” 

“I wanna see you now.” She could hear people talking around where he was. 

“Do you know where I am or something?” She looked around the silent hallway, as she stepped off the elevator. 

“No, I’m at my hotel, but I can sneak away. I’ll have Mark come with me, He’ll do it. Please.” He pleaded with her. 

“Jackson, you are in a foreign city that right now is full of females, who are wanting to see you. The minute you get lost, and someone tweets a picture or snapchats it, youre doomed. You’ll be in trouble. Babe, please, give me a minute and we can face time. I promise.” She walked into her hotel room, half thinking he had actually found her and was waiting. 

“You’re no fun. Mark said the same thing.” He blew his breath into the phone. “What are you going to wear tomorrow?”

“You’ll be the death of me.” She groaned. 

They couldn’t talk long, but she did give him a video peep show, to which he watched excitedly. They would go from Dallas and then to Atlanta the next morning, so she couldn’t spend the night with him, but Jackson wished. The next day she slept in till 2pm. She hadn’t been to Dallas in awhile, so she walked around downtown a bit before going back to the hotel to get ready for the concert.

She was wearing a red and white t-shirt dress, and white hi-top converse. She carried a small black clutch purse, face flawless and jewelry to match. The ring he gave her was still on her finger, gleaming brightly. As she made her way into the venue, a woman sitting next to her complimented her ring. 

“It’s beautiful. Are you married?” 

She moved the ring around on her finger. “No, it’s a promise ring.” 

“He must be a keeper.” She grinned, thinking ‘if only you knew’ to herself. 

She was front row, right near the stage, as soon as they came out she saw his eyes, scanning the rows for her, and she ducked her head, chuckling so he wouldn’t see her. As he did a number, she kept seeing him, look for her, becoming seemingly frustrated as he did so. Finally when he came back on her end, she screamed his name and waved around, it took her two tries before his eyes landed on her and he winked. Girls around her screamed and pointed to themselves, but she knew who it was for. 

The show was fantastic, and she waited for it to clear out before walking to where he told her to, and telling the stage manager her name. She was asked to wait, and next thing she knew she was being taken to the back, where they were cleaning up. 

“Wait here.” The man told her, asking her to wait in a narrow hallway. 

“There you are.” Jackson opened a door, at the end to her left, and she felt her mouth go dry. 

After three long months here he was in front of her. She ran to him, his arms going around, her waist, he wasn’t so sweaty anymore, his arms crushing her to his chest. He swept her inside his room, kicking the door closed. Jackson wasted no time, his lips going to her throat, hands grabbing her breasts, he moved them backwards against a waist high table, seating her roughly on it. Immediately, his hand found it’s way up her dress, and tugged on her panties. 

“Jackson.” She breathed heavily in the crook of his neck. “Slow down, we have a little time.” 

“You don’t know, what I’ve thought about all night. Let me have you right now.” His heated eyes, as he pulled away from her, burned her all the way to her nether region. 

“Hello! How are you? I’ve missed you.” She pushed him away, pulling down her dress, sliding off the table. 

Jackson let out a frustrated groan. “OK. Hello. Did you enjoy the show? I saw you trying to hide from me.” 

He grinned at her, turning to grab a Gatorade from an adjacent table. She grinned, shrugging her shoulders. “Thought I’d scare you a little.” 

He took long drags on his drink. “It worked.” 

“Aren’t you tired?” She licked her lips, she was eager to finish what he wanted, but she was also just hungry for his presence. 

“I am, kinda. Used to it, I guess. Not tired for what I want though.” He turned famished eyes back on her body. “I like what you’re wearing, it suits you.” 

His eyes settled on her ring, and he smiled coming over to take her hand. “Some part of me, wondered if you’d wear it.” 

She took her hand from him, looking down at it. “Why wouldn’t I?” 

He shrugged, tossing the bottle into the garbage. “No one is to disturb me until I come out, they know that. This couch is comfortable and the lights in here dim.” He walked her backwards towards it, slowly. 

“I don’t have much time. I have to drive back to Houston, they are making me work tomorrow.” Jackson, raised an eyebrow at her. 

“How far is that? Didn’t you tell them, you were going to see your boyfriend?” He looked hurt. 

“I did. They don’t care, I’m also assistant manager, and the head manager is a bitch.” He sighed, sitting down on the couch. 

“Don’t.” She sat down next to him, turning his face towards her. “I’ve missed you.” She slid her hand, into his lap and over his crotch. “Don’t waste what time we have.” 

Jackson, quickly stood up, and dimmed the lights. He peeled his shirt over his body, as he walked towards her. His hands found the bottom of her dress, peeling it over her head, careful not to mess up the curls, he knew she had worked on the night before. His hands working her bra off, mouth clamping down on a breast, she gasped, wrapping one leg around his waist. 

“Tell me you’ve missed me.” He whispered, working his pants down his legs, as she moved her pelvis against him. 

“You know I have.” She turned her neck to the side, the feel of his tongue on her skin, making her wetter. 

Jackson hooked a finger under her panties pulling them down her legs. “Tell me you want me.” The same hand brushed over her slit, his thumb on her pearl rubbing gently. 

She couldn’t control the sounds coming from her mouth. Her gasps loud in the quiet room. “I need you.” She moaned. 

He pressed his body flush, against hers, raising his hips just enough to rub against the wetness of her womanhood, before sliding in. Jackson’s whole body quivered, goosebumps breaking out over his flesh. He moaned into her ear, lips capturing the soft flesh of it, as he pulled out to the tip of his length. She tried to raise her hips into his, eager for him to push back, but he held her body down with one hand. 

“What do you want?” He was teasing her, moving the tip in and out of her painfully slow. 

“Not now, Jackson, please.” Her nails dug into his arms.

“Say it, baby.” He moved from her body completely, palming himself, rubbing his member. 

She groaned, one hand over her eyes as she felt her body scream at her, begging for more. “I want it, daddy.” 

