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Day 6: Your favourite Wonder Girls moment. 

so instead of just naming one fav moment, I’m just gonna include my top fav moments of the Wonder Girls in the past 10 years: 

1) Wonderfuls’ surprise to the girls. This is the best surprise ever. The fans decided to surprise the girls with the fanmade video with Wishing On the Stars’ song. The girls were really surprised and cried a lot. Well, except for the strong mandu, of course. 

2) WG’s 3rd anniversary. Well, this one is special because it’s their first anniversary in the US. People said them going to US was the worst decision, but for me, it’s what made the Wonder Girls today. In the US, the girls don’t have anyone else but themselves, so they stick together, tighter than ever. That’s what made their bond is stronger than any other group. 

3) Drunk WG singing Why So Lonely. No other words needed.

4) WG practising their instrument. idk why i was feeling really emotional when I watched their RealWG The Secret of Band Wonder Girls. They had been practising as a band even when Sunmi was promoting Full Moon! It really made me sad to think that we only got two comebacks from the WG band.

5) WonderBang collab. The legendary collab in the history of kpop! Any HeeDragon shippers out there?

6) WG in Weekly Idol. omg this is the funniest shit ever XD 4D Sunmi is in full force mode. When they first came in Weekly Idol, the girls were perfect in random dance but now that they are in a band and didnt really practice their dance version, there’s a lot of confusion. lol

7) Sunye’s wedding. Doesn’t she looks like the prettiest bride? 

8) WG cried while getting awards. Being a long-time Wonderful, one would know the anxiety whenever WG made a comeback. Despite being a senior group, we would always felt nervous to see if WG wins the first place in the weekly music shows. After all, Wonderfuls is a small fandom and we are not as strong as others. Seeing the girls crying when they won, made me felt a little guilty cause they deserve so much more and i wish our fandom is big enough to support them ;(

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So does Z actively search Tom's name on Twitter and like fan things or are they RT onto her timeline so she likes them?

Yep , just like the last tweet she liked where it says “this is the funniest shit OMG”. she has liked soooo many things where neither tom nor z were tagged nor mentioned in but were stuff on tom fan accounts. She also viewed some videos posted on tom fan IG accounts which you can see her name when you click on “views”.

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your post about Jon not even being in reverse ghoul grumps bc NY made me think of a situation where he comes over and sees everything's reversed and chaotic and is just SO CONFUSED LIKE WTF HAPPENED - love, @sin-grumps

Ive had this sitting here forever omg this is the funniest shit ive read in a while

Like he comes to visit them for the week and when he calls for someone to pick him up, no one responds? Hes gotta settle for getting a cab at the airport and thats already 40 bucks out the goddamn window. The cab driver is a dick, its hot as all hell, theyre stuck in traffic his friends DITCHED HIM!!

He walks up to Arins door and after knocking for 5 minutes straight, he thows his arms in the air in defeat. They knew he was coming, he had this planned for months! He gives his cell one last final attempt before he growls and calls himself another fucking taxi; this time heading to the grump space.

10 minutes into the ride, he gets a wall of text from Ross:

- Jon

- Jon, Arin cant answer his phone it died on him

- No i lied, that was a lie i have it in my hands rn

- Shit happened; Uhm wait

- Arin said to come over and to not break into the house if you havent already. - Jon, Arin said he’ll pay for whatever cabs u took i guess

-‘Because i love u babe’

So he gets there and impatiently knocks on the door until someone opens up. Surprisingly, its not Ross or Holly, its Dan standing there awkwardly with… Cat ears… and a tail. Whats happening, whats going on???

Dan just shrugs bc hell, NONE of them know whats going on. A spell, a potion, a vengeful witch? At this point theyd believe anything. He takes Jons luggage and puts it to the side so he can start leading him to the backyard.

Hes slightly unnerved as they walk down the hall; where are the animals? Theyre so quiet…

“Ross went upstairs to find a charger for Arins phone. I think hes just using it as an excuse to go mess with Holly tbh.” Danny rambles. “ Holly swapped with Suzy so now shes got snakes on her head but theyre super aggressive and territorial; they keep attacking her birds and Ross. Hes had to avoid her for almost a week but he keeps finding reasons to go sneak into her room.”

When they get into the backyard, Danny frowns when he doesnt see Arin sitting on the pool edge. He walks up to the pool and squats, trying to see if he can spot Arin lying at the bottom of the pool. Jon eyes him as he leans closer to the water. Why is he back here? Wheres Arin? Why is Holly a Naga, whats happeninggg???

Danny suddenly leaps up, backing up slightly as he ushers Jon to come over. As he walks closer to the pool, something huge and pink? pulls itself above the water. It only takes him seconds to recognize it as Arin despite whatever the hell happened to him.

Dan helps Arin get adjusted on the pool edge, the simple act of pushing his body off the pool floor being a bit more than he can handle. When he goes to thank him, his eyes wander to Jon and hes instantly got all of his energy back.

“Jon! Fuck dude, cmere! I wanna hug you!” Arin whines, his tail sloshing in the water. Jon has so many goddamn questions, but Arin is so fucking glad to see him and something in his chest tightens. He decides against asking anything right now in favor of annoying Ross later.

He kneels down so hes at eye level w Arin and gives him a bonecrushing hug; something hes been wanting to do for a long long time and he smiles when Arin laughs into the hug.

“I missed my best friend, buddy.” Arin mumbles into the crook of Jons neck. “Sorry you had to come all this way to get tangled into this mess.”

Jon just pulls back and grins at him.


Remember when they tried to blame the dceu for Arrow losing all those characters? Lmfao

They said Black Canary was gonna be in a movie and they were forced to kill her off and now

Katie is a series regular on ALL the shows.

Lmfao lmfao that is the funniest shit omg omg

Arrow: We’re killing black Canary and it’s permanent

The Flash: Nah let’s bring in Katie as Black Siren

Geoff Johns: Facepalms forever

Gail Simone: What’s an Arrow?

Super girl cast: I really want to work with Katie

Ratings: 2 series-wide lows, a dip under 2mil, lowest rated season finale

Network: Let’s put this show on a shit second rate channel and use their slot for something decent

Network: Promotes Katie to regular on all their comic book properties

Olicity fangirls: What fanservice no one even likes her

Literally everyone on the entire fucking planet that isn’t licking felicity and guggenheim’s ass: Lmfao

This is honestly so funny what a mess