omg he is so damn cute

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Let's talk about Yoonseok: things I love: Yoongi will not at any moment hesitate to make a promo/plug about Sope whenever he can. I still always die during their friendship trip in Bon Voyage and his disappointed little cute face when he wanted to get matching heart henna tattoos and Hoseok was just like OMG chill.

Omg yes he was like *just hide your pain with a smile* asdhfghjkl poor Yoongles I felt so bad for him.  He wants to promote Sope but Hobi’s like damn babe chill not in front of the cameras

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YOOO so imma pinpoint the exact moment when Lance stopped being overly flirtatious with Allura and actually started respecting her as a person and maybe even falling in love with her

Okay ya ready??  (oh and im ignoring the vlog completely lol i think we can all agree with that)

So we all know that the turning point was season 3, but Im wondering why exactly.  What made him think, “huh maybe my feelings are more serious than jst playful flirting, or trying to get a kiss? Maybe Allura means alot more to me then just a pretty face”

And I have the answer!

This moment.  Right here.  S2E13

When the castle blew up, and everyone thought she had died.  The moment Lance thought he’d lost her.  Look at his face

ahhh im crying  Everyone else was looking up at the castle completely dumbstruck, but Lance was already doubled over, in full regret mode.  (and we know how hard he is on himself)  

What could have been going on in his head?? Why did I waste so much time flirting?  I knew she didnt like it.  I could have spent that time getting to know her… asking about her father and mother and homeplanet.  I could have been friends with her.  I could have not been annoying.  I could have….. I could have….

but i didnt

omg im actually crying lolol








I swear i didnt photoshop or anything (i dont have those skillz lol)  I actually discovered this AS I WAS MAKING THIS POST lolol and I completely freaked out hahaha XD

So yeah I think it’s safe to say that was the turning point, because from then on we stopped getting looks like this

And started getting looks like this

also damn look at that great parallel


└ リーダー,雅紀を守るね〜

Cr: VS Arashi 12.10.2017

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Top 5 kageyama tobio moments? :0

 Hi there, anon! Thank you for asking for the top 5 moments of one of my favorite characters on Haikyuu!!

I sense this turning into another top 10 because I have absolutely no self-control.

Anyway, here we go (in no particular order):

1. “You don’t win alone. That’s just how it is.”: This moment was really important to me. For Kags to come to this acceptance and even admit this must have been painful, but a true growing moment. That wistful look in his eyes, even in the anime, makes me tear up more than any conspicuously sad moment in the show.

2. This really cute dance (look at our baby so awk so adorbs): When they find out about the barbecue OMG.

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3. When he tries so goddamn hard: With the best intentions, but not always the desired results.

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4. Every jump serve like, hot damn: Like, I feel like half the show’s budget goes in making Kageyama Tobio look absolutely flawless in everything he does.

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gotta include another gif because seriously, hot damn.

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5. “As long as I’m here, you’re invincible.”: There’s always this talk about how Hinata is 100% trusting of Kags, but no one ever talks about how Kags puts so much trust in Hinata’s abilities (like, we were at “I’ll only toss to those valuable to the team” and now we’re at this moment). He definitely had to take a leap of faith to get here.

Yep, this is going to become a top 10 moments post OMFG

6. Every moment in which Hinata successfully riles him up: But this one is one of my faves because Hinata is actually imitating him here. Their push-and-pull dynamic always makes me laugh.

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7. This obvious lie: OMFG Kags, you gotta work on your fibbing skills first.

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8. LMAO that time he absolutely botched his line: They’ve gone from this moment to that moment in Season 3 when Tsukki verbally compliments Kags with “Really, great job, King.” My babies have come so far *wipes eyes*.

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9. Tobio in the car.

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10. Intense™ Kags: The ferocity with which he presses the vending machine button always makes me snort.

