omg he has an older man

Headcanon: Bruce Adopts Another Kid

Anon requested: “Hey, could we get some headcanons of the boys when they find out Bruce adopted another kid?”

A/N: I think I changed it up a little so it’s not only the reactions but also how they treat their younger sibling. I hope you don’t mind!



Dick Grayson

  • This man will be so excited because omg he has another younger sibling
  • He’s the most reliable one out of all the siblings
  • If Bruce needs someone apart from Alfred to rely on to take care of his youngest son/daughter, Dick’s his man
  • “Okay young man/lady, that’s enough cookies for one day”
  • “Don’t give me those puppy eyes!”
  • He’d eventually give up and submit to the kid’s demands though
  • He can’t resist that adorable face
  • When he/she gets older, Dick will teach him/her acrobatics
  • If Bruce isn’t around, Dick was the one to train him/her
  • Dick’s the one who’ll be at his/her performances, shows and first days
  • Sometimes he even went to parent-teacher conferences
  • He’d be so involved
  • Dick would be so proud and scared at the same time on his sibling’s first night on patrol
  • He’d watch the kid like a hawk for the first few months until he’s comfortable with the idea of his younger sibling being out in the field

Jason Todd

  • At first this man could care less
  • But when he gets to know this new kid, he falls in love immediately
  • He would’ve been the most reliable one
  • But he spoils the kid like there’s no tomorrow
  • He doesn’t even try to stop himself
  • “What is that? You can’t decide which is your favorite? Okay, we’ll take them all”
  • He’ll be the cool, badass brother that everyone at his brother’s/sister’s school admires
  • “No boyfriends. Period.”
  • He isn’t there at the manor 24/7 so on those days when he does come to visit he’d be attacked with a hug, one which he’d return wholeheartedly
  • He’s that sibling who’d take his younger sibling out for the day doing the coolest shit
  • Jason would be the one to introduce his younger sibling to weapons, much to Bruce’s displeasure
  • Like Dick, he’d watch his younger sibling like a hawk
  • He’d freak out at every minor injury
  • “Is your cape torn? Did you FALL?”
  • But he’d also be fucking proud that his kid brother/sister is becoming so badass

Tim Drake

  • When Tim heard he’s getting a new sibling he prayed that he/she would be the opposite of Damian
  • Tim is actually a really fun brother
  • He’d be that brother that’s also his sibling’s best friend
  • When his younger brother/sister needs homework help or help on a project, Tim is the guy to go to
  • He’s also kind of a bad influence though because he stays up super late and drinks coffee like his life depends on it which it does
  • He wouldn’t be that protective, he’d offer advice
  • Just don’t go to him if there’re relationship problems, go to Dick instead
  • Tim would probably blackmail his sibling’s enemies or anyone he didn’t want his brother/sister associating with using information that may or may not have been taken without permission
  • He’d treat his sibling by taking him/her to see a musical or a performance at some theater
  • It’s more of a treat for him than for his sibling tbh
  • Tim would be the one teaching his brother/sister how to hack, how to code and all that tech stuff
  • He’d also be teaching his brother/sister strategies to use on the field
  • He’s usually the one who’s with his sibling during patrols

Damian Wayne

  • Not another pity case
  • Lets just say Damian wasn’t a big fan of his new sibling at first
  • He thought a younger sibling was annoying and insufferable to deal with
  • However he spends the most time with the kid since he has no choice
  • So he slowly opens up and develops a soft spot for the kid
  • Damian’s the worst person to leave his younger sibling with
  • He’d discipline his brother/sister like his life depends on it
  • His older siblings have to prevent Damian from creating another mini demon spawn Damian
  • Damian wouldn’t hold back in training
  • He’d be strict as hell
  • Bruce would only let Damian spar with his brother/sister when he/she requires intense training
  • However, Damian would be a reliable trainer who is brutally honest and doesn’t sugarcoats anything so he’d give the best pointers
  • He’s also a trained assassin so he knows useful exercises and moves
  • His violent and aggressive nature is a bad influence though so the others are careful to make sure the newest family member doesn’t pick up on it
  • But he tries to change for his younger sibling

Extra: Alfred Pennyworth

I hugged and kissed with my teacher crush!

Today I gave him the present in the biology lab. (We were alone) He said he is so surprised and liked it a lot, he was so happy omg :’) Then he pulled me to himself and kissed me on the cheek then I hugged him and said “I love you so much” and he said “I love you so much too” He had a huge smile on his face and thanked me again and again. I can’t be happier…♡ ♡ ♡


Request:🌠 Reader has a crush on Bruce so the batboys (maybe even Alfred) cover the entire house in mistletoe to get them together 🌠

New story omg. I finally wrote something

You were ashamed.

