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Peter Capaldi being an absolute cinnamon roll and thanking each individual person involved with his happy birthday video! (x)

Thank you to everybody in the world who was kind enough to think about me and send me best wishes on my birthday! Unfortunately,  I can’t get around everybody, and say thank you personally because otherwise there’d be no time left to make Doctor Who, which is what we’re in the middle of doing at the moment. But in the meantime…

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kohiihime replied to your link “TAKAHIROと武井咲、結婚&妊娠3ヶ月を発表 来年第1子誕生へ「ますます精進して参ります」 | ORICON NEWS”

Bakahiro said he’d love a daughter more ^^ and Igirashi-san will have a sister :)))

Awwwww! She’s gonna be spoiled as f. And really pretty!

I’m so for this!

- Admin A

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Bucky has you tied up and gagged to the couch with a vibrator on low between your legs. But some of the avengers come by and he doesn't have time to untie you. So he hides you behind the couch still tied up, and controls the vibrator as you try not to make a noise as he speaks to the rest of the Avengers.

Omg I can picture it and the avengers being like “is someone’s phone on vibrate?”

Moaning Monday™

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ok how abt jeremy taking french classes and like jean helping him with some homework as to how to pronounce stuff and jeremy is like just,, heart-eyes or something like that

oh boi i just ,, 

  • jeremy is taking french and it is 100% because of his course and 0% because of jean always muttering/outright talking in french and jeremy having no IDEA what he says but he looks so intense and its hot,,,
  • so jeremy is taking french. he can say oui non and bonjour by the third class which is TOTALLY good progress
  • when jean notices the notebook with present tense verbs he’s like O.O but he doesnt say anything (kinda freaking out bc what if jeremy understood those times he said something about his biceps and face and abs and ;;;;;;)
  • its all fun at first but ofc university = exams and requirements so jeremy cant really afford to fail the class. he’s the only one on the team taking it, so ofc he HAS to go to jean for help
  • jean is Indifferent but helps him bc he can snap at jeremy whenever he’s wrong and call him stupid so of course he’s up for that
  • they’re doing house-related vocabulary and jeremy just cant say the word placard which apparently is written the same way in french but when jean says it it sounds like a cOMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORD WHAT THE F
  • its been half an hour and they are both getting Frustrated. Jean keeps saying ‘just say the R like you mEAN IT, Jeremy Knox, stop with your stupid english rolling on the letters like they’re just waves youre surfing over!!!’ and using weird metaphors,, idk man the french
  • by that time jeremy is totally not listening anymore. he’s just staring at jean being all flustered and annoyed and his hands moving everywhere the way french people speak with their hands. 
  • jean notices jeremy’s just staring at him without listening
  • he explodes in french ESPECE DE PD TU POURRAIS AU MOINS ECOUTER!!!??!,?!
  • which is so hot. you need to understand 
  • but back to the point jean is mad. so he says “from now on i’ll only ever speak to you in french too bad if you dont understand”
  • and jeremy is torn between YES and NO because jean talking french is life but also he wants to understand everything jean has to say ever.
  • so he’s :’( ‘okay sorry can we try again’
  • jean nods but he’s mad
  • jeremy tries again and it gets better for the rest of the house-related words so they come back to the word placard which he still cant say. “what does it even mean anyway,” he pouts
  • “it means closet”
  • jean is smirking he’s actually proud of his joke the bastard even before he’s made it
  • jeremy : “shut up”
  • jean : “i didn’t say anything”
  • so jeremy just repeats the word again and again until he manages to put his tongue just right and say the full R and get the right vowel sound and he??? omg he actually said it???? he can totally speak french now???
  • he looks at jean with a proud grin, says with a good enough accent : “je sors du placard” (=i’m coming out of the closet)
  • !!! plot twist !!!
  • jeremy has had months to get used to jean speaking french, to keep the fluttering from his stomach to his toes in check, to be discreet about his obvious boner for jean speaking french
  • but jean hasn’t!!!! he didnt prepare for this!!!! he never even thought of jeremy speaking french!!!! abort!!!
  • and theres all the emotional significance of jeremy speaking his mothertongue, this language that has always been a shelter and home and jeremy who is aso starting to feel like home to jean and the two together he’s just having fEELS,,
  • BUT there is also the fact that its hot???? because jeremy’s accent isnt exactly right but. believe mE, to a french speaker, ppl speaking french with an english accent is fucKING HOT LIKE WE DIE EVERY TIMME
  • jean wants to die he’s gripping the fucking desk
  • jeremy is smirking
  • fils de pute
  • jean kisses him.

