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random phone screencaps of Lin in Do No Harm because I love this character a lot and he deserved so much better

“You always in such a good mood in the mornings?” you tease, holding the back of his head as he mouths at your neck.

He looks up briefly, touching his forehead gently to yours when he speaks. “Only when I wake up with you.”


I just wanted to write about Niall. 

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bentfire  asked:

the most noticeable thing about your art style: softness!!!!! all of your edits always look so soft and feminine and pretty. you always have an amazing use of textures. and you have a style that's wholly your own, like i could pick your edits out of a lineup (and probably blindfolded tbh). i just rly love your style and i'm mad envious. none of yours ever look plain or like you just threw something together, it's always very obvious you paid SO much attention to detail and just ♥♥♥

(what is the most noticeable thing of my art style?)

A long overdue present for Kishi =D Thank you Kishi for everything, especially for the sweet, sweet way you abandoned Sasuke’s revolution and character development for the ending.

Itachi is there too because Sasuke’s revolution has everything to do with Itachi; all Sasuke wanted was to honor his brother’s sacrifice and bring light to Itachi’s name.

(Itachi is quite amused at the foul mannerisms his brother has acquired over the years, despite the poker face)


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an accurate representation of every morning of my entire life.

Those are the men that we are fighting. We must win this war at any cost.


◄ There’ll be no more darkness
     when you
believe in yourself you are unstoppable
     Where your destiny lies, dancing on the blades,
     you set my  H E A R T  on  F I R E  ►

Underkeep | Undertale AU

This is a gift to one of my favorite artists: @rotodisk! I’m so happy we became friends! And I absolutely LOVE your Underkeep AU! I can’t wait to see more of it! Anyways, this piece of art took me approximately six hours to complete. So, I hope you enjoy this gift Rotodisk! <333


I found Mads in Hanako issue no. 1089 and he’s in a little corner of the page. No scans because I didn’t buy it, sorry. The interview is new, exclusive, and pretty interesting despite its length, so I gave it a quick translation (accuracy not guaranteed! Japanese is my third language so feel free to correct me):

“I knew that ‘Hanako’ is a Japanese name. I once was asked to write it out for an autograph.” 

“Can I have this?” he asked of our Kyoto special issue. Mr. Mads Mikkelsen shows a surprising interest in Japan and Japanese culture. His turn as the elegant villain of the TV drama Hannibal is fantastic, but so is Jon, [the protagonist of] The Salvation, a Danish-made Western – a man in despair who must face a gang of villains after his wife and son are killed.

“Villains are attractive, in a way. When they are somehow given humanity, they become more frightening. But conversely, good people commit wrongdoings, and Jon is a good, hardworking man; someone you can find anywhere. It was interesting to convey the point where a man, who has a burning desire for revenge after losing everything, also loses his humanity. It was also a plus that I got to dress like a cowboy for the role. (laughs)”

He’s a great actor who brings realism to various roles on screen, but what’s his personality like?

“I’d like to know that, myself. (laughs) People throw around words like ‘technique’ or ‘method acting’ but to me, acting is faith [or ‘religion’, unsure of what fits best here]. To an actor, being able to understand oneself is what’s most crucial. If you can achieve that, you know what parts of yourself to bring alive for which roles. But sometimes I become unsure - unsure of what came from myself and what I absorbed from my characters. (laughs)”

bonus: he ranked 9th for top TV actors in this month’s Screen magazine


Whitehall didn’t even know about the city until I turned him onto it.