omg earl


Lunarre hopped on to the nearest building and scanned the area for his next meal. This was strange. There were no seraphim of any type anywhere. He could always hunt down a human, but they were stingy and not always easy to manipulate. It was getting dark as well, and the pickings were getting sparse as they turned in for the night.

The hellion spotted a nice specimen that looked sort of out of the ordinary.  Didn’t matter to him. Discreetly jumping off the roof, he started to follow the individual; mouth watering with every step he took. His stride got longer, getting closer to the victim fast. 

Lunarre put a hand up over his mouth to muffle the sound of his laughter, but it was no use. Surely the prey had heard him. Oh well. “You look mighty… tasty. Delicious. Are you ready to be my next meal?” His laughter grew into a hyena type laugh. “I hope you did everything that you wanted to do today~!”