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Final Fantasy VIII rant, hahaha!

Okay SO! I wrote a thing, but it’s a Final Fantasy thing, so of my 7500+ followers, about 5 of you might care, hahahahahaha! Sorry to the ML people out there. 


I’m on hiatus from ML (kinda) and so I been playing video games and, like, 3 of you are probably like “OMG Did she play FFX! Is she gonna update Beyond Reality?!” While the other 2 are sitting in the corner angry and thinking bitterly about Two Birds, A Different Feather. Did I update either of these things? The answer- 

is NO!  


I wrote the first chapter in a Final Fantasy VIII fic instead, LOL. Another one that will be super slow to update and will probably still not be finished when I’m old and have one foot in the grave. 

Okay, but seriously, this game is terrible. I love it, but it’s terrible. Do you realize how hard it is to write a fic that comes after the game just because of how utterly FUCKED UP the world is by the end? I mean, FFX everything was already pretty fucked up, FF7 things were slowly fucking up so you kinda see it happen. FF6 the world gets destroyed and the game’s all “WE’RE NOT DONE YET!” FF9, hey, some cities get destroyed, but it’s dealt with IN GAME! Like, you see Lindblum getting repaired, you see Garnet dealing with Alexandria, Zidane is all “SAVE THE GENOMES AND THE MAGES!” Like, they deal with the fuckery. 



Garden is fucked. We’ll just go visit the one that got BLOWN UP and, I mean, who the hell knows what happened to the other one after we BODY SLAMMED THEM TOGETHER! At least the blue one is safe, albeit damaged. Galbadia? President is dead, everyone hates them, military in shambles, basically fucked. Esthar? Lunar Cry hit, monsters everywhere, people dying in the streets (literally, you can see it when you run by). Everything’s fucked. Centra? Fucked before the game even started. Literally, this whole world is FUCKED! I was writing and I was just, like, holy crap, there’s just one problem after another for these people. And I thought FFX was bad. 

But that’s the thing about 8. It’s written like a prologue–like there should be more coming and we just don’t get it. Time compression? No explanation. Consequences of the war? Who cares. Squall finding out Laguna is his fucking FATHER?! Clearly not important. Ellone’s powers? Meh. Character developement for everyone except Squall and Rinoa? Don’t need it. This idea of fate that perpetuates everything but is never explained? That’s alright. 

LIKE LITERALLY! This entire game is Squall on a mission constantly asking what’s going on and getting NO explanation. Like, aside from “whatever,” the most common thing said by anyone is “we wouldn’t understand even if we thought about it, so let’s just NOT.” That’s it–that’s the theme of the game. And poor Squall is like, I don’t want friends, I don’t want attention, I don’t want a promotion, I don’t want a father, I don’t want time compression, I don’t want a stupid fated orphanage and dumb excuses about GFs. What is happening? Why this happen? THERE ARE SO MANY QUESTIONS LEFT UNANSWERED AND IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!   

Like, usually when I write fic, it’s because the stuff in the source material is so good that I want to keep going. Except for FF8, where I’m just so desperate for closure I’m like, LET ME DO IT MYSELF

Don’t get me wrong, I love this game, but it also drives me insane. We are all Squall–confused children in the face of FF8′s convoluted story. But, like, it’s still the one I want to see redone the most, hahahahahahaHA! Like, FF7 is great, but it’s already got so many spinoffs and such. Besides, how can you NOT want to see Squall’s expressions during the whole game. Like, realizes he has to work with Zell?–fucked. Seifer is Squad Leader?–fucked. Getting chased by a giant spider?–fucked. Dancing with a girl?–super fucked. Later working with that same girl?–more fucked. Constantly pissing her off?–still fucked. Attack the sorceress head on because your sniper was a failure?–fucked. Gets stabbed?–fucked. Missiles headed for your home?–fucked. Promoted to Commander a week after you become a SeeD?–supremely fucked. Like, the game would literally just be Squall’s expression growing increasingly more horrified as things spin more and more out of control around him, all the while everyone is just patting him on the back saying he’ll do great and handle everything. Like, omg, this poor child, he’s only 17. All he wanted was to avoid people and preferably not meet Laguna in real life. Instead, his girlfriend becomes a sorceress?–fucked again. WE HAVE TO GO INTO SPACE?!–not surprised to be fucked. Our enemy is a time traveling sorceress?–definite fuck. TIME COMPRESSION?!–what the fuck does that even mean?!


