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So um there's a rumour that Shawn was shooting a music video in a train station today and shawns tattoo artist said that his tattoo not being revealed has a purpose that will make sense when it is revealed. So my theory is, he'll reveal it in like the music video with like everything making sense and like ugh. Ramadan makes my brain work a lot. Ramadan Mubarak.

omg maybe ur right, and yes Ramadan does wonderful things to ur brain and makes it a better place Ramadan Mubarak habibi💙💙💙

The possibility of Otayuri becoming canon

So in this post-Welcome to the Madness daze and with the information that has been released today, I would like to do some speculation about the character dynamic between Yurio and Otabek and the possible implications for this ship to become canon. I have already written a bit about this in a comment to another post here, but I would like to elaborate.

Again, this is just me throwing around ideas, with a good dose of wishful thinking.

-          Otabek enters the story quite late as a character. He is there from the beginning but we only get to see him interact with the others from episode 10 onwards. The focal point becomes what his relation is to Yuri. He whisks him away on his motorcycle, takes him to one of the most beautiful vistas in the city and then casually drops how he has admired him for the past five years. Then he offers Yuri his friendship, which has apparently never occurred in Yuri’s life before, they go for a coffee and Mari is stunned to see Yuri normally interact with another human being for a change. It’s up to you to ignore any fond gazes during this scene. What’s worth mentioning is that Yuri seems kind of perplexed by this whole thing. The “eyes of a soldier” line gets to him, because it is probably the first time someone sees him for who he wants to be.

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Lance,,,being insecure,,,,and the team helping,,,in subtle ways,,,in my,,,aesthetic,,,

anon,,,you get me,,,,

  • lance has no confidence in himself, thats a fact
  • but he hides it pretty well, all the jokes and bravado keep people off his tail
  • and the trick behind all that is that lance is observant.
    • like scarily so
  • so imagine when missions start to go wrong and lance does something behind everyones back that gets them back on track
  • or when they’re having team meetings, he wil mention something thats really off hand that no one really thinks about till later because omg it makes so much sense. and im talking wayyy later, to the point wehre its not relevant anymore
  • but its doesnt stop there
  • sometimes pidge will be sleeping in an odd place and lance will bring her a blanket so she doesnt get cold
    • he also saves the stuff on her laptop and turns it off or idles it for later
  • hunk will misplace something in the kitchen and lance sometimes walks in and ‘magically’ finds it for him
    • lance just knows where everything is
  • when coran is doing maintenance on the castle, lance likes to appear and give him a helping hand
  • shiro has a hard time sleeping and lance found a soothing body wash for shiro specifically that helps him calm down some, enough to sleep more than he does
    • (you cant tell me that lance doesnt know where all the cosmetic stuff is in the castle, the boy has a nose for it i swear)
  • keith is the training room gremlin and when kes been at it too much, lance will come in and basically screw up keiths groove enough to get him out of there
    • usually takes 3 or 4 challenges before keith has had enough and storms out
    • lance’s feelings arent hurt by it, he just wants keith to take care of himself ok?
  • allura can work herself to the bone too so when shes in the control room, lance likes to come by and start talking about earth
    • the similarities draw allura out of her head and start to open up to lance about altea
    • and by the end of the convo, allura is yawning and lance tells her to go to bed. works like a charm
  • and i like to think it takes a really long time for anyone to realize that lance has been keeping them together this whole time
  • like when conversations get to heated, he will make a joke at his expense and it diffuses the situation
  • or he will say just the right thing to kickstart a really great plan
    • all the while not taking any credit for it
  • like my dudes, lance cares so fucking much and no one notices, but hes completely okay with it since the team is all together and he can see his own family in them
  • he doesnt want to lose that
  • so he sticks to being the Middle Child™ and accepts being looked over as long as team voltron is together

Coran: What must it be like? He’s lost out there. He probably thinks he’s all alone and that we all gave up on him. What kind of effect does that have on a man’s psychology?

Keith: I wonder what he’s thinking right now…

(Somewhere else)

Shiro: How come Aquaman can control whales? They’re mammals! Makes no sense.

3.0 | a good way (theater au! joshua)

you would be best friends, always.  nothing would ever come between the two of you, right?

wc. just under 8.8k (whoopS) | fluff, angst, it’s all here | dedicated to my sweet choco ( @choco-seventeen ) for supporting me while writing and basically becoming this fic’s second mom

It was strange.  Weird.  Practically unfathomable and there must be some kind of mistake.  The play had those two characters as romantic leads.  The ones who slowly turn to look at each other, catch the starry glint in the other’s eye before slowly leaning in, before slowly closing their eyes, before slowly feeling their heartbeat accelerate because oh heavens this is it—before slowly kissing each other for the first time with such tender passion some members of the audience start to cry.