Having barely reached the twenty second year of your life and crushing on a man that was at least 10 years older than you,it was shameful. For you nonetheless.
  Even the fact that you were in his house for Christmas was shameful. You could easily embarrass yourself and he, Dick, the one who settled this whole thing, knew. And you were sure that he’d opt to laugh if you actually made a fool of your very own self.

You knew Dick for many years. Ever since he came to Gotham academy actually.
And still, you could remember yourself being the number one fangirl of Bruce Wayne. You couldn’t believe that Dick was his ward, it was as if heavens had sent a small part of them to you and certainly you didn’t believe it when Dick told you that he’d get you married to Bruce Wayne.

Of course, you recalled each of these moments, especially now, that you were forced into the huge Manor, and into Bruce Wayne’s lifestyle.
  Dick had helped you more than anyone in this planet. He helped you get into university and he was expecting your graduation during the upcoming year. He even helped you get a job as Bruce Wayne’s assistant in the company. And seriously? Whenever you asked why he was so good with you, all he answered was that he wanted his future ‘mother’ to be settled.


“So, (y/n) clear my schedule for tomorrow and transfer everything to Wednesday.”

“This Wednesday?” You asked wide eyed. Was he out of his head? Very few people worked during the second week of Christmas vacation. And you would not be the person to break it for them.

“Yes.” Bruce confirmed in a stiff tone, as jf it wasn’t 'stiff’ enough to bring up a work subject during this time, when you were supposed to have fun.

“But mister Wayne, mister Queen won’t be in Gotham next week, and he made it clear to me. He didn’t want you to postpone that meeting.” You said, hesitantly, knowing full well that the blonde man wouldn’t stop complaining to you about Bruce’s decision.

“Oliver can wait, (y/n). I have things to do. Plus it’s only days away.” He said, with his infamous smirk splattered across his face, his hand resting to the small of your back to lead you to the dining room.

You sighed as your stomach took turns. It was a usual habit of his to put his hand on the small of your back to give you a little push, thought you yet had to get used to it. Bruce didn’t seem like a man of physical touch though. He only patted the shoulders of some of his good employees and shook hands with colleagues or other well known billionaires.
It made you think. Bruce didn’t touch a woman unless he took some interest in her, and yet he was touching you even though you strongly refused to believe that a man like him would fall for someone like you. It was intriguing though too. What if he actually did like you. What if he wanted you in the same way you did?

These and other similar questions run through your mind every single time his enormous palm rested on the small of your back.

Oh how you wanted him to feel that way about you too. You wanted to grab him by his collar and lower him to your level -because who thought Bruce Wayne would be so tall- and crush your lips on his, knowing full well that this could cost your job and knowing full well how much older he was. But did you really care?

This question burnt you to no end. Bruce Wayne was a playboy. He didn’t have any serious relationships. He never even did the relationship thing.aybe it was because he was older. Maybe he had gotten bored of- who were you kidding? As far as you knew, he never had a real relationship and who were you to change that?

Tonight though, it was Christmas and you prayed for a miracle.

As you exited his office, with all these thoughts running through your head, you entered the dining room. What you came across though was beyond any imagination.

Countless of mistletoes were hanging from the ceiling, leaving no spot uncovered, no spot in which you could go. You couldn’t kiss him now. Not like this. You wanted it to mean something

“Come on! Kiss already!”

And that’s when you realised the person behind this. Of course it was Dick, but he had … help?
Even the butler was giving a smirk of approval to both Bruce and you, while two other boys cheered. The one you recognised as Bruce’s blood son had a frown, similar to Jason’s as if disapproving that act. But you couldn’t care for the world anymore.
At the moment, you didnt care for the media, your age, your job, your family, your whole damn life, you wanted to kiss him so bad that you didn’t care if it was in this way.
Your world stopped when you felt his lips on yours, surprising you. Your little speech to yourself about courage wasn’t even finished. Amd God, how much did you enjoyed it that it didn’t. You weren’t able to chicken out anymore, it was happening and your insides were burning and bursting in an endless, repeating circle of the same events for as long as his thin lips moved harmonically with yours.
Your body was limp, you couldn’t move a single muscle expect for the ones on your mouth as you kissed him. The duration of the kiss was uncertain. You had lost count of time and forgotten where your body was, because your soul was in heaven. What if you wouldn’t ever see him without blushing again? He had kissed you, felt your mouth against his, given you the privilege of indulging in your own lust for him.