Poor Squall, poor Squall. 

BUT the game probably won’t ever be redone because it’s not popular. You ask someone to name FF7 characters and they’ll be all “Cloud and Aerith and Tifa and Cid and Zack and Sephiroth!” but you ask about FF8 and people are like, eh, Squall, he’s the only one, right? Or, worse, they’ll say Leon.  

Okay, but seriously, Squall would never call himself Leon. That’s so cliche and silly. Like, that is Commander fucking Leonhart to you, a title well-earned because his world was fucked long before you keyblade children even came into the picture. It’s like Cloud changing his name to Wolfen just because that happens to be the animal he’s symbolically linked to.  


Okay, I’m done now. 

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That won’t solve your problems Squally-poo.



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a concept i have been thinking about since reading your au of the single dad shiro au (au-ception woah): shiro being THAT dad who sees teenage keith in a crop top for the first time or super tight jeans and being like????? PUT ON THIS PARKA IMMEDIATELY YOUNG MAN because he will not and can not stand the thought of anyone ogling his precious gift to this earth. nope.

Omg, can I say that I laughed so hard when I read this prompt? Like just imagining this in my head was so funny. Protective Dad Shiro trying to protect his boy’s innocence. No one deserves to look, no matter how cute Keith is. I loved this and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! And whoops, something super happy turned into an emotional realization and all. ha. Ha. ha. But it’s still very fluffy. Enoy! I love when you guys send in these prompts.


               “And where do you think you’re going young man?”

               “Um, out? With my friends?” Keith paused in the doorway, hand still on the handle of the front door. He turned around to face his father, who had appeared out of nowhere (so it felt like) with arms folded over his chest. He tapped his foot gently and one of his perfect eye brows rose. Quickly, Keith ran a list through his mind.

               Did I forget anything today? It’s not his birthday. Or grandma or grandpa. I already did the dishes and took out the trash. My room is never a mess. We already went grocery shopping. It’s Saturday so he has to go into the office, meaning we couldn’t have anything planned.

               “Um, I can’t think of anything that I’ve forgotten. Can I go now?” Keith asked, rubbing the back of his neck when he heard a familiar honk outside of his house. That meant that Hunk was here, and everyone else was probably already in the car.

               “What are you wearing?” Shiro asked, trying to keep his voice from sounding too shrill or upset. When Keith was younger, Shiro never had to worry about what Keith wore. He often wore the same type of cotton t-shirts and shorts all the time, year round. However, as Keith got older and older, diving into his teen years, Shiro noticed Keith beginning to explore with his sense of fashion. Now, Shiro wasn’t ever going to judge Keith, because after all, he was the definition of a military man, and yet he wore the “Baddest” eyeliner and eye shadow on his eyes (according to Lance and Allura) and he kept good care of his face.

               Shiro was happy that Keith was starting to get comfortable in other clothing that he liked. However, now that Keith was fifteen, there was the issue that Keith might be interested in…dating. And Keith was a good looking young man already, meaning there would be no doubt that others would be ogling Shiro’s son.

               And that was unacceptable.

               It was Shiro’s job to protect his baby’s innocence for as long as he could. It was a job Shiro took seriously too.

               Currently, Keith was about to walk out of the safety of their house, with the tightest black pair of skinny jeans, with rips along the knees and thighs. That wasn’t even the worst part of the whole outfit; no, on top Keith wore an actual literal crop top.

               Shiro had to admit it looked good, but that top revealed way too much skin of Keith’s belly and back. Not to mention the skin showing along Keith’s leg. And Keith had his hair pulled back into a messy pony tail which meant Shiro could see some neck skin. Neck skin.

               His baby’s innocence would be lost by those vultures in society.

               Shiro could not let that happen.

               “My outfit?” Keith blinked, confused by his dad’s question. “It’s supposed to be really hot today, and I don’t like sweating. You know that.” Keith shrugged and attempted to exit the house once more. He was stopped by Shiro moving quickly in front of the door.

               “Then why don’t you wear regular jeans? That are looser and not black? Then it won’t be so hot and a tank top?” Shiro smiled quickly and nodded. However, Keith only frowned.

               “Dad, it’s going to be like 35°C today. That’s what too hot, even for a tank. This is airy.” Keith gestured to his top and Shiro could only see how much skin was showing. “Can I go now? The others are all waiting for me, and that’s rude.” Keith pushed against his father and opened the door. Shiro bit his lip when Keith made his way for the car before snatching something off the closet by the door.

