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Piece by Piece (Shingen x R/Y)

WARNING: SMUT! Please don’t read if you’re not into smut! And I’m sorry if this isn’t good enough since this is my first time with smut DX Please don’t judge DX

You smile, looking at Shingen who held you in his arm. You reach a hand up and cup his cheeks, staring into his eyes. You loved him so much, without him you didn’t know what you could’ve done to yourself. Shingen took your hand in his and kisses your fingertips, a smirk on his face.

“Something wrong?” He asks, a hand already tracing your sides.

“Nothing.” You laugh, pulling your hand away from his grip then you stood up and lean towards him. “I was just… thinking about something.”

You smirk at him before licking your lower lip. You then walk your fingers across his chest and then pulled his bedding robe off his shoulder. You lean in more until both your lips touch. You pressed in harder, wanting to taste him more and in response, he places his hands on your hips and pushed you down onto his futon.

Positioning you under him while himself between you, he entwine your tongues together. His hands already busying himself trying to tear open your robe and you too, busy your hands trying to remove the fabric that separates his skin from your skin.

Breaking the kiss, Shingen looks at and you were finally able to remove his robe off him. He runs a hand across your body and gropes your breast, lighting pinching your nipples that had gotten hard. Shingen pulled you up while he sat and throbs his member in front of you, rubbing it up and down in front of you, watching as your eyes began to lighten up a little. It was a sign for him to know that you were getting wet and your lust for him was uncontrollable.

His movement stops and he smiles at you. “Come here.” His says. “Want a taste?”

He didn’t need to ask. You slowly crawled to him and take his member in your hands. You rubbed it up and down, feeling his member harden each time. Slowly, you stick out your tongue and lick the tip of his member. You open your mouth a little wider and suck the tip of his hard member. Shingen groans, feeling the pleasure from having his member in your mouth. He reached a hand over and without warning roughly slips a hand into your sex.

“You’re so wet…” Shingen says in a husky voice.

Thrusting his member in and out of your mouth, the tip of your tongue brushing the tip of his hard member, teasing him. He groans and places his hands on your head and thrust his member faster in your mouth. He finally gives one more thrust until he pulls your mouth away from his member, pushing you down once more and spills his seeds on your stomach.

“Milord…” You spoke. “I….”

You stop. There was no use saying anything to him. You couldn’t control yourself anymore. Even after his member was just in your mouth you want him in you. You look at him in the eye and open you legs, spreading them for him while you reach a finger down and run it along your folds.

“Milord.” You plead to him. “Please… I…. Ahhh…”

Shingen stares at you while you slips a finger in yourself, playing with your sex and moan out his name.

“You’re a naughty girl aren’t you?” Shingen smirks at you.

He moves between you legs again and lifts your hips up to meet his. He pulls your hands away and pins them above your head. He leans down and locks his lips on your skin, sucking it hard. You cried out for him, feeling the ache. He removes his lips and place them on another spot, sucking hard until it leaves a red mark before he places it onto another spot.

You struggle, trying to break free yourself from his grip, but he was too strong. Not being able to hold it anymore, you wrap both your legs around his waist and pull him down, letting the tip of his member rub against her wet sex.

Shingen smirks at your reaction. He rubs his tip harder and faster against your clit, feeling your body tense up. This isn’t your first time having taken to his bed yet your body will reacts to his action and he still enjoys watching your body tense up.

As if he had his fun, he roughly, without warning, thrust his hard member into your wet entrance.

“Ahh!” You cry out the moment he thrust his member deep inside you. He finally releases your hands and you wrap them around his next, a hand gripping on his hair. “M-Milord…”

Enjoying your reactions, Shingen began to move, pulling his member in and out of you. With each thrust, his pace fastens, pulling it out enough just for him to slam it back right in. Your grip on his hair tightens and you moan out his name, despite this was the first time he’s ever done it so hard, hard enough that he has to hold you in place.

“Ah! Lord Shingen!” You spoke. “S-shouldn’t you….”

“No.” Shingen groans out, his breathe shallow. “Don’t….”

You decided to say no more. Although you wanted him to slow down a little, your body rejects it. His member continues to thrust deep inside you, hitting your G-spot and spreading pleasure throughout your body. Your mind sooner went blank and the only thing you can hear was the sound of his heavy breathing and the sound of his skin hitting your skin.

He presses onto you, his lips finding their way up and placing them on your breast, sucking on them hard and circling his tongue around your nipples. Your ache your back up, taking in all the pleasure he was giving you at once.

You felt his member tense a little, and you knew that he was about to reach his climax.

“Ah Milord!” You try to push him up. “Not inside…..”

Shingen didn’t answer you, but continue to thrust in more, deeper and faster. The moment both of you were about to reach your climax, you heard a crack under you. But Shingen didn’t stop demanding your body. The more he demands your body, the more of the cracking sound you hear.

“Wait Milord!” You tried to stop him, realizing that the cracking sound under you was the sound of the tatami mat breaking. “You’re going to break the tatami mat!”

Worried, you gather all your strength and switched position with Shingen, rolling over the side a little just before the mat completely snaps in two. Right at that moment he came inside you.

“Lord Shingen!” You look at him. “we broke the mat.”

Shingen laughed. He pulls you off his member, letting his seeds drip out of you soon wrap you in his arms.

“Guess we’‘ll have to fix it tomorrow then.” He laughs and kisses your forehead.

You pout a little, but there was nothing you can do about you. You spend the rest of night in his chamber, sleeping next to a broken tatami mat.

You had a dream… and in that dream all you can remembered was the back of your first loved one. You gave him your love and everything you possibly can, but he left, just like that in a blink of an eye. His love was never free, it was something that you had to earn and because you weren’t something he wanted, you were worthless.

But you found someone better now. and you were happy. You remembered his amber eyes that never left you the moment you stepped into his palace, his long pure red hair that he always ask you to help pull back and the heat of his body that never left your body the first time he claimed you his.

You have fallen head over heels for the lord of the Takeda clan, the tiger of kai, Takeda Shingen. Unlike him, piece by piece Shingen healed you. Piece by piece he collected your broken heart. Piece by piece he filled the hole that was once burnt into your heart and piece by piece he restored your faith. He loved you. He never asked for anything but you by his side. He never walked away from you. He loved you. Piece by piece, he was everything that you ever needed in the world.

But you snap back to reality the moment you heard someone screaming on top of its lungs. Of course that scream belongs to no one other than poor Yukimura.


Thank you for taking your time to read XD It’s because I hate going on hiatus and it hurts so much not being able to write. Anyways Sorry that I’m bad at smut `^^` I’m still trying to improve. So sorry I don’t know much Shingen lover out there.

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