omg he gave me the finger


Bert: “Wow, you drew me. Ok I’ll draw you, and I’ll give you a rad thumbs up and a big heart because I can tell you have a big heart” 

Okay but imagine Erin’s clothes being completely dirty that she has only ripped shorts, a blank tank top and a leather jacket she had from Abby (“Birthday Present!” “I-I will never wear this but thank you, Abs.) and then goes downstairs (cause we all know she has that little corner window above Holtz) and everyone is just surprised like who is this completely amazingly hot woman. Like imagine Abby being shocked and then celebrating like yes that birthday gift I gave her IS FINALLY COMING TO USE; Patty is just like damn girl work it and then Holtz is just drooling and tripping as she walks back to the table to continue working on whatever invention she’s working on again and dropping her Pringles like omg take me please nothing can ever fulfill my thirst. (And Kevin doesn’t even bat an eye because we all know he has a boyfriend but all he does is finger gun her)

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I want a mini fic of everything of everything that goes trough Baz's head while they are holding hands

I already wrote something like this here but I’m just gonna do it again because I can never get enough of snowbaz holding hands.

Simon Snow has disgusting hands.

For one thing, they’re clammy as fuck. Maybe it’s just a necessary side effect of being a walking furnace, but Simon’s hands are perpetually damp.

I know this because I’m holding his hand right now, and because I spend the majority of my time these days holding one or more of Simon Snow’s hands.

The first time he held my hand after it all happened was in the car. He was curled up in the back seat with his head in my lap and his feet up and I was stroking his hair while Bunce and her mother yelled at me from the front seat to keep him awake. That was when they thought we could save his magic. But I knew we couldn’t. And I think Simon knew too.

He touched my hand so lightly at first I almost didn’t feel it. Then he wrapped his fingers around mine and wouldn’t let go for the next four hours.

That was the beginning of my obsession with his hands.

See, despite the clamminess, he’s warm. He’s always so warm. And not in the smoky, about-to-burst-into-flames way he used to be. Now he’s just warm because he’s so alive. 

I can feel the blood rushing through his veins when I touch his wrist and I have a feeling that if I bit him it would come out looking like liquid gold.

He has freckles and moles everywhere on his body (and I mean everywhere) except on his palms. I find it fascinating, like somebody took an eraser to his hands and rubbed off all the constellations.

His nails are short and stubby because he bites them off (again, disgusting) but on him they just somehow look right.

His hands are smaller than mine. He says holding my hand makes him feel like a little kid, and that’s only emphasized in the winter when he insists on wearing the mittens Bunce gave him last Christmas.

Right now we’re walking back from the cinema (La La Land- it was spectacular) and his mittens are in his pockets for a rare moment. His fingers are intertwined with mine and he’s smiling down at the ground. We’re not talking. We don’t need to. He has me right at his fingertips, and I have him at mine.


  • Okay so for the version where you don’t see color until you meet your soulmate I imagine you meeting him on the street. You’re like OMG IT’S LUCIO and ask for selfie. Because he’s a sweetheart, he’s like “haha sure!” He wraps an arm over your shoulders for the picture and just as his fingers touch your skin the world around the two of you bursts into color. The picture is all but forgotten and you two just look at each other. Then finally, Lucio breaks the silence. “I think I’m the one who wants a picture with you.” 
  • And because I am a feelsy nerd, I also have an idea how meeting him in the “first words they say to you are on your wrist” soulmate au. On his wrist are the words “Would you mind taking a picture with me?” As a kid, of course, this seemed weird, but once he became a famous musician and freedom fighter, it made sense. However, that’s a question he gets asked all the time. Every time it happens, he lights up and gets really excited and hopeful, but every time the other person isn’t it. But he’s a positive frog boi, so he keeps his hopes up that it’ll happen.
  • And then you come along. “Sure thing!” is what has been on your wrist your entire life. So when you ask Lucio for a picture and he responds with exactly that you can’t breathe for a second. He gets worried at the look on your face and asks what’s wrong only to notice what you’re staring at. His words. On your wrist. And yours on his…
  • Regardless of which au you choose, you two do end up taking that selfie, and Lucio posts it to his instagram. “GUESS WHO FOUND THEIR SOULMATE” is the caption. The comments sections freaks out with congratulatory messages and such. One fan comments “luckyyyy,” referring to you. But when Lu sees it, he makes it a point to reply to it with “Yeah I am, I know!”
  • It isn’t until later when you two are sitting with each other and scrolling through you social media feeds that you see that little reply. You blush and cover your smile with your hand. Frog baby spots that movement out of the corner of his eyes and looks over at you. When he sees what’s on your screen, he laughs. “It’s true!” Oh my GOD it’s illegal for someone to be this sweet.
  • You’re sitting there blushing when he asks you something. “…Can I kiss your forehead?” You blink at him. “You’re just being really cute and I want to make sure you’re comfortable with it first.” GOOD GOLLY THIS BOY. He gets a nod and smile from you and when you close your eyes at the feeling of his lips on your skin, you know that you’re going to love this life of yours.
Testing The Waters