               “Young man, you put on this Parka right now!” Shiro finally shouted, causing Keith to freeze in his steps. Shiro ignored Lance and Pidge poking their heads out of the car, curious about what was taking Keith so long. Eventually Keith turned to look at Shiro in disbelief.

               “What?” He asked.

               “ou heard me. You put on this Parka immediately young man.” Shiro thrust the article of clothing outwards and held it out for Keith. Keith only gawked at his father.

               “Dad! It’s going to be too hot for that!” Keith argued with a pout and Shiro snorted.

               “Doesn’t mean you have to show off your whole body for everyone out there. There are lots of pervs and creeps who will want to feed off your innocence!” Shiro snapped back and held out the parka for his son again. Keith sighed dramatically.

               “Oh no. No. No. No. We are not having this conversation now. It’s hot, this outfit is cool. Goodbye dad.” Keith threw his hands in the air in disbelief before spinning around and storming off.

               “Don’t you dare walk away from me! You put this parka on right now or I will shove your winter coat on!” Shiro threatened weakly but Keith kept walking.

               “I know how to take care of myself, dad. Give me a break.” Keith waved absently over his shoulder at his dad, who was now standing around with his mouth sputtering like a fish.

               Lance poked his head out of the window and waved to Shiro. “Don’t worry Shiro, Keith is wearing that really because it’s hot. Not because it’s a rebellious fashion statement.”

               “Lance McClain, you better not also be wearing a crop top or I’ll be calling your mother.”

               Lance yelped before shoving his head back into the car. Luckily, Keith had reached the passenger seat and threw himself into the car. He buckled up and motioned for a nervous Hunk to floor it before looking back at his dad.

               “You forgot your PARKA!!!!”


               “A crop top Allura. It was an actual crop top.” Shiro moaned into his hands, at the small café that he was at with Allura and Coran. He’d tried to call Keith about a dozen times after the teen left, only for his calls to go straight to voicemail. Shiro knew Keith was just mad, and he would actually pick up if it was an emergency but calling about a parka wasn’t exactly an emergency.

               “So?” Allura sipped her drink quietly and shrugged. Shiro turned his head so that he could stare at her in disbelief. “Crop tops are cool. Plus they’re super cute. I wear them all the time.”

               “Well yeah, but you can beat off any pervs…” Shiro argued weakly.

               “So can Keith.” Allura pointed out and Shiro groaned again. “He is a champion ex-boxer. He’s knows Judo. His father was a special operations military man who know doubt helped to teach him self-defense, and Keith doesn’t care for “suitors.” You know that.”

               “Suitors is too nice. Let’s just call them creeps.” Shiro sighed dejectedly while Allura chuckled.

               “You cannot hide Keith away forever. He’s a handsome young man, and no doubt many other girls and boys would agree.” Coran added, earning a sharp glare from Shiro. Even after all these years, Coran was still afraid of the younger man after losing Keith and the kids in a park.

               “Coran is right Shiro.” Allura gently gave Shiro’s arm a pat. “Keith is growing him. He might want to have girlfriends or boyfriends. It’s what teenagers do and surely you remember what being a teenager was like?”

               “Yeah…but Keith is so innocent…”

               “And he’s also very blunt. I doubt Keith will let any person walk over him or be weird. He knows how to take care of himself. You gotta let go of some of these ridiculous restrictions.” Allura laughed when Shiro whined into his arms before sighing. He nodded slowly and sat slumped in his seat with his arms over his chest. “Like you could even let go of these restrictions for yourself.” Allura said causing Shiro to frown.


               “Shiro, it’s so hot that I’m practically melting in shorts and a tank. You’re wearing a black long sleeve shirt and pants. I can feel your sweat from over here.” Allura said and Shiro gasped.

               “I am not! I am perfectly fine like this.” He cried and Allura only rolled her eyes.

               “You’re going to pass out.”

               Shiro chewed on his bottom lip. Actually, he was really hot. And there was probably sweat stains everywhere (how embarrassing). “I just don’t…I don’t want anyone to see them.”

               “See what?” Allura cocked her head but Shiro only bit his lip some more. Suddenly Allura’s eyes widened. “Oh. Oh. You mean your scars. From your time in the military?” Finally Shiro nodded.