Jackson smiled, at her, not saying anything he moved his body over hers, pressing his chest to her. He grasped her hands in his own and entered her in one fell sweep. His mouth on hers, he shoved his tongue into her mouth, savoring the moment. The feeling. He was back with his girl. The place he had wanted to be for the past three months. 

In the aftermath of their love-making, they laid naked on the couch. A soft rap at the door sounded, making her sit up quickly. Jackson chuckled, his hand rubbing her back. “That’s Mark, letting me know I have five minutes.” 

He sighed, sitting up, turning her face towards his, he captured her lips in another kiss. “I’m going to miss you. I can talk to you, while you drive home.” 

“I’ll call you, if I get tired. You get some sleep. You just performed a concert.” He shrugged, standing up, to put back on his clothes. 

“My hair is a frizzy, sweaty mess I know it.” She squinted her eyes, as he turned up the lights a little. 

Jackson turned around shirt in hand to look at her. “I like it, it’s the ‘I just had amazing sex with Jackson Wang’ look.” 

She rolled her eyes. “I’m so lucky.” 

“You are.” 

As they left the room, a bodyguard was waiting. Jackson pointed to him. “He’s going to walk you to your car, and watch you leave. He won’t leave until he can’t see your lights anymore. So don’t worry.” 

“Aren’t you sweet?” She turned towards him, leaning her head on his chest. “Have a good flight, I love you and I’m going to miss you.” 

Jackson hugged her tight, his face on her head, her curls, some now indeed frizzed out, tickling his nose. “I love you too, drive safe.” 

The whole night, she felt the soreness in a good way, halfway home, Jackson called her concerned because she didn’t call him. She could hear Mark and BamBam in the background making kissing sounds, teasing him on the phone. She missed being around them. Their camaraderie, how they joked with one another. Even Junior, and his usually scowl mood, and JB with his quiet grim reaper stare. She arrived home, with 5 hours to sleep before work. As she hit the pillow, she grabbed her dress off the floor, smelling it, hoping to catch his scent one more time before falling asleep. 

The next few months went by quickly, she had saved enough to go back to Korea, although she would have to live elsewhere. She had applied for school again there and had yet to hear back. The semester started again in one month, she was nervous. Could she afford to go back? She didn’t and could not put a strain on Jackson to help her. As she crunched numbers in her room, her sister peeped her head through the door. 

“What are you doing?” Her sister was a shade browner than her, but taller. No one would have thought the 17 year old was the younger sister. 

“Going over some numbers.” She sighed, tapping her calculator.

“To get back to your boyfriend?” Her sister sat down on her bed, smoothing a hand over her newly dyed red hair. 

She looked up at her sister. “I like the color on you, and yes, something like that.” 

“Thanks.” Her sister watched her awhile, clearing her throat before talking again. “If you love him, why don’t you just go back and figure it out from there?” 

Why didn’t she just do that? She looked at her sister for awhile, shrugging her shoulders. “I couldn’t let him take care of me. I have to finish school.” 

“You can do that. All they have to do is accept you. As for him taking care of you.” The younger sibling picked up her hand with the ring on it. “I think he already wants to do that, no use in prolonging it.” 

“I wish, it was that easy.” She sighed, closing her eyes and rubbing them. 

“Maybe it is, you overthink everything. I say you go back, tell him ok let’s do this and come back home for Christmas and stuff with beautiful half Chinese babies.” The younger sister stood up shrugging her shoulders. “Or maybe I don’t know.” Before she left her room, she tapped her temple. “Think about it.” 

The next day a letter from the University came, she left it on her dresser all day, afraid to open it and read what was in it. Finally before bed, she closed her eyes opening the envelope, she held her breath reading over the first few lines. 

It was getting cold in late September and Jackson wished he had worn a thicker jacket. Instead he pulled his hoodie up on his ears, watching his breath escape through his mask. He looked up at the gray sky wondering if it would snow. Just as he rounded the corner, going back to the dorms, he heard a voice cry out to him.

“Just coming from the gym?” He looked up, who was that?” 

The figure walking towards him, obviously warm in those clothes, but those hips, he knew that thickness. 


“Who else?” 

He broke into a run, smashing into her. He heard the air leave her body as she gasped. Jackson felt tears coming down his face, as he held her close to him. “I have’t talked to you in two days. I thought you were mad at me, for playing too much on face time. What are you doing here?” 

He held her away from his body to see her face. “I got accepted into school, I got a scholarship actually from the US, overseas studying program. It’ll fund me for the next two years here. I will need help on a place to stay though.” 

His mouth pressed to her, kissing her hard he, squeezed her body again. “So you’re really staying?” He let her go, holding her hand close to his chest. 

“As long as you’ll have me.” She grinned up at him, waiting to hear his answer.

Jackson blew his breath out. “Baby, why you thirsty for me?” Laughing, as she rolled her eyes at him. 

That was the end of The Gym Meeting. Thank you all so much for reading, commenting, and following the page for more. I truly appreciate it! I will be starting another story soon, hopefully with Jay Park! 

On Lestallum: Agape

After a not so subtle Prince pays for two rooms so he can have Prompto alone, Gladio and Ignis spend some quality time in their more seasoned love. Mature content ahead!!

@thejovialkynnadyg-ray and I wrote sister fics. Same time frame, different couple. Read On Lestallum: Eros, about Prompto and Noctis!


A sigh of relief broke the tired silence as the Regalia pulled into Lestallum. The car had no sooner been put in park before Noctis stumbled out, briskly walking toward the hotel with Prompto on his heels. There was an urgency to their steps, one that Ignis had seen with increased regularity. The two younger men tried so hard to hide it from him and Galdiolus, but it was anything but subtle.

By the time they had caught up to the eager prince, he was already handing the man at the door 600 gil, enough for two room.

“Two rooms, Noct?” Ignis asked with mock surprise in his voice.

“Yeah, I’m really tired and I don’t want Gladio’s snoring keeping me awake.” Noctis answered, trying to sound convincing. Ignis fought hard not to laugh. Gladio had never been one to snore. In fact, the only one of them that seemed to be inclined to snore was the prince himself. Still, he wanted to let the man keep thinking that he was oblivious to the truth.

