omg guys you have no idea ho happy this made me

2x20 Beside Still Water

Warning: This review contains spoilers


Moly motherfucking God! Boy! Damnit! Note to self - don’t piss off jace Herondale! Or don’t threathen Clary’s life! OMGOMGOMOMG, how I liked him in this episode! Now he was more heroic and less pain in the ass yesssss. Too bad he choose to lie to Alec… And the hell is happening with him? Like… Really… And I must admit I cried when he died… It may be beceuase of Dom’s and Kat’s acting but also beceause of the music… Damn…

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I’m both happy and mad. Happy because I’m really proud of her how she handled almost the whole sitiation. Like literally when she was about get to be killed she simply laid her haid on that tree… She was in fear but also she looked like… Okay with this. And woah girl, your fighting skills upgraded! nice! And she killed Valentine! yaay! But… FOR TO LOVE OF GOD REALLY?! I HATE the trope with that one wish. She could have pleaded Raziel for anything. I know, she loves Jace. But… She could wish for Jace being alive and something else too in one wish. She’s smart she could have sneek two wishes in one!

But okay… i understand that book readers would eat the writers alive if that wouldn’t happen in the show so I’ll give it a pass… 

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3. Clace

Nice. Sweet. A bit selfish but okay. I’ll give it a pass. It wasn’t forced at least. You could have seen that they truley do care for each other and that was sweet. I approve this ship :P

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4. Valentine

Hail and farewell, motherfucker. May the Edom demons make you suffer for all of this. Dad of the year I swear to God. I mean… What to say after killing your daughter’s bf? ‘ugh, I’m sorry,lol… wanna kill all the downwolders?”… I mean?? WTF?? But well he’s dead everyone’s happy yay. Valentine WILL NOT be missed. Alan will…

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5. Luke

yesss. My dad is happy! And carefree! Fina… OLLIE GTFO! It’s so refreshing to see Luke like this. First being extremly worried about Maia, beating Meliorn to get to her, speking up to the Seelie Queen… And then they are awardong him with being all happy and tipsy celebreating! Omg yes please, Luke deserves happiness! And well if Jace doesn’t wanna hug him I will! With a pleasure!

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6. Simon

Okay. But. What have you promised to the Queen? Boy, you KNOW that you CAN’t trust her! So why would you do that?! But… Putting that aside… I loved ho he was worried about Maia too. Like literally he would have done everyhing to get her out of this place… And he probabbly done this… God, I’m scared about him… And I’m super happy that he and Clary are both in peace now ^^

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Girl was so good today! 1st Malec shipper I swear to God! She knew EXACTLY what she was doing. Award for best sister goes to her definitley! And best freind! I mean her talk with Clary at the end was so, so sweet <3I love when they show Izzy like that ^^

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I am reapting myself. I’m doing this in EVERY review and I have no idea if i ever stop doing this. he. Is. An. AMAZING. Leader. And the Head of the Institue. He was VERY fast in his actions. And I really appreciate that he didn’t want to drag Magnus into this, even when it was for personal reasons. But ahhh he showed how of a warrior he is! Book Alec who? Never heard of him. Especially that he HAS felt Jace’s death and felt it rather painful… Btw… There’s no better feeling than walk into your parabati, who you supposed was dead, kissing his gf…

P.s. Alec don’t kid yourself you’ve never been able to think staright… :P

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Gotta love this Prince of Hell, At first I was slightly annoyed by how he had acted torwards Luke and Simon, but I understand. He got betrayld TWICE in a very short peroid of time. It’s understandable. And then… Holy f… Man he is SO powerful! I’m really happy that they’ve started to show that! And that quote “I’m a High Warlock of Brooklyn” is iconic alongside “Duh…” XD And i love how caring he is. OMG. That strong contarst between Alec’s words (Magnus is not intrested in helping Shadowhunters) and Magnus’ words and actions during the whole episode… *.* (Also, Magnus… i would KILL for this jacket!)