As you parted a moan escaped your lips signaling the loss of his touch, mourning for the loss of the warmth that had kitten up so many fires in your body. Your tongue couldn’t keep your words behind, as your dizzy head, drunk in the idea of his close to you in such way made you say.

“I love you” If anyone was cheering, you couldn’t hear. After the sudden spill of truth your reality crushed. You didn’t want to believe you had just said those words. The kiss was for fun, but now you’d lose your job and the only way to be close to Bruce.

“I think I love you too”
He said and you jumped back at your imaginary word as he brushed your hair away from your face and lowered himself to place his lips on your again.
Before he even started moving them, signaling the start of the kiss he whispered a quiet “Merry Christmas”.

You weren’t sure but Dick might have screamed at the top of his lungs with joy at the sight.

Last Year - Pt. 2 (Sam x Reader, angst, requested drabble)

Part One requested by @endureandmeme - honestly I had to stop myself from laughing every time I typed ‘Denise’ bc of all your guys’ asks #fuckdeniseclub2k16. The response to this was overwhelming and I’m blown away by the level of kindness and support from you guys - thank you so so much for reading what I write and enjoying it!! It means the world to me <3 God help anyone who would ever cheat on you guys too omg hahah

Word Count: 3,116

Warnings: Cheating, brief NSFW mentions 


The sound of fireworks and trumpets mingle in the warm Cuban air above Sam. Cheers and laughter erupt from the crowd and he has to hold his drink close to his chest to prevent lively civilians from spilling it all over him.

“July in Cuba, right, kid?” he hears Sully’s voice behind him and the older man slaps a hand against his back with a laugh. Sam looks over his shoulder and grins in response. The two of them had decided to take a trip for the Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba; for old times’ sake, as always.

“I wish Y/N was here to see it,” Sam shouts above the noise, and the fireworks illuminate Sully’s face long enough for Sam to see him nod.

Twenty minutes later and Sam is seven shots and two beers in with his hands resting on some stranger’s hips as they dance down the street. There have to be thousands people crowding the city, all bright colours and deafening conga music with the stench of rum, smoke and sweet tropical air filling the night. As the dancing goes on, the stranger behind him wraps their arms around his middle. He can hear and feel them laughing behind him. The song changes and he turns to face them.

It’s a woman. Brown hair, kind hazel eyes and a smile that makes Sam’s stomach flip. That’s probably the alcohol, he thinks to himself as he his eyes catch the back of Sully’s head in the crowd and reality hits him like a train. But her hands are on either side of his face now, pulling his gaze back to her.

“My name’s Denise!” she calls to him, trying to raise her voice above the music and fireworks and shouting.

Don’t tell her your name. Turn around. Turn the fuck around, Sam. Don’t you dare open your goddamn mouth. You can’t do this her. You can’t do this to—

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When We Almost Loved *IMAGINE* #WonhoEdition

So you all wanted to know what happened next in the story and I (actually listened and did what you wanted for once omg who even am I?) wrote more!

Here’s part 1/?

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Word Count: 1451

Wonho X Reader

“Isn’t it sweet!” The young nurse whispered to her co worker as the handsome man walked past their counter and down the corridor.

“Everyday at 3 he comes by to visit her! Even though she has no idea who he is and refuses to talk to him, he still comes and sits by her bedside, telling her stories and–”

“Everyday she tells him to leave and to not come again, yada yada I already know.” The older nurse told the younger. “Why are you so interested in their lives?”

“Because it’s tragic!” She responded not letting herself be deterred. “Imagine losing your memory but your love never letting you go! It sounds like a novel!”

Wonho could hear the gossip of the two ladies as he passed, but he tried to pretend that he couldn’t. It was tragic wasn’t? Him thinking that maybe if you saw him everyday your memory would restore and everything would go back to normal.

But what if this was the new normal?

Would he able to accept it? He asked himself, already knowing the answer.

He couldn’t lose you. He refused to. No matter how many times you turned away or closed your eyes, he wanted to make sure that he would be there when your mind came back, and nothing else was more important.

So this wasn’t tragic. It was just the third day, of the fourth week that he hadn’t let you go.

“Y/N?” He said softly as he knocked on your door. “Are you awake?”

Your deep sigh of frustration answered his question and he came meekly to sit by your side.