This one’s for all the lovely people who have been sending in requests. Sorry I missed a few of them last week. Thanks for reading! :)

I jolted in bed at the thunderous sound. It was coming from downstairs. As my eyes adjusted to the morning light my phone started buzzing. Unable to read the name properly I picked up my phone only to miss the call.

What was all this frenzy about?

I groggily walked downstairs to respond to the banging on the main door.

“About time ya woke up sleepy head”

“Finn?” I stood at the entrance furrowing my brows at him. “It’s like only 9am. And it’s a fucking Saturday.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“So you know what day it is. Great. Now let me in.” He shoved past me inside, carrying a large bag in his hands.

“You can’t just barge into my apartment like that!” I protested. Not that I didn’t want him to be here, just that as a best friend it was my duty to be an asshole to him and vice versa.

“I already did honey.” Finn shot me a smirk.

Placing my hands in the pockets of my sweatpants I quietly observed him set up clothes and some board games on the sofa.

“Woah, what are you here for? Camping?” I commented sarcastically.

Finn looked up at me with a bewildered expression.

“Please tell me you didn’t forget…” He whispered to himself in disbelief.

I watched his facial expression change as the realisation dawned on me. Finn was meant to sleepover for the next two days. He was going on a long tour Monday onwards; which meant I wouldn’t see him for several months. Not having your best friend around was hard. So we decided to make best use of his time off before he jetted away again. We had been planning the sleepover for a week now.

“I, uh..” I scrambled to find the right words but it was too late. Finn was fuming. He clenched his jaw and looked away rolling his eyes.

“Finn I did remember!” I tried convincing him. “It’s just that…I kind of made dinner plans with Michael…” My voice trailed off as I thought this wasn’t the best time to be honest with him.

Finn’s eyes shot daggers at me.

“What? You’re seeing that guy from your university now?” Finn enquired.

“I’m not seeing him. Not yet anyway. We’re just…sort of, testing the waters.” I tried explaining myself.

Testing the waters.“ Finn scoffed and shook his head.

“This doesn’t mean anything, I’ll just be out for a few hours, we can still do the sleepover okay.” I tried to calm him down.

“Not anymore.” Finn began collecting his things and placing them back in the bag.

Honestly, this was pretty shocking to me. Finn wasn’t naturally quick tempered and he certainly never reacted this way before.

“Finn, come on. Why are you making such a fuss over nothing?”

“It’s not nothing (y/n). I know I’ve been away for quite some time but it hasn’t been so long that you start forgetting shit like this.”

“I’m sorry okay, I’ll cancel on Michael. Just stop being mad.” I tried appeasing him.

“How do I stop being mad when I’ve just learnt that I’m not even important to you anymore!” Finn retorted.

“Finn you are important to me, oh God why are you even acting like this?!” I raised my voice now, growing visibly agitated by his tantrum.

“Because I fucking love you and you don’t even care!” He shouted.

Did Finn just say the L-word?

“Oh god why did I even say that.” He mumbled to himself running his hands through his short hair. I stood still, staring at him not knowing what to say.

He exhaled sharply and set his bag down. “Look (y/n). I’d been looking forward to spending time with ya. And I guess it does seem like I’m blowing things out of proportion right now but that’s only because…” Finn paused and licked his lips, diverting his gaze briefly. He walked up to me taking my hand in his and looked me right in the eye before continuing. “I’m tired of keeping things to myself. I’m tired of hiding my feelings for you. I’ve been in love with you for a very long time and it just hurts to see you put someone else before me.”

