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It looks like Allura and Keith bonding over Keith being a Galra is a popular topic but all the headcanons for it so far are sad and angst, like I get why, but also please consider:

- Allura turning purple to make Keith feel better.
- Keith being all like “oh yeah well my purple is more purple” and he fully changes into Galra because apparently there’s a dumb competition now over who can get more purple
- Allura countering with “Okay but can you do this?!” and she gets like 2m tall
- rip Keith


always // panic! at the disco

how are ransom and holster doing?? are they okay?? how does holster feel abt season 4 of oitnb?? is ransom doing okay in school?? do they like being captains?? have they decided where they’re gonna move after college?? have they kissed?? what shows have holster been watching lately?? what does ransom do when he’s not doing homework?? how many kegsters have they planned?? are they happy?? how are they doing

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I'm so thirsty for Amoneki now, Rin!!! Please give me more HCs! (//∇//)

omg I have these very weird hcs of them. ////

Kaneki’s being salty and he’s sulking and pouting after leaving Seidou and Kurona there and Ayato almost has enough he’s *this* close to just dump the stupid OEK there and go back to deliver the RC suppresor alone. 

Oh and another one.

So after Seidou and Kurona dragged him back to join Kaneki’s gang, Amon doesn’t have any clothes so Kaneki takes initiative to lend him his. Everyone’s like “NO IT WONT FIT” but Kaneki can’t help himself since he’s so excited to see him. Imagine Amon wears Kaneki’s shirt which is like 3 sizes too small for him but since it’s “eyepatch’s clothes” he doesn’t want to take it off.

So yeah

its weird 

I know


you know what. I should stop before this gets even weirder *runs away*

food truck au though

just imagine it. Eggsy has a food truck, and he always goes to this one company at lunch time because he likes the sexy older man that comes out and orders from him. Harry is a man of order and schedules (because that’s just polite) and he always goes to get a sandwich down at the food truck on Wednesdays. If it’s a cute blond servicing him, well that’s just bonus. Both oogle and pine for one another, but they think they live in two separate worlds. Until finally Eggsy prepares a sandwich for Harry, and tucked in the wrapper is a note with his name and number. And Harry, not one to pass up an opportunity, calls and they start to date.

Bonus: Merlin works with Eggsy and he’s absolutely head-over-heels in love with Roxy, who’s way too young to be the CFO of a company, but she’s fucking brilliant and can hit just as hard as the big boys. Merlin is always worried she’s not eating enough (he sees the stress getting to her), so he always putts extra chips and a cookie (no charge) with her sandwich.

People in the kpop fandom need to appreciate and respect girl groups more. Not only do they have to work almost twice as hard, but they have to deal with slut shaming and shit like that. If a girl dresses in a sexy way, she’s a slut. But when your precious oppa doesn’t wear a shirt, it’s sexy? Give me a break. Also think about the fact that most of these girls probably have had to do promotions during their periods. IMAGINE DANCING AND PERFORMING WITH THE WORSE PERIOD PAINS AND YET YOU HAVE TO SMILE AND PRETEND TO HAVE FUN? THAT TAKES SOME SERIOUS GUTS. Girl groups needs more respect and appreciation. GIRLS GROUPS ARE FIERCE AS HELL AND DESERVE EVERYTHING GOOD IN LIFE.


Chaeyoung as Yoon Myeongju, Dahyun as Seo Daeyoung, Tzuyu as Kang Moyeon, Jungyeon as Yoo Sijin

i literally cant stop thinking about this parody!!! THIS IS GONNA BE LIT !