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NCT 127 + Ten reaction to you being emotional on your period


Anon: Nct 127 reaction to you being really emotional on your period

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Honestly, he’d be scared of you. He wouldn’t be great with advice or comforting you; feelings aren’t his forte. However, he’d still want to help you and try to make life easier for you. Without speaking, he’d let you cuddle into his chest and cry and rant, rubbing your back, just letting you get all your feelings out, until you had no more tears to cry and no more words to say.


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Johnny was be a very big fuss-pot whenever you were on your period. He’d basically be your knight in shining armour, and not once had managed to offend you or do something “wrong” whilst you were on your period. He knew exactly what to do and say, and would always be stocking up with pads, tampons, bath bombs and chocolate - out of his own money too! - because “it’s the least I could do for you”.


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(this was my fave era for tae okay srsly wtf omg)
If ever you said something to Taeyong remotely rude or insulting on your period, Taeyong would always be offended - if though he knew you didn’t mean it. He wouldn’t be able to stop feeling upset, and would probably mope around with you, steering away from you most of the time, until you realised why he was like that and apologised. After that, he’d be very caring and always be cooking you meals to help with the pain and emotional overload.


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It’d be normal, expected also, for you and Yuta to constantly be teasing one another and joking around. However, on your period, of course, you were more emotional and sensitive, finding his words more malicious and harsh, than Yuta ever intended. You’d start crying, and yelling at him, making his eyes widen to shock and raise his hands in defence. At first, he didn’t have a clue why you were like this, but quickly he learned the cause and would comfort and calm you down.


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Would be the type to give you a lot of advice and emotional support during your period. Unlike the others, his words had a greater effect on you over his actions. To be honest, I wouldn’t know how to physically help you, leading to you barking at him to do certain things for him all the time. But he’d give great motivational speeches basically, and you’d always end up crying in his arms because his words would mean a lot to you.


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Expect a lot of dancing and aegyo from this guy lol. He really wouldn’t know what to do with you if you were very emotional or sensitive. Even if you were upset or sensitive after he brought you chocolate and sweets and everything you asked for, he’d end up crouching in front of you pulling some cute or silly faces to try and make you smile/laugh. He’d also start dancing in hope that you’d join in and stop being very stressed.


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Jaehyun would know that the best way to help you was to let you stay in bed, wrapped in his arms, all day until you had the will to leave the confinement of your room. He’d bring you food and films, anything you asked for, he’d bring and he wouldn’t try to question you in anyway. He’d run his fingers down your sides and kiss your cheek, telling you about his day and your shared future, which would make your heart flutter and cheeks flush slightly.


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WinWin would try to be the best boyfriend ever whenever you were on your period - well, and also all the time as well lol. He’d imitate the actors in dramas and films, buying you flowers, chocolate, food, tampons and pads, movies and sometimes even jewellery. You’d always tell him that he didn’t need to do that, all whilst crying your eyes out because you were sensitive and thought it was too cute, but he’d just shush you and cuddle you, not saying much.


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Mark would have no clue what to say or do. It’d break his heart to see you in your state, and how he didn’t know what to do to help. Eventually, after a few months, he soon learned that it was just better to get you food and hug you a lot, rather than say anything. Not that he didn’t mind though.


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Obviously, Haechan would be the one with the least experience when it came to emotional girlfriends on their period. In fact, he’d secretly dread your period every month, when you’d be super sensitive and one wrong foot from him, could end up with a slap or harsh insult from you. He’d always end up calling his older members, begging for help and advice as they just laughed at him and inexperience.