Those roles were not ever meant for the ones who have been friends since seventh grade, where one of them accidentally tripped and tossed their lunch all over the other, rendering the former an apologetic mess and the latter slightly smelling of garlic for the rest of the day.  Not for the ones who stayed up far too late binge watching whole seasons of anime because they finally turned in that big project and it’s in fate’s hands now.  Definitely not friends who are each other’s best friends, always.  Never them.

But when the director swings back to the two of you, the mischievous and excited glint in his eye is unmistakable.  His giddiness even bubbles over and he repeats himself, happily gazing between you and the best friend of 6 years standing beside you.  "Joshua, [Y/N], you’ll be the best two leads this stage has ever seen.“

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Nct as Vampires

Request: Hi! Could you do an NCT Vampire au? Like how each of the members would be as a vampire? Thank you! :) I hope I requested correctly

A/N: i was actually thinking of writing a single post for each member but it’d be too many so here’s only a brief summary !! if you want me to emphasise on a specific member please do request again !

Assume that only you know about their identity and they promised not to hurt you as long as you don’t tell anyone else ,, and also you live together with them


  • really chill about his identity
  • like when you first told him you knew , all he did was get shocked and asked how you knew , then went back to being normal
  • acts more like a human than a vampire tbh
  • you don’t even know how he survives because you never actually saw him eat/suck ( is this even right it sounds wrong omg ) any other living things before for their blood
  • and when you ask him ,
  • he simply replies with a “ secrets ”
  • turns out he’s been drinking blood he stole from clueless vampire WinWin’s bottle/jar since they stay in the same room


  • he’s so quiet and mysterious it’s creepy
  • like you don’t know when he’d do something dangerous and sudden
  • so you lowkey stayed away from him even after he promised not to hurt you
  • but then you realised he’s an actual softie
  • because you saw him crying over an anime once
  • yes vampires need entertainment too
  • so you start opening up to him
  • and he shares with you about his family and ancestors
  • like how great of vampires they were
  • when he goes out to hunt at night though ,
  • he becomes really serious and you lowkey got scared once because he came back home with blood all around his mouth
  • then he smiles at you innocently and blankly
  • and you can’t help but return a fake smile like hansol you’re scaring me get away and wash up first


  • okay he likes teasing you A LOT
  • okay maybe more of threatening , not teasing
  • like one time you were too lazy to cook lunch for him ,
  • he got super close to you and whispered sarcastically like “ i can’t guarantee you’d still be able to stay up till dinner tonight though ”
  • and he shows his fangs too like stop johnny what are you doing
  • so you were left with no choice but to cook for him
  • he’s such a flirty vampire i cant even
  • like he got you a black dress and cap one day
  • and when you asked him why ,
  • he was like “ you should know we vampires can’t be exposed to sunlight ,, but your beauty and smile’s shining brighter than it so i gotta cover you up ”
  • go away johnny ew
  • kidding he’s so hot tbh


  • really particular about how he looks and acts
  • like he’s really ‘elegant’ as a vampire (?) ( does this even make sense omg )
  • like his cape must be washed and ironed out properly every day before night falls
  • and he HAS to do it himself
  • one time you helped him wash and clean it ,
  • he got so pissed he didn’t come back for two nights
  • turns out he was living in some kind of abandoned house as a bat
  • and he couldn’t stand the dust so he had no choice but to come back
  • he sometimes forgets that you’re human so he shares with you on stories of all the people he’s eaten
  • and when you’re like “ taeyong that’s too much detail … ”
  • he gets all jumpy like , “ oh shit i forgot , i’m sorry ”
  • “ i forgot i got too caught up ”
  • but he doesn’t really seem different from a human being so you’re not that much bothered by him


  • okay here we have another flirty vampire
  • like really really flirty
  • like one moment you’d just be there watching television ,
  • then a pair of hands wraps tightly around your hips
  • “ want me to turn you into one too ? ”
  • “ no wth yuta what are you doing ”
  • “ couldn’t resist you ”
  • “ stop yuta , hands off ”
  • “ who are you to tell me what to do , i have the powers here ”
  • “ yeah sure if you don’t let go i’ll move out rn ”
  • then he lets go right away and pouts like a small kid
  • he’s really lazy and afraid to go out under the sun so he stays at home like 24/7
  • and he clings onto you like a leech
  • disturbing and annoying you as a form of entertainment