My heart was racing in my chest. I could not believe my ears. Yet somehow I managed to wrap my arms around him in a gentle hug. Finn stood still for a moment, keeping his hands by his sides. I pulled away with a confused expression on my face that posed a why-aren’t-you-hugging-me-back? question.

“So I’m guessing the feelings are mutual then?” Finn asked shyly.

“Are you naturally this dumb or do you need to work at it?” I laughed.

Finn’s face lit up with an adorable smile. He slowly laced his fingers with mine, looked up at me and said; “Hey, uh, don’t move.”

I obediently stood still as he edged closer and kissed my cheek. Trying hard not to blush, I gave him a warm smile. He leaned back taking a good look at me.

"And that’s how you test the waters.” He grinned at me before leaning in for a passionate kiss.

We were interrupted by my phone’s loud ringtone. It was Michael.

“Omg what do I tell him?” I panicked.

“Tell him to fuck off.” Finn said sternly.

“Finn I’m serious! Oh never mind, I’ll make up something.” I rush to the kitchen to attend the call, momentarily leaving Finn by himself.

“What happened?” Finn asked as I returned to the living room several minutes later.

“Surprisingly, Michael wanted to cancel for today too.” I said almost questioningly.

“Good riddance.” Finn commented. He was sitting on the sofa now, with his arms spread out on the headrest.

“You never really liked him did you?” I smiled at his childlike display of jealousy and took a seat next to him.

“I wanted to fucking coup de grace him every time I saw him.” He smirked to himself.

“You’re ridiculous.” I say bemused.

“Only for you.” Finn smiled at me sincerely.

I would have said something if I hadn’t been melting on the inside. I had been in love with Finn for a very long time. But I kept denying my feelings for him because I was afraid it would ruin our friendship. I guess that’s where guys like Michael fit in the picture.

“You still want to go out for dinner?” Finn interrupted my thoughts.

“I guess so. Yeah.”

Finn licked his lips and gave me a nod. “It’s going to be a date then.”

That made me blush. My face was probably bright red at the thought of our first date.

Finn grinned at me. “You’re blushing.”

“No I’m not!” I adjusted my composure trying to keep a straight face.

Finn erupted into a series of giggles. He was clearly enjoying this.

“Where are we going though?” I quickly tried changing the subject.

“How about we Netflix and chill?” Finn winked cheekily.

“Fuck off.” I pursed my lips to keep myself from laughing. I stood up from the sofa only to be pulled back down by Finn. He kept his arms locked around my waist and whispered in my ear, “We leave at 8. And this time you better not forget.”


Spencer Reid x Reader One Shot

Word Count: 925

Request prompt:  can i request one where the reader has incredibly long, soft hair and spencer *loves* it, and its basically fluff about all the crazy hairstyles he does and just him playing with her hair, maybe with smooches? O:

A/N: Here’s a lil thingy for ya beautiful anonymous requester! I was a little vague about the length of the hair so it could be a bit more inclusive to anyone reading. Hope that was okay! There a plenty of Spencer smooches in there to make up for it. Thank you for being the first to send in a request, lovey ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Summary: Spencer loves his girlfriend’s hair almost as much as he loves her. (Maybe a little more.)


You knew something was up when you woke from you nap with your boyfriend staring at you, trying (and failing) to hold back a laugh. He had that mischievous glint in his eyes that told you he did something he shouldn’t have but he refused to tell you what.

But when you walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, you knew exactly what had the BAU doctor in fits of laughter, earning him that sharp cry of his name.

While you were sleeping, Spencer managed to tie a bunch of mini ponytails all around your head. Sadly, this wasn’t the wackiest thing the young doctor had ever done to your hair.

“I must confess, this is the most attractive I’ve ever seen you,” he teased, leaning up against the bathroom door frame with a smug little grin on his face.

“Oh yeah?” you asked sarcastically. “How’s this for attractive?!” You rushed headfirst at an unsuspecting Spencer, whipping him with your hair.

He let out a surprised laugh, half-heartedly pushing you away. “Noooo! How could you use my own masterpiece against me!”