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OMG!!! I KNEEEW IT!!!!!! I knew that they will reunite! And be protectibe over each other even if they mad at each other! I mean look at Alec’s face when he saw magnus falling! Omg he looked so worried! So did Magnus when Alec was in pain! And how Alec reacted when they saw that Valentine summoned Raziel! And that talk outide and in Hunter’s Moon. Alec is SO in love with Magnus and vice versa. They DO love each other so y’all haters who bittched on Malec for 2 weeks can kindly shut up! <3 “I can’t live without you” *.* And Magnus being speachless… That’s love. That’s a real relationship: they have arguments but they still deeply care for each other and love each other so much that they will find their way back together *.* 9Besides this scene were so aestheticly pleasing omg)

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Your Highness kill yourself, how dare you. How dare you do all of this things! Omg. I’m so, so mad. What did Valentine promised you/ What have you made to Simon? Damnit. I hate her more and more. I want her to die, honestly… but on the other gand I know that I’m gonna struggle with her and her games for a loooong peroid of time… (Maia is me on this gif…)

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12. Maia/Saia

Kind of sad that this time I don’t really have much to tell about her… I enyoed having her on the screen. I love how she had none of Queens bullshit. And I agree with Jace, she and Simon look So cute together. He really cares about her *.* And she looked STUNNING.

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11. Sebastian

I knew that he wasn’t deeeeaaad!! it would be too easy!! But… Omg… how in the freaking hell he opened the pit? Like… literally… HOOOOW… But well…. he is… um.. “safe” in… Edom? And now we know that at least his mother cares about him…

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12. Ollie

Girl… Why… Would you… Destroy.. Luke’s… Happiness? You could easly wait a few days! But nooo you came to hunter’s Moon and demands answeres… And like… Why… Please don’t piss me off… I swaer, she’s gonna die like soon… Or she’ll get turned into something…

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13. Meliorn

I trusted you… But well… on the other hand… i could expect that… Like… I know how annoying he has been in the books… In the show I like him more… Ugh…. Why would you do that…

14. Malachi

Traitor. I’m glad you had die. Like seriously I was rolling my eyes during his passionate speech about how Valntine is right… I’m glad he died…

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15. Raziel/Lilith (?)

I really enyoed both of their apperances. Raziel’s voice was amazing. And I’m really glad we haven’t seen his face. It felt… Right. But one thing… I understand that he just calmly watched how father and daughter were fighting to their death? I’m… Okay…

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And for Lilith… Yay Caring mother. Bravo Sebastian, someone trurley loves you! And I can’t WAIT to see more of her! I mean we saw only a bits, but I’m SUPER exited for her!!

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Woah that was a REALLY good season’s finale. I know that I’m gonna cry when I re-watch this ep with my friend on Agust 21st. Kat’s the winner of the best acting performance in this episode, really. So let’s sum our cliffhangers.

1. What’s going on with Jace

2. What Simon has promised to the Queen

3. Ollie cofronting Luke

4. Sebastian’s case

A lot to be expected in s3. And I simply can’t wait for it. The waiting is gonna be hell though… Especially adding school… Bet well. For an episode I would give this 5/6. But as a finale I’m gonna give it 6/6. I’m really glad to say that this show begins to spread it’s wings! Catch you guys later! Sonia’s out! ( And yes I love how retro I look on this gif XD)

(Translation) Period Cube ~Torikago no Amadeus~ tokuten

Tokuten title: ポヨポヨのお料理教室ぽよ

T/N: Commissioned! This only has 1 track and it is safe for work. mezurashii isn’t it? lmao. It’s from an otome game called Period Cube. I originally intended to keep it private since there’s only 1 track, but the commissioner wanted everyone who loves this game to enjoy this translation as well, so let’s thank their kind soul! :>

Excluding the MC, there are 3 characters involved, which is Zain, Hiroya, and Poyopoyo. There’s actually another character called Domina, but they don’t have an active dialogue in this tokuten. I like Hiroya ok…. I just… do. You’ll understand why when you listen.

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Healer Halftime Report ♡

Alright so everybody seems to be writing a halftime report for Healer and I’ve decided I should follow suit hahaha. I’ll try my best to give a comprehensive, purposeful write up but I’m pretty sure it will turn out as word vomit on how awesome Oppa is lol. Of course I will include loads of photos, but only of Oppa cos I love him too much and am bias like that yo. Photos will be placed randomly with no purpose whatsoever, but just for pure joy of eye candying. Enjoy~ 

** I apologise beforehand for any spelling or grammatical errors, or weird sentence structures. I hate rereading and checking for mistakes so too bad! >.<

First and foremost, I just finished watching Episode 12 a couple of days ago and let me just say this – OMG HUGEASS IRRITATING CLIFFHANGER. One thing I like about Healer is that it doesn’t disappoint. Every single episode is filled with just the right amount of romance, comedy, action and politics. All the essential elements needed to make a good drama are balanced so nicely and packed into enjoyable hour-long episodes. It has been a long time since a drama could grab my attention for this long, possibly the only one after You Who Came From the Stars (which is in 2013?). 