  • he’s such an angel though
  • but you didn’t knew he was a vampire until like 1 month of staying together
  • because you always wondered why he went out and came home so late in the night
  • until you saw him drinking some red & thick liquid one day in his cape
  • you almost screamed and fainted
  • but kun was nice enough to help you out , and confessed about his identity after
  • and was like “ don’t worry , i won’t hurt you , you’re too beautiful ”
  • he didn’t even tell you not to spread it , as he trusts that you will keep it a secret
  • so sweet tbh
  • smh why were you born as a vampire not an angel kun


  • always shookt and worried that his identity might get revealed
  • so everytime you come home , the first thing he asks you is
  • “ did you tell anyone ? ”
  • “ doyoung of course not they’d think im crazy ”
  • “ are you sure ? ”
  • “ yes , i promise ”
  • then he goes back to acting all confident and laidback like
  • “ haha what’s there to be afraid of ”
  • then he turns into a bat and follows you around the next day to spy on you
  • and he thought you wouldn’t notice but in fact he’s so obvious so you just let him be


  • always curious about the ‘humans’ like ,
  • “ wow Y/N how does it feel to die ? ”
  • “ do i look like i’ve died before , ten ? ”
  • “ hehe idk , im just curious , i’ve been living for like 127 this is not intentional years now ”
  • “ you’re so old ”
  • “ but i’m still cute right ?? ”
  • and he gives you a cute and innocent smile
  • you wonder if he’s even a vampire
  • but when he gets ready to go out at night he always has this smirk on his face
  • and he’d have eye contact with you before he flies off
  • so rude but you gotta admit he looks good


  • like taeil he’s pretty chill about his identity
  • his naturally white and fair skin caught your attention first
  • then he was always hiding in the room first thing in the morning , saying that he had to take his ’ daily medicine ’
  • turns out it was small cups of blood when you went to check
  • so when you first asked him he was just like
  • “ since i trust you , yeah i’m one ”
  • then he flashed his sharp fangs infront of you
  • and when he saw your shocked expression he’d laugh to himself , his cute and smol dimples coming back
  • he actually takes care of you instead , and protects you from other vampires/creatures from attacking


  • he’s such a soft person you couldn’t believe it when he told you he was a vampire
  • and he casually mentioned it to you during a conversation
  • you were shookt for days
  • “ why are you always so tired in the day ”
  • “ i don’t sleep at night ”
  • “ why ? ”
  • “ we are more active in the dark ”
  • “ ‘we’ ? ”
  • “ vampires .. ”
  • he’s cute and innocent most of the time
  • but when night time falls he gets really serious and doesn’t come back quickly ,
  • because he has to find the perfect type and taste of blood which suits him

The minors are all half-vampires instead of ‘full’ ones


  • he’s so clueless and adorable he often asks you vampire related questions that you cant even answer , like
  • “ why do we live forever ? will we never die ? wow that’s cool ”
  • “ mark i dont know .. ”
  • “ how am i supposed to take blood out of someone , won’t it hurt them ? ”
  • “ mark i’m not a vampire idk anything ”
  • “ oh … sorry ”
  • he’s so polite and nice he almost starved and fainted because he couldn’t bear to hurt anyone for blood
  • so you had no choice but to donate your own blood
  • which also refused to drink ,
  • but you forced it down his throat , so now active mark is back again


  • another literal angel why
  • he tries his best to sustain his hunger by only eating food
  • but part of him still feels drained because he’s half-vampire after all , he needs blood
  • so he tried drinking his own one ,
  • but it made him even sicker
  • so you had to ask for vampire taeyong’s help because he always had spare bottles of blood
  • just like that you lectured renjun on keeping his body healthy and fit
  • and he was like “ sure … but one person that i’d never ever eat is you , even if im dying ”
  • go reborn as an angel with kun please


  • he’s always smiling and cheerful , the thought of him being a vampire never once crossed your mind
  • but when he told you that he’s only half ,
  • you still got really shocked and speechless ,
  • and as soon as he noticed he promised not to hurt you
  • he likes showing you baby photos of himself , the growing process of his small fangs ,
  • and the way he’d always smile brightly
  • he likes going on walks with you but he always prepares a cap and a pair of jacket to cover himself , if he gets exposed to the sun too much


  • such a prankster i cant even
  • he’d offer to pour you a cup of water ,
  • then when he comes out with two cups filled with red liquid you’re like ,
  • “ this better not be blood haechan- ”
  • “ it is ”
  • “ what why ”
  • “ try it , it’s really good ”
  • “ no donghyuck i cant do this ”
  • “ shut up and drink it ”
  • and after a few minutes of arguing ,
  • “ it’s only some cranberry juice ”
  • and he also likes joking about turning you into a vampire too
  • and would use it as an advantage to call you to help him do things
  • “ help me wash my clothes … if not i might hurt you , idk ”