“It will be harder to protect you if we are separated.” Gladiolus piped in, crossing his arms over his chest to make himself appear serious.

“It’ll be fine, I’ll have Prompto and I can take care of myself.”

“You really are quite stubborn, Prince Noctis. But if you insist…” Ignis sighed. Noctis simply nodded and the pairs went their separate ways. As the older two entered their room, Gladio barely got the door shut before breaking out into laughter. A smirk graced the strategist’s face as he set his things down on the table. “I’m not sure why he thinks I don’t know. Not only is it painfully obvious, it is my job to know things.”

“He definitely isn’t the prince of subtly.” The shield responded, breathless from laughing. He walked up behind his slender roommate and wrapped his arms around him, kissing him tenderly on the cheek. “Not that I’m complaining. It just means I get you all to myself tonight.”

“Indeed. I am definitely not against the alone time.” Ignis moved himself to face the larger man, resting his head on his chest and closing his eyes. His arms moved to return the gentle hug, earning a long, content sigh that reverberated sweetly through the shield’s chest. He loved this side of Gladiolus so much. Not that he didn’t love the man anyway, but this was a side of himself he doesn’t just show. This tender, careful Gladio was for Ignis and Ignis alone. “We should head to bed soon, however. It is rather late.”

“Damn you sound exhausted, Iggy…” Gladio spoke quietly, concern clear in his voice. He gently scooped the strategist up and started toward the bed, grabbing the smaller man’s pajamas on the way by. Ignis started to argue, probably something about how he could walk the five or six feet to the bed, but the shield wasn’t having it. He stole the other man’s lips in a long, loving kiss. One he did not break from until he sat his man down on the bed. A grin formed on his face at the slightly flustered, but grateful look in his gorgeous green eyes. “You go ahead and lay down. I’ll join you after I shower.”

“I… very well. Thank you.” Ignis replied, taking the sleep attire from his partner. Gladio gave him a small kiss on the forehead before setting off to the bathroom.

When the raven-haired man returned from his shower, he found Ignis fast asleep, glasses still on and a book on his chest. A soft chuckle snuck out of Gladio’s throat as he laid down beside him. The motion of bed caused Ignis to flinch awake, startled by the fact that he had fallen asleep unintentionally. “My apologies, darling. I was trying to wait for you…”

“It’s fine. I was hoping you’d go to sleep with how tired you sound.” The shield scooted closer to the still half asleep Ignis, moving the book aside as he moved his hand to brush the fly away hairs from his lover’s face.

“I’m fine, Gladio. I wanted to spend more time with you while… while it’s just us.” Ignis leaned his head into the hand resting on his face.

“I must be pretty important if you are this tired and still would rather stay up and wait for me.” The joking tone was negated by the slight blush and large smile on his face. Ignis just smiled back, happily getting lost in the beautiful amber eyes so lovingly fixed on him. He knew that tomorrow, when they re-joined the not so sly prince and his lover, it would all return to the usual. Gladio, though still affectionate to a degree, would return once again to the side of himself that everyone gets to see. The hunts, the imperials, trying to keep the prince safe while guiding him on this long and strange journey. Right now, though, none of that mattered. The rest of the world meant nothing.

“You are the most important.” Ignis said simply, tone soft but serious, leaning up to capture the lips of a slightly surprised Gladio. The two seemed to melt into each other as the kiss progressed, the need behind it growing the longer it went. The shield was the first to break away, but only enough to catch his breath before slowly planting brief kisses along his also breathless partner’s jawline. Each kiss sent a shockwave through the strategist’s body, enticing a soft moan from his throat. Ignis tilted his head back slightly to allow easier access. Gladio paused for a moment to admire the scene before him. Such a beautiful man underneath him, glasses out of place and soft pleading look in his eyes was enough to drive any one into a sex driven frenzy. Ignis was worth so much more to him than that. He was worth the passion and the patience. The smaller man shuddered as the shield started nibbling on his neck and collar bones, distracting him from the removal of the button up sleepwear coving his lightly muscled torso. Once it was removed, Gladio pulled Ignis up against his already bare chest and locked lips, passion coursed through their veins like fire. The teasing continued artfully as the two slowly worked their way of the remained of their clothes, Gladio careful to grab the bottle out of his pocket before he lost track of his pants. Soon, the two broke apart and the shield sat up, placing his back against the wall as he applied the lubricant. Then, pulling his strategist up into his lap and letting him get comfortable, he once more stole the soft lips before him as he slid his way in. Both men where hit at once with a shockwave of pleasure, causing them to break their kiss with a synchronized moan. The quiet but desperate moans and the fingernails digging into the shield’s back with each thrust, methodical and exact, caused him to speed up. The more erratic rhythm caused the strategist to arch his back, head falling back. Gladio leaned forward, placing fervent kisses on the exposed flesh in time with his hips, earning him a slightly strangled gasp that pushed them both over the edge. A strong hand grabbed pulled them together in to a decidedly forceful kiss as they hit their climax. He didn’t break away until the collapsed into a tangled mess to catch their breath.

As the high began to fade and they cleaned themselves up, the two slid down under the sheets, cuddled up close despite the heat.

“Hey, Ignis…”


“I love you. So so much.” The words caused Ignis to look up at the larger man quickly. Gladio had never been the one to say it first, even when they were alone. The soft, happy smile on his sleepy face said that he meant it, every word.

“I love you too, Gladio. Always.”

Parrish- Properly

Request-  Hi there.i dont know if you write about jordan but if you do could you please write one when you and him are dating but the rest of the pack doesnt know and one night you were staying at his house to “help him with something  and when they come to pick you up from his house(scoot stiles lydia)while leaving the guys ask you if you are dating him but scott realizes that you are lying and things get awkward but u finally say it.(omg this is so long sorry)

A/N- So I think this is technically my first Parrish imagine? Woo! Get out the confetti poppers. Next up is either a Scott or  a Liam imagine. 

