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Omg? Idk you were from Korea that's so cool!! I'd really like to know how K-army's see the other members, I mean as an i-army there are so many hard to find strong powered Jimin fics and not motherly Jin fics. I mean don't get me wrong I'm always down to read whatever as long as it has a good plot, and characterization but I want to know your point of view or how k-army's generally view BTS and shipping and all tht good stuff. By the way ILYSM !!! I want to be just as good as you when writing.


Hahah I did receive most of my school in an English-speaking country but yup, I’ve also spent many years in Korea and living in Korea now! :) And ooh, I’m glad you asked because this is a very interesting topic! I’ll go briefly into how k-army views and characterizes the boys, but keep in mind, Koreans tend to also go into extremes in certain cases (like making some of them complete psychopaths for the storyline….but Ill exclude those). 

Jin is very VERY rarely (if not never) depicted as a motherly figure. He’s the one that gets sort of picked on by the others (playfully of course) but is also the rational one that gets the scariest when angry. Oftentimes paired with Jungkook.

Rough-spoken, swears a lot, a giant tsundere who’s generally like “fuck all of you” until he meets the other one. Usually really good at fighting too and will beat the shit out of people bullying his love interest. Never initiates a relationship and the other party has to pursue him till the end of the world and Yoongi tends to regret not being with the person in the first place and always make the move “too late”

Surprisingly he’s written oftentimes as this big dork who only gets serious when it comes to just him and his love interest (like when it’s just the two of them together). Interesting fact…Namjin isn’t big at all in Korea. I think the top pair with Namjoon is with Hoseok or Yoongi actually?

Happy. Screamy. Silly. But usually always has some sort of a really sad past or is the one suffering from one-sided love that he doesn’t show for YEARS. Oftentimes third wheeling it HARD or is the one who leaves his lover for the “good of the other party.”

Sassy, super manly, calm and collected. Outwardly, his speech pattern is very clipped and almost like how Yoongi’s is perceived, but everyone knows he’s sweet inside. Cares a lot but doesn’t blatantly show it and will instead try to protect people on his own. (It’s either that or he’s made fun of relentlessly by other members lol)

Now Tae is interesting, because he’s either written as this cold, calculated, oftentimes powerful and intimidating guy who takes charge (and is smooth as fuck) or as the lost, confused little bunny (who somehow is still smooth as fuck??) OR EVEN BOTH. I think it stems from how he speaks cutely in Seoul dialect and how his demeanor/language pattern changes when he speaks Daegu dialect (and the difference between Taetae and V). Keep in mind that writers in Korea explore both dialects when writing.

Mostly written as crazy, wild, out-of-control, “I do whatever the fuck I wantttttt” character. Jeonlous. Will aggressively and relentlessly pursue someone not caring if the person is like STOBIT. He’s oftentimes the REBOUND of another pair and I still don’t know why that’s the case. Number one choice for the villain of the piece (why kookie why!!)

I think the biggest difference when it comes to writing for k-writers and i-writers is that k-writers REALLY expand their creative horizon…to the point where I actually have come to stay away from a lot of their materials, because some of them include romanticizing violent relationships, rape and other abusive behavior (Don’t get me wrong, not all of them are like that). Korean writing, by nature, don’t really include super fluffy characters, because the culture is based on suppressing emotions, but you will see them doing extreme things for the love of their lives (which also leads to so much heartache and misunderstandings that oftentimes breakups…my heartu). But when it comes to angst…o god, all the well-written ones are usually deathfics or fics of heartbreaks…which is why I’m generally frolicking in AO3 and not on a Korean blog. 

So yeah! There you have it! Honestly, I’ve only read the super popular ones (none of them with jikook, yoonseok or namjin unfortunately…sadface) and posts with people talking about different pairs but these were the patterns I picked up :) I must say, when it comes to a good deathfic, high school teens dealing with super angsty situations or something extreme, Korean writers really know what’s up.

Oh, and in Korea, I feel like most authors don’t stick to a single pair. They will try basically ANY ship and write about it…which is probably why you won’t find any hardcore shippers or ship wars in the k-community! At the same time, they’re also not very concerned about being PC, but that’s usually because of the difference in culture lol. So what do you think? Which would you prefer? Im curious!