“What is it this time?” You prodded, already annoyed.

“What story are you going to tell me? What little picture are you going to magically produce out of your pocket? How many minutes will you last before you finally leave me alone?!” You asked, your voice elevating and breaking slightly.

You hated this.

You hated that your mind was a scrambled mess of loose ends and blurry edges.

You hated that hopeful look on his face that was begging for you to fix yourself.

Like you hadn’t already tried.

Like you weren’t still trying.

It wasn’t fair.

Wonho broke through your thoughts and you were confused as he shook his head and leaned back in the tiny hospital chair.

“I’m not going to sing a song and I’m not going to show you any pictures.”

He fell silent and watched you closely. His scrutinizing stare made you feel uncomfortable and you became all to aware of your present situation. Had you showered yet today? Brushed your teeth? You had gotten mad when your mom had busted into tears again and threw her out before she could help you out of bed to do your daily hygiene. You were to proud to utilize the nurses. They were nothing but a bunch of gossips anyway. Frittering around corners and shooting meaningful glances to each other right over you. Your brain was a little confused, true. But you could still hear and see. Something those dumb nurses couldn’t seem to comprehend.

Another minute passed and Wonho continued to stare at you with those beautiful eyes.

“I’ve got some advice for you kid” You spoke suddenly, hoping it would break the power of the gaze that he was wielding.

It didn’t work.

“What?” He asked still watching, but cocking his head to one side with interest.

“You’re a good looking guy, and I know you know that. Why don’t you go find a pretty girl out there with stars in her eyes, and do everything for her that you’re doing for me.”

“A girl…with stars in her eyes?” He repeated.

“Yeah” Gee was he deaf too? You wondered internally. “A pretty girl with stars.”

“I knew a pretty girl” He said softly. “A girl who wanted more than the stars and dreamed of the sky. She was light as air, and radiated warmth. She was feisty and strong, always wanting to show her independence. She knew how to change a tire, but would call me over to change a light bulb just because it was a waste of her time. She thought that this town was too small and wanted to see the world. I promised her we would sail the seven seas and be back by lunch.”

He choked up a little then and you tried to interrupt but he brushed you off and continued on.

“..She knew all the secrets of the universe and I trusted her completely. A moment with her would leave me breathless, and more alive than I knew was earthly possible. She was different. She was more. She cried when no one was looking because her dad was gone, but to all who knew her, she was the rock of her family, never letting her mother down.”

His words were making you feel anxious. The pure emotion injected into them by him was making you look away. You didn’t know who he was describing. But she sounded familiar. She sounded like someone you once knew.

“And when she kissed me….The birds hung suspended in the air. The clouds rolled back, fading away, and the sun itself descended onto our lips, bathing us both in the pure joy of loving and being loved.”

He leaned forward in his seat and grabbed your hand, and you turned your head back to face him.

“She was my only. And I miss her. I miss her so damn much.”

With that the tears he had been holding back ran freely down his cheeks and his shoulders began to strain under the weight of his invisible burden.

“I’m sorry” He whispered, laying his head down on your side. “You always saved me yet I wasn’t there to save you.”

The room was quiet as he cried beside you. Even the various buttons and levers seemed to lessen in sound and brightness. You didn’t know what to do and awkwardly pulled your hand out of his grip and began to stroke the back of his head.

He shot up and his hopeful eyes bore into you once more.

“Do you remember?” He asked, voice filled with desperation.

You offered him a regretful smile but shook you head. “That was beautiful, but I don’t know that person.”

He sighed and sat back in the tiny chair again, looking at the ceiling and sucking back in his tears.

“Okay how about if–”

Wonho’s words were cut off by the sudden appearance of a man in the doorway.

Wonho didn’t recognize him, but he felt a sense of darkness and unease.

“Y/N” The man called out as he made his way deeper into the room. “I came as soon as I found out! I lost your number and it took me forever to find the directions, but I made it! I’m here!” He continued brushing past Wonho and standing close to the bed.

“Junior?!” You screamed in excitement “Are you really here?!!”

“Woah, woah, woah” He chuckled. Stretching a hand out and caressing your face lovingly. “I haven’t heard that name in years. It’s Jinyoung, just like when we were young.”

Wonho watched in terror as Jinyoung leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on your lips.

His stomach flipped more as he watched you reach up and pull the stranger down by the neck, kissing him harder.

When the kiss ended, Jinyoung smiled and looked back at Wonho  who quivered silently in shock and anger.