“Y/n,” a soft voice whispered. “Y/n.”
Your eyelids fluttered as you slowly drifted into consciousness, feeling the cool fabric of a pillow brushing against your cheek. “Y/n, wake up.”
Even though your eyes were still closed, your brow furrowed. You were still in that strange state between sleep and wakefulness, but even in your stupor you realized something was off. The voice was too young to belong to your father, and it definitely wasn’t the persistent, over-excited, yelp of your younger brother. You didn’t remember going out last night, but as you opened your eyes, you saw that you definitely weren’t in your house.
Light was streaming in through the window of a bedroom, and you saw that you were tangled in a set of not quite unfamiliar sheets, although you had never been wrapped in them before. You looked up sleepily and saw that a pair of light green eyes was staring down at you, coupled with a goofy smile.
“Parrish?” you mumbled.
“Morning,” he told you with a grin.
You brushed a strand of hair out of your face and sat up, looking down at yourself to see that you were wearing one of his T-shirts. You reached out to run your fingers over the fabric, and that was when everything came back to you.
You walked into your house, running a hand through your frazzled hair with a sigh. You were fighting the urge to slump against the wall and pass out, but you knew the thing you needed more than anything was a shower. After working for nearly twelve hours on a day full of highway pile-ups and various other medical emergencies, your uniform was stained with blood and sweat.
Passing out might have been tempting, but not tempting enough to warrant spending another minute in your stained clothes. You set down your bag, pulled off your I.D., and walked further into the house, flicking on another light as you went.
“Stiles?” you called into the darkness. “Are you home?”
It was fairly early in the night, even though the sun had already set, so you
knew your brother had probably gone to Scott’s. That was what he usually did when you and your father were working and you reveled in the fact that you had the house to yourself. With the newest horrifying monster running around Beacon Hills, you didn’t get much time to enjoy peace and quiet.
You sighed and headed up the stairs, just as your phone began to ring. You picked it up reluctantly, but a smile crossed your face as you saw that the caller I.D. read  Jordan Parrish. You  and the Deputy liked to think of yourselves as friends, but you both knew that there had always been something more between the two of you.
“Hey,” you said with a smile. “How’s the crime-fighting going?”
Jordan’s laugh rang through the phone, but it wasn’t soft and melodic like it usually was. It was cracked and weak, and you recognized that something was wrong immediately.
“Not too well,” he breathed weakly.
“Jordan,” you said, all joking drained from your voice. “What’s wrong?”
“I could use your help,” he continued. “I, uh, I met the Beast. It’s not exactly friendly and now I might be bleeding to death.”
“What?” you demanded. “You’re not healing?”
“Uh, not quite,” he told you.
“Jesus, Parrish, where are you?” you demanded, walking back down the hall and grabbing your bag.
“The alley across from that Thai place you like,” he told you. “Just down the road from the hospital.”
“Ok, I’m sorry, why aren’t you dragging your dying ass to the emergency room?” you asked, pausing in the doorway.
“What if I start to heal?” he groaned. “That wouldn’t be easy to explain.”
You sighed, but there was no way you were going to leave him for dead, even if there was a good chance he’d start healing soon.  “Okay, okay, I’ll be there. Give me ten minutes.”

“How are your stitches?” you asked him, eyeing his t-shirt clad torso.
“Ready to be pulled out, thanks to you,” he told you with a smile. “The scratches healed while we were sleeping.”
You nodded. “Good.”
Now that you actually remembered running out of your house and searching for Parrish in a panic, the rest came back easily. You remembered helping him (more like dragging him) up to his apartment as his blood soaked through his shirt. He had insisted that you take him back to his place for you to stitch him up, which you found irritating, although you wouldn’t exactly want to receive stitches in a dark alley either.
When you finished, you washed your hands and walked back into his living room, collapsing onto the couch next to him. By then, he was slowly starting to heal and getting his strength back. You, on the other hand, were quickly fading and you had been about to pass out right there and then until Parrish leaned over to you.
“Y/n,” he had said softly, placing a hand on your shoulder. “Do you want to sleep here?”
You must have nodded or something, but at this point the details were a little hazy. The last thing you remembered was pulling on the long t-shirt he had handed you and tossing your dirty uniform onto the floor of his bathroom before passing out face first on his couch. What you didn’t remember was him scooping you into his arms and setting you down on his bed before taking the couch himself, but you hadn’t even been awake for that.
“Sorry for passing out in your apartment,” you apologized. “I had a long day.”
“It’s fine,” he told you. “I get it. It probably didn’t help that I dragged you away from your warm bed to make sure I didn’t bleed to death.”
You shook your head. “Don’t worry about it. I’m glad you called me…well, I wasn’t at the time, but I’m glad now.”
“Fair enough.”
Parrish smiled brightly, showing his perfect white teeth. God, was there anything that wasn’t perfect about him? A fluttering, tight feeling suddenly seemed to be sitting in your chest, but you quickly brushed it away.
“So, uh, I would have let you sleep,” he continued. “But I was wondering if you wanted to get some breakfast. As a thank you for saving my life.”
“You would have healed,” you stated with a roll of your eyes. “Besides, I’m pretty sure you could have stitched yourself up if you really had to.”
“Maybe,” Parrish agreed, looking down at where the slashes had been. “But I guarantee you I could never do as good of a job.”
You shrugged. “It’s what I do. Breakfast sounds great though.”
Parrish beamed. “Your clothes are in my dryer. I’ll grab them for you.”
You blinked as Parrish rose from where he had been sitting on the edge of his mattress. “You washed my uniform?”
“It’s the least I could do,” he told you with a shrug.
“Thanks,” you told him.
You could feel a slight blush beginning to flush your face, although you weren’t sure why. You watched Parrish leave the room, and as you were waiting for him to return, you caught sight of your phone sitting on his nightstand. You reached out for it and saw that you had several missed texts and calls.
You scrolled through them, your brow furrowing. The most recent was a call from Scott, and you saw that you had another from Stiles. Most of the texts were from him, although one was from Lydia the night before, asking you what color heels would go best with her homecoming dress.
You looked through Stiles’ messages, rolling your eyes in annoyance.
Stiles 11:45pm
Hey, I thought you got off at 11? Are you working late?
Stiles 11:46pm
Oh wait, you’re not cause your ID is here. You left the door unlocked btw. Just fyi, it would totally be your fault if some supernatural creature got into the house and killed me.
Stiles 12:18am
I’m going to bed. You better have your keys cause I’m not waking up to let you inside when you get home.
Stiles 9:08am
Hey have you seen Parrish? Argent says he chased him and the Beast last night but he lost them. Apparently he was hurt pretty bad. Let me know if you see him. Where are you btw?