  • a mixture of haechan + winwin
  • one moment he’d be all soft and positive ,
  • the other he’s scaring you with his fangs and blood
  • but he knows when to stop and not scare you too much
  • he’s also pretty flirty and smooth like
  • “ if you were a blood type you’d be my favourite ”
  • “ jaemin that’s not cool , stop ”
  • “ okay fine you’re my favourite human ”


  • he’s so happy and loud you didn’t think he was a vampire
  • and his looks did not help too , as he looked so cute and adorable to you
  • he slightly teases and joke with you
  • especially when he reminds you of the face you made when he first told you
  • your mouth and eyes were wide open and no words were said
  • he doesn’t really need that much blood so he acts just like a normal human being ,
  • only sometimes when you notice him getting a bit tired ,
  • you’d ask him to go eat/replenish on his blood intake and listens to you without fail


  • like chenle , this baby is still in the process of developing the vampire characteristics ,
  • so his fangs are still pretty short and he can perform perfectly well even without the intake of blood & under sunlight
  • so you had absolutely no idea he was one
  • until he accidentally told you while y'all were talking
  • and he got so flustered and worried after he realised his confession , he couldn’t sleep peacefully that night
  • but as soon as you told him you didn’t mind and would not spread it ,
  • he became to soften up and share more stories of his family to you

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BTS reaction to their girlfriend getting frustrated because they are only 4'8 and they arent tall like other girls? (It sucks being this short a lot...) Thanks!!! ♡

gjhabgjwa you sound so adorable bro i cant

Seokjin: he’d love this so much omg. he would constantly shower you with love and omg i want him to love me

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Yoongi: i don’t think he’d care that much? idk because he himself is one of the shorter members and hes really cute but i think occasionally he would show extra affection to you because of your height does that even make sense im tired

Originally posted by jeonbase

Hoseok: brO YOU ALREADY KNOW he’d be showing extra love damn he’d think you were fucking adorable which i’m sure you are

Originally posted by junghoseok

Namjoon: he’d occasionally tease you for this, because you know, he’s a fucking giant, but he’d usually think you were really cute :’)

Originally posted by kths

Jimin: awwww short couple goals bro i bet he’d love this,,you’d actually win like couple of the year or smthing because you guys were so cute together

Originally posted by bwipsul

Taehyung: like jin & hoseok, he’d show you major amounts of love & affection because you were just so cute to him.

Originally posted by exoticmaknae

Jungkook: he’d non-stop tease you omg. and if it got too far, he’d apologize by attempting to make you food.

Originally posted by hohbi

i think im a bts stan again? uh

reaction requests are open for; seventeen, 2ne1, exo(o12), bts, got7, and blackpink.

my problem with Kylie Jenner is not that she got lip injections or butt injections or boob injections or botox or whatever if it makes her feel better about her appearance

my problem is that she’s not even 20 yet and she’s decided to go through that because she wanted to fit in with the sexy celeb look. she’s become a sexual object. no one knows anything about her other than that she’s a spoiled kid who’s very sexualized (even if she is more than that, because she only sells on her sexuality and has never really said anything that sounded remotely important lmao). 

and women embracing their sexuality is one thing, but girls becoming sexual objects when they are literally teenagers is a problem. Tyga is 8 years older than Kylie. They’ve been dating since before she was 18 (she was underage). But it’s seen as completely normal because she’s a celeb? Not that it’s creepy af?

also, the fact that, again, she’s only 19 and somehow she’s become some sort of icon for the perfect body and the perfect lips and for some reason she’s setting an example for girls her age to look that way, when she legit looks more mature (body wise) than a 25 year old woman. I know a lot of young girls do look develop bigger breasts and a bigger butt etc at young ages, but Kylie’s was obviously not natural.

which leads onto the fact that she’s making so much money for that, when they aren’t even real. like, okay, do them to feel better. but if she does them and makes her entire living off it, it’s like?? ok. see my points above about why her being so sexualized is an issue.

so my problem with Kylie isn’t so much Kylie herself, but the whole idea of how she was shaped to become nothing but a sexualized object at such a young age. 

Also, I’d love to talk to her one day just to see if she ever wishes it were different or if she feels pressured etc. I’m rooting for her. Like what if she blows our minds one day and decides to study law. or becomes a famous painter. or smth. I just wish she could use her fame for something other than using her body to play on the patriarchy to become more famous and make money for no reason.