You grabbed onto the front of his shirt to hold him in place as you shook your head, tickling his nose. “How d'you like me now, boy genius?”

Your head-shaking came to a stop when Spencer used his large hands to cup both sides of your face. You scrunched up your nose, earning a small kiss to the top of it.

“I’m gonna get you back for this, just you wait,” you warned playfully, “I’m thinking maybe… a spiky faux hawk?”

The two of you did this often, fixing each other’s hair into wacky styles. More often than not, the styles Spencer chose were things you might’ve done to your hair on crazy hair day in elementary school. Silly spikes, millions of little ponytails, hair batted up to a height you had no idea your hair could reach… But he always graciously allowed you to return the favor and your possibilities were endless with that messy head of hair he had.

While Spencer having a weird hairdo was usually a retaliatory move on your end, your boyfriend genuinely enjoyed playing with your hair.

In fact, you were pretty sure he loved your hair more than he loved you. You jokingly told him that on multiple occasions.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Spencer chided, “and before you say it for the 63rd time, no, I do not love your hair more than I love you.” He tugged on one of your ponytails. “I love you a little bit more.”

“Just a little more?”

“I love all of you, silly. I love your forehead.” He placed a kiss on between your eyebrows. “I love your nose.” He kissed the tip. “Love your cheeks.” He pecked both of them. “Your lips.” He sealed his lips against yours in a searing kiss, before placing a trail of kiss down past your jawline. “Your neck…” His voice was soft and you felt him give you a feather-light kiss right at your pulse point.

You savored the sensation for a moment before pushing at his chest playfully. “Alright, Casanova, I get it, you like me for my body,” you said in jest. You wiggled out of his grip after giving him a quick kiss under his jaw, heading back to your room to look for your phone.

You had an entire album dedicated to the funky hairdo’s the two of you gave to each other. Your current lockscreen photo was a selfie of you and Spencer both sporting crazy hair, faces squished together mid-laugh.

You snapped a quick picture and looked up to see your boyfriend waiting for you in bed. He patted the space between his legs, gesturing for you to come over so he could undo your hair. You leapt onto the bed, head starting to ache a little from all the ties in your hair.

Spencer used a gentle hand to carefully pull the hair ties out, combing his fingers through your hair to smooth it down. When he was finished, you relaxed back into his chest, allowing him to wrap his long arms around your middle.

“Wanna read some more Steinbeck?” you asked, gesturing over to where your latest read was sitting on the bedside table.

You felt Spencer’s head shake against side of your head. “I think I’d prefer if we just sat here for a little bit. I like holding you like this.”

A smile threatened to take over your entire face. “The romance never ends with you, does it, Dr. Reid?” It seemed impossible, but your body relaxed even further onto Spencer’s. You could feel your heartbeats holding the same steady cadence.

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you, too, Spence.”

You felt one of Spencer’s hands move up towards the ends of your hair, just as it usually did. As he twirled a cluster of strands onto his finger, you couldn’t help but let another teasing comment leave your mouth.

“Even if you love my hair more than you love me.”


You curled into him, intertwining your fingers, placating him with a soft kiss to the cheek. As your breathing evened out and a comfortable silence filled the room, you gave him one last squeeze and the two of you basked in the feeling of happiness and warmth.

I hope you liked it! Any comments, likes, reblogs, and requests are very much appreciated. OMG ALSO thank you so much for the lovely feedback on my first story! I love you all 

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I love how the members have a soft spot for baby bun bun like he can stab them in the chest and they'll be like "DAWWWWWW who gave you that little knife sweetie? Come on, let's drive to the hospital before I bleed to death and we can go get icecream after" :,)

I LAUGHED SO HARD OMG “who gave you that little knife sweetie?” I CRIED and the ice cream part LET ME LIVE THIS IS GREAT But tbh, their soft spot for him is so massive we can’t even see the borders. He has them pretty much wrapped around his finger.

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Can I have a headcanon about how Dva would react on finding out that Lucio was planning on popping the question in an interview, unknkwing that she's watching/listening? What would she say when she sees him?