You sighed and started to type out an extremely long  explanation message, but that was when Parrish walked back into his room.
“Here,” he told you with a smile as he handed you your uniform and a toothbrush still wrapped in plastic. “I know it’s not the best thing to wear to breakfast, but we could stop at your place so you can change.”
“No,” you said gratefully as you set your phone down. “It’s fine. Thanks, Jordan.”
He smiled down at you for a few seconds, but then he realized that he was just staring at you. He blushed and looked away. “I’ll, uh, I’ll let you change. Toothpaste is in the bathroom.”
He walked out of the room again, and you quickly jumped up to put your uniform back on. It smelled fresh and clean, and a lot like Jordan. You walked into his bathroom and as you passed the mirror you realized you looked more than a little disheveled. Reaching into your pocket for a hair-tie, you quickly settled on yanking your hair back into a ponytail. You weren’t exactly ready to walk out onto a runway, but it was the best you could do at the moment. You quickly brushed your teeth and headed out of the bathroom, hoping that you didn’t look totally awful.
Then you slipped your phone into your pocket, all texts to Stiles forgotten, and you stepped out of Jordan’s bedroom. You peered down the hall and walked into his living room, catching sight of your forgotten, unzipped medical bag sitting next to his couch. You knelt down and closed it, and then you picked it up and tossed it over your shoulder.
“Ready to go?” Jordan asked you as he popped his head out of his kitchen.
“Yeah,” you told him with a smile. “I guess I’m driving since you don’t know where your car is.”
“I’m hoping somewhere safe,” he told you as you headed out the door. “But if not, I’ve got my station car…and a friend who might be willing to give me a ride.”
You grinned, looking up into his green eyes. “Parrish, the only way you’re getting a ride from me is if you’re riding in the back of my ambulance.”
“Don’t tempt me, Stilinski,” he told you with a smile.
You laughed and turned to head down the hall, but he gently grabbed your wrist. “Hey, Y/n?”
“Yeah?” you asked as he let go of your wrist.
“You’re off tonight aren’t you?”
“What?” you asked with a laugh.
“You’re off tonight,” he repeated, although it was more like a statement than a question this time.
“Yes,” you told him, and not only could he see you smiling, but he could hear it in your voice. “How’d you know that?”
“We keep a copy of the first responder schedule at the station,” he admitted sheepishly. “I check it from time to time.”
“Are you asking me out, Deputy?” you asked him slyly.
“I might be,” he admitted.
“But we’re together now,” you pointed out.
“Well yeah,” he agreed. “But only because you fell asleep here after stitching up my wounds. I wanted to do this properly.”
You laughed. “Nothing ever happens properly in this town.”
You reached up and grabbed the collar of his shirt and he eagerly leaned down to meet your lips. The kiss was soft and gentle, and you could have laughed at the fact that Parrish was keeping his hands politely on your waist. He was literally the perfect gentleman.
You could have stayed that way forever, except for, one; your need to breathe and two; the voice from behind you that said “Well, well, well. So this is where you went last night.”
You froze and pulled away from Parrish, only to turn around and see Scott, Stiles and Lydia standing in the middle of the hall. Lydia smiled and winked at you with a small tilt of her head, and Scott was standing next to her, blushing slightly. He looked a little embarrassed, but you could see that he was happy, although Stiles looked the exact opposite.
“You know,” Stiles continued. “You could have mentioned you were staying the night with the human torch. We’ve been looking for both of you for hours.”
“I was a little busy,” you told Stiles.
“Well if you got your own place, I wouldn’t have to worry about you running off in the middle of the night to get busy-”
“Stiles!” you complained. “Not like that. Jesus Christ, I was trying to make sure he didn’t die. I fell asleep on his couch.”
“So that’s why you were just making out with him in front of his apartment.”
“I’m an adult,” you stated. “Unlike you. I’m also your older sister, which means when I tell you to get your ass back home and do those dishes you forgot to do, you do it.”
“I didn’t-” he began, but then his eyes narrowed and became wide again. You hadn’t been sure he had forgotten his chores, but you had a hunch. Luckily, your big sister instincts were spot on. “How did you even-?”
“So, uh, you’re okay?” Scott cut in, eyeing you and Parrish.
“We’re great,” he told them. “Thank for checking on me though.”
“Is that all you guys needed?” you asked them.
“Actually,” Stiles began. “The jeep may have broken down on this wild goose-chase to find you two. So you’re gonna have to give us all a ride home. And maybe call a tow-truck for Roscoe.”
You gritted your teeth, and shot Stiles a glare so deadly that the others were surprised he hadn’t dropped  dead onto the floor of the apartment complex. You narrowed your eyes at your little brother, but it wasn’t like you could just order him to walk home.
“Fine. I’ll take you three home,” you told them, but then you turned back to Jordan. “Is it okay if I come back and pick you up?”
He grinned at you. ”I’ll be waiting.”
You smiled and nodded, and then headed down the hall with Scott, Stiles and Lydia in tow.
“So,” Lydia said in a sing-song voice. “Do I get all the hot and heavy details?”
“No!” you snapped at her. “There were no hot and heavy details.”
“So you’re not together?” she asked with a pout.
“Uh,” you began uncertainly. “No.”
But Scott, who could hear the skip in your heart, smiled. “You sure about that?”
You sighed. “I don’t know.”
“I think you’re dating,” Lydia told you with a grin. “And I do want those details.”
Stiles made a disgusted sound in the back of his throat. “Ugh. Spare me.”
“Hey,” you told him with a smirk. “I can still leave your ass on the side of the road.”
“Well then I’d just walk into traffic,” he told you haughtily. “Then you’d have to come stop my internal bleeding.”
“Maybe I’d just let you die,” you fired back.
“Dad would so ground you,” Stiles told you with a smirk. “Doesn’t matter if you are 23.”
You rolled your eyes, but you couldn’t fight the smile on your face. You were having way too good of a morning for it to be ruined by Stiles’ snark. “Whatever.”
“So,” Lydia prompted. “Are you going out with him again tonight?”
You looked over at her with raised eyebrows. “Maybe.”
The banshee squealed and clapped her hands together. “I knew it!”
For the duration of the walk down the hall and the whole elevator ride, Lydia didn’t stop singing “They’re dating! They’re dating!”
You rolled your eyes once more, but in the end, you couldn’t say you minded. Your stomach suddenly growled, reminding you of what you would be coming back to, and it was way more than just breakfast.