I’ve read that Venus-Pluto aspects often correlate to strong interests in cosmetics which would make sense because Venus is beauty and Pluto is transformation and I know one friend of mine who has a Venus-Pluto conjunction and he wants to be a makeup artist, another friend of mine has a Venus-Pluto conjunction(also involving Mars) and he does hair, he also has color contacts. THEN I have another friend and her Venus makes a sextile to her Pluto(she has a Moon-Pluto conjunction in the 1st house) and she is a makeup master like omg

yet another check please au: POSITION SWAP or: the ol’ switcharoo

  • Jack is goalie, Bitty is his backup. He’s afraid of taking pucks to the face/contact with other players OR MAYBE HE’S TERRIFIED OF SHOOT-OUTS AND GOATS UP WHEN IT’S AN OVERTIME SITUATION???? hm pls advise
    • can we talk about how they’d look in the gear
    • CAN WE TALK ABOUT THEIR MASKS wait do college goalies have individualized masks? probably not but PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT ANYWAY
      • jack’s: very simple, has like SMH on it really big and people sometimes think he’s a meme but he just wants to rep the school. i really want it to say “hockey” on it in like helvetica
      • bitty’s: a beautiful mishmash of baked goods and beyonce lyrics. probably the peach emoji as well and his twitter handle (free advertising)
  • Ransom & Holster are forwards who aggressively assist one another’s goals and make up 2 on 1, 2 on 2, 2 on 3, 2 on etc. plays with strange routes and trick shots
  • chowder, dex, and nursey are the second line, all forwards with chowder as the center.
  • johnson was the center of R&H’s line. we still never see his face
  • whiskey and tango are d-partners which means tango is close enough to bitty to still ask him questions during the game
  • bitty talking to the pucks like chowder does
  • honestly most of check please! stays the same BUT CAN YOU IMAGINE YEAR ONE “CHECKING PRACTICE
    • it’s jack, a goalie who does not ever shoot, SHOOTING AT BITTY AND REPEATEDLY TRYING TO HIT HIM IN THE MASK also jack scoring in a shoot out esque situation but it could be v funny because jack is hilariously bad because THIS IS NOT MY USUAL JOB, BITTLE. MY JOB IS THE OPPOSITE OF THIS.
    • also i’m assuming bitty’s still afraid of checking in this so it’s bitty in full goalie gear with jack like. bumping up beside him and he just armadillos the fuck out of there


  • flexible!jack and constantlydoesthesplits!bitty. their flexibility training. both of them casually doing ridiculous stretches ALL THE TIME. oh and i’m sure they’d have to help each other stretch wink wonk
  • returning to forwards ransom and holster: idk i just love the idea of them getting to do more cellys THEY ARE SO PURE WHEN THEY CELEBRATE  
  • dex and nursey begrudgingly assisting each other
  • superstar forward chowder. obviously he’s a ridiculously skilled player and that should definitely translate to this au
    • also jack as a goalie makes so much sense to me? there’s a tremendous amount of pressure and people honestly blame goalies for everything even though they’re the last line of defense
      • also during year 2 the frozen four weeping scene would be v poignant if it had been lost in a shoot out
  • imagine jack glaring down every single person on the ice, including his own teammates while he does this:

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Idea: Altean! Prince Lance with his sister Allura. Lance wakes up feeling terrible and Luke's everywhere, and his Galra bodyguard/boyfriend Keith is like ???? But they have a visitor coming so Lance has to get up while he's getting ready he likes and faints and hits his head? And Keith finds him and is like o shit. Sorry if I don't make sense I'm high off paracetamol lmao

oh my gosh, I freaking love this so much. I would LOVE to see it as a fic. 