  • Lucio was invited onto a quite popular radio station for an interview and a little jam session if time allowed.
  • wouldn’t be able to listen in because of a Starcraft event going on all day that she was going to be a part, so she made up for it by letting him pick out dinner and the movie the night before.
  • She actually catches a quick break between matches and quickly pulls up the radio station on her phone while relaxing in a lounge all by herself to see if she can catch it.
  • Their talking about this singer and this song and whatnot, but’s just really enjoying the sound of Lucio’s voice. He’s only a couple hours away, but it makes her feel better, not quite as stressed as she was before. 
  • “So I heard you and your girl are getting pretty serious. Now what I’m wondering is where’s the ring?”
  • “Actually… I’ve got in my pocket right now.”
  • “Wait, you serious man?”
  • “Yeah, haha, I really am. It’s kind of a secret, but I was planning on popping the question after she wins the Starcraft tournament tonight.”
  • “My man! That’s amazing! We’ll all be watching then tonight on the Starcraft reports to see you guys. Good luck, dude!”
  • just feels herself freeze into place, like literally, she has a death grip on her phone. Even after the radio station cuts to commercial, she stays there stunned. 
  • He wants to marry me.
  • Then it finally registers that Lucio wants her forever and always in the most public way possible and in official from with the whole world knowing that she is his.
  • She feels the smallest smile tug at her face as her arms finally decide to obey her brain and set the phone down in her lap. She’s terrified, but her heartbeat reminds her softly that this isn’t a mistake. 
  • Before she could think about it anymore she’s yelled for the new match and she’s off and battling and doing her absolutely best. Her battles are won by a complete landslide and even by her standards, she’s killing it.
  • She wins. Too easy, she thinks.
  • Then she’s waiting for Lucio. She can hardly sit with the way her legs are bouncing up and down. She’s buzzing with energy, and she can’t wipe the smile from her face. 
  • Then he finally comes, all happy and she doesn’t even bother acting surprise at his ‘unannounced arrive’
  • “Honey bunny, I managed to get away from the interview early just to see you—”
  • wraps her arms around him before kissing him so hard and with so much passion.
  • “Yes.”
  • She says it in his ear just before the announcers call her onto the stage and when she steps away from Lucio she watches his expression change from ‘Does she know?’ to ‘How in the world did she find out?’
  • She goes out grinning like a mad man and accepts her trophy before the announcers on cue announce that someone wants to ask her a very important question. She’s just standing there so smug the entire time, because she already gave her answer to the question.
  • Lucio walks to her nevertheless in front of the crowd and the T.V. camera’s and the whole world. He’s grinning while softly shaking his head and pulling a box out of his pocket.
  • “You just had to beat me to it, didn’t you?”
  • He slips the ring on her finger, the moissanite green gem with smaller white diamonds surrounding it shines up at her. 
  • She kisses him, in front of the world, because he’s hers, and everyone better know it.
  • “I always win.”

Bunnyribbit slays bruh

Teach me how to play (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

Request: Can you do an imagine where liam teaches you how to play lacrosse and you end up making out

 A/n: This would probably suck since I don’t know anything about lacrosse and it would be a short one. But I hope you like it

 “Why am I here again?” I questioned Liam as I give him a confused look. Ever since I started dating Liam, he insisted that one day he’ll teach me how to play his favorite sport, lacrosse. I like to watch sports instead of actually playing it. I suck at sports, ask anyone and they’ll tell you how bad I am at them.

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What would the MysMe cast do when they wake up in the middle of the night to find their SO missing from the bed?

Disclaimer : I’m not done with all of the routes on MysMe yet, but I’ve been looking at spoilers on tumblr etc and I hope they’re all in character lol 

Zen :

- generally sleeps very deeply once he actually goes to sleep

- would read scripts till crack of dawn if SO isn’t there to entice him to bed lololol

- he’s a morning person 

- so he goes from asleep to awake super fast 

- would climb out of bed once he realizes you’re not there

- looks in the toilet first but there’s no one there

- you’re in the living room watching one of his DVDs lol 

- “Sweetie, come back to bed ???” 

