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‘Harry Styles’ Scares Niall Horan

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Just for that, I’m going to write more. Thank you to this lovely anon!

  • Apollo took her for a ride in his sun chariot once.
  • Naomi, till this day, can still remember the screams of Apollo when she threw up all over him.
  • Also laughs every time she remembers his shocked and wounded expression.
  • The few months she spent with Apollo were the best in her life (especially when they went to all those tropical islands together, and Naomi lived in nothing but bikinis and sundresses).
  • She’s never gotten together with anyone else since.
  • Wakes up early everyday to watch the sunrise, and talks to Apollo about Will, or how her day went, wondering if he can hear her.
  • When Will misses Apollo, she tells him to find a warm, sunny spot to sit in, telling him that that’s his father’s way of hugging him and loving him.
  • Got into a car accident once, but she doesn’t remember much, apart from Will crying, a pair of small hands on hers, a warm and comforting glow, and Apollo’s voice.
  • The doctors say she was lucky to have survived, and when she asks Will what happened, her son simply smiles and says, “Daddy helped me to fix you.”
  • When Will tells her about Apollo being mortal again, Naomi demands to see him.
  • When Will brings Apollo over, she wants to scream at him, or punch him, but he looks bad enough that she can’t bring herself to do any of that.
  • Naomi settles for hugging him and crying, and is surprised when Apollo starts crying too.