omg don't be mad

“You always in such a good mood in the mornings?” you tease, holding the back of his head as he mouths at your neck.

He looks up briefly, touching his forehead gently to yours when he speaks. “Only when I wake up with you.”


I just wanted to write about Niall. 

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◄ There’ll be no more darkness
     when you
believe in yourself you are unstoppable
     Where your destiny lies, dancing on the blades,
     you set my  H E A R T  on  F I R E  ►


random phone screencaps of Lin in Do No Harm because I love this character a lot and he deserved so much better

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Supercat 9 or 24?

nine. against a wall. also 3.5k words and ~feelings ahead. whoops.

It’s late, Kara is exhausted from a fight with a Fort Rozz prisoner down by the docks, and all she wants to do is finish inhaling her takeout and go to bed. So naturally when she starts to dig into her second carton of Lo Mein, there’s a knock at the door because that’s the kind of day it’s been. 

Kara looks over the arm of the couch she’s sprawled against, and narrows her eyes, peeking through the door to see—

Jerking upright, she nearly drops the noodles to the ground, because why on earth would Cat Grant be outside of her apartment at midnight?

Fumbling with the Chinese food box, she finally looks at what she’s doing and sets it on the coffee table. She stands and runs her hands over her sweatpants, hoping she isn’t staining them with sauce or grease or anything else that will cause Cat to grimace when she opens the door.

Why she cares about offending Cat when she is so clearly the one intruding on her is something Kara can’t identify.

Cat knocks again, and Kara steps away from the couch, stumbling a bit on the edge of a fallen blanket as she yells, “Coming!” and maybe uses her super speed to cut across her apartment. 

“Ms. Grant,” Kara says when she opens the door, though her confusion is evident in the inflection of her boss’s name. Cat’s lips are pursed, eyes narrowed, her purse over one arm, and she’s wearing the same designer dress she’d had on at the office hours ago. 

She looks perfect—and pissed, if Kara had to wager. Only, it’s not clear why. Things have been pretty good between them—almost back to where they’d been before Adam, even—since Cat found out about Supergirl for real. 

“Is everything alright?” Kara finally asks, after a moment of Cat standing silently in her hallway. Still saying nothing, she brushes past Kara and into her living room without an invitation—though Kara would have given one, if she wasn’t so thrown—and sets her bag down on Kara’s island.

“Where have you been?” Cat crosses her arms over her chest, and her loose curls bounce slightly as she leans back against the counter top.

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Those are the men that we are fighting. We must win this war at any cost.

A long overdue present for Kishi =D Thank you Kishi for everything, especially for the sweet, sweet way you abandoned Sasuke’s revolution and character development for the ending.

Itachi is there too because Sasuke’s revolution has everything to do with Itachi; all Sasuke wanted was to honor his brother’s sacrifice and bring light to Itachi’s name.

(Itachi is quite amused at the foul mannerisms his brother has acquired over the years, despite the poker face)

Underkeep | Undertale AU

This is a gift to one of my favorite artists: @rotodisk! I’m so happy we became friends! And I absolutely LOVE your Underkeep AU! I can’t wait to see more of it! Anyways, this piece of art took me approximately six hours to complete. So, I hope you enjoy this gift Rotodisk! <333

i skipped class for this and i regret nothing