Healer has brought out my inner fangirl; chasing episodes after episodes and staying up late every Monday and Tuesday to update spoilers on my Instagram. Oh yes, I’m not the least bit embarrassed to admit that I SPECIALLY created a Ji Chang Wook fan account right after Episode 6, just so I could post a whole slew of photos and videos of him without feeling guilty. Let me just say, 6 episodes later, I’ve garnered more than a 1000 followers/fans. Yes, that’s how popular Oppa is now. By the way I just have to mention how handsome he is. Looking at his face makes me verbally retarded. 

The entire case (including the supporting characters) have really outdone themselves. It’s amazing how the writer and producer put together each script and film it with such splendour. The result is magic. The 3 main leads – Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young and Yoo Ji Tae – play their characters spot on, and the outcome is just so fangirl-worthy. Let me just briefly talk about them.

Ji Chang Wook (Empress Ki, Smile Donghae) plays the role of Seo Jung Hoo, who is a night errand boy and goes by the codename Healer. As a young boy he suffered a tumultuous childhood, and thus doesn’t believe in family and friends, or any personal relationships for that matter. However, after receiving a job and disguising himself as reporter Park Bong Soo, he falls in love with Chae Young Shin. As the drama unfolds, Jung Hoo learns to love and slowly evolves into well.. a human being.

Park Min Young (City Hunter) is the bubbly, energetic Chae Young Shin. She was abandoned when she was 5 years old, and subsequently adopted numerous times. She suffered abuse as a child and hence has a phobia for violence. She meets Healer and falls in love with him, not knowing that he is Park Bong Soo. On the other hand, Bong Soo confesses his love to her and she gets all confused.

Yoo Ji Tae (no idea what his past works are and way too lazy to do a search lol) is Kim Moon Ho, younger brother to some news conglomerate. He is Chae Young Shin’s uncle (yes I know it sounds weird) and linking all 3 of them is a secret about their fathers (complicated..). Somehow, Moon Ho is seen as the evil guy by many viewers, but in my opinion I personally feel that he is rather real and sincere. We shall see how the story goes. 

So there we have, the 3 main leads and a short write up on them. The best thing about this drama is that the love triangle is between Young Shin, Healer and Bong Soo hehe. This means lots of Oppa screen time and romance moments hehe! It’s fun watching Bong Soo being jealous of Healer and Young Shin getting confused about her options, when they are basically the same person. It’s just so fresh and entertaining. Talk about a well-written script!

While I’m happy and pleased with the cast, I have to point out that I’m really impressed with Oppa’s acting. Seriously, this guy blew me away. I’ve watched him in Empress Ki and the big hoo-ha that drama received was well deserved. But here, he’s on a whole new level. From the emotionally scarred Seo Jung Hoo, to the dark mysterious Healer, to airheaded somewhat dumb blond Bong Soo, and not forgetting the various disguises needed when he goes undercover, he plays each role with such skill and perfection. This guy, acts through his EYES. Look into his eyes and you can feel all of his emotions. Look at the photos, I’m sure you feel it too! Every single time I look into Oppa’s gaze, I sink into this big black hole. There were a number of scenes where there was so much pain and anguish in his eyes that it made it so heartbreaking to watch him.

To sum it up, I had such great expectations for this show and still have. To date, it has not failed me once, and I’m pretty sure it will not disappoint ever. The drama’s so good that I’m so afraid of it ending. I’m contemplating stopping at Episode 19 and never completing the drama, just so it doesn’t feel like it ended. Okay lol I’m joking. I will eventually watch it, and go on to rewatch the entire series for like what? A gazillion times or something? I’m really pinned down by the fact that Oppa probably has to enlist into the army shortly after this drama, which means 2 years of no Oppa.. The end of Healer plus Oppa enlisting – I’m gonna suffer some serious withdrawal symptoms. Really dreading the impending emptiness..

To end off on a happy note, there’re still 8 episodes to go, which means 1 more month of Oppa and happiness! Of course I’m hoping for extensions, since popular dramas always get extended. Oh and I’m predicting an OST from Oppa. Who else feels the same?? By the way guys, Healer finally hit #1 in their timeslot!! That really says a lot about how awesome this drama is. So if you are not already doing so, WATCH IT. 

