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ok because I'm a sap what about. hance kissing in the rain or something equally as fluffy and dumb

Omg this took forever, but I finally finished this thing. Thank you so much @quotidiandreams for being a fantastic beta who helped me out a lot.

Hunk/Lance + drawings
Rating: T
Word count: 1737

“Lance!” Hunk’s voice didn’t make it very far.

For starters, he was still wearing his helmet and full visor, which prevented his voice from traveling too far. But even worse than that was the sound of the rain pouring down on the silver floor.

The planet they had landed on was entirely made of metal. The plains were gold, trees and rocks made of palladium and random bits of iron. The area where Hunk, Pidge and Lance had been assigned to was mostly made of silver, which glistened faintly under the two white moons up in the sky. Since the sun had already set when they landed, Hunk couldn’t be more glad that he wouldn’t have to face the blinding reflection of the sun. It was a beautiful planet, he couldn’t deny that, but entirely too bizarre and unfamiliar. Thankfully, with the giant worm-like alien chased back underground, unable to pop up and try to eat them whenever they so much as breathed the wrong way, they could finally return to the ship and leave.

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the insanity called love

plot: when you meet your soulmate everything turns black and white, not allowing you to see colors anymore but when they die you get to see color again.

group: bts

pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: soulmate!au

word count: 7.5k

A/N: I finally finished it! omg this is the longest thing I have ever written, I hope you like it 💖 idk if I will write a part two for this, I want to but I won’t be writing anything until October ;-;

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It was simple, a sudden change of reality, you would stop seeing every color if you met them. No one knew when it could happen, it wasn’t like those clocks you have that counts down your time to when you meet your soulmate but in real life the world was sadistic, it could happen any time. And it hasn’t happened to you yet.

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happy to announce that i am now undertale trash <3

I Will Never Lose This Feeling

im so so glad ive finally finished it! i love these two so much omg alphyne has stolen my heart
i also thought undyne would be v attractive w/ her hair out
i was not wrong
i still have trouble drawing alphys tho???? like idk how to make her look like.. HER
ps. i think this is the best fan art ive ever done im so happy it turned out how i wanted it to!
its so nice to draw something other than dogs for a change
and baggy pants <3 gotta lov pjs man

Undyne, Alphys, Undertale © Toby Fox
art © Dekkasaurus
#GetBlackWidowAGirlfriend - reysfalcon - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Maria Hill/Natasha Romanov
Characters: Natasha Romanov, Maria Hill, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts
Additional Tags: inspired by #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend, and i loved the idea of nat dealing with the media, + writing the tweets was so much fun, all of it was fun to write, maria/nat owns my gay ass, Established Relationship, Social Media

Natasha didn’t expect her love life to become the focus of a hashtag and a Twitter craze. Apparently the world wants to #GetBlackWidowAGirlfriend.

I finally finished @zombiefishgirl ‘s pretty Sarita ^_^

Omg take her, keep her. I’ve spent so much time obsessing over colors on this one that I need to physically step back from it, even though I loved doing it.

I swear, I sketch them and they always look like they’re supposed to and when I start painting something changes???

Let’s all just forget the butchered ear b/c I can’t give a fuck fixing it lol

#64 - I’m sorry

Notes: I finally finished translating my prompt for @engspaweek! It’s horrible, ikr, and probably full of lessic/grammar mistakes (ah, if you find any please tell me so i can improve! ^^) but pls, forgive me! c.c btw, I don’t even like it that much, I find it pretty OOC and it’s a lil messed up. Furthermore it’s so damn angsty and there is dub-con/non-con in it so be careful. Prompt #64, enjoy, I guess-

…Good luck, really.

I’m sorry.

« I’ve never loved you, Antonio. I’m sorry… »

It was only a whisper, a venomous blow that crawled into Antonio’s ears, making him freeze with still a warm smile on his lips. He suddenly felt as viscid shivers were flowing through his veins and as an intense pain was stabbing his heart with no mercy.

I’m sorry . How could these words be so hypocrite? Those syllables pronounced with an unsettling indifference by a coward executioner incapable even to lift his gaze on his victim. Of course thought Antonio, a bitter smile curving his full lips, only a coward like him would have confessed his never existing love right after the third wedding proposal.

