omg do you all get my reference

"Yeah, I'm trash~"
Suzuki Tatsuhisa
"Yeah, I'm trash~"

Q: If you could create a “Humandroid” [humanoid robot], what kind of Humandroid would it be?

Tatsu: Oh there’s no other answer to this than someone who would take care of all my housework (hello Noct do you mean Ignis lol). I really can’t handle that sort of thing. In addition to housework, it’d be great if the person could also do my office work… I’m kinda in a dire situation even when I came to the recording studio today. After saying goodbye to everyone at the end of today’s recording session, there’re several people who I need to apologize to in all seriousness. I’ve got quite a few apologies to make. This is really yabai. It’d be such a great help if there is a Humandroid to do all these things for me! Recently I really started to feel like I’m failing as a human being. Yeah, I’m trash~

~from bonus track in Humandroid ~マイカノセンゲン~ Vol.1 (2013)

me: why are you like this tatsu pls get yourself together

also me: omg same

libraetor  asked:

may i ask how do you come up with your characters designs and outfits??? i have such trouble thinking up functional costumes for my characters and i admire yours so much omg

ofc ofc!! I’ll try to keep this short n simple so there are pretty much just three steps in costume creation, compiling reference, sketching, and creating the final piece!!

Compiling reference is pretty self-explanatory! I recommend having a folder in your computer to save costume design to, or pinterest bcos pinterest is a fucking gem. Just. Hoard all the armor/clothing you can get your hands on. even if the only part of a design you like is the shape of some coat buttons. stash that shit away man. Here are some references I used while designing armor for Rato!!

The next step (and also the lengthiest step, at least for me) is sketching!! This can be………intimidating to get into, but it’s not that bad once you dive in!! Just think of it as tossing all your reference pictures into a giant melting pot and then throwin a bunch a your own personal flavor in there too for good measure. 

I super duper recommend sketching outfits in a paper doll sort of way, with shapes instead of lines, and in greyscale! Good outfit design depends 90% on shapes imo, and blocking out clothing forms makes the entire process much much faster and easier to think about. The greyscale is so you don’t have to distract yourself by thinking about colors just yet B^) for example: 

when Im designing outfits I like to lay out a bunch of sketches of the character naked/in underwear/w/e and then just go down the line blocking different chunks of the armor out. Each different shade of grey is a different layer so I can easily add stuff on top of or underneath other clothing pieces. It really helps to have a bunch of sketches on one page so you can recycle pieces of different mock-ups you’ve done!! Im sure you can see that a lot of the Rato sketches up there have the same boots/coats/chestpieces :~) its honestly just throwing shit at a wall and seein what sticks

and then you just gotta finalize it!! think of colors and materials and all that good stuff. Im not sure what else to write without making this obnoxiously long, so hmu if you have any other questions!!

alright, since my other masterpost seems to be doing pretty well with OVER 300 NOTES OMG THANK YOU, i decided that i would create another one about staying organized, per request. (shoutout again to @studyblrsab for the icon) alright so lets get started. Here is how I stay organized!!

1. Archive any papers from your teachers into a folder!!

  • okay so, idk about you guys but I get a lot of handouts from my teachers, especially in AP Literature and AP Psychology that contain terms, reading questions, references, etc and these can be great study materials later down the road so I put all of them into a specific folder!! This is also helpful when you’re doing homework and can’t remember a certain thing, but you know you have the handout so you can reference it! 

2. To-do lists are your friend.

  • Whenever i have a bunch of things to do, I create a to-do list to ensure that I don’t leave any important task out, plus you’re more likely to get things done when you right them down. For me, seeing me check off an accomplishment makes me feel happy because I can visually see my progress. But sometimes the basic to-do list gets boring so….

3. Use printables to spice it up a bit! Esp the calendars to keep track of long term assignments

  • The studyblr community has soooo many printables out there and they’re all so useful! In addition to being useful, they can make your study session look cool and motivate you to study since you don’t want to put such a pretty printable to waste! haha. If you don’t know where to start looking for printables, try my printables tag.
  • The calendar printables by @theorganisedstudent or @thearialligraphyproject are great to keep track of long term assignments. Personally, I write down any projects I know I will have in that coming month down. Then, I post the calendar above my desk so whenever I’m doing homework, I can look at it to ensure that I am on track. 