  • Lance is getting ready and Keith is waiting outside his door for him to get dressed so he can accompany him on all the morning errands Lance has to run before the visitors arrive
  • The visitors are really… particular about how they believe royalty should act, and they especially frown upon the Galra. They know that Prince Lance has a Galra bodyguard and have decided that they think it’s okay, but they don’t and can’t know that he’s close with him. 
  • So Keith is waiting and he’s like “Lance did you just go back to sleep??? Get up you lazy ass” and he goes in but Lance isn’t in his bed sleeping
  • Keith looks around and finds Lance in the bathroom, throwing up and looking super weak, sweaty, and pale
  • Keith is like “omg okay I’ll go get Allura and tell her she needs to handle the meeting on her own” but Lance is like “it’s fine, I probably just had too much wine last night when we were celebrating the new peace treaty (which is why the visitors are so important–they’re coming to sign the treaty and if Lance screws it up, then they lose an ally and could even go to war)
  • Keith is like “oh, okay then” because that does make sense–Lance had had a few the night before
  • Keith gets Lance some things for hangover and Lance says it helped even though he still looks queasy and shaky
  • So the time comes for the meeting and Keith is dressing Lance in his super formal robes and notices the fever just pouring off him, and tells him he really needs to skip the meeting, but Lance can’t, because canceling now would be seen as rude and disrespectful and could set the visitors off, so he’s just gonna deal with it
  • So Lance and Allura are going down the stairs to the banquet hall and Keith and the other guards are waiting at the bottom of the stairs and suddenly Lance starts to stumble and finally falls
  • Keith yelps and calls out Lance’s name, running to his side, and the visitors are appalled  by this guard’s lack of using Lance’s first name only, and they pry him away and Lance starts to get really upset because keef no come back
  • Allura smooths everything over with the visitors while the guards take Lance back to his room, but for appearances, they have to send Keith to the dungeons until the prisoners leave and act like he’s being punished
  • Lance hears someone talking about Keith being in the dungeons and he’s like “oh HELL no” and he sneaks out of his room to go break Keith out of jail
  • He’s outside the cell, barely conscious, burning up, v upset that Keith is being punished because of him, and even though Keith is trying to explain that it’s fine, that it’s temporary, that it’s fake–Lance just wants to get him out. But he passes out right at the doors of the cell, keys too far away for Keith to reach and unlock the door to help, so all he can do is reach through and stroke Lance’s hair until help arrives
  • The visitors want to come see the prisoner, and when they and Allura get there, they find Lance collapsed and Keith still petting him, and Keith is like “he’s just really kind and very sick, he’s not in his right mind; he felt bad that I was punished for trying to help but please don’t be mad at him” and the visitors are like “…fine. But to prove that there’s nothing going on between you two, I want Princess Allura to banish the guard” 
  • Allura is like “okay” and she pretends to, but Lance regains a bit of consciousness and starts to fight it, saying he loves him
  • It’s the first time he’s ever said that to Keith and the first time anyone has ever said that to Keith and even though everything is terrible and it’s a horrible time, Keith can’t help but say it back
  • And Allura is like “y’all are killin me” but explains to the visitors that Keith is a v good boy and that he and the Prince are courting, and the visitors are like disgusted but eventually just like “fuck it. We’ll sign the treaty anyway because we don’t want to fight your army and the Galra army.” and the day is saved thanks to Allura and no thanks to the Idiot Boyfriends
  • Keith gets out of prison and nurses Lance back to health

Oh my fucking god sorry this got out of control

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omg your tags about magnus checking in on the other dimensions and knowing?? do you think he's seen other universes where he and alec are already together, or have been together, and so he just... he sees alec in the canon universe and immediately feels in his heart the great love that awaits him?

i’ve written about this in my tags a thousand times and i love this idea

it makes the most sense that all iterations of him would know about the other dimensions and we have evidence that one version of him does know. so i just love thinking about him having some kind of way of just checking up on other dimensions and seeing what’s happening in them

and in all of them, this is a constant. in all of them, this is the thing that holds true. they find each other, they are enamored with each other and they fall deeply in love

there’s no real logistics of it and i always imagine it being after the two of them are already together that he does this, but it’s just a comforting thought. magnus looking through dimensions just to see what’s going on and seeing this and feeling his heart warm. a drink in his hand as he watches just for a second or a moment the fact that he and alec will always find each other and will always come together

and maybe he’d tell alec about it at some point or maybe he wouldn’t, but it would make his chest feel full of something very very warm, watching alec and knowing that no matter what they will always meet and no matter what they will always be deeply in love

it’s soothing

Supportive Clarus

I was thinking about that supportive Clarus in Gladnis AU post and I’ve tried to come up with more headcanons like

  • Tbh Clarus could tell there would be a connection the moment baby Gladio met baby Ignis and first thing he did was hold his hands out to put his palms on baby Ignis’ eyes, thing that baby Gladio did to stuff he found to be specially pretty; he just hadn’t understood what kind of connection until they came to this (that is if they met as babies, I’m not sure when they met).

  • At first Clarus feels a bit awkward because of who his son is dating, not because it’s about a guy but because it’s a guy he personally works with- he’s office co-worker to his son’s partner, so it feels a bit strange. 

  • Ignis tries very hard not to show it, but Clarus notices everytime the young adviser is a bit troubled by sitting and walking normally. So that makes Clarus very awkward for the rest of the day. Very.

  • Not that Ignis is bad at hiding it; Clarus just has a very perceptive eye.

  • I just hope they’re using protection…

  • First time Ignis has dinner with the Amicitia, Clarus personally cooks and Ignis feels a bit upset and in panic he’s not in the kitchen too.

  • “Gladio, I’m the guest, your boyfriend, and I theorically work for him. I should be making him happy and comfortable, not him serving me.”
  • “Iggy that doesn’t make sense.”

