omg he is so handsome in this film


Herbert Lom in The Seventh Veil, 1945.

Ok I just watched the new Alice film and i’m so into Time omg like just look at this dork who’s also handsome af (he also somehow reminded me of Sacha Cohen’s character in “Hugo”)!!!! he seems like such an arrogant angry douche first, then he’s just an absolutely cutest puppy and at the end you realize that guy is actually so fuckin wise and MADE OF SUGAR SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE well not to mention that Cohen’s hot as hell imho :)))00)))0))
I’m still not over the fact that Alice just broke into his fancy castle while him being fancy and doing his magical time balance thing and made this cutipie suffer and nearly die but if she didn’t we wouldn’t have even seen this character omg my feels for him are grandddddd I NEED MORE TIME OKAY (these puns……)

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omg, is that fox in your sterek gifset the one reacting to seeing a female fox?? I saw that post earlier and it looks like it's the one :D

haha, yep, that’s him, this handsome lad

and this is the cutie he sees

fun fact: these two were already bonded when this was filmed, so basically what you are seeing is the male being stunned by his lady haha


mayor_mayhem: Meeting the God of mischief Loki. Tom Hiddleston incredibly awesome to met. And incredibly nice man . Even if he lead an alien invasion on earth.

domestixgoddess: @regrann from @hhckatrina -  my hero #tomhiddleston #loki #thor #brisbane love you forever ❤❤❤I don’t wanna let you go

posthumanxvii@twhiddleston:  is an actual angel! Honestly such a sweet and genuine human being, I think I love him even more now haha

liquidoactive_popupstores: I told @twhiddleston that if #loki behaves on #thorragnarok he can have some @liquidoactive next time as well… Look at how happy he got!!!

pompangledangle: Tooooooom 😍
This beautiful bastard had me waiting there for him for 9 hours.
I was so happy, I was literally shaking and almost cried afterwards. Been waiting for this moment for years.

pompangledangle: AAAH HE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL the waiting was so worth it omg 😭😍😍 I really can’t express how happy I was. He also filmed an instagram video of us all

krystijaims: Reasons yesterday was great two: I got a selfie with Hiddles! He touched my phone!!! 😍 Not the best pic of me but that doesn’t matter when he looks so handsome

alana.rjhi: @twhiddleston i love you ???!

levi_rules_meI: met Tom Hiddleston last night! He is one of the nicest people I’ll ever meet. Thank you Tom for the selfie!


150815 Repackage MV filming Fanaccount :


Managers just called Siwon as Masi.

Kyuhyun spotted. His shirt is a little seethrough

Eunhyuk is like Heechul’s puppy. Very little EunHae interaction so far

The song sounds so good omg

Donghae is so smiley today

Heechul is complaining at Kyuhyun because he got it wrong

They are all so handsome and friendly

It feels like Donghae and Eunhyuk fought… They seem cold towards each other

Kangin and Eunhyuk are playing catch in front of me 

Kangin is definitely more handsome in real life than on TV

Donghae’s hair is fucking amazing in his solo shots and the dance scene. Hae’s arms aren’t really that big in real life. He has broad shoulders and narrow hips though

Heechul’s hair is so beautiful in this video

I like this song more than Devil. It’s so so good and so so catchy

Yesung took photos of Donghae this morning but has yet to post. Maybe when the teasers come out…

Leeteuk was playing with the dog from the photography studio today. He took the lead and ran down Market St. to Main St. with it

There is filming again on Monday for two things

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150815 Repackage MV filming Fanaccount




 Managers just called Siwon as Masi… 


 Kyuhyun spotted. His shirt is a litre seethrough 

 Eunhyuk is like Heechul’s puppy. Very little EunHae interaction  

 Donghae is so smiley today

Heechul is complaining at Kyuhyun because he got it wrong

Ryeowook is attached to his phone…

They are all so handsome and friendly

I feel like they teased us with the song before. I recognise it

The managers are no joke. They all speak some level of English

Kangin is definitely more handsome in real life than on TV  

And Siwon looks grumpy the whole time he is not on camera 

Donghae’s hair is fucking amazing in his solo shots and the dance scene

Hae’s arms aren’t really that big in real life. He has broad shoulders and narrow hips though

Kyuhyun looked really ill this morning but was super professional

Yesung really doesn’t speak at all

I like this song more than Devil It’s so so good and so so catchy and I can still hear them no falsetto in chorus 



I’ve just started wathcing the new Flash series and…OMG! He is so handsome!