               “I have a lot on my back and my shoulder by the prosthetic. They’re kinda gross.” Shiro shrugged.

               “Who cares?” Allura frowned deeply, concerned for her friend’s insecurity. “It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks except for you. Those scars are proof of how strong you were; of how far you’ve come since them. I’m proud of you. Keith is proud of you. Coran is and your parents. We all know that you’re not weak or ugly. You’re perfect, just the way you are.” Allura’s smile softened when Shiro managed a teeny grin.

               “Besides, I think any of your suitors will be too busy with your perfect face to notice the scars right away.” Coran added, causing Shiro and Allura to laugh.

               “I just don’t want you to pass out from heat exhaustion on me.” Allura said with a laugh and Shiro nodded.


               Keith sighed when he and his friends arrived back at his house. It’d been a week of Shiro trying to get him to wear a parka, and a week of Keith ignoring his dad. However, his dad hadn’t tried to stop him from leaving in another crop top and skinny jeans this morning. He’d simply smiled and wished Keith a good day.

               “Dad! We’re home.” Keith called out as Lance already began rummaging his fridge with Hunk while Pidge kicked off their shoes.

               “Outside in the Garden. Welcome home!” Shiro called out from outside and Keith made his way out. However, upon seeing his dad kneeling in the garden, Keith froze with his jaw dropped.

               His dad was putting in the last of the plants for this year with a baseball cap over his head to keep the sun out of his eyes. However, unlike the usual long t-shirt or long-sleeve, Shiro was wearing a loose (very loose) tank top and shorts. His dad never wore shorts. Or tank tops.

               When Shiro turned around after finishing his work, he looked at Keith biting his lip nervously. Keith could instantly see how uncomfortable his dad was like this, looking far more vulnerable than ever. Keith’s eyes lingered on the visible scars on his dad’s skin, that he knew all too well from Shiro’s time in the military.

               Finally, Keith beamed and laughed. “Purple looks good on you dad. You should wear that more.” I’m proud of you for overcoming your fear. Shiro’s whole body sagged with relief at the unspoken words from his son before grinning brightly.

               “Well it was hot out and these are cool.” Shiro said playfully before he was interrupted by several loud whistles and one annoying cat call.

               “Wh-oa. Looking good Shiro!” Lance yelled from their porch and Keith rolled his eyes. He smiled a bit at the relieved look on his dad’s face before rolling his eyes.

               “You perv. Stop checking out my dad. That’s weird!”

               “I can’t help it.” Lance shrugged, entirely unashamed. “Your family has genes that are totally unfair.”

               “That’s true. Completely unfair.” Pidge nodded in agreement while Hunk smiled. Keith sighed dramatically at his friend’s antics, but couldn’t help but grin at his dad. He was proud of his dad for stepping out of his comfort zone, and backing off of Keith.

               Plus, this meant that Keith could wear a crop top whenever he wanted.


The First Lost... Boy (Part 1)

Could you pretty please do an imagine where the reader and Pan kind of switch places? And the reader gets jealous of Pan being with someone else? If that makes sense at all…

now, this is gunna be hard cause basically a girl is gunna be peter and there are only lost girls on neverland.. and pan will be a lost boy. omg excitement. 

Peter realize he was in water. It dawned on him when he realized how heavy, but light he felt at the same time, and the fact that he was not able to breath. He swung his arms, trying his best to reach the surface, and once he finally broke free he took a huge intake of hair, flicking his head around to check out the surroundings. He didn’t remember how he ended up in a beautiful ocean, but what he did know was that less than 10 meters away stood an island that looked rather beautiful. He decided that his only option was to swim there, and hopefully he’d be able to get some answers as to why he woke up submerged in the sea. 

Unfortunately, the answers weren’t going to be the answers he was expecting, at all 

In camp, the lost girls danced around the large fire, their dirty and wild hair flinging all around as they lost them self to the beat of the music. You stood in the middle of the girls, a pan flute close to your lips as you played the addictive tune. They were all transfixed, the music pulling them into its magical notes. As you slowly pulled the instrument away from your lips, a smirk snaked its way there as your girls all continued to dance. 

“Thats right girls! Tonights the night we play!”

The girls roared out, some of them clapping while the other shouted along to the music. You chuckled, moving to one of the logs by the side of the fire. You were the ruler of this island called Neverland. A place were girls ended up when they couldn’t find their way. No boys ever came to Neverland, for they weren’t foolish enough to believe in a silly girl with a silly pan flute who lived forever.