Assassins Daughter Prt 6

Summary: Post mission, reader and Bucky fight, other stuff occurs.

(A/N): OMG I am so sorry nice been gone lately college apps are killing me, and school in general is killing me. But my after school activities have ended for a while so I should be able to write more. Thanks for the feedback it’s always appreciated also this has all been posted on AO3 if you would rather read it there but it’s all the same stuff.

Warnings: PTSD violence kissing mental health stuff memory wiping/loss

Originally posted by starkactual

“I told you she shouldn’t have come.” Bucky said bursting into your hotel room. “She got shot. Damn it Steve I said it was too dangerous!” You laid on the cheap motel room bed Bruce stitching up your arm where you got grazed by a bullet. “First of all it’s a graze trust me I’ve had worse, second if I wasn’t here Natasha probably would have actually gotten shot.” Bruce cut the thread and started to bandage your arm. “The stitches are precautionary. Try not to make it bleed again. If you guys need me I’ll be in my room.” He packed his bag and headed out.

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The flash imagine part 2

Plot: A meta human kidnaps Iris and reader and Barry who can only save one , chooses Iris over y/n.Part 1 here  

Its been 7 month, seven month of her leaving in the burned down house. The police came only once the day of the explosion and it took them 20 minutes to blame her death on Trickster and not even look for a body. Seven month of living like a rat , she was ready to take on them. Ready to face the boy who sacrificed her without even a second though. 

 She had managed to get to Tricksters layer and entering through the door of the warehouse she knew, she knew that entering the warehouse marked the start of her revenge plan, the revenge plan she had worked so hard for all these past months. “I was expecting a pent house Jesse not a shithole like this I must admit” Trickster spun around with shock staring at the girl even he though was dead. “You…” He stutters “ I blow you up, you died” screaming the last part.  "Oh well boo,“ she said pushing herself off from the doorframe and starting to walking towards him looking up at him smirking ” Sorry to disappoint" 

“Wait. The trickster is dead?” Ciscos eyes wilding in a mix of shock and fear. Barry nodded pacing around the cortex , stress filling him up. “What’s got into you?” Caitlin looked up from the computer where she currently was working and raised an eyebrow at Barry. 

 "There was a note there" Barry took a breath stopping and looking at his two friends, he took a deep breath repeating what the note said “ You’re next Casanova" 

 "She used to call you that” Cisco said in a small voice not daring look up. “Guys, it’s impossible, we sow her…die” Caitlin stood up walking to the corridor “She wouldn’t do this to us" 

"So let me get this right, you want revenge cause he is the reason you are dead but you aren’t dead?” Mardon questioned leaning against the wall raising an eyebrow at the girl sitting in corner throwing tiny fire balls from one hand to another. She looked up giving him a dead look “ no I want a play date where we braid each others hair and eat cookie dough” she stood up smashing the fireball in her palms “Are you in or not?”

 "Damn woman, who hurt you" he asked letting out a small laugh. 

 "Barry Allen" she whispered quietly. 

 "Your meta app said what now?“ Barry questioned hands flying up to his hair a small attempt to drag them out from stress. Cisco took a deep breath repeating himself "a girl, short brunette , dressed in all black raising , non metaphoric, hell downtown alongside Mardon" 

"We used to know a certain short brunette” Caitlin mumbled wrapping her arms tighter around herself “We’re coming with you this time Barry” Knowing he couldn’t stop them , he agreed and ran them downtown leaving them a few meters from where the two villain was raising hell.

All eyes landing on her , a smirk broke out on her features. “She… You died in front of us” Barry yelled trying to hide the fact that he was trying to not choke on tears. “I’m sorry to disappoint Casanova, but we don’t all get things we want in life” She said smirk fading as her hands lit up again “ I Just wanted to be normal and alive but na-ah you had to do this to me" 

 "Where is Iris, I know you have her” Barry yelled again voice a bit more stable. The smirk re appeared upon her lips once more" oh she is alive and is right..“ She took a second giving a nod to Mardon and with a twist of his wrist and a sudden strong wind the window of the skyscraper beside them broke out and a tiny scream sounded from the top floor as glass came crushing down ” there" she smirked returning her gaze to Barry. 

 "y/n , stop we are your friends , you don’t have to so this" Caitlin yelled at her taking a step backwards. “Friends? You let him just blow me up Caitlin , you and Cisco just watched and did nothing” she screamed , voice filled with anger as she threw a fire ball that landed a few meters from there.

 In the corner of his eyes Barry saw that Mardon was trying something and before he got the chance to act , Barry used to speed to throw him a few feels away. Turning to y/n he raised his arm in defeat “Why are you doing this y/n? Don’t your remember all those years of friendship , the times you would come over and we would spend hours watching some meaningless movie and laughing?" 