I mean look at him! *q*

…..I mean why is every guy in a tv series/film so attractive?..He…



and not to mention…

…and do not forget….


And there are so many! It is not the end of the list…

Okey kids, I think I should watch less tv series and films…I am out!

I am dying right now!!!!Help me!!!


(14/7/2014 Tony’s twitter)

1) [TRANS] Triangle’s fashionista Youngdal

2) [TRANS] Youngdalie Jaejoong who spent the whole night filming. He couldn’t spleep and must be tired but he’s always loved by the staff with his smile. Today fanclub’s truck of coffee and bing-soo (ice flakes with syrup) comes

by hannah princejj

fighting a squirrel AU..for reasons

taken from this list of AUs

Zane blinked at the commotion. A few people had stopped to watch the man who was flailing and jerking all over the place.

“what in the hell…?” he muttered, from his place on the park bench.

“Seems a squirrel suddenly dropped on that young man’s head” An elderly woman who was also watching the chaos chuckled. 

Zane knew his mouth was hanging open now but as he drew nearer to get  a better look he noticed the furry creature clinging to the man’s t-shirt.

“Get the fuck off you little fucker!” The man shouted as he tried desperately to fling the thing off. 

Some women who had been nearby with their kids gasped and hastily ushered their children along. The man was too busy trying to fight the squirrel off to notice that he’d used such language with children present. 

A man with curly red hair was cackling and practically bent over as he laughed. 

“God dammit Nick help me!" 

The man’s cries fell on deaf ears as his friend’s laughter grew louder "Sorry Grady…can’t…laughing…too hard.” he managed to gasp out. 

Grady managed to pry the squirrel off of himself and flung it a few feet away. The furry creature hissed at the man before running up a tree and disappearing in the foliage. 

Grady shuddered and scowled at his friend who was now wiping away the tears streaming down his face. The man was almost red from laughing so hard. 

“I hate you so much” Grady noticed the other people in the park who had witnessed his squirrel battle “Ok ok you got your laughs now move it along!" 

His eyes landed on Zane who was still standing there, and he raised a dark brow as if challenging him to say something.

"That was a hell of a fight” Zane could not help but say. 

Grady shrugged “Don’t be fooled by their cuteness, those things man, twitchy bastards." 

” I’d say you earned yourself some free coffee" 

“Say what now?”

“He’s asking you out for coffee you idiot” His friend, Nick piped up. “Only you would get a date out of that embarrassing display” he said shaking his head. “Wait til i tell the others and i’m pretty sure some of these people filmed you. You’re gonna be a YouTube sensation with a When Squirrels Attack video” his green eyes sparkled with glee. 

“Wait what?” Grady’s eyes widened “You’re asking me out? And you shut up!" 

Zane nodded smiling "That would be correct”

“I don’t even know you man" 

Zane extended his hand "Zane Garrett, witness of when squirrels attack" 

The man smiled at that "Ty Grady, victim of squirrel attack. And this useless individual is my best friend Nick O'Flaherty. Or rather my former best friend” he huffed.

Nick rolled his eyes “You got a hot guy to buy you coffee. I’ll say it all turned out alright. Have fun you crazy kids” Nick winked, waved and walked away.

Zane grinned at the man’s retreating back before focusing on Ty Grady’s handsome face “You do know he filmed the entire thing on his phone right?”


"So coffee yes?” Zane chuckled and patted the sputtering man on his back as he manoeuvred him in the direction of the cafe across the street.