4. Purchase a planner or create a bullet journal system!

  • So this is kind of related to-do lists, but investing in a planner or creating a bullet journal can also keep track of tasks, events, homework, projects, and the like. As you guys know, your planner can be from anywhere and your bullet journal doesn’t have to be extravagant! Remember: don’t compare and do what works for you. For the year of 2017, I’m creating a bullet journal to see if its something I like! I think they look cool and its a great idea, but if its not something you’re into, SCRATCH IT. Don’t continue to do things that don’t interest or help you with your organization.
  • If you need some bullet journal inspiration (remember your bullet journal doesn’t have to be perfect or exactly like the ones you see), here’s my bullet journal tag. 

5. Try to keep a clean study area.

  • I shouldn’t be saying this because my desk looks like a tsunami hit it but you should try to keep your study place clean so you don’t misplace papers that are important. Here’s a tip in a tip:
    • Try the method of tacking important papers (assignment rubrics, scholarship stuff, etc) on the wall in front of or near your desk so they don’t go anywhere! As  I previously mentioned, having those things in front of me give me a visual to look at while I’m working to see where I’m currently at and what still needs to be done.

6. Set reminders in your phone/computer/etc, too!!

  • Technology is sooooo cool guys so utilize it! Set reminders in your phone about things you absolutely need to remember. For example, I set scholarship reminders into my calendar when their deadlines are so far down the road. 

well i hope this was helpful in some sort of way, although i doubt it was. Please let me know what you think of this master post and let me know if it help you in any way!! Send me requests and don’t forget to take care of yourself before you do anything. 

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lovethebluebox  asked:

Hey do you have any good nose references I could use? I'm trying to diversify my faces and you were the first person I thought to ask.

heyyy!!!! thank u omg!!! im flattered that im the first noseperson u thought of

definitely just practice all the time—u dont even need to connect them to faces, just draw a bunch of noses floating on a page tbh, stick em on a face later

as for references!!!! usually i just google “types of noses” and then i google one of the descriptive terms that i get from a list like that? like “roman nose” “greek nose” sometimes i just……do that tbh

THAT BEING SAID, other good refs for interesting noses: disney men. the women all have button noses but the dudes have absolutely baller noses

ALSO: all the refs you will ever need for character design can be found on this board tbh: i use it all the time

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Idk why heaven has given me the idea that it is about someone who took her lover away from her. In st patrick she says 'you're a little taste to heaven' she referred to someone as her heaven now that this person is gone aka her heaven she is hurting bc someone took it from her 'YOU took my heaven away'... she says 'all WE do is suffer' maybe their relationship was getting toxic for them both and then she says 'all I do is suffer' maybe that person is gone now and she is the only one suffering

Omg yes that’s v interesting

cURSE YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE. I didn’t think I was gonna draw anymore tonight but my mind was like “This person is very fabulous and aesthetically pleasing. Y'know what you should do? Draw her.” sO I DID. It was supposed to be just a sketch but nOPE! Also I a-paw-lagize if I got your body type wrong, the only references I had were the two pictures you posted.

@trashbintailor This is so awesome and I’m actually crying. Like I honestly want to get this printed out and framed if that’s okay omg. Thank you so so so much <3 <3 <3


Omg I’m not going to lie, I redraw horns so many times just to get them right. Best thing to do is to find references of something close to the shape. I look at a lot of animal horns on google images. 

Simple is better when you start off, don’t add all these little details on it and then get confused on whats going on. I tend to draw a loose idea of what I want then try and figure out the general shape, get the angle right. Another thing I do is draw the horns in sections, this helps my brain figure out what’s going on, it might not work for everyone but it doesn’t hurt to try. Add the details after.

