omg gym class you kill me


I had a super hard workout in weight training today.

And it was.. Very hardcore!

Not saying it was horrible! It was really great, he showed us something we can do at home with a couple dumbbells versus having to go to a gym!

But, about part-way through my first set, my legs got all super shaky and some of the things I was hesitant to do since I felt that if I tipped over, my legs wouldn’t be able to catch me.

But I made it through two sets! Just barely… And now? I can barely walk!

And I really mean that. I hobble everywhere at like .01 mph. And like crawl up and down the freaking stairs.

But, at least I worked hard and I’m proud of myself for doing both sets and not giving up!

So, I’m sure by now you’re wondering, “So, you’re telling us this, but why do you have a picture of a coke in a glass??”

That’s because, my dear followers, it’s my aunt and uncle’s conclusion to this soreness and getting through the night safely!

It’s not just a coke, but it’s vanilla vodka and coke!

It’s the first one I’ve had in over a year. Which, I know, I’m still a minor. But my 21st is only less than 2 weeks away. It’s close enough.

It will, I hope, help me sleep tonight since I’ve been staying up until 5 am the last two nights watching dramas and freaking out about Yoon Shiyoon…

So, it’ll help me sleep.

Tomorrow is gonna suck anyway, I’ll probably be 10x more sore than I am now and I’ll have to sit in an art class for 6 hours on a freaking wooden horse…

But, I’ll try my best to make it through!!!

And I hear Yongguk has a tumblr?

Is this for real, people??