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+Bonus. His complete lack of self-awareness

Hope you like my top 5 10 moments! Have a good day/night! ^_^

This is what a blessing looks like. 

adifawk: Harry Styles album is so damn good, and and Hailey and I were super lucky to go see I’m okay it live last night. Not only did he play my favourite song (Kiwi) twice, was super awesome to his fans, straight up had James Corden and his family there (omg so cute), but then brought out mfing Stevie Nicks and couldn’t keep his shit together. I’m still not over this show because it was bomb, and if you haven’t heard his album I highly recommend it. #harrystylestroubabour

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mother!! can you please write a bts jimin friends to lovers au? i love your writing! idk if your finals r over but GOOD LUCK! you can do this! fighting!

my finals are close!!!! but writing for you guys is helping me relax~ 
here’s jimin friends-to-lovers ~~!! 

  • you met jimin through mutual friend taehyung who introduced you guys when you bumped into him and jimin at a local pizza place
  • and taehyung’s first introduction between you two was literally “you guys are actually alike, always worrying about other people and being ,,,,,you know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what’s it kids say these days,,,,,,soft?”
  • and you and jimin were both like heY we aren’t soft!!!!!! but the reality is you guys are both the Softest and ever since you first hung out with him and taehyung it was obvious you and jimin were alike in may aspects
  • you were both simultaneously trying to stop taehyung from doing something funny, that was also dangerous but you were both also denying the fact that you were “party poopers” as taehyung put it,,,,,
  • after that you and jimin got close,,,,,because taehyung had suggest you’d exchange numbers and it was just a casual thing 
  • and then when you’d gotten home that day,,,jimin had actually texted you first?????
  • and it said ‘if you can, text me when you’re home so i know you’re safe! nice meeting you today,,,,,,hope this isn’t weird ;___;’
  •  and you knew,,,,since then,,,,that jimin was definitely a friend worth making and keeping because??? it’s hard to find people so genuine and sweet
  • and for a while you only hung out together if taehyung was there or if there was a group of people,,,,,but one day jimin asks if you’d like to go out with him,,,,,you know alone,,,,,
  • and you’re like !!!! because this is the first time but also,,,,,like why not?? jimin is fun and you agree and jimin says you guys should meet up and just hang out in the mall
  • and when you see him waiting there he looks a little nervous, and you catch him trying to fix his hair in the reflection of one of the shop windows
  • and you’re like,,,,,hmm,,,,,but you brush it off and call out his name and poor jimin almost jumps high enough to reach the ceiling of the mall
  • but once you’re in front of him,,,,,,this big smile spreads across his face and you grin back,,,,unsure of what he’s so happy about it but seeing him shine like the sun you can’t help but reciprocate it,,,,,,one of the many good things about jimin is he spreads happiness so easily,,,,,,
  • and so he says you two should check out the indoor theme park and you’re excitedly telling him you’d lOVE that,,,,,,,,
  • and once you’re there you point out the pirate ship and jimin gulps but he can see how your eyes are flickering with excitement and he gets on with you simply because he can’t say no to you,,,,,,,
  • and halfway through you feel jimin bury his face into your sleeve and you giggle and throw your arms around him and,,,,,you don’t see it,,,,,but jimin’s face goes tomato red and when you’re off the ride you ask him if he’s sick but he’s just like nO!!!! it’s from the ride!!! im just sweaty that’s all hahah
  • and as you’re walking you can see cotton candy and you’re like oMG and jimin shyly asks if you’d want him to buy you some and you’re like would YOU?? you’re an ANGEL PARK JIMIN
  • and he just tries to hide his blush again and you guys share the big puffy swirl of pink and jimin keeps peeking at you as you take bites and in his head it’s just: they’re so cute. so damn cute. cute. cu t e. cUTE.
  • and you’re like “jimin im going to go try and win that stuffed animal for you!” and he’s like ?!?!!?? for me??? and you’re like YES i want to say thank you for this date——,,,,,,,,,
  • and jimin and you both stop and stare as the word falls out of your mouth and you’re like oH m Y GO D I DIDNT MEAN TO SAY THAT OH ITS SO AWKWARD IM SOR-
  • but jimin, who can’t hide his blush anymore, is shaking his head frantically and he’s like no it’s not awkward,,,,,,,,,i totally like the idea of this being a d-d–d-d–d–da—daTE,,,,,
  • and you’re like REALLY and he’s like yes!!!!! i,,,,originally asked you out,,,,and,,,,and wanted to ask before we got here if we,,,w,,e could call this a d–d–date,,,,,,,,,,,,but i got too,,,,s,,,,,shy,,,,,,
  • and you’re like omg you’re so freaking adorable and jimin is like ??? im not you’re adorable
  • and you take the cotton candy for his hand and lean up to kiss his cheek and jimin makes a small sound of surprise and you’re like SEE!! you are adorable
  • and jimin is like,,,,,,,speechless,,,,but also,,,,his heart is doing jumps of happiness and you giggle and take his hand and you’re like is this ok?? and he’s like YES SUPER OK
  • and you pull him over to the game stands and you’re like OK park jimin,,,,,,,,,,which stuffed animal do you want? and jimin kind of bites his lip and is like “,,,,,d,,,do you see the kissing teddy bears,,,,let’s get that one?” and you look up at him and you’re like hehe they look like us and jimin is like OH MY 
  • taehyung somewhere:,,,,yo jungkook i can sense that jimin is on a date right now
  • jungkook: heheh no way~
  • taehyung:,,,,,,,nope he’s DEFINITELY on a date and probably doing something corny,,,,,,,
Okay I just finished watching all the Star Wars films (except Rogue One but I'll get to it) for the first time in my existence