P.S. Really wanted to add in some Korean comments cos they are so fitting and descriptive of my mood, and also cos they are words not translatable into English.. But I’m guessing most of my readers only read English so.. 

Let’s end this post with a smiley Oppa~ ♡


[TRANS]  Tohoshinki - Bigeast Fanclub Event 2014 「THE MISSION III」 in Osaka (Day 1)

Changmin had gone to Yunho’s film set to support him RT @ iruka0206
When Changmin went to the film set,everybody went “A superstar has arrived” Yunho then thought,Ah l am also a TVXQ member too! RT@ iruka0206
Group skipping rope segment - Changmin missed the beat and then jokingly shifted the blame, saying it was the 2nd person! RT@ iruka0206
Hot Kitchen - both together, in the roles of a teacher chef and his assistant @iruka0206

Changmin seemed really enjoy the cooking session. The ingredients were cleanly cut. This made everyone impressed (cr. iruka0206+tvxqyoonmin)
Several bigeast were chosen to do a mission with Tohoshinki. The mission was to jump on a rope for 30 times (cr. chana1252+tvxqyoonmin)
After finished, they hi-touch and hug so many times XD. Min said he wanted to continue being cooking teacher haha (cr. iruka0206+txqyoonmin)
BE event today was started at 18.07 and finished at 20.09 jst RT @__sr62
They sang 5 songs today: Superstar, Miss You, Sweat, New song, White (cr. My26218)
They sang Time Works Wonders. The new song mentioned earlier was that song ^^ (cr. maxchangminmayu)
Yunho: Time works wonder! *pronounced well* Changmin: you forgot the ’s’! It’s ‘wonders’! Yunho: I know! (cr. akf_tvxq5)
Yunho looked so happy today. Seemed like he enjoyed today so much. A-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha (he laughed like this) (cr. you_uknow0206)
Yunho took a strawberry and then muttered “I love strawberry” (cr. Chiyuli555)
Yunho: I want to put cheese because cheese is delicious! \ This got Bigeast and Changmin in agony. LOL (cr. changhal1019)
“Do you want to cut the onion?” “Do you want to put cheese?” “Do you feel hungry?” All the questions CM (26) asked to YH (28) (cr. ma18min)

CM tasted the rice cake soup, and also didn’t hesitate in any way to transfer the spoon (he used) to YH’s lips.
They were wearing leather pants! (iruka0206)
Changmin came to Yunho’s filming to cheer for him (iruka0206)
Yunho was wearing glasses while looking for all the things to get for the Bigeasts at the mission table ㅠㅠ (iruka0206)
They picked several Bigeasts to stand on the stage for the mission which is to draw. XD (iruka0206)
Changmin drew something looking like a rubber duck but it doesn’t look like oneㅋㅋ (iruka0206)
The next mission was that the chosen Bigeasts will jump 30 times in a jumping rope with TVXQ. (iruka0206)
CM scolded the Bigeasts who can’t follow the rhythm (for jumping) because they had to repeat it for a second time (iruka0206)
CM was very pleased with the food they cooked. Everyone was admiring it because it was beautifully sliced/cut LOL(iruka0206)
Changmin did the teaching job properlyㅋ They eventually became the Dumb and Dumber of the kitchenㅋㅋㅋㅋ (iruka0206)
Yunho made Changmin laugh so Changmin rolled because of it. OTL (iruka0206)
The two ended the cooking mission with a high five and a hug.ㅋ Changmin will continue being the cooking teacherㅋ (iruka0206)
When teaching YH the method of cutting the mushroom, CM didn’t hesitate to place his hand on top of YH’s right hand that’s holding the knife

Changmin had gone to support Yunho during filming “@sivasingh
When CM arrived at the set everyone went a superstar has arrived. Yunho then thought i am also a member of TVXQ. f: iruka0206
Yunho was dressed in a black suit, hair was a little pressed (styled), & during the game he wore rimless glasses. Rly cool f: camellia206
During Ho’s Kitchen, as exp, Changmin assumed e role of teacher “@tvxqyoonmin
Made ddeokbboki (rice cakes w hot sauce) “@tvxqyoonmin
This yr’s Ho Kitchen involved 2 ppl, 1 teacher and asst (Yunho & Changmin), and Bigeast etc as reviewers f: tvxqyoonmin + iruka0206
Changmin rly enjoyed cooking. Everyone admired the way he cut the ingredients very neatly f: tvxqyoonmin + iruka0206
CM played e teacher well but 2 ppl= kitchen of Dumb&Dumber��when yh & cm laughed cm wld rumble/roll ard (w laughter)f:tvxqyoonmin+iruka0206
At the end of the cooking mission, Yunho & Changmin high-fived & hugged. Changmin said he wuld cont to be e cooking teacherㅋ f:iruka0206

