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170209 ‘Golden Tambourine’ Ep. 9 Cut - Shindong


Mike: We’ll be home soon. My mom, she’ll get you your own bed, you can eat as many eggos as you want, and we can go to the snowball.

Eleven (not even like 5 minutes later): Goodbye, Mike

he’s so cute ;;

Finally It’s Christmas

Christmas Calendar 2016 » December the 23rd:
Epilogue: The Math Teacher - Finally It’s Christmas 

A/N: I guess this one speak for itself, but oh my fucking god I brought back another epilogue and this time The Math Teacher was the lucky one! I miss this story so much and I know a few of you do too so I hope this satisfiy your old feels from the fanfiction! :D

Pairing: Student!Y/N/Teacher!Luke (Previously)

Words: 8.000+

Summary: Y/N rushes home to Luke after getting off from College, preparing herself for nothing else but relax on a Friday night but that changes when Luke has decided they’re going to make cookies for a holiday party. Little didn’t they know that they both are horrible bakers, ends up burning every batch of cookies and have to argue in a cookie aisle at the only store open

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Ok so I had this au idea thing in my mind for idk how long and it just makes me so excited to show you all so yeah… here it is! Victuuri fire emblem fates au~ O////w////O. 

Yuuri is a prince from Hoshido and he’s an archer (like Takumi) and he also has long hair bc omg I need Yuuri with long hair so bad //////. He’s pretty skilled with his bow but on crucial points during battles his nerves and uncertainty get in the way. The thoughts that one day he will lead Hoshido scares him and he doesn’t think he has it in him to take over that role. 
On the other hand we have Victor, prince of Nohr and he’s a paladin (like Xander). Victor is known as one of the best warriors out there, but having been in the spotlight for so long, he’s longing for other things in life.
There is no conflict between Hoshido and Nohr and one day, Victor has to visit Hoshido for the first time for some agreements and trade discussions and that’s when he meets Yuuri for the first time in real life in the cherry blossom field.
It will be a visit neither of them will forget~

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