omg he has so nice hands

omg my sister and i are watching a show and this episode has an autistic person in it. he was doing some stereotypical autistic things (hand flapping, infodumping, rocking, etc.)

i thought it was nice to have some good representation, but then my sister started laughing whenever he did that and i started getting worried.

so many times autistic people have been made fun of for the things that we do, and i really didn’t want my little sis to be one of the people doing the teasing.

so, nervous, i asked her why she laughed when he did that. her answer: “sorry, it’s just, he’s so cute when he does that! i think more people should be like him.”

i’m trying not to cry happy tears. i love my little sister so much.

  • boyfriend: *has hands so dry his skin started to crack*
  • me: *loud gasp* oh my goodness come here *rubs his hands with a lot of Lemony Flutter for a few minutes*
  • boyfriend: he that smells nice...
  • *two days later*
  • boyfriend calls me: OMG THAT LEMON THING IS AMAZING. CAN YOU GET ME LIKE TWO OF THEM, because I finished the one you left me :DDDD

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Hip hop unit's reaction to touching your reall soft hands? (Think baby butt soft 😂)

S.Coups would find your hands so cute and he’d definitely point it out omg like first he’d be a bit ?? how are they so soft but then he could hardly let them go because they feel so nice! He’d also ask what kind of magic you use on them because he has a hard time understanding that it’s even possible to have such soft hands. Overall he’d be very very fascinated but would also make friendly fun of them every now and then, which shall be okay because he’ll always give you a kiss afterwards. He’d just really love you and your baby butt soft hands. 

Mingyu would first frown a little because? what is this very soft sensation? but then he realizes it’s your hand and he gets so excited and would want to touch them a lot! So there’d be a lot of hand-holding and trying to find excuses for you to have your hands on his skin coming your way, including asking “Do you think I have a fever?” nearly every day and asking you to try his forehead. Whenever you’d be watching a movie or the like it’s guaranteed that he’ll be stroking the back of your hand absentmindedly, too.

Wonwoo: His reaction would probably just be an “oh” when he’d notice. He wouldn’t necessarily hold your hand but your hands would just touch randomly and then he’d notice. He wouldn’t bee to mesmerized by your soft hands but he would definitely try and hold them just ‘casually’. Like “Wonwoo, why are you holding my hand? I’m trying to text here” and then he would answer with “Because…uhh…your hands are cold” and then you’d just shake your head. So he’d make excuses to hold your hands more often.

Vernon: He would just take your hand in his out of the blue and then just turn to look at you with a shocked face (he is extra okay). It’d be a pleasant surprise to him because somehow he seems like a person who just appreciates nice hands. He would ask you how your hands were that soft, like naturally, most people would and just get really excited to hold your soft hands. He would be able to let go of the topic of soft hands after spazzing about it for a while.

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Luke’s hair has been so nice lately. Like honestly it looks so soft and fluffy and imagine lying down with him and running your hands through his hair while he sings to you real softly as you ruffle it up and smooth it back down, and he would find it so cute how obsessed you were with his hair so whenever you would touch it he would just chuckle cause he’s just an adorable little shit omg Luke let me touch your hair


And here’s a very late xmas present for @teamalphari who wanted asanoya with Noya loving on Asahi’s hair. Sorry it took me so long! It’s really nice to draw other ships from this anime, I gotta do it more often. x3


Hello! It’s shy anon! Finally revealing myself!!! Woot Woot!
You finally get to see that art work i finished ^-^ and a friend of mine gave me two Ferrero Rocher today for Valentines Day and I instantly thought of you lol (please excuse my tiny and chubby hands omg)
Also! He-men-ah is my main blog but I have a side blog for kpop only~ its called okay-kpop ☆
Oh! Also~ my name is Jimena (its pronounced like my main blog’s name ^-^) and my middle name is Luna. My family and friends all call me Luna though so I usually say my name is Luna~🌙