Shisui angst prompt Pt 1

here’s the first prompt for the 500 follower special! part 2 should be out soon

Prompt: Okay for the special thing… Shisui is a very busy ninja, we all know that, and I just imagined a scenario where he is about to go for like 2-3 months on a risky mission, so he goes to tell his (female) S/O that he won’t be there but he sees her hugging other guy, and for some reason he gets really mad and leaves without saying goodbye, then months later he comes back and his SO confronts him, they fight, but like a real fight, screaming and shit, and it all ends with rough kisses and nswf

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  • Me: *watching Harry Potter* Omg, there's Draco!
  • Little sister: Every time he appears, you point him out. Do you have a crush on him or something?
  • Me: Do you see the way they are looking at each other, I see longing in their eyes, they are so gay for each other, omg, just kiss already, make Drarry happen, make my Harry Potter OTP canon, DRACO, DON'T SAY A WORD, YOU JUST GOTTA KISS THE BOY, JESUS FREAKING CHRIST, DAMN DRACO, JUST DO IT, DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS, DRACO, LET THE GAY THOUGHTS WASH OVER YOU LIKE A WARM SHOWER
  • Sister: wtf is wrong with you??
  • <p> <b>Eren:</b> *dials number*<p/><b>Eren:</b> OMG ARMIN YOU WERE RIGHT!<p/><b>Eren:</b> I'm not just gay, BUT IM IN LOVE WITH CAPTAIN LEVI!<p/><b>Eren:</b> HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE HIS ASS WHEN HE BENT DOWN CLEANING!?!<p/><b>Eren:</b> And his smooth, sexy, sleepy voice in the morning.<p/><b>Eren:</b> I had a dream that he shoved his broomstick up my ass. It felt so gooodddddd.<p/><b>Eren:</b> I'm in love WITH A LEGEND.<p/><b>Levi:</b> Tch. I know I am a legend. By the way, this is the wrong number.<p/><b>Eren:</b> ......................<p/><b>Levi:</b> I don't recall saying stop. Continue your list about me please.<p/></p>

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Okay seriously don't take this the wrong way, but you're kind of a bitch and I love it. It's refreshing to see an author who isn't all "Omg of course I'll sprinkle every ray of Sunshine that exists on you and everybody else because you love my work!!!" on social media. You focus on the stuff that matters, aka your writing and your stories. You do you, Victoria! And keep being awesome <4

Thank you!! :)

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honey, please don't screw around with anything of the occult. i see your bio says you like ghosts and if i'm not wrong, your mcr shirt in your profile icon is shaped after a ouija board. even if you don't believe anything like that exists or can hurt you, it really freaks out those who do. please please please don't embrace weird satanic shit.




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I don't see many people talking about it, but was it just me that cried really hard when Kaltain started to talk about Celaena? I mean... That part broke my heart in tiny little pieces </3

I really disliked Kaltain in ToG. She was getting in the way of my ship and she was such a bitch but omg afterwards I just really pitied her in CoM because she trusted the wrong people and was in that dungeon and had to go with Perr perr :((( Man her life is just sad.

But in QoS she was such a badass, and one thing I really love about the series especially in QoS is how Sarah protrays the strength of her female characters. It could have been Dorian who secretly killed the Valg inside himself while working against his father, but instead Kaltain, this woman most of the fandom has hated on since the beginning of ToG, this woman who had no hope, no one on her side, endured.

It was her against the world, but she still managed to keep persevering, to deceive that man (demon) as he had deceived her.

It is a shame Kaltain and Celaena never became friends, but in that short time where they spent time in the dungeon together they became allies, and when Celaena offered Kaltain her cloak it is almost a repeat of The Assassin and the Healer when Celaena give her money to sponsor Yrene to the Torre Cesme, or when she saved Manon in QoS.

In all three scenarios, what Aelin did was considered to be a kindness, and that’s one way to put it i suppose, but it was also a way out of the darkness. Aelin showed all of them a future, one different from what they imagined for themselves or thought they deserved.

And to think of what Kaltain and Aelin could have accomplished together breaks my heart because they were so similar in a way and I wish Kaltain could have found a way to survive to see Aelin again and give her the Wyrdkey personally. :((

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I've been dating a guy for about two months and I'm happy for the most part, but I'm hardly ever horny with him and somedays I'm into him and somedays I'm not, he's viewed well socially and everything and were "cute" together and we're good friends and he treats me like a princess and what not but i don't have muh experience and developing those special feelings takes time right? I don't know if I should give up or give It more time and see if it gets better between us to see if i feel more?

he’s viewed well socially???? what. even. i’m a bit hung up on that part. who the fuck cares how “popular” he is or good looking or how other people see you. a relationship is between two people, and the way you feel does not base itself off of how successful someone else is like what even omg. if you’re not sexually interested in him, gonna have to say you’re in it with this guy for literally all the wrong reasons. if you love someone, they make your heart flutter from day one, and kissing them is the most amazing thing in the world, making out gets really hot, and sometimes it’s hard to control yourself, to stop, to not go all the way. i might have interpreted this wrong. but those are my thoughts.