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in the last couple of days i got a bunch of followers, so thanks all of you guys! feel free to send me headcanons or any requests, and i’ll try to doodle them! (i do have school and work and whatnot, so i might not do all of them or get to them very quickly, just a warning…)

Can we just talk for a second about how Jim & Bones clearly have the most gossipy pillow talk, telling each other who they saw coming out of whose quarters & betting on how long Chekov’s newest relationship will last & trying to guess what Spock & Uhura are fighting about this week?


Kirk’s internal monologue: That’s right Jimmy boy, play it cool, Spock can’t see you staring at him, it’s ok look all you want, look alllllllllll you want, real cool, real subtle, good one Jimbo, no one will ever know.

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How about an update on some basic, post stid fics where spock is all "omg i love jim kirk he almost /died/" (the more angst the better)

Convalescence by aubreyli

Leonard McCoy brought a man back from the dead two weeks ago, but it’s still Spock who really surprises him.

Gravitational Constant by efthemia

It takes Jim Kirk a while to recover from dying.

Spock learns the curve of the line of Jim’s jaw. He tells Jim everything he has, save one topic, which he avoids deliberately. He observes Jim lying motionless and listens to the steady beep of the monitors, watches the trendline of his heart, and wonders at how someone so full of an urgent vitality could become so very still.

“My God, man,” Bones says, staring at him, “are you in love with him?”

There is a brief silence.

“Insufficient data,” Spock replies, and leaves sick bay in a hurry.

post tenebras lux by jouissant

It’s as if McCoy’s departure has sucked the oxygen from the room. Spock suddenly finds himself at a loss, as if the sheer magnitude of all he wants to say and do, the measure of it, is too much to put into words.

Sweeter Dreams by laelia753

Picks up right before Kirk wakes up at the end of Into Darkness. Spoilers, slow build, romance, all that shit. Lots of sex in later chapters.


Finally, We’re All Together Now by Jade_Dragoness

The first time Jim sees his crew, since dying and waking up at Starfleet Medical Headquarters, is at a memorial.


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