MY SHY ANON HAS REVEALED HERSELF OMG HELLO HELLO HELLO HI HI NICE TO MEET YOU I’M MADDIE IT’S SO GOOD TO SEE YOU OMGGG. Lol ignore me I’m just glad you managed to show me your identity ❤ And that art piece is SO COOL. I LOVE IT. YOU REALLY ARE MY TALENTED GOLDEN UNNIE SHY ANON!!! 💕 WHOA WHOA WHOA. DO I SEE FERRERO ROCHERS?!!?! CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE NOW BECOME MY VALENTINE BECAUSE YOU HAVE FERRERO ROCHERS AND ARE THE CUTEST LIL BEAN EVER 😙 Also, do you want me to call you Jimena, or Luna? It’s up to you :)) Or I can keep calling you golden unnie if you’d prefer that lmao 😂 But I’m so glad I know who you are now lol this is so exciting!! I’ve seen you in my notifs for such a long time omgg when did you find my blog?? ANYWAYS THANK YOU FOR REVEALING YOU BEAUTIFUL SELF I LOVE YOU 💙💙

things i love about gerard way:

  • His voice, i die it’s so fucking beautiful
  • his hugs, i have never hugged him but i bet he’s a gr8 hugger
  • his hands, he has such nice hands
  • his eyes, they’re so pretty omg!  
  • his mouth, just….guh
  • his hands
  • his vampire clothes and his colourful suits
  • His hair, colourful or not (altho im in favour of the colour)
  • his hands (have i mentioned that yet?)
  • the fact that his nickname is gee
  • when he moans on stage LIKE WTF 
  • When he laughs and he looks all blushy and cute
  • how sweet and kind and accepting he is
  • his relationship with lynz
  • When he dances
  • his love of coffee
  • have i mentioned his hands yet? 
  • The fact that he’s a nerd who likes dungeons and dragons and slept on star wars sheets
  • everything he posts on twitter
  • his nose! omg his nose is so fucking cute!
  • his smile, especially when you can see how crooked his lip is
  • his sass gives me fucking life
  • everything???????????
  • there isn’t a single thing i don’t love about gerard way
“I tried taking you off his hands at one point.” When Neil looked at her in surprise, Renee affected an innocent look that for once was not entirely convincing.
“Andrew refused on the grounds he wouldn’t wish you on anyone except a mortician.”
“Drama queen,” Neil muttered.
—  this is the greatest. i’m setting myself on fire

so last night before sufjan played the dress looks nice on you he was talking about how they had discussed what they would wear on stage, and he said “just street clothes. look humble. whatever you were wearing that day” and dawn was wearing a really lovely/fancy dress and he was like “dawn did you wear that today!?” and she was like…maybe…and then suf goes “I WOKE UP LIKE DISSSS” complete with jazz hands 

funniest/cutest ever omg

Noah groaned as he saw the college in sight again. It had been nice to spend time with Lexi out of there. Even if it meant he had skipped last period. They were walking back and out of nowhere it had started raining so Noah being the gentleman he was, was letting his girlfriend where his hoodie that was swamping her while he kept the black cap he was wearing over his head backwards. His hand held hers still. “How come whenever we plan to go out..or go out the weather always has to go bad?” the blonde asked, raising his brow. Noah rubbed his thumb over the back of the others, chuckling. “I bet its me, I bring all the bad luck around me with myself,” he admitted before giggling. Noah lately most the time did have bad luck, he was just about passing his classes, even music which was the only he wanted to do the best out. His song writing had been graded down, which dragged his entire grade since musically, he got an A. “Nearly back now though.”

i. love. the idea of ren still really loving “puppy” affection (head petting, licking, tummy rubs) as well as “human” affection (kissing, hugging, holding hands). like just!! imagine!!!

ren getting pets on the head and just. preening at the attention. omg. he nuzzles a little into the hand petting his hair bc it feels so nice. his eyes all closed and stuff while he enjoys it.

ren getting lil scritches around his ear, along the line of his jaw and under his chin!! he has a big happy smile on his face (and maybe a bit of a blush bc he knows it might seem weird to like but he’s used to it and he still likes it!)

ren getting tummy rubs and he can’t even bother not poking his tongue out a lil bc. he’s just on cloud nine. it’s not even sexual he’s just so pleased to be treated with such love and. aaaaa.

ren probably loves all kinds of affection like hugs and cuddles and stuff too but. i always think about him being sort of bummed that humans don’t treat each other with all the affections he’s used to from being a puppy, like head pets and tummy rubs.

but he still gets ‘em. man ren loves affection. all of it.