That time, though, the answer wasn’t what Antonio had expected. Spain would not have married England and so Felipe II with Elizabeth I. The anglo-spanish alliance was slowly falling. And Antonio felt nothing but a sense of betrayal. He had just been deceived by the person who had loved the most and his most intimate feelings ended up destroyed by him, Arthur. His centre, his welcoming harbour waiting for him after a storm, the warm hug of the blankets during a rainy night, his everything. His only reason to carry on and continue living, even though his soul had been teared apart years ago by the black claws of the Saint Spanish Inquisition that also carried away any trace of humanity from him.

And now that lying poltroon of which he had decanted the strengths and the virtues have just revealed himself for who he had always been: a vile back-stabber, a cruel snake that bit him right in his heart and injected his mortal liquid in it.

Antonio wanted to smash that satanic creature.

The infinite love that had bounded him to Arthur suddenly left the place to something else. Something dark and dangerous, something that pushed Spain to cry, to beg the Englishman to make love together one last time. « I’m sorry » was muttering again the youngest nation, his gaze raised onto the brunette. But, even if he was looking in Antonio’s face, he didn’t seem to see him. It was like Arthur’s emerald eyes were covered with a bandage, like he couldn’t notice Antonio’s tears or his hallucinated mad eyes or his aroused lips that were furiously bitten by those bright teeth of his. Arthur couldn’t see anything of that – his pale lips continued moving imperceptibly, still whispering those futile words which rumbled too loud in Spain’s head. The poor brunette was sobbing and growling as a mere desperate beast would have done, begging Britain with a supplicant voice, his trembling fingers narrowed over his red coat, pulling it in a violent and at the same time insecure way.

Exhausted, in the end Arthur finally fell in the trap of that poor and hungry spider. He closed his eyes and undressed himself of his clothes, his pride and his dignity before lying on his bed, the mortal web where he would have been devoured by Antonio.

Consumed by a strange feeling on the line between love and hate, Spain was there, looking towards him with his full-opened eyes and his dark eyelashes watered by tears. And in that moment his humanity left his heart: an obscure an insane grin defaced his sweet visage. He liked his lips, foretasting his meal, and suddenly jumped above the blonde. He over hanged him and smiled: a sweet, evil, gentle and feral smile. One last glance, a fast clash between their emerald eyes, and then everything degenerated.

Spain growled. And then, Arthur was devoured. His limbs were ripped off, his heart was wrenched and reduced in a bunch in a bunch of shreds, his soul teared off with rage and disgust.

Instinctive, horny like a beast, without any trace of common sense, Antonio cried in Arthur’s ear: “I love you” repeated desperately whilst thrusting rabidly into him and scratching his back, his chest, his arms, his heart. Cruel. Pitiless. Mere avenger of himself, he inflicted in Arthur’s white flesh the same wounds that he had caused in Antonio’s soul, making him no more than an animal.

It was fast, loveless, pure pleasure for the body and destructive pain for the mind. Spain abandoned his lover on the blankets as he wasn’t anything but an object. The brunette was sobbing softly, feeling dirty inside, already repented for that sick revenge. He looked in tears at the other nation, horrified for what he had done to him. Scared of himself: England was lying helplessly on the blankets, covered in dirt, his eyes as inexpressive as they were made of glass and his breath trembling desperately. Dead Inside. Deep wounds decorated his back, red droplets were encrusted between his thighs and dark bites marked the pale shoulders together with purple bruises.

Anyway, Arthur, resigned to that deserved punishment for his sin, permitted Spain to do everything he wanted. Until the blood ran over his thighs, until he felt Antonio filling him with his pleasure, until the pain of his body got much stronger than his mental pain.

He heard Spain’s cry.

« Lo siento » Only a whisper.

Then everything went dark.

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I just LOVE you. YOur games. Your ideas. EVER-FUCKING-THING YOU DO. You're brillant <3 Please don't stress yourself with the games! Take you all your time because I'm sure this all is a huuuge thing to work on. Of course I'd like to say "OMG FINISH ALL YOUR GAMES FINALLY! I CAN'T WAIT!!!" but I won't. I'll wait for you <3 PS.: just played the "new" version of CC. It's so good and all that drama with Matt ;_; Had than an game over after the test. Reason: locked event D: you meanie! But still <333

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