omg dunk


i am very passionate about south park siblings


I’ve been thinking about this megane/ahoge crossover for literal months and now I’ve finally drawn it I can be put to rest

things i've heard each sign say irl
  • Aries: dOn't yOU sAY thAT aBOut BEYONCÉ!
  • Taurus: find someone that will prioritize u over fried chicken
  • Gemini: why doesn't my lawnmower smell like grass?!?!!
  • Cancer: I'm not overreACTINg
  • Leo: I may have screwed up the convo because of my... daddy kink
  • Virgo: omg, I need to dunk this kid in some sort of deodorant
  • Libra: her face is too plain, she needs a strategically placed mole
  • Scorpio: my cat tore up my dog patch crop top
  • Sagittarius: don't tell me what to do, i'll lick the swing set if I want to!!
  • Capricorn: I'd rather not talk about my childhood for sanity reasons
  • Aquarius: sequin in broad daylight, i feel accomplished on her behalf
  • Pisces: I have a thing for really soft hands

Illustration by Gary Gianni

Egg led them down the hill, sitting tall on Maester. “Must he wear that floppy straw hat?” Ser Eustace asked Dunk. “He looks a bit foolish, don’t you think?”

“Not so foolish as when his head is peeling, m’lord.” Even at this hour, with the sun barely above the horizon, it was hot. By afternoon the saddles will be hot enough to raise blisters. Egg might look elegant in the dead boy’s finery, but he would be a boiled Egg by nightfall.

~A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

She had a quiver of arrows on one hip, and held a longbow that was just as tall as she was, which wasn’t very tall. If Dunk was shy an inch of seven feet, the archer was shy an inch of five. He could have spanned her waist with his two hands. Her red hair was bound up in a braid so long it brushed past her thighs, and she had a dimpled chin, a snub nose, and a light spray of freckles across her cheeks. inspiration x

*me, MTT and frisk baked a cake!!! (don’t worry frisk wasnt in the cake when we put it in the oven lol)

Birthday present for both @hushpupper and @popcorngumballsprinkles!!

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anonymous asked:

so, with the hp/dp cross over, i kind of head canon danny as a half blood, tucker as a muggle born, and sam as a pure blood, but sam would have defenatly ended u in ravenclaw. I think draco would have -at some point- tried to get close to her but she can easily see hes a spoiled prat and doesnt like danny hanging out with him but cant do much about it since danny some how got into slythrin

thats close!!
maddie is a halfblood and jack is pureblood(ancestors known for finding the uses of blood blossoms in potions and everyday use) but i dunno what that would make danny and jazz lmao
sam’s family is pureblood and rich for either being investors or something, and tuck would probs be halfblood, but spent a lot of his childhood in the muggle world, it’d be a reason for his affinity w/ technology. he’d totally try to sneak like 3 PDAs into school 

danny and draco would definitely spend more time together, dunno how much more tho b/c whatever classes the 4th year houses share with the others weren’t really made clear in HP canon, and we’ve yet to figure it out if docs 

but sam would be defs jealous of draco and danny’s growing relationship omg


Aaron Gordon is 6-foot-9 and 220 pounds.

Aaron Gordon can dunk, comfortably and with venom, from one step inside the free-throw line.

Nobody told us that Terminators actually exist.