  • Ignis shows himself specially quiet during that dinner: he gets awkward because he deeply cares about the impression he’s leaving there so if I speak too much he will think I am troubles; if I don’t speak more he will think I’m personally upset in this situation. Do I eat more slowly or faster? Is it an insult if I pick my food from left to right? Omg. What do I do. What do I say. Gladio help me.

  • Clarus is quiet too, but tries really hard (awkwardly, but he really does try) to earn some conversation with him.

  • Iris ends up saving the day and making it the less awkward as possible for both sides.

  • After dinner Gladio goes to drop Ignis at his apartment and after thanking him he’s like “Also, I didn’t expect that you’d tell your dad what my favorite meal is. He did perfect, but it wasn’t necessary.”

  • Gladio smiles at him and kisses his eye like “I didn’t tell him.”
  • Ignis is puzzled because “Was it Iris? Does she even know?”
  • “Iggy, you’re adorable but a bit dumb. He knows himself.”

  • Ignis is flustered and instantly blushing mad in the face because he’s in the realization that his father-in-law may seem quiet, dry and maybe even distant at times, but he cares for Ignis far more than he really does show.
  • Indeed he’s so moved that second dinner with the Amicitia is faaar more comfortable bc he just relaxes; the man makes him feel he’s in family, so there’s more conversation and laughter this time. 

  • First time Clarus called Ignis by “son” he got all awkward by remembering he was Gladio’s boyfriend.
  • “It’s okay, son. I meAN IGNIS. I mean…Scientia. Ignis. Son. As in…it was a nickname. I do not…uhm…never mind. I’m sorry, Ignis.”
  • Ignis understands it was just a nickname, but also understands Clarus second-interpreted it as “son-in-law” as if it was about a married couple, and that’s why he got awkward. “It’s fine, Mr. Amicitia.” 

  • Clarus gets to know Ignis so well without noticing that he is who suggests most what to gift him at random times.
  • “Look, a cooking book. Ignis would like that. You should but it and give it to him. Add it to the cart, I’ll pay.”
  • “I think this is Ignis’ size. It seems to be his style. Do you think he’ll like it? Add it to the cart, I’ll pay.”
  • “The other day I saw Ignis using his phone…it seemed a bit outdated. We could get him a new one.”
  • “Ignis likes this magazine. Take two.”
  • “Dad, you buy more things for Ignis than you ever buy for me or Iris.”
  • “That’s not true.”
  • It totally is true. The man silently adores Ignis to levels not even he understands or notices himself.

  • Clarus forever changes the coffee brand he’s used to in his house for Ebony.
  • “Ignis likes it, doesn’t he? We should have some in case he visits.”

  • Except all the things he does for Ignis’ wellbeing and happiness stay all in the dark. Clarus is not one to brag about or explicitly recall on “it’s Ebony, by the way”. He will just serve the damn coffee.
  • Ignis ackowledges all the nice things Clarus does for him, though. He, as silently, is grateful for it.

  • After a couple years of relationship, Clarus deals with some comments at the Citadel of the sort: “Clarus, the thing between your son and Scientia’s has gone on for too long. Don’t you think it’s time to do something about it? Get in between, I mean. Talk them into understanding. I mean, prince Noctis is going to have a heir of his own one day…Gladiolus needs to drop a future Shield of the King, and Ignis a future adviser. They need of women.”

  • Clarus, usually polite and decent with his Citadel co workers, suddenly frowns at them and starts listing.

  • “First of all, women are human beings with emotions and aspirations, not baby delivery machines.

  • Second off, my son is more than just my last name. He’s my family, and a human being. He will spend his future with whoever he chooses to.

  • Last off, it would be idiotic of me to tell my son apart of Ignis. Ignis Scientia may not be perfect, but he’s a hard-working, mature and wonderful man, with a loyalty not found anywhere, and an intelligence that surpasses the average. He’s strong, smart and kind to ridiculous levels. He cares for the people he loves more than he cares for himself, and would gladly give his life for prince Noctis or king Regis. He may not be able to genetically give my son a kid of his own, but he doesn’t need that to make him the happiest man of Eos, and that’s all that matters.

  • If they decide to not leave any heirs to their titles, that is their choice to make, not ours. And if they ever do decide otherwise, and with Ignis as the wonderful human being that he is by his side, I would be the proudest, happiest grandparent in all of Eos to the Amicitia-Scientia without a single doubt.

  • I thank your worry, but I could not care less about it. Have a nice day gentlemen.”

  • Ignis had been on his way to deliver some papers to the other side of the building, and accidentally heard the starting of the conversation- stayed behind the door all over the rest.