- “ You can’t sleep so you’re watching one of my DVDs? I’m right here tho Come here I’ll sing you a song “ 

“ Or I can tire you out real quick heh” 

- “Come on i’ll give you a private performance to put you to sleep altho it might have the opposite effect cause im so handsome haha

- real talk tho “do you want a hot cup of tea? water? or we could just cuddle and watch the DVD together :)” 

-has drawn closer as he’s talking and sat beside you, squeezing your thigh to reassure himself and burying his face in your neck to smell you 

- both of you prob end up cuddling and sleeping on the couch and wake up with cricks in your neck lol 


- this kid sleeps like the dead

- needs like five minutes to realize something is wrong

- sits up and just sorts of squints at everything wondering what is wrong 

- gets up once he realizes you’re missing 

- finds you playing LOLOL because you can’t sleep haha 

- “you can’t sleep?? why?? not tired? oh ok”

- “but i wanna cuddle and it’s nicer to sleep together”

- “eh you don’t have to apologise! it’s my fault for being needy

- “You’re raiding a dungeon without me??!!! Uwaaaaah that’s mean !! Wait for me I’ll login right now this very minute nooooooo don’t go in yet!!”

- end up playing LOLOL till the crack of dawn together haha


- immediately realizes you’re not there

- continues lying there waiting for you to come back from the bathroom or maybe drinking water in the kitchen lol 

- when you don’t appear she gets up and looks around the house but??? you’re ?? gone???

- double checks all the rooms before pulling out phone and calling

- you’re at the convenience store because of reasons (couldn’t sleep and wanted coffee or something)

- “I’ll make a cup for you, please come back now, it might be dangerous so late at night” 

- “ Of course it’s not any trouble, I can start on work early too since I’m already awake”

- goes downstairs wrapped in a coat and slippers to wait for you to walk back her hair v messy and glasses on her face

- you guys head upstairs hand in hand smiling quietly god domestic bliss is amazing y’all

- makes you warm milk tea/hot chocolate and starts to check her e-mails from work

- you fall asleep to the sound of her typing and her hand in your hair 


- gets out of bed slowly so he won’t make noise that would wake Elizabeth 3rd

- sees you in the kitchen sipping water

- sits on the couch and asks for water also 

- “ three cubes of ice in room temperature water will suffice” 

- “okay trust fund kid whatever you want” 

- the both of you just sip water for awhile in silence

- stops you from eating when you think you’re hungry

- “ you will get fat if you eat in the middle of the night.”

- “ are you saying i’m fat???”

- “ ….it has been scientifically proven that digesting will keep you awake, and you should still be in bed.” wow jumin deflection level 9000 

- drags you if you refuse to go to bed

- “you can stay awake but I want to sleep and you should be in the bed with me.” 

- goes to sleep once you’re in a position he likes and you’re running your fingers through his hair exasperatedly 


- suffers from insomnia

- patience very short after just waking up

- “why aren’t you in bed with me

- finds you entertaining yourself looking at his cross-dressing photo collection

- calms down when he realizes you can’t sleep

- decides since the both of you can’t get back to sleep then “let’s watch a movie”

- he’ll put in an animation because it’s cute (probably Wall-E or like Big Hero 6) and you guys just cuddle on the couch

- “ i feel like drinking Dr Pepper, what about you? what do you mean there’s no Dr Pepper omg did I finish everything already???

- you guys shift around until he realizes he likes having you as a blanket even on the couch

- you wear his hoodie so you don’t get cold

- ends up falling asleep with you on top of him fingers laced with yours poor bby he needs rest 


- immediately realizes you’re not there 

- wakes up panicking f**k u Rika u gave my bby anxiety/abandonment issues 

- when he finds you he will touch your face and arms and check your pulse to make you’re there you’re alright oh thank goodness you’re still here 

- “you scared me” he’ll mumble but like really softly so you’ll be like “what” and he’ll be like “nothing, let’s go back to sleep dear” 

- follows you around when you decide to make tea for the both of you since he seems a bit agitated and you can’t sleep

- sits you on his lap once the tea is done because constant physical contact with you reassures him

- drinks tea with one hand and rubs fingers against the naked skin right above your heart, feeling the pulse and beat with his ears and through touch

- says he’ll wash the cups and he does (he likes taking care of people, esp you <3) even tho he makes a lot of noise since he can’t see for shit

- climbs back into bed and presses his ears to your chest to listen to your heartbeat

- you both fall back asleep after awhile with him hugging you tighter than usual because he was so scared you were just a dream and he had lost you 