 "That’s the problem Barry, I remember those time but seems like you forgot. You forgot that I was there for you when Iris forgot or had some boyfriend to be with, whenever someone was her first priority , you were always mine” she said voice softening only a bit “ you seamed to forget that the moment you chose her life over mine” Barry stood there in silence just listening , for first time in forever saving Iris wasn’t the first priority to him , he wanted to know. Wanted to know which of his action replaced all the love inside the girl in front of him to pure hatred. Until he understood , it wasn’t a single moment , it was a collection of times , collected of the past 14 years.  " you get it now, don’t you? I get it Iris came to your life first but I was the one who stayed" she whispered , her arms going back to normal. 

 "You wouldn’t understand y/n , I love Iris , you have never loved someone and had the chance to save them , you wouldn’t pass the chance. You would never know how it feels loving someone so much you forget about consequences" she sighted looking down. Oh but she knew , she knew all about loving someone so much you forget about consequences and in the moment Mardon stood up and with the wind raising all the sharp glass pieces pointing them toward Barry, in that moment it was all slow motion.

She looked at him once more and in that moment she understood , how loving someone that much was. Barry didn’t see any of it coming , he got pushed to the ground and seconds later a scream was heard, standing up the first thing he sow was y/ns body on the ground m glass shatters inside of her , blood seeping out of her mouth.

Seconds later both Cisco and Caitlin was beside her pulling out the pieces. “It’s useless” she choked , coughing up a small amount of blood laughing “they were right you either die young or see yourself become a villain , I was close wasn’t I?" 

 "C-close to what?” Barry asked small sobs leaving his lips. “Becoming a villain” She said coughing more blood this time , her eyes slowly closing “ you were wrong tho Casanova. I know how it’s like to love someone that much” and with a last smile at Barry her eyes closed once and for all, the fire inside of her slowly dying out. 

 OMG GUYS! Thank you for such great response of the last part , like this was supposed to come out 12 hours ago but I was too busy tearing up at the fact that Im actually not a failure when it come to writing. This was really sad and I’m in aw but like hey The good will die young , but the great will always last. ALSO CAN SOMEONE REQUEST LEONARD SNART AND CISCO RAMON IMAGINES <3333 -Pari

Unfinished Melody Part III // reader x ???

Originally posted by drowned-in-daydreams

Okay I know the title seems cheesy af but whatever…

{ Part I } // { Part II } // { Part III }

Genre: Angst (slight bit of fluff, maybe, idek)

Summary: A failed confession left you shattered and humiliated, you relieved yourself by writing music… only, there was something wrong with it, like it was missing something, but what? Little did you know the answer was in the knowledge of someone you’d never thought you’d come across…

Word count: 2k (if you want exacts: 1,811 -including headings-)

Warnings/Triggers: mild swearing(?)

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A New Court, Chapter XI

Part I    Part II    Part III   Part IV  Part V Part VI  Part VII   Part VIII Part IX  Part X

AN: So, confession time, because I think you guys deserve one. Lack of time is not the only thing that has stopped me from updating regularly, though it is still a huge factor. Lately, I’ve been feeling that my goals and dreams are a bit too ambitious for the talent I’ve been given. I have a habit, also, of becoming disenchanted with a project if I feel like it’s not good enough, or the responses aren’t up to par with what I dreamed of, and I have to say that that’s happened with my fanfiction recently. You all have been wonderful, you truly have. And those of you who are constantly asking for updates kind of see two facets of that: The part of me that thinks ‘Omg people actually are waiting for me to finish this and they’re interested’ and the part of me that immediately goes ‘But why? It isn’t even that good. You don’t even put that much time into it, Susanna. They’re just patronizing you.’ I see everybody else writing this amazing fanfiction, or people posting original works that draw lots of attention and I think ‘How’ And all these thoughts just lead to me wanting to give up.

I’ve even been becoming disenchanted with The Heir recently, which is a project that I haven’t given up on for four or five years. Emmeline is such a beloved character of mine, but I have no way of measuring how enchanting she would be to others. My goal is to one day query agents and get The Heir published, but if it took Sarah J Maas years to do that, and SHE had an enormous online audience already, how the hell am I supposed to appeal to that? You know? I’m not an English major. I don’t have any credits except for what I currently see as mediocre online fanfiction, and what agent is going to want to read that?

I am so, so sorry if any of this offends those of you who have been so encouraging. I don’t want any of you to feel as though your asks and messages have been in any way underappreciated. The only reason I keep writing these things is because I don’t want to let any of you down. I’ve just been feeling discouraged recently, and I wanted to let you guys know that if my updates seem half-hearted and sporadic, that’s why. It’s not an excuse by any means. But yeah. This particular chapter—a lot more work went into it. I promise. So I hope you enjoy it!

Also, side note, Feyre is 8 months pregnant in this chapter. So a couple of months have passed since the last chapter.

Rhys bent down to press his ear to my stomach, one hand next to his cheek, the other enveloping mine.

Something in my heart broke at the sight of it—at the way the early morning sunlight filtered in through our curtains and lit up his face. The way his dark eyes lit up when he felt our son kick against his cheek, the way his lips tugged up into a grin. The way he laughed so, so happily, the way his fingers gripped mine.

The way he looked at me—

Oh. He was looking at me.

Rhys sat up, his smile fading. “Are you ok?”

I furiously wiped away a rebellious tear. “I’m fine,” I croaked. “I just…you looked so happy, I guess, and it made me start crying.”

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Anon Request: Hi omg i’m so happy that your request is open!! :D can i have a scenario where sehun wants a break from your relationship because he thinks that it was getting stale? (he has been texting other girl too) But he regrets it when he see you interact with other guys? 🙏🏻🙏🏻 thank you so much!! i seriously finish reading all your stories, they are too good 😍 please write more for sehun ~ ❤️

“Sehun, do you want to go out today?” You asked him expectantly, hoping that he would look up from his phone he seemed so interested. 

“Not really.” He mumbled, fingers working fast on his little device. 