Expect one boy.

And as of now he panted, running blindly through the forest as he tried his best to find where the wonderful music was coming from, the music he had heard before he suddenly blacked out and ended up in the ocean. He followed the tune until he could see the bright orange flames of a fire, licking at the dark sky. He kept himself concealed as he watched all the girls dance. They looked wild, and they looked animalistic when they moved about the fire, some bumping into each other while other howled into the night. One thing stuck out for Peter; there were no boys. He couldn’t see a single male dancing around, nor sitting on the logs close by, they were all female. He started to slowly back away from the scene as he heard a twig snap from behind him. He turned quickly on his heels, ready to face whatever animal was behind him.

But in fact it was no animal. But a girl.

You smiled softly at Peter, your eyes scanning over his body, while he did the same to you. His eyes were bright with confusion, and you could see the many question he had swimming in his bright orbs. 

“Well boy, aren’t ya gunna ask where ya are?”

His eyebrows rose up when you spoke, almost as if he was expecting that you didn’t know english. He cleared his throat, trying his best to speak in a clam manner. That didn’t really work well for him. 

“I-I’m Peter… Peter Pan.. tell me, where am I?”

His British voice fell off his lips like silk, and you couldn’t help but smirk. Finally, he had arrived, and finally he could be all yours, the king of Neverland. You took a step closer to him, which caused him to take a step back. This continued on until Pan stumbled out of the bush and tripped over a log, landing himself in the centre of all the dancing girls. They soon stopped their movements and glanced down at the male, their eyes staring daggers into him as if they had never seen a boy before. He quickly stood up and brushed himself off as you stepped out of the bush, walking forward until you were face to face with the male once again. You had a devilish smirk on your lips as you raised your arm.

‘Lost girls, welcome our newest family member to Neverland!”

The girls all hollered and yelled back in response, while Peter’s eyes widened up in shock. Neverland? but that couldn’t be possible. Neverland was a fictional story, a fairytale his mother read to him as a child, a place where all the lost girls came when they couldnt find their way. And no one could bring them other than…

That’s when it dawned on him. He stared at you, while your fist was still raised high in the air. His mouth was slightly open in shock as he spoke. 


“Thats right, dearie, I’m (Y/N), Queen of Never, Neverland”

Once again the girls roared out after hearing their leaders name, chanting it over and over again as they started to dance around the fire once more. Peter just stood frozen, unable to believe the events that were taking place in front of him. He had somehow ended up here, on an island with a whole bunch of girls. How it was possible, that the girl from his dreams was finally standing right in front of I’m, but for some reason he could not speak. 

You just chuckled at his confused expression, before giving him the devilish smirk you did all to often. 

“Welcome to my island, my first lost boy.”

ok  ok so I know the person also asked for some jealously stuff, but I loved this imagine so much that I’m 100% gunna make a part two and put the jealousy in there! KAHH I LOVE IT! And I hope you do too dearies!

do you ever see mark tearing up on stage and think about how he said in an interview that he doesn’t really cry unless it’s about himself and then you realize he’s crying on stage ‘cause he probably feels overwhelmed by how much igot7s support this odd assembly of 7 boys who were passionate about music and how all their hard work going unnoticed finally paid off like punch me in the face with a chair because that’ll hurt less tbh omg


Nicolas with flowers 

I want a cooking book Ford wrote.

With everything shown in drawings, the recipes being often very unique, requiring a lot of skill and sometimes special tools (he doesn’t forget to explain how to make them, not quite realizing that maybe welding, for example, isn’t something everyone can do :D)

Some of the food has quite…. rare, hard to obtain ingredients like ink of the Cycloptopus, floating mushrooms or magical fairy dust. But everything is absolutely, mindblowingly delicious!!

Also can you imagine a cooking show with Ford as a judge, omg I’m laughing thinking about the “idiot sandwich” scene being yelled in J.K. Simmon’s voice xd

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THAT moment when the first person that actually got you on tumblr at the first place, watch you back… @loverofpiggies, you’re a source of inspiration for me and I’ve been looking up for you for so long, and admire your hardwork, and I’m always thrilled to see every new pages of Aftertale. Doing a webcomic is hard, but god… you have so many, you’ve so much determination, so much inspiration and passion…

Thank you.

Thank you so much for following me and I hope you’ll enjoy my silly stuff.


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