@ecco_212 YH served as an assistant for CM when they were cooking Toppoki. YH wanted to add cheese so badly, CM (said to YH): “that (cheese) is later. Hang in there.” But YH was so persistent.. CM “Do you want to add cheese* in the dish now?” Bigeasts OMG! CM bursted into laugh so hard (t/n:CM said in JPN “Hayaku Iretai?” = Do you want to put it in immediately?)
@xgagax Whoever came up with the idea for letting them to cook together is genius!! Its also great that one played an teacher/instructor and the other one served as his assistant. I could see how they are in their daily lives. its hard to calm down.. I also wanted to see the reverse (YH: teacher CM: assistant) I wanna go to the Bigeast event again!
@goiko218 CM was smiling shyly all the time while YH was acting cool.. I was able to see the glimpse of their daily lives together(〃ω〃) like CM asks YH, “Hey, can you pass me that?”
@HOMINHO28 How they were together in the kitchen is probably real.. it is not about what and how they chatted.. but the way their body actions:)
@you_uknow0206 While cooking, YH was using his knife as a sword and he was really cool.
@changhal1019 (*∵) I wanna add cheese!! its really yummy!
@minmin2y CM: do you wanna add cheese? Do you really want to add cheese? You should ask nicely. CM did not let YH add cheese for awhile CM: Hold on, hold on (almost whispering to YH’s ear) CM teacher said to YH the assistant who held the hot plate/dish.
@_YuChaBaTB_ When YH insisted that he wanted to add cheese… CM bursted into laughter and rolled on the floor. CM said YH sounded silly..
@eastgirl5218 YH pretended to eat food sample (plastic fake food) CM: No* (t/n:CM said it in JPN dame~ (like the way mom tells her kid))
@erio1649 CM was really cool handling the cutting knife. The way he cut mushrooms was impressive.(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・He can chop vege really fine .. by holding the tip of knife and pushing the stem of the knife..(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚
@ecco_212 The assistant YH did not know how to cut mushrooms. The teacher CM took the knife from YH and he cut mushrooms while YH was watching him right next to him. They looked like a newly wed coupleTTT
@ai2ia When CM was teaching how to cut mushrooms to YH, CM held the knife by holding YH’s right hand without any hesitation..(this must be real..)
@ecco_212 CM forgot to add onion and he was going to dice onion immediately..CM noticed YH, the assistant, and said in very soft voice,“Do you want to cut onion?” Even CM was in hurry, he let YH, the assistant, cut the onion. But YH was a bit CM stole the knife from YH said, “Ahh, we are running out of time..”
@tsubame_all When they cleared the cooking mission, they were really happy. CM gave a hug to YH and then YH gave CM hugs twice. They did high five many times.
@erio1649 CM kept touching YH while cooking here and there (°^o^°)
@pinksnow221 YH did not know how to cut mushrooms.. YH asked CM for help. CM took the knife from YH and cut mushrooms. They worked together so well. And the BGM was “I LOVE YOU”
@erio1649 CM took a taste with a spoon and gave the spoon to YH while saying Aaaann (to let YH open his mouth)
@AlwaysWithYunho Minshiru-san “Changmin-san looks so happy.” (∵*) “He is enjoying not cooking but giving me orders/telling me do this and that.”
@Chiyuli555 YH: The last song (White) is for you. In the lyrics, I wanna keep dreaming while being held by your love..Xmas is coming soon…
(∵)=YH (´・J・`)=CM @rao_koma_chika (∵) The new sone this time is “Time works wonder!” (´・J・) S! (wonders) You forgot to add S! Our manager has been telling you not to forget it! (∵) Sorry, Sorry! Time works wonders!
@ecco_212 At the ending of the show, when YH was talking to the audience, a male fan shouted YUNHO!!!!! YH was still talking but CM went (〇`J´〇)▁▂▃▅▆▇█▓▒☆&@*:!!!!! I have no idea what CM said.. I could not understand.. why CM was trying to scare the guy off wwww
@homin_______chu (∵)Hontama!Hontama!Does anyone have hontama!? (∵) Oh, not hontama, but kentama.. I kept saying hontama.. no wonder no one has it..
@yumichami1 They needed to look for something to do with strawberry. YH borrowed a strawberry hat. YH: a strawberry hat, I love strawberry so much♡♡♡
@juncoyouknow YH: I could not believe that this day would come.. (he could not believe that he became an assistant to CM)
@ai2ia I could not believe that YH was no longer a Yunho-chef but became an assistant to Shim-sensei. Sim-sensei enjoyed being a teacher to Yunho and giving him orders.. But Sim-sensei was giving space to Yunho and let Yunho do whatever he wanted to do..(*´・J・) (∵*) and I was touched by that.
@y00000mins They put on the apron (one of the event goods). but the way YH put it on was really weird. it was supposed to be you tie a knot of the apron string at the upper chest and adjust the length.. but YH made a loop and put his arm into it His arm looked so tight with the loop of the string..
@a0511_y0206 YH could not figure out how to adjust the length of apron string and he had his neck string at the height as his nipples..
@brillianthhomin When CM was laughing really hard.. YH said, “Its enough!” I guess they are like this in their private
@y00000mins CM was in really good mood today but when Minshiru-san talked to him, he always answered, “Yes♪”
@No_032 CM: YH sounds so silly…!! (CM laughed into burster and rolled around on the floor).. YH: Cheese! Cheese! (YH sounded like an whiny kid wwwww)
@ecco_212 YH tasted Toppoki from the ladle.. but it was too hot…his face!!! Oh, do not burn your tongue..but the next to him, CM was eating it without any problem I think YH has a cat tongue (meaning he is sensitive to temperature hot food, drink
(∵)=YH (´・J・`)=CM @tv2xqgachi (∵) I wanna add Cheese! [Cheese Ire-tai] (´・J・`) Do you want to? [Ire-tai no?] (∵) [Ire-tai] (´・J・`) [Ire-tai no?] (∵) [Ire-tai] (´・J・`) You should ask nicely/carefully
@natsumine CM: [Yari-tai no? Kiri-tai no? Ire-tai no?] Do you wanna do it? do you wanna cut it? Do you wanna add it? CM said like these while tilting his head towards YH.. I cannot tell which one is the older brother..
@13Mochichan Minshiru-san: How are you lately? YH: I took a drama.. I was given a fantastic role to play and was really happy. I am not really okay now (laugh) so exhausted.. worn out.. Oh, but everyone (Bigeasts) gave me your love, so I am okay!“ \ I was a bit worried that he might still be very fit..TT I hope he can take a good rest…
@kabos_un CM said that he was able to take breaks.. but YH said he was completely exhausted TT
@tvxq218yjyjc YH said that they revealed the entire schedule of WITH tour.. so I guess 3/19 is the all last day of the tour.
@momodoufu I am pretty impressed by CM’s ability in Japanese. for example, When I think about reality, it is light.. Physically it was hot.. but your energy is also very hot..he keeps improving his Japanese.