If you are drawing them on something (like a creature or person) draw the figure first, then add the horns. Also think of the face angle, if it’s a profile, ¾ or straight on will depend on how the horns will look too. That way if you have to change something like an angle of their head or something you wont have to redraw the horns :>

I hope this was helpful :O

anonymous asked:

bro!! lifes going good, thanks for asking. reentry starts 14th of august, so in like two days and i kinda wanna die. im on my senior year. congrats on surviving high school cause i dont think i will. fatal flaw pt 2 is the only thing that can save my life rn. good bid did diddly bye, - loving bro anon

omg bro that’s tmrw now!?!? agh that sucks but at the same time… first day of senior year! you’ll look around at those kids you’ve known all your life and ask yourself… what happened??? (lmao if u get that reference go you)

you’ll def survive high school! i ditched at least once a week my senior year (i’m not even joking guys…) and still managed to get a 4.6 gpa lol. i mean, it’s not the best but that’s what you get for ditching and sleeping in class. so, you’ll do amazing, bro!! but good luck on college apps ahahahah that’s what makes you want to die. 


One of the most important conversations I've had in a long time:

On The Mindy Project and so much more… (up at Buzzfeed, with Ayesha Siddiqi and Heben Nigatu):

DCB: I was watching her interview when she addressed her Elle cover. And she says that she felt good that they wanted to focus on her face. I feel like women of color are forced to be their own spin doctors, but to appease the world. Like WOC are forced to focus on one good thing. Or what’s easy for others to swallow. Am I making sense?

HN: Yaasss, absolutely.

AS: 100%.

DCB: Like, as a kid it was about owning my good skin, or, like, thick hair! Or some bullshit like that. Now it’s, like, “eyebrows.”

HN: Lmaooo, yo you right — eyebrows are in.

DCB: When white girls tell me not to pluck, it’s like, I’m too lazy to pluck. My bushy eyebrows are the ones I was born with and I get a little sick when white women, unprompted, suggest I leave them the way they naturally are.

AS: Shout-out to every sperm-browed Becky who asked if I had caterpillars on my face in middle school but now spend their nights googling eyebrow implants/tints.

DCB: Exactly. Something about Mindy waxing about feeling good that they chose her face for the cover really set me off. Because I’ve done that too, my whole life.

HN: Yes, please speak on it!

DCB: Like, I had to own the compliments that were given to me rather than just feel everything I was as a whole woman. The amount of moms at soccer practice who loved my thick hair or people always tell me I should wear more color because colors look good on me.

AS: Wow, really heavy thinking about how much of that was part of my life that I just took for granted. For a long time I just assumed adults commenting on your body and touching it without your permission was just part of American culture. Only recently have I learned it’s not something I should/ever should have put up with.

DCB: Another one: dark rings under my eyes. The amount of people that ask me if I’m tired all the time. I’ve never once covered the dark rings under my eyes, and worse is when white girls are like, “No that’s in

HN: (You can’t hear me right now but I keep just saying “Mmmm” to myself and feeling all emotional.) OMG the deep-set eyes thing!

DCB: I never get my makeup done. I also barely wear any makeup, but when someone else does it, the first thing they do is put some white stuff under my eyes and smudge.

AS: White people don’t have a frame of reference for our beauty; they wile out. Here we’re talking about growing up having white people rationalize our looks to themselves, framing their unsolicited commentary as a compliment we’re supposed to be grateful for. To be constantly put in a position to thank them for the white gaze applied to us. To be the source of their confusion is so grating; it’s dehumanization to be treated like a novelty rather than an equal.

HN: And all that time you spend being a source for their confusion really warps your mind. I remember the first time I ignored my mom and insisted that I get my hair done at a “regular” hair cuttery and feeling just so not human after I left. The fashion and beauty world in general just makes me feel so fundamentally not human.

DCB: My mom is Anglo-Indian so she’s got all kinds of bomb roots, but we look sorta nothing alike. And when people see her, they’re like, “She’s so white!” It always makes me mad. Like my roots surprise other people, like I’m just supposed to be Bollywood brown or something.

AS: A lot of the compliments I get from white people have been like when Regina George does a suspicious once-over and says, “You’re like, really pretty” and the implied “Howw whyyy?” hangs in the air. Honestly that there’s no frame of reference for WOC beauty that isn’t highly warped is so damaging because that’s why there are so many young South Asians who date white people and consider themselves lucky for being able to “get one.” Because they don’t consider themselves attractive, and learned not to find each other attractive, they so often don’t even know how to. It’s the oppression of invisibility. And the visibility is a fun-house mirror. Hollywood regularly asexualizes South Asian men, treating them as dickless jokes, while hypersexualizing South Asian women, preserving their availability for white men.