And just a few things:

•wow Luke Skywalker really does look like Sebastian Stan
•Harrison Ford in the first movie was very, very underwhelming but I grew to like him.
•Princess Leia is so adorable
•Sorry Carrison, I ship Han and Luke
•Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker had some serious bromance going on.
•"I loved you"
•Boba Fett sounds like the most badass bubble tea.
•Anakin was real cute with the long hair
•And lmao Anakin’s mom is letting him race at like what? 8? My mom still won’t let me do what I want.
•I’m growing really fond of the millennium falcon
•I’ve always loved light sabers but damn I have a new found respect for it *goes to the toy store to buy all the light sabers*
•I love the way Jar Jar Binks talks?
•YODA IS ADORABLE and a badass like damn the only other time I’ve seen that combination is with Dwayne the Rock Johnson
•Storm Troopers look so cool
•Confession: I thought the storm troopers were the good guys
•Finn is so cute
•Rey is so cute
•Poe is so cute
•Crying bc Darth Vader had to wear the mask bc he couldn’t live without it, Kylo Ren just wore it for the aesthetic.
•Um?!! The line wasn’t “Luke, I am your father”, it was “I am your father”??? My whole life is a lie.
•Omg R2D2 and BB8 so cute
•the fuck they kill Han Solo for? By his own son?? We didn’t deserve this bullshit.

Yeah I didn’t think I’d ever be a fan, but shit happens. Sup’ Star Wars fandom, there’s a new kid in town.

May the force be with you.