“Who’s the pretty boy?” Jinyoung asked, his voice mocking and rude.

“Um..” You started. “I don’t actually kno–”

“I’m Wonho!” He said tightly. “I’m her boyfriend.”

Jinyoung gave him a pitying glance and a “tsk tsk tsk” emitted from his throat. “Ah that’s where you must be mistaken Wahwoe. I’m Y/N’s boyfriend and we’ve dated for the last 5 years.”

Bells and alarms began to sound off in Wonho’s head. He knew this dude! This was the creep that Y/N had dated before they had gotten together. She had said that he had been obsessed with her and hadn’t taken their break up lightly. There was no way he was going to let this reject idol look-alike steal his precious girl.

Especially not when he was this close to a miracle.

“Look here you pervert freak!! You can’t just walk in here and start kissin–”

“Leave Wonho!” You told him, desperate for the madness to end “Just go!”

“ But Y/N he’s not you–”

“You heard the lady” Jinyoung interjected, cutting Wonho off. “Leave.”

You screamed out in panic as Wonho hollered and charged Jinyoung, knocking him down to the floor and reigning down blows, which Jinyoung dodged throwing in his own.





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(A/N hahahahah cliffhanger!! You asked for more but you didn’t ask for closure so I decided to be like all the boy groups this year and explain nothing and bring only more questions into the mix! :p}

  • Carol: *has grey hair*
  • Certain parts of the fandom: She's an old lady, like everyones mom, how anyone can ship her with someone on this show is disgusting!
  • Rick: *has grey hair*
  • Same part of the fandom: Omg he is so sexy! Like a distinguished older man! I ship him with everyone on the show because he is so hot! #YasDaddy
  • Negan: *has grey hair*
  • Same part of the fandom: Negan is so fucking hot I wish I was one of his wives, spank me daddy.

preppyskeleton  asked:

If you could date one of your OCS which and why?

Time skip older Cog!

Because he’s more patient and understanding than his current, He doesn’t act tough and knows his own fears, will always try to find another way around a problem. He can still be pretty mean tho but I like when he gets aggressive omg also he’s handsome LMAO Specs u lucky man
Breathing Underwater - By: eversincewefellapart

Summary: Louis leans in and presses his body into Harry’s, arms folding between them, head tucked into his chest. He’s small and sure, warm, and he smells like coffee and caramel and the dying scent of roses. Harry wants to ruin him. It’s all he’s wanted since the first day he saw this boy; it’s become maddening.

Harry is a 27 year old business man and Louis is the 21 year old University student working at the coffee shop Harry comes into one day.


  • Words: 5135

Comments: This was soooo cute, it has smut, yes i know but i love it when harry is dominant, an OMG

omg i’m not done with that last post yet (here)

genji being the Suffering older brother who has to save his robotic lil siblings from embarrassment.

constantly having to explain to bastion that no, she doesn’t need a razor, her legs don’t grow hair. reassuring her that yes, he knows she’s a girl, and overwatch does too, but if she wants to be painted pink on her next maintenance day that’s up to her and he’ll help (and beat up whatever old man decides to say ‘why does it matter, it’s just a machine’ that day) 

being more of an adult than zenyatta and teaching him how to actually do maintenance on himself, groaning when zenyatta leaves the water running for the third time that week. “you don’t even drink water! you don’t have to wash your hands! why was the water even on?” applauding when zenyatta ACTUALLY uses the washing machine correctly (they’re working on the dryer still but they’re halfway there ok) 

sighing in fond exasperation when bastion mopes because she can’t wear any pretty clothes like the humans do. finding a large sunhat with a bright blue bow on it and standing on his tip toes to put it on her head and tie it under her ‘chin’ so it stays in place

zenyatta clapping in the background and saying, “you look beautiful!” and bastion trilling in joy and running around in circles and hugging genji carefully and genji loves his stupid siblings so much

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How would the Got7, EXO & BTS members react when they see that Mark, Sehun & Suga had several hickey marks on their necks & chest? (Caused by his gf of course)

BTS: These little shits omg, they would all point at Suga and be like oh someone got laid last night. I can see the younger members kind of teasing their hyung while the older members would be like how was it? Was it nice? Did you have fun? I’m proud of you man. I know you would’ve treated her well. Suga would overall not be embarrassed but he would have a shy smile on his face.