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your handwriting is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen! Do you rewrite your notes? My handwriting is so ugly and im ashamed! I definitely will practice and use your beautiful writing as reference!!

omg babe no pls don’t be ashamed of ur handwriting!! it definitely all just comes with practice, and i’m v flattered that you’re using mine as inspiration so thank you!! to answer your question tho, no i don’t rewrite them - i get way too lazy lmao. best of luck with your practice! this is my most recent handwriting tag if you’re interested :)

Short-term Love

Summary: Dean and the reader have an unusual relationship, an “I’ll see you once a year” type of thing.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Dean, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Words: 2k+

Warnings: Fluff. Implied Smut. 

A/N: This is my entry for @faith-in-dean‘s May challenge. My prompt was  “It was just a flirt, nothing else.” Thanks for hosting this challenge and can’t wait for next’s month! Hope you guys like!

Beta: @waywardlullabies thank you for betaing & helping brainstorm and find a title for this ♥

Please, let me know what you think?


The breeze of Santa Monica’s coast made your hair fly with the wind, locals and tourists alike swarming the boardwalk on a usual hot, summer day. This was your home, where the waves had seen you grow and they also guarded you every time you fell off your surfboard. Your first kiss was under the old boardwalk.

You scoffed softly as your thoughts traveled to that day.  Both of you lacking in any sex or kissing experience and nervous of not messing the back of his dad’s car. It only took two weeks to fall for Dean Winchester and a day to say goodbye to him. Dean explained himself, saying because of his dad work he couldn’t stay in one place for too long but that he promised you would come back someday. As a typical moody teenager you told him to fuck off and that it was bullshit, for you that was just a lame pick up line he took from one of his rock idols to say he’ll never see you again.

You hated him at first but then he just became the best thing you ever had and a great story to talk with your friends from time to time.  Two years passed without a sign from Dean Winchester, until it was the night of your eighteenth birthday and somebody knocked on your door, it was him standing tall with his favorite old leather jacket, spiky hair and freshly smile. Thanks to Dean Winchester you had the best birthday you could ask for. Two years were enough for the both of you get some experience in the sexual department. You weren’t shaky or hesitant about being with him anymore, you didn’t hate him for leaving, you just wanted to remember how he tasted like. Dean wasn’t nervous of his skills either, or if his dad’s leather seats, the Impala belonged to him now. You were glad that Dean stayed gentle and careful, always asking if you were okay and what you wanted, just like you remembered.

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Ashlyn Harris’ Live Chat


Fan: Ashlyn whose your role model?

Ash: “Snooki in her prime. hahahahaha kidding.” 

Fan: Are u getting a puppy? 

Ash: "No puppy for me. I’m an aunt to blue. That’s enough. He’s nuts. I play with him and send him’s perfect“

Fan:  Talk about ur tattoos, how’d u pick what to get/how you pick an artist to permanently ink ur body? 

Ash: "I don’t pick it, they pick me. :)" 

Fan: How do you keep your hair from looking great all the time?

Ash: "My hair. Omg yes! I have dreads.”

Ash: “Let’s see… I don’t wash or brush my hair. It’s pretty simple. Oh and I spray it with salt water.”

Fan: The keeper stuff is… (person referring as lit, awesome, great)

 Ash: “Yea are you guys loving the (Keeper|Harris) shirts?" 

Ash: "Get excited because it’s only the beginning! We have more stuff in the works ;)”

Fan: Can we see a pic of your closet? 

Ash: “My closet is shoes and hats. Lol.”

Fan: What was it like hugging Taylor Swift on stage Ash?

Ash: “Omg I love Tay Tay. She’s so 💃”

Fan: Boots or flip flops? 

Ash: “Boots all day”

Fan: Favorite country you’ve visited? 

Ash: “Australia”

(Fan telling Ashlyn how her injury story and how she came back from hers helped the fan to get over hers and come back)

Fan: Can you comment on the LGBT movement and the role that athlete role models play in that? 