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Okay but Goldie is adorable! Can he speak the inkling language and understand his fellow inklings or can he only understand his salmon comrades?

thanks!! omg

Goldie CAN’T speak to inklings in their language, he can only speak to salmonids.

However, as a battle tatic, he learned the “This way!” and “Help!” commands in a way to fool salmon runners. He’d yell them when the inklings were split up and would pick them off one by one when each of them would go to help the imaginary inkling in need.

Goldie’s smarter than he looks ;3c

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OMG, Tony being so furious he can't even speak English anymore!!! And yeah, they really need to teach him control of his powers!! I love the gazebo idea and that Thor still obeys Frigga (and who wouldn't? All-mother Queen that she is!). And the return of Lo-kitty made me grin but also sad that he needed to hide still :-(

I know haha I saw a headcanon that thanks to Maria tony should probably speak fluent Italian so I had to add that in!

And sad lokitty :(

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"Brought up in a fully multilingual home, he speaks fluent German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Catalan." :OOOOOOOOOOOOO dude speak SIX languages, FLUENTLY. RIP @me

omfg also he apparently loves talking about languages wtf

“German is a very technical language, a very precise language, which I love, so you can describe things in a very efficient and clear way,” he says, and then switching into a thick French accent, “then you have French which is very passionate blah-blah-blah.”


“Spanish, he says, is also passionate, and he admits that unconsciously he changes his tone and the way he acts when speaking his mother’s language.”

(im dying omg this is real and cute af it’s his mom’s language halp)

“He says that though he understands Portuguese, he could not – yet – feel comfortable taking on a role where he would have to speak it.” 

AW LOOK HE HAS A FLAW *points at a minuscule micro-pixel*

“I love Italian as well, and they move their hands big-time,” he says with a laugh.”



I know this is stupid, and poinltess to say…but am I the only one who gets mad when I see people praising Tsukiyama’s presence with Kaneki more than Hide’s. I really dislike those posts when people say “Tsukiyama has feelings. He cares for Kaneki even if he tried to eat him.” Okay, that’s fucking fine.

But are we going to forget Hide? Hide, a mere human, has put himself in harms way almost every second for Kaneki, who completely dissed him for monts in both the manga and anime. In the manga, it really pisses me off to see how close he and Tsukiyama are getting when I just think of how lonely Hide is.

And in Root A, Hide fucking biked all the way across fucking Tokyo for Kaneki and Kaneki joined Aogiri. One of the last people Kaneki saw before he went was probably Tsukiyama not Hide.

People talk about Tsukiyama “prosing” for Kaneki and being the sword of knife under his pillow, wahtever the fuck he’s supposed to be and the convientely forget about Hide who hasn’t just been Kaneki’s sword, but his back bone, his crtuch, his gurdian angel.

It’s just sickening to know how blind some people are.

Hide deserves a lot more love than he gets. A lot more love than Tsukiyama gets. Because no matter how romantic, sexy or “omg he can speak french”, Tsukiyama is, he still tried to eat Kaneki, almost killed Touka and Nishiki. In addition, he will never unerstand Kaneki the way Hide does.

Hide has loved Kaneki all along, but Kaneki dissapears. Yet Hide persues him.
Tsukiyama of course loves Kaneki, but hasn’t done shit worth his love, yet Kaneki stays with him and lets him follow him like a fucking puppy. Wtf?
Who the hell really deserves Kaneki’s love?


Happy Birthday stormy ( @khaoticvex)

Lemme remind that once upon a time I asked you wether I could draw your belly dancer AU or not and guess what I was saving that for today (aka yesterday the day of your birthday) problem is I didn’t really know the day of your bday but I was waiting for someone to say it or do something and BAM it was yesterday and i discovered today when I went to the traitor the supposedly natsu to my gray @selenba ( we gonna talk about this later you traitor ). And so i tried the belly dancer thing and the only way to honor that AU was using your way to color Natsu that’s why i he is a bit more tan compared to how i usually color him as for the bg you could have guessed that i had no idea what to do so I did a starry sky with shooting stars clever move Sou ( sou is me tbh i am praising myself so what ?[ so so what I am still a rockstar I ‘ve got my rock moves … ] ignore that okay ) CAUSE when you see a shooting star you can make a wish and when you blow on your candles you make a wish SO thanks to my shooting stars you can make tons of whishes and have a really happy birthday belated actually but happy nonetheless or maybe charles or pantherlily