EXO: is gonna be like OMG guys look what our maknae has on him. Guys I think he got some last night. Woah Sehunnie aren’t you a little young to be doing these things? All the members are going to be I guess you could say prous of their maknae because he has finally crossed that line into adulthood. I think from then on all of them will have a little more respect for Sehunnie.

Got7 I think would be the same as BTS but they would be a lot more teasing since Mark is all of the members’ hyung. I think they would be really teasing of him. “Hyung? Did you and your girlfriend have a fun time last night? Wow she left some impressive marks on you.” Poor Mark would be really embarassed by his dongsaengs’ teasing but overall they would see Mark in  a new light since he now was actually getting some action. 

Thanks for asking! Hope you like it!


I just can’t with how hunched over Top has to be to look the same size as YB. He looks like that creepy uncle at the cookout that comes over to talk to you about what you e been doing with your lil boyfriends. This man is gonna have so many back problems when he gets older, tho omg. (But @top please bring back this long hair okay?)
YB is for some reason pointing at his dick and looking like he’s about to murder someone. Probably G who is refusing his kind embrace.
G looks like he as about to stab YB for thinking he’s allowed to touch him. His face is like “look at this peasant. Who does he think he is?” And then of course we’ve got that hat like scrambling to get away from his overly chemicalled blond head.

anonymous asked:

Liam sometimes talks about zayn like he's 10 years older than him: "he's a talente young man" and it makes me lol forever

omg I feel like in reality, he probably tries to hide the natural intimacy in his voice when he talks about Zayn and it ends up going to this weird fatherly zone BUT THAT SAID

can u imagine if that’s just how Liam talks to / about Zayn all the time?? like

On Zayn’s birthday [carrying a cake that he has painstakingly decorated himself]: hAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNG MAN

When Zayn wins a Grammy for his solo album [visibly restraining himself from leaping on-stage and giving a tearful full-length speech]: THAT’S MY BOY!!!!!


im dying help


So the recent shitstorm on social media about the dickwads on youtube (*cough* sam pepper *cough* jason veeoneeye or whatever the fuck his name is) has really got me thinking about all the things i hate in the world. I’m just gonna focus on Sam Pepper though . First of all if you are not up to date here is a brief review of the shitiness

- Sam pepper ( asshole extraordinaire) made a youtube video which he entitled “Fake hand ass pinch prank” (i already have a problem here. The word “prank” is not used correctly.This video was not a prank it was sexual assault) where he groped 5 unsuspecting womans butts in public. This is NOT OKAY.

He THEN  made a video (trying to cover his ass most likely) after the negative feedback on this video, where women would pinch unsuspecting mens butts. THIS IS NOT OKAY EITHER.

hE THEN MADE A FUCKING THIRD VIDEO IN ONCE LAST CHANCE TO SCAVENGE WHAT WAS LEFT OF HIS REPUTATION (AFTER THE SECOND VIDEO DIDNT GO DOWN WELL EITHER SURPRISE SURPRISE ITS STILL SEXUAL ASSAULT) MAKING IT SEEM AS IF IT WAS ALL A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT. DOUBLE STANDARDS ETC ETC. Now i believe that NO ONE should be sexually assaulted and double standards is a major issue in society. But from the first video it was obvious that this was not a social experiment. 

All three videos were taken down by youtube and he is suspended from his account. Now here is when it gets interesting because during all this shit, multiple girls have come forward admitting that they were sexually assaulted, emotionally abused or raped, at the hands of Sam Pepper. 

I’m so emotional and angry and upset and sad and fucking furious,about the pain this scumbag has caused. But also i’m happy.Not because of what he did omg . But because Youtubers and bloggers are taking a stand against the injustice , and calling him out on one of the worst things i believe you can do to another human being. With these girls confessions he has nowhere to hide. He can’t just apologise and it will all be done with, because we know what he did .  

Now i don’t know what it is like to be raped. I can’t even begin to imagine it. But about two years ago when i was 13 years old an older man grabbed my ass . Oh how incredibly embarrassed he was when i turned round and he realised how young i was. Not that the embarrassment for me mattered. So I passed it off as a mistake and had a laugh about it. But as this memory crawled out of the depths of my brain i knew it was not a mistake. He meant to do it, he just didn’t know my age. I now know this is not an excuse.

You can’t ever have a good excuse for sexual assault or rape.

Sam Pepper needs to pay for his crime. Because i believe all big crimes are stealing.

Murder is robbing you of your life. 

Stealing is robbing you of your possessions.

And rape is robbing you of your pride, voice, peace of mind and countless other things.


Bye. xox