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imagine pocket-sized jimin suddenly running across your table, holding up a toothpick like a sword and dramatically shouting “it is i, jimin!! and i am here to fight away your negative emotions!!!!!” and pocket-sized jungkook would pop out of nowhere in a huge black oversized tee screaming “yOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME!!!!”. they would proceed to playfight with their toothpick swords and it would end with jimin pretending to stab jungkook in the heart, causing him to dramatically fall to the ground. both of them would erupt into loud laughter and they would remind you that they loved you and they hoped you feel better soon before running away and leaving you with a silly grin on your face.


VIXX-OTPS has reached its third year and has achieved 20,110+ followers! I hope you all enjoyed the 15-day countdown this year and thank you very much for these 3 years! ♥ I hope we would be able to celebrate again next year~


Santa’s pages from the ZE artbook! Scans by @feytaplaysgames. See the complete artbook here. Junpei | Akane | Santa

#999 spoilers (Not sure why spoilers are having a party in Santa’s pages when the others are fairly spoiler-free but here we are.)


  • ‘Closer to his sister’: I think they’re saying ‘her’ without saying exactly who until his sister is mentioned in the next paragraph. I’m not sure why they did that.
  • ‘Quite fashionable’: Don’t look at me. I’m just translating what it says, tbh.
  • ‘Ayaxxxx Rei’ would be exactly who you think it is
  • ‘Weird but good in gakuran’: I think she’s saying ‘Him wearing this ordinary school uniform looks nice, but also weird because his hair was silver even back then.

“In the end, you plan to oppose me?”

A very quick Deep Blue together with a shoutout to @deep-nerd for showing up in my activity and ensuring I never forget my Tokyo Mew Mew phase–

idk though like as fun as this is (and it’s so much fun omg) the mutant thing can’t all be allegoric like there are canonically gay mutants and there are (not canonically, but like, cmon) autistic mutants (artie!!!! rogue, SCOTT) and there are mentally ill mutants and mutants who are marginalized for a plethora of factors besides their x-genes. are there support groups within the mutant community? inter-community discrimination and problems? mutant discourse??????

halesstiles  asked:

I have a story! It happened awhile ago but I was on campus walking to the student center and this one dude picked up an acorn from the sidewalk and threw it at his friend, who was across the lawn, while shouting "YO" really loud and then he high fived me??? I was like wot???

that’s such a ridiculous dudebro thing to do i loVE IT

anon hour/sleepover saturday/whatever ;)

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One Year


In honour of Hollywood U’s first birthday, I decided to write a fic based around this anniversary and also try to incorporate as many HWU characters as possible. I think I’ve only missed two or three at the most… But there’s some of everything. Various characters we haven’t seen in a while… then there’s some Hunt and Chris and Ethan, of course. Enjoy!

Word Count: 3112

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“… and you didn’t think that i would hear it”

uma thurman - fall out boy // hollaback girl - gwen stefani // very good bad thing - mother mother // soft touch/raw nerve - depeche mode // snap out of it - arctic monkeys // voulez vous - erasure // dare (junior sanchez remix) - gorillaz // in chains - depeche mode // gold on the ceiling - the black keys // satellite mind - metric // modern love - mother mother

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