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Get to know: youtubers Rose Dix & Rosie Spaughton;
RosieIf our love was illegal.. I would be without my soulmate. Without the woman I love, without the woman who loves me. And I just can’t be able to handle life without you.
Rose: I wouldn’t take anything over Rosie because she is so goddamn important and perfect.

THE ELLEN SHOW: The Final Chapter

A/U: So I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s read this monster. You’ve all been so nice and kind over the past 4-5 months and I cannot tell you how nice it’s been having you get excited or upset about what I’ve written. Having someone telling you how invested they are into something you’ve created is an amazing feeling. I’m bittersweet seeing this coming to an end because I only hope I can make something like this again and have you all support it as much as this. But until that day comes I will give one last thank you and say I love you. 

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“Welcome back.” A guy with a headset said to me as I was waiting behind the set. He must have recognized me but I didn’t recognize him.

“Oh thank you for having me.” I smiled before pushing my hair back behind my ear shyly. He then processed to quickly give me a run down but we had both done this so many times now it wasn’t really needed anymore.

I heard my name a few seconds after the guy waved for me to start walking. A few moments later Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl came over the set and I smiled brightly as I came around the corner. Waving to the audience I walked across the flooring before looking up and seeing Ellen standing up waiting for me.

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