  • Having heard it all, Ignis’ currently containing the tears and failing and he suddenly doesn’t care about his work and just runs to the training hall, interrupts Gladio’s training, and hugs him like the world’s about to end.

  • Gladio’s all puzzled because omg no, why are you crying, why are you crying so much, what do I do, what happened, Ignis who died.

  • Ignis won’t tell him until later because he just can’t speak: Clarus loves him more than Ignis thought. And I love him more than he knows, too.

  • One of the last things Clarus said to Ignis before the party left Insomnia was “Ignis, I will miss you dearly. Have fun, take care. And be aware that, whether you and my son stay together or not in a future, you will always be a son to me. Okay?”

  • That was one of the few times Ignis lost his sense of formality and just hugged the man who is his dad a million times more than his real dad has ever been.

Agh I love supportive Clarus SO MUCH.
I think I just made a tiny fic of sorts rather than headcanons. Oh well. Still posting this because I love the fluff.

Just watched the new Andi Mack episode, and here are my thoughts:

- Bex trying really hard was perfect okay I love seeing her really improve as a mother over the course of every single episode… and she just wants to make Celia proud and they actually had a little bit of a bonding moment which was greatly needed!

- I still want to punch Amber

- Poor Jonah though… I feel bad because he’s being used and I can tell he knows Andi is right but he just doesn’t want to believe that anyone could possibly hurt him like that

- Buffy x Marty tho

- When Cyrus and Buffy try to help Andi get sick lmao and then Bex is just like “we’ll just take a mental health day.” But no, this was actually extremely important… sometimes staying at home for a day because of some emotional issues can help you be better off than forcing yourself to go to school and be miserable. Mental health days are great, and even though Celia doesn’t seem to quite understand it, I’m at least glad that Bex does

- We only got to see about a minute or less of Bowie and I already love him omg… He is so chill though even after just finding this out like what?? Also, I laughed so hard when he came in all like “I got your email” and then Bex said “all I did was sent him ‘hey’” like I wonder if Ham actually sent an email telling Bowie to come over or something… either that or for some reason he just felt the need to after simply just receiving an email from Bex… which could make sense why he’d be concerned, given that they hadn’t spoken in so long

- I really liked this episode just because I feel like it helped me to connect to a lot of the characters on an even more emotional level and I like how it just took its time on focusing on the character’s reactions to things rather than the actual plots. It wasn’t much of a shocking episode, but it managed to make me feel rather emotional, with how emotional things got for the characters and all.

More Weird Things About Ortan Thaig

Also, Giant spider codex tells us Giant Spiders themselves absolutely LOVE places where the Veil is thin, which…frankly…given they have an entirely friggin nest they KEEP REBUILDING in Ortan Thaig, should cue a few red flags there. 

Ortan Thaig DOES have a LOT of magical activity. And it also has a VERY weak Veil. These things make sense…more magic = weaker veil, more death = weaker veil, random abomination king-lord-man = weaker veil, etc etc etc. Anvil of the Void???=weaker veil?

Let us not discount that Ortan thaig is NOT that far out from Heidrun where the Titan is. It is all VERY strange. >.>


i’ve been thinking about this.
Recently, jack responded to an ask asking about Anti and if him and Robin are ever gonna bring him back/have any plans instore
which in the response
Jack replied with something on the lines of “Who knows if he’ll ever come back.”
Which got me wondering.
In Anti’s latest appereance
The Pax Video
Anti says something on the lines of
“I’m not going ANYWHERE
I’m always there
always watching…
you can’t get rid of me.”
I rewatched the video again and again, and i think i’m making sense of it now.
Even if Robin and Jack don’t fully bring back Anti,
it doesn’t mean he’s gone.
Even if we don’t see him in videos,
he’s still there.
he even said it him self.

“I’m ALWAYS there….
a͎̖̱̖͂͊l̠̝̲͉͓ͭ̊͂̎w͍̩͚͎̓̃͛̈́͋a̶͕͆ͧ̎ÿ̸̮̩̳̻̙̲̲̈͑͂ͮs̶̬͕̭̞͂̍ͯͧ̂ ̙͎̣͂ͮ͑wa̸̩͇ͤ̾ͮͯt͎̗ͤ̑͐̚͢c̱̤̬͈̰̋̑̒h̷̺̘̼̥͓̗̓̄ͭḭͣͩ͗n̗͉̭̓ͯͧg̓͏͔..”

See like…I’m very doubtful that Robin and Jack would completely get rid of Anti because it’s such a fun/huge thing (for both us and them let’s face it), but that DOES make sense omg