Unknown / Saeran

- lays in bed for awhile trying to get back to sleep because he doesn’t care he actually does lol, since he’s been sleeping better since you joined him in bed :3

- gets angry when he realizes he wants to find you and drag you back

- moody/stormy expression when he finds you 

- rips away whatever you’re holding (cup of water? it gone. book? it gone too. a dildo? he glares and it gone the fastest lulz. food? it gone into his mouth as he chews aggressively how dare food entice u away from him)

- “why aren’t you in the bed? what do you mean why am i angry? im not angry im not the one pulling a disappearing act in the middle of the night!”

- looks very dissatisfied because he has no idea what he’s feeling and he doesn’t like that tight feeling in his chest when he doesn’t know where you’ve gone 

- “you’re supposed to stay where i can see you.” he growls and pushes you back onto the bed (he’ll drag / carry you if you protest lol)

- flops down on top of you gently and tells you to shut up and go back to sleep 

- “i need to pee” 

“just hold it in” lets you go to the toilet and spends the few moments he’s alone just thinking about how he doesn’t want to lose you and when did he become so weak? but like in a good way 

- thinking about feelings make him tired and he just plants his face in the crook of your neck and curls up around you koala style and goes right back to sleep lol 

Omg ..Star wants to braid Toffee’s hair while she’s being held hostage (and she gave up the missing finger so he doesnt need to possess Ludo anymore) and hes like “Do not touch me. I dont want to be touched with your filthy hands.”


“No. You’re gross. I mean..Certainly not as bad as Ludo but…Don’t touch me, gross child.”

She starts crying and he’s like “OH FINE” and she puts like a ton of cute ribbons and flowers in his hair. He fights with it like that too because he forgot it was like that LMAO ….everyones like “omg Toffee…i love the new look..”

Star puts flowers in Ludos beard too and hes like !!! “IM SO PRETTY!!!!!! 😍 also where am I. Idk whats happening :(”

Car Rides (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

Request: Could you do a stiles smut where you’re on a stake out in his jeep and end up having sex but get caught by the rest of the pack and get told off

; ….but can you do a stiles imagine where y/n and stiles get bored of school so they leave and go on a ride but stop somewhere and it gets pretty heated but they get caught by parish or sheriff. Thanks :)

 A/n: i decided to put these two together so i hope you like it! I wanted to post something on Tuesday but i was at the hospital so i didnt have any chance to post anything. 

  Request are open x

 School was boring as usual and it was just the morning. Sometimes i just want to get away from everything and these annoying teachers but i do need an education to survive in the future.

 I was standing infront of my locker putting some books ,that i didn’t need, away. As i was putting some books away i could feel someone presence next to me. I put the last book in my locker and closed it before turning around and to face whoever was standing next to me. 

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Long Calum Imagine *Smut*

Request: no



Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! love you xxx




Christmas Special – Calum

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So I was in a bad stage bcs of my ex bf and I went to some friends bcs they had a party at an apartment building and someone invited my ex (we didn't talk for like 4 months) and when I saw him i wanted to cry bcs I still love him. Anyways, after 2 hrs he came at me and we went in a room and he told me that he missed me and we started making out and stuff and I felt that he was horny asf ( i was horny too) and he started fingering me and i gave him the best bj omg best night ever 😻

Jack Johnson smut imagine

Another one for heyyitskatieelove


Katie’s POV

“Back already guys” I say as I continue to make myself a sandwich, “yeah” I turn around to see that Johnson has his ears pierced and his hair cut, I have to admit he looks hot, not that he wasn’t hot before but god dam! I turn away and walk towards the couch to sit down and eat and then Madison walks into the house.

“You ready babe” she asks Gilinsky and he nods, “hey Katie” she smiles and I smile back “hey mads, where you two off to” “oh just the movies” I nod “have fun” “will do” she smiles then they both leave and Johnson joins me on the couch. “Nice hair cut” I say, not even looking at him, “thanks, like the ears too?” He asks and I look at him and nod. “Is this the boy next door” “mhmm” “nice”.