The pouting days were over, it was like you should expect less dates with your boyfriend. Unlike the days where he would show up unannounced to your house to surprise you, more often these days you would text him and ask if you could come over. 

The replies would be short, a ‘yeah’ or ‘sure’ instead of the exciting self that he used to be. Almost…uninterested. It was different before. When you are in a relationship, you notice the small things. 

Like your height compared to his, your nose pressing into the base of his neck whenever he hugged you. His gaze would change whenever he looked at you, a twinkle in his eye that was reserved only for you. 

He would be able to memorize all of the little things that you liked, your favorite book, or your personal coffee drink. The beginnings of relationships were always so blissful. 

A man and a woman so drowned in love so quickly, and neither of them would realize how threatening that could be. Now it was the complete opposite, and some days you it didn’t feel like you could call Oh Sehun your boyfriend. 

He seemed so interested in his phone, it was like his girlfriend of a year didn’t even exist. 

“So what are we going to do today?” You asked again, not ready to spend your whole day sitting around while your boyfriend ignored you. He let out a short, frustrated sigh and held up his phone, shaking it with attitude. 

“I’m doing something.” 

“Oh…” You fought back all of the doubt clenching your heart together, as you leaned back away from the man you were supposedly in love with, and who was supposedly in love with you. 

“I…guess I’ll go home then.” You slowly got up off Sehun’s couch, and went to get your purse. 

“Wait.” A spark of hope kindled, displayed on a creeping smile on your face. “I’ll walk you home.” 

The hope dissipated, the walk was silent, and occasionally you’d look down at the hand that used to latch on to yours whenever you two went out. Now, the memory was all but faded. 

As if time lapsed, the door to your apartment was already in sight and your heart could not stop pounding. As if your heart already knew something bad was going to happen. 

“I’m getting bored with you. I think we should break up.” 

For a man of small words, Sehun felt as if this were the simplest thing for anyone to understand. If someone was boring to him, there was no reason to be associated with them anymore. 

He thought it was easy to understand, from his perspective being rather obvious. You, however, clear as the brokenness on your face, could not. Sehun rolled his eyes at the sight of you threatening tears and gaping your mouth. All he needed to do was walk away, no explanation, nothing. Gone. 

It wasn’t like he was just saying things, when a person falls out of love; there is really no helping it. He walked out because it was easy for him. The people on his phone, the girls he had been getting to know, seemed so much more interesting than you. 

They wanted to go out and do things, compared to you who enjoyed relaxing and staying in. Sehun needed more excitement, he felt like he needed more than you. 

So what if he broke a few girls hearts? It was just you, learning how nonchalant you were about everything you probably didn’t care about the break up. So…why was his heart hurting as much as yours? 

He went out, a lot. He met different girls, did different things, but all compared them to one. He just wouldn’t accept it. Like you always thought, it was the little things. 

The smell of your hair, your delicate hand verses the strong grip of others, and above everything else, the ease of the relationship the two of you had developed. 

By pure fate, he had been out alone, wandering through the mass city of Seoul. His feet, directed by his heart, were on autopilot and took him to the last place he thought he’d want to go. 

He always hated the taste of coffee, but the smell of your shop was just…different. It was pleasant, a sweet aroma filling every corner, just a twinge of you. 

Curiosity had gotten the better of him, as the swinging door triggered the little jingle of the bell. The schedule of days you worked was like a second language to him, as he knew this was one of your longest days. His heart betrayed him as it fluttered at the sight of you. 

It was something about the way your hair was pulled back, the sparkle in your eye as you poured drinks. That fleeting moment of love at first sight, though not his first time seeing you, just like the day he had met you. 

A co-worker, a male co-worker, snuck up behind you being a little more intimate than for Sehun’s comfort. He gripped his hand into a fist, seeing the smile that was so reserved for him directed to another man. By now he was able to see that he was lying to himself in the time that had been passing since he saw you last. 

Yet you paid little attention to the customers filing in and out, rather you focused on the task at hand, and the passion you held dearly to your heart. Waves of nostalgia brought Sehun back to a moment so similar to this, that fleeting love at first sight crashed into his heart again. 

He couldn’t help it. As he got up to the cashier, your friend who clearly recognized him by the disgusted look in her eye, he talked under his breath so you wouldn’t hear his voice. 

“What do you want Sehun? She doesn’t want to see you.” Your friend scolded. 

“Do you remember what I asked you to write on the cups?” 

She rolled her eyes, as if she could forget. But putting two and two together, it wasn’t hard to tell what Sehun was asking her. She nervously looked over at you, oblivious of Sehun standing there. 

Though she was hesitant, she took his order, and he snuck behind a few people to avoid your eye contact, awaiting what was to come. He sat at a table far enough so he was out of your line of sight, but where he could see you perfectly. 

The next cup you would make was yours, and as you read the order, a snort like laugh left your lips. It was stupid, it was corny, but you knew there was no one else in the world who would write the same pick up line on a coffee cup. 

You never fell for it, he knew you wouldn’t now. But you were aware that with Oh Sehun, both nothing and everything should surprise you. His way of telling you he was sorry and to get you back was: You are the reason men fall in love. You are the reason I fell in love. 

It didnt fit in the story at all but I really wanted the pick up line to be: I love you like a pig loves not being bacon. I can see it, right?

anonymous asked:

no, but imagine this tho, emily and alison's kid bringing their girl/boyfriends home for the first time! and emily doing all to make them comfortable and alison being all judgy and stuff to mess with them and omg! in the end she just give her blessin

This prompt was so freaking fun to do, so thank you to whoever sent it to me. Technically a sequel to this fic, which is where their kids appeared for the first time. 

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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - 22 [End]

HERE I GO. I am watching on my PS3 so I can use big, pretty screen but my computer is right next to my TV so I am just going to write here while I watch because I feel I should write WHILE I watch the last episode so I can express whatever emotions I may have. lol.


This took me over an hour to get through because I kept rewatching scenes. Expect lots of gifs since it’s the end…. 

255th Completed Anime - Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - 10/10.

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