omg guys i actually made this myself

hobbithorse19 replied to your post “So guys… I’m freaking out. I may ? have gotten myself ?? a boyfriend.”

OMG, that’s super exciting!!! I hope everything works out and you’re happy!!

Thank you!!! I’m very happy because I actually… really like this guy. And that?? doesn’t happen often.

themosthumanpower replied to your post “So guys… I’m freaking out. I may ? have gotten myself ?? a boyfriend.”

Omg yes tell me all about it!!

BEFORE I get ahead of myself, I should say it’s like… a trial run? It’s long distance, something he wasn’t comfortable with because he’s never done it before. But he said he’s willing to try and I made him the deal of if he thinks it’s not working, he can call it off and no hard feelings. Which, if I’m being honest, I’m TERRIFIED. I’ve never liked a guy before, guys. I don’t know how this works.


We had been flirting  for like a week and a half and, as my best friend could tell you, I was like just freaking out from because gooood the things he would say were just <3 <3 But eventually I got the courage to ask like…was this just a thing we’re doing or did you actually like me? Were they just things to say in the moment???? I DIDN’T KNOW.



You guys….I’m so emotional about this. I’ve never seen myself as beautiful, nor attractive, not a bit. But these photos…gosh. I’m actually happy with myself for once? I’ve done it all alone. And people appreciated it. 

And OH LORD look at @silverswordman I might actually cry. 

My Indy PopCon (2015) Story

    Sadly, I wasn’t able to get into the line to meet Mark, Jack, Bob, Wade, and Tyler. By the time I even found out where the line was, they already cut the line off so the five of them could go get ready for the panel. (was in the crowd behind the blue fence-like thing to keep us back AND i saw them with my very own eyes!!)

    In better news, I was at the panel. I had to sit on the floor because there were no more seats left, BUT I could see the panel perfectly (just from that distance because i was sitting, looking straight down a cleared isle to see all five of them — I COULD SEE THEM STRAIGHT IN FRONT OF ME)

    BUT THEN, Jack took the microphone to go out into the crowd and choose someone to ask a question. He came straight down the isle I was looking at, but as he did so, he high-fived people down that isle. He got down the isle to where I was sitting, but because I was sitting on the floor, I think he didn’t notice that I was raising my hand to get a high-five.

    He then chose someone to ask a question farther away from where I was at, but I couldn’t see him. During that question, I stood up and stepped a couple of feet over so that I could be more noticeable.

    Luckily, he came back to where I was standing and high-fived a few more people. I held out my hand to get a high-five. I think he nearly didn’t notice me again, but then he looked at me and HIGH-FIVED ME. (omg that made my day because before that i hated myself because i didn’t get into the line on time (it was slightly my fault for not being on time, but to be honest I didn’t know where the signing line was for a while so it was too late). Then he ran off again.

    Hopefully my mom agrees to go the Indy PopCon again tomorrow (Sunday). Now that I know where the line is to meet them, I have a better chance of getting to talk to them. (i think my mom doesn’t understand how important this is to me, so she might not allow me to go again. If she doesn’t let me have that second chance, I am just gonna hate myself – i dunno why, but i will)


SUMMARY: Jack made my mcfreakin’ day!!!


Hopefully you enjoyed my lil’ story, but OMG the HYPE

(kinda hoping that Jack sees this so he knows that he actually made my day brighter)

Btw, I was the one wearing a CaptainSparklez cosplay, but I had blonde hair and red dyed on the tips of my hair.

(hope to meet you guys tomorrow)