Yunho: Aa~ // Then Changmin fed him lol
After the end of the last song. Fanboy: thank you~~ Changmin: YOU’RE WELCOME~~~ (with loud voice) (cr.homin__chu)
Fanboy: Yunhooooo. Yunho: Oh, I know I know (charming smile) Changmin: Taitaitaitai tai~~~~!! (_myt118)
During the borrowed thing corner, YH was looking for the one of the strawberry. CM: strawberry’s underwear is a no! (cr.you_uknow0206)
homin fight over who should draw pizza
YH: I love strawberry
lol yunho was so slow in chopping the onion, teacher chwang is impatient
he said that at the opening ww "dameyo~ dame dame~”

Several Bigeast were chosen to do a mission, jumping on a rope for 30 times with Tohoshinki (cr.chana1252+iruka0206)
Group skipping rope segment. Changmin missed the beat and then jokingly shifted the blame,saying it was the 2nd person!(c.mug_ping+iruka0206)
Changmin was caught in the rope but he said 'I’m not caught!’ (c.homin_oco8)
At the cooking corner, Yunho waved his kitchen knife like a sword to fight. Really cool. (cr.you_uknow0206)
The bigeast event has ended. They cooked 2 dishes. Changmin tasted it using spoon. he also fed yunho to have a taste. (cr.erio1649)
Drawing corner. CM: You should draw the pizza. YH: I think Changmin should draw it. \ The two quarrel, it was so cute. and then, when they’re going to the next corner, YH said “I’ve to study Italian!” (cr.sykhomin)

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