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nerves | archie andrews x reader

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written by: kelly

edited by: @jugheadxreaderinyourhead

anonymous said: hi can I send a KJ/Archie request? I have an interview for a university tomorrow and I’m anxious af so I was wondering if you could do a reader insert/imagine where he’s comforting the reader about the interview and such? Omg, thank you!

chapter song: wonderwall // oasis

pacing, today i was pacing. back and forth in my room, nervous as anything.

college has always been a major priority in my life. my parents are both professors so I’ve always been pressured in that area.

tomorrow is my official entrance interview and i’m riddled with nerves. being a hot mess has always been a major part of my personality too.

i get easily flustered. anxiety: also a major key, it’s what’s making everything much more emotional than expected.

“okay so let’s go over the key points again.” my dad encourages as he adjusted his glasses. We have been sitting at this damn table for 3 hours now.

“come on dad, I need a break.” I sigh slumping further down into my chair.

“well you’re going to be having a nice long break when you’re unemployed if you don’t ace this interview sweet cheeks.” He said shooting me a very unapologetic smile.

“i don’t need college to get a good job.” I say under my breath, hoping and praying to god that he didn’t hear what I just said.

“im sorry what did you just say?” he spat, shooting me a look.

oh well isn’t this just fucking great.

“DID I HEAR THAT RIGHT?” my mom yelled from hallway.

of course, she can hear me mumble under my breath when she’s a mile away but she can’t hear me say ‘yes mom’ when she calls me from my room.

“you’re about to send me into cardiac arrest. i had to put my ass on the line to get you this damn interview y/n so you can bet your ass you’re going to be there front and centre!” my father lectured.

i can feel this familiar build up in my chest. almost like a chemical reaction, burning a whole through my chest causing me to hyperventilate.

“i need some fresh air.” i say as i stand up from my seat and hastily exit my front door.

the only person who can make me feel better at a time like this is my boyfriend archie.

he has always been front and center, unapologetically listening to my problems and making me feel like everything will be okay. I made my way to his house.

the walk calmed down my initial dose of anxiety but as I approached the andrews house I saw arch sitting on the porch with a pen behind his ear and his guitar in hand.

as I come closer he notices me and smirks to himself.

“hey you.” he greets placing his guitar down and walking over to me, wrapping his strong arms around me as i melt into his chest.

i let out a long sigh, feeling his lips on my head.

“the interview huh?” he said taking a step back to study my face.

“i don’t know what to do arch. i’m so lost, the idea of being on show for these people tomorrow is freaking me out and the fact that they’re my parent’s co-workers too makes it worse, they already have high expectations.” i ramble on.

“woah take it easy.” he chuckles, his small laugh makes me blush.

“these people are pretentious arch. they’re all highly intellectual and they use words like brobdingnagian.” i let out a breath.

“i’m sorry what?” he says as he cocks his eyebrow.

“it means gigantic. brobdingnagian is another word for gigantic.” I say.

"look babe, if you can go into that interview with words like barbiecardigan than you’ll be fine, i promise.” he replies in attempt to comfort me.

barbiecardigan?” i said with a giggle.

“look my slaughtering of that word is not the point here.” he retorts rolling his eyes.

“i have faith in you and I know you can do this. you need to break the wall down that’s preventing you from doing your best.” he pauses taking your hands in his.

“i know that it’s a big deal, but the best thing you can do is go there with a fresh and positive outlook on things and be yourself. make them laugh, show them how smart you are and be refreshing.”

you let out a shaky breathe as he chuckles, continuing his speech.

“there is only one you, go into that interview poised and composed and use your time wisely.”

“yeah you’re right” you mumble.

“every time i’m nervous for a big game i just remember that im only human, i’m not a machine and i can only do my best. promise me that you’ll go there and be yourself.” he asks softly taking a stray piece of my hair and pulling it behind my ear.

“and knowing you’re in the crowd cheering me on always eases my nerves” he adds cheekily causing you to blush.

“i promise i’ll go there and do my best.” i say, smiling softly as he pulls me into his warm embrace.

“thank you” you mumble as he pulls you out to arms length.

“a kiss for good luck?” he asks with a cheeky wink.

and with that i rock up on my tippy toes and join my lips with his in one long sweet kiss. he tucked me under his arm as he walked me over his truck offering to give me a ride home.

we pull up in front of the house and i sigh turning to the boy giving him one last kiss before shutting the truck down behind me and entering the house.

“mom, dad?” i say as i made my way into the dining room.

“y/n.” my dad mutters looking seriously annoyed.

look im sorry for storming off, you didn’t raise me to run from my problems.“ i pause mustering up some courage.

"i’m going to go to that interview tomorrow and i’m going to be myself.” my parents glance at each other before they look back to me.

“i’m not putting on a show for these people, just because they’re your colleagues. i hope you guys understand.” you state, beaming with confidence.

“we raised you to be proud and self-confident baby.” my mom said smiling.

“i think they’ll be lucky to spend 20 minutes conversing with such a wonderful young lady.” my dad said trading in his stone-cold expression for a much softer and warmer one.

i smile to myself, my anxiety melting away as i feel nothing but confidence. i was beyond proud to be me, my own authentic self. there’s only one me.

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