soulmate! park woojin
  • in a world where everyone has a different way of connecting with their soulmates, yours is a tattoo of the first words you hear your soulmate say
  • it’s been there since idk when and like a lot of your friends also share the same method as you and they complain how theirs is WAY too generic like smh ur pal megan’s dated like 6 ppl bc they all said “hi” to her
  • and then there’s you who would rly rATHER have the word “hi” than “sexy baby oh my lady”
  • and don’t even mention your parents LMFAO when they saw those words on your collarbone they were sO distressed ur mom was like omg honey she’s gonna marry a STRIP P P E R
  • ahem and now one day you were with ur friend megan who insiSTED on making you watch produce 101 with her
  • @ readers: ;)))))))))))
  • she’s like omg u need to watch it they’re all so cute LMAO MAYBE ONE OF THEM IS UR SOULMATE which you were like yeah sURE
  • and you’re watching and watching and going “damn he cute” every once in a while and yall get to the group evaluation and ur watching and watching and suddenly
  • “sexy baby, OH MY LADY”
  • you: wHAT
  • megan: SCREECHING
  • after yelling and being in shock megan was like you NEED to meet him
  • megan: i’ll break laws and sneak you into their dorm if I have to
  • you had no idea how to approach this bc??? HE’S AN IDOL????????? so u just kinda left it alone…….
  • and one day you’re boarding the train back home and you’re standing in that area in front of the door and you’re scrolling through your phone and then the train suddenly screeches to a stop and the dude next to you sorta bumped into you
  • he mumbled a quiet sorry and pulled his cap down a lil
  • and ur like wait. why are you familiar….. and you suddenly lifted his cap up to get a view of his face
  • woojin’s face was stunned bc??? ARE YOU A SAESANG FAN?? and you took a deep breath and just went “dammit, it’s really you”
  • and his eyes gets even wider and he stares at you for a moment and he opens his mouth to say something when he realized his stop was here
  • he hurried out and as he’s walking away he turned back to catch another glimpse of your face and time just…seemed to had stopped at that moment when you and him looked right into each other’s eyes
  • when the door closed woojin touched the area on his neck with his tattoo and could only think “dammit, I couldn’t even ask for their name….”
  • his heart’s beating fast and he really, really needed to just…..see you again
  • when you got home you did like a whole bunch of research on park woojin and his entire profile and maybe it was a psychological effect from knowing he’s your soulmate but….well, he’s attractive
  • meanwhile woojin was freaking out at the dorm and ended spilling to jihoon what had happened and jihoon put a hand on his shoulder and was like bro…..that’s great…..but it’s 5am and you’ve been talking about that person and describing the train incident for the past three hours………………….
  • the next time you met woojin was at a supermarket
  • the group was filming something with all the cameras and stuff everywhere and woojin was playing along with all the stupid jokes when suddenly he saw…you
  • he mumbled a fast sorry and broke away from the group and hurried over to you
  • you have your eyes wide and your lips a bit parted when you saw him run over to you and he’s breathless as he racked his brain for the best words to say
  • “am I—am I your soulmate?” he asked.
  • without speaking you just….pulled down the top of your shirt a bit to let his see your tattoo
  • and his face burned when he realized that it was really him and that omg you must’ve had such a rough life with those words on your body so he just blurted I’M SO SORRY
  • and you had to laugh bc…he’s so awkward and cute and you pulled a small piece of paper and a pen from your bag and scribbled your number on it and put it in his hand
  • “just contact and talk to me soon,” you said. “and then we can see about the apology.”
  • and that moment is just when woojin had this weird voice in his head that was like damn u lucky af boi
  • when he ran back to reunite he got scolded SO much and he apologized a whole bunch and the manager gave him the evil eye the whole day >:((
  • he stood with jihoon to continue with the next segment and jihoon elbowed him a bit and whispered “was that worth it?” and the boi put a hand on the pocket with the paper in it and got this stupid smile dancing on his lips and just said “…yeah”
  • p.s. imagine woojin kissing the tattoo on your collarbone that you had hated so much before

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Omg your altean!lance pic reminded me of this post someone made where you can see in a flashback most alteans have dark blue/purple hair and they were like "if your altean!lances hair isnt white might i suggest blue instead of human brown" - what do you think?

hes really cute in blue,,, damn


When Rich asked Jake to carry him, this wasn’t what he was expecting


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BTS reaction to their girlfriend getting frustrated because they are only 4'8 and they arent tall like other girls? (It sucks being this short a lot...) Thanks!!! ♡

gjhabgjwa you sound so adorable bro i cant

Seokjin: he’d love this so much omg. he would constantly shower you with love and omg i want him to love me

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Yoongi: i don’t think he’d care that much? idk because he himself is one of the shorter members and hes really cute but i think occasionally he would show extra affection to you because of your height does that even make sense im tired

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Hoseok: brO YOU ALREADY KNOW he’d be showing extra love damn he’d think you were fucking adorable which i’m sure you are

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Namjoon: he’d occasionally tease you for this, because you know, he’s a fucking giant, but he’d usually think you were really cute :’)

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Jimin: awwww short couple goals bro i bet he’d love this,,you’d actually win like couple of the year or smthing because you guys were so cute together

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Taehyung: like jin & hoseok, he’d show you major amounts of love & affection because you were just so cute to him.

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Jungkook: he’d non-stop tease you omg. and if it got too far, he’d apologize by attempting to make you food.

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i think im a bts stan again? uh

reaction requests are open for; seventeen, 2ne1, exo(o12), bts, got7, and blackpink.