The next few minutes we both sit in silence, I put my plate on the table and put my feet up on the couch, Johnson puts his arm around me and I rest my head on his shoulder. After he does that a sex scene comes on and let me tell you the whole time I was imagining Johnson doing and saying the things that Ryan Guzman says to Jennifer in the film to me. But no me and him are just friends so I doubt it’d happen.

All of a sudden I feel his hand rest on my thigh and the shortly after he moves it up, I look up at him and he connects his lips to mine hungrily. We continue to make out for a while before separating. We are both out of breathe after that “wanna take this upstairs” he pants and I agree, he stands up and reaches his hand out for me to grab.

I stand up and he kisses me again, “jump baby girl” I do as I’m told and I jump, I wrap my legs around his waist and he carries me up to his room. He lies me down on the bed and he slides my shorts down then he slides my panties down. He spreads my legs and then he looks up and smirks at me, he leans in closer then he begins to eat me out aggressively. Wow who knew Johnson was an animal, “fuck omg” I scream out as I cling onto the sheets and arch my back. He then stops just as I’m close to reaching my climax.

He gets up and walks to the bathroom, leaving me a hot mess on his bed. Shortly after he returns… Naked!

He puts the condom on then he joins me on the bed, he lies down on his back and I get on top of him, I sit on his Dick and ride him slowly as I adjust to his size. Once I’m used to him I start to ride him faster than I’ve ever done before. “Fuck baby girl you look so hot when you ride me” he then takes my top of and un clips my bra, once my bra and top are off my boobs start to bounce as I ride him. He reaches up and grabs my boobs. I continued to ride him until he flips us over.

He lifts my leg over his shoulder and he starts to pound into me which sends me over the edge,“I’m close, don’t stop” he continues to fuck me hard and rub my clit at the same time. I reach my high but he doesn’t stop.

He continues to fuck me and then he stops, he pulls out and stands up, he grabs my hand and picks me up, he starts to fuck me against the wall and I gotta say I always had a feeling that he was rough in bed, I was right!

“You like it when I fuck you against the wall baby” he whispers in my ear “fuck I’m gonna come again” “come for me baby girl, come on” I reach my second orgasm but he still doesn’t stop! He lies me back down on the bed and he slams into me again. He pulls out and lowers himself, he starts to eat me out again which sends me into my third orgasm. After that he stops and lies on his back, I get up and take the condom off.

I lick the tip of his Dick and then I put all of him in my mouth, I hear him pant, he’s a moaning mess and just knowing i can make him feel this way makes me feel good. “Fuck baby I’m close” not long after he comes and I swallow every drop. I get up and attempt to walk to the bathroom, not gonna lie he fucked me pretty hard so the struggle is real right now.

“You okay baby” he chuckles, I stick my middle finger up at him then I walk into the bathroom to take a shower.

*later that day*

Me and jack decide to watch the rest of that film and half way through Madison and Jack come home, jack and jack both leave to go to the studio to finish recording their new EP leaving me and Madison alone. “So what did you and Johnson do today” she asks and I giggle. “You didn’t? Katie you fucked him” she smirks “maybe” “omg” “he’s amazing in bed omg, gave me three orgasms” she widens her eyes “fuck” I nod “yeah so let’s just say I’ll go there again” we both laugh and continue to watch the film. Wow what a day.

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☼ (EVIL LAUGHTER COMMENCES xD - I hope you don't mind :3)

Send in ☼ for my muse’s reaction to yours sliding their hand up mine’s thigh 

The little demon almost jumped, caught off guard by the unmistakable feeling of a hand sliding slowly up his thigh, making heat crawl across his cheeks as he raised his head to look at the other man. He swallowed, nervous and uncertain and curious.

“U-Um…” Ver tried, only to get distracted as the other’s fingers gave a subtle squeeze. His breath hitched, effectively forgetting what he’d been about to say. “Th– ah…y-you’re–”

( Oh Lord, what was he supposed to–? )


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my boyfriend and I went swimming with 2 other friends, he didn't have a towel so I said he could use mine. He dragged me into the cubicle and he took my towel from me (I was naked from the shower) and started drying my back for me. The towel dropped, his hands lowered and one thing lead to another and he started fingering me in the cubicle. It was so hot, I gave him a hand job and the riskiness made it so hot. omg, my moans were so difficult to control and my friends to this day have no idea....