Ash: “For me it’s simple. Just be you." 

Ashlyn: “Don’t place labels on anything. I want you to all know I will always be honest with you. We are ALL in this TOGETHER.”

Fan: What inspires you the most to keep pushing yourself? 

Ash: "Everyday I strive to be a better person and player. In that order." 

Fan: What are you hopeful for in 2016, Ash? 

Ash: "I’m hopeful to be happy and healthy in 2016." 

Fan: Can you play a musical instrument? 

Ash: "I sing a lot and I’m terrible. But I can rap" 

Fan: Are you afraid of the dark?

 Ash: "I’m afraid of being alone. I don’t like it.”
Ash: “I love future. He’s killer.”

Fan: What is your favorite meal? 

Ash: “Mac and cheese.”

Fan: Will you rap us a song someday and post it on SQOR. 

Ash: “For sure”

Ash: “Thanks for all the support. I wouldn’t be where I am without you all. Truly grateful. Xoxoxox”

This is everything I could put together from the live chat, I don’t know if it is in order or not.

About the Ali photo, the fan made a mistake, she apologized to Ashlyn and she was cool with it. (You can read about what really happened here)

Sources: @nutellAHarris24  @waitsydney @cajohnson15



CY: Kyungsoo~ To be honest———I told TAO to post the pictures…

(Then everyone be like)

CY: What’s up with your reaction guys?!! It’s not like I did something—–

KS: You did what—?  

KS: PARK CHANYEOL…What was that you said you did!? I’m giving you 3 seconds to run for your life!

BH: Just 3 seconds? OMO! My CHANYEOL…RUN!!!

YX: I can’t believe how interesting this thing could get! How stupid can Yeol be to piss off Kyungsoo…I mean DO KYUNGSOO out of everybody else!

CY: Kyungsoo-nim! I’ve done you wrong! Please forgive me!!! 

Kris: Next time..stop putting the blame on TAO!

External image

Tao: Thanks Dad!

*end of flashback*

~D.O’s Entrance~

*Soo walks down the aisle*

KAI: Oh, he’s soo beautiful!TT__TT

While waiting for D.O 

CY: Dad! Hunnie isn’t going to get married together with us.
SH: (being sarcastic) He knows that! So will you please shut up?!
KRIS: *I’m supposed to know that?
Wait…you’re my children?!!? I’M A FATHER?!*

CY: Mom! I’m getting married, and he’s not! Look at him! *laughs*
SeHun: Why do you do this?!? TT__TT

KAI: Someone’s getting jealous!
SH: *It’s okay Sehun these freaks will get what they deserve! 
Just wait, you! You’ll see…I’ll beat out all your weddings!*

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champagneleftie  asked:

Okay, first of all, as a former Uppsala student, I have to say all your Uppsala references so far have been spot on, and are giving me all the nostalgic feels ❤ And a word: meme

Omg! You were an Uppsala student! I’m suddenly very glad about my aggressive google stalking of the place, but very nervous I’m gonna fuck it up when the characters actually get there. Oj.

I don’t have the word ‘meme’ but I do have this. Lol.

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Send me a word, if it’s in my WIP document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in.


Even though they didn’t keep it, this is my favorite scene in the movie. 

First, it’s hilarious. There’s that little hint of humor in Eve’s expression as she tries to inject a little levity into their predicament, but it falls flat because Adam has NO CLUE what she’s talking about.

Eve is aghast that Adam has never seen or even heard of ‘Fargo’ (bc even if you haven’t seen the movie, you get that reference) or Steve Buscemi. (Which is just a crime against nature, Adam.)

Then Eve puts on that 'what am I going to do with you omg’ face that married people/people in long-term committed relationships get (I give my husband this look all the time).

Finally Adam. OH ADAM. He’s actually worried that his wife thinks him 'unhip’ and it’s one more example of how her opinion means so much to him. 

And Eve is still in 'I CANNOT BELIEVE’ mode.

Story originally shared on Facebook. Link to original poster below:

Here’s the full story….with all the details. My idea for the J2 Christmas-themed photo this year was to have them recreate the classic Dick In A Box pose from the video. At first, I was going to try to make the boxes myself by finding boxes of different sizes and wrapping them, etc., but there really was no easy way to get them to California in my luggage. Luckily, a google search for “Dick in a Box costume” revealed that such a thing already exists that you can buy, and it comes in a flat package that easily fit in my suitcase. SCORE! An important thing to note about the costume is that the box attaches to the body by feeding your belt through two vertical holes in the box. The boxes also had a round hole in the box as well, I guess if you actually wanted to stick your d*#k in the box. I thought it was an amusing touch. ANYWAY. I was very, very, very nervous about asking them to pose with the boxes, for a couple of reasons. First, I didn’t want to take too much time and get yelled at for taking too long. I had already gotten yelled at once that day, and I really didn’t want to have it happen again. Second, I wasn’t sure if Jensen would go for it or not. I thought he probably would, but there was a small part of me that was afraid he would be offended and say no. (Those of you that know Jensen better than I are probably laughing at me right now…but he makes me nervous, OK?!?!?!) So, I almost chickened out about 50 times. I had a back up plan if they said no (that’s sort of a lie….I had no back up plan at all.) I knew that having them take their belts off would take WAY too long, so my solution was to put three really big pieces of packing tape on each box, so they could just quickly stick it on their crotch (heh), take the picture, and then pull it off. I waited until near the end of the line, but there were still about 30 people behind me. People kept coming up to me and asking “are you going to do what I think you are going to do???”, which made me even more nervous. OMG, I’m getting nervous all over again just thinking about it, and it’s already OVER. JEEZ. I got to the front of the line and walked up to them and handed them each a box. Jensen knew IMMEDIATELY what they were for and what I wanted. I had a picture of Justin and Andy in the exact pose that I wanted pulled up on my phone, in case they needed a reference. I asked them if they needed a photo and Jensen said “WE KNOW WHAT DICK IN A BOX IS!!” I said, just make sure you put your hands in the air, so you aren’t holding the box. So, Jensen tried to stick the box on and………it immediately came off. The tape didn’t work AT ALL. They would have to hold them on, and that just wasn’t what I wanted at all. I thought the photo was a bust, and I’m sure my face must have looked very sad. But Jensen, bless his heart, looked at his box and said “Hey!! There are holes for our belt! We can put them on that way!!!” in just the cutest way. And them immediately preceded to undo his belt and take it (partially) off so he could feed it through the two holes. Jared immediately followed suit and took his belt off as well. At this point, I was just standing there like a complete dumbass while they are pulling up their shirts and taking off their belts. The rest of the people in the room, however, burst in applause and cheers!! Someone yelled to me “YOU ARE MY HERO!” Once they had the bottom of the boxes secure, Jensen dropped the top of his box and then couldn’t bend over to pick it up because of the box on his crotch. LOL! And one of them pretended to look into the box of the other one and screamed (I honestly don’t remember who did what….I think I had gone into shock at this point….maybe someone else remembers). Basically, they were having a lot of fun with it. Chris snapped a picture, and Jensen posed exactly like in the original picture. Jared, however, did this pose where he was pointing at his d*%k instead of hands in the air. But whatever….I was fine with it. I walked over to them after the picture and Jensen said “Wait! Chris needs to take another picture. Jared did it wrong.” Jared: “What? What did I do wrong?” Jensen: “She said she wants us to put our hands in the air!” Jared: “Oh, OK.” So, Chris took a second picture (Jared still didnt put his hands in the air). And then I walked over, and waited while they undid their belts again and took their boxes off and gave them back to me. When Jensen gave me his box, he said “ I think I need a bigger box” smile emoticon I thanked them profusely for being such good sports and that was it.

*This may be the greatest photo op of all time. Thank you to person that had them do it! Merry Christmas to the fandom haha!*

Jack Gilinsky Imagine (The Last Time)

Okay so I have never done an imagine based off of a song but I will try my best to do this one for you, anon. <3

Request: Hey Can You Please Do An Imagine About Jack Gilinsky Based on the song The Last Time By Taylor Swift ( They Got Into A Bad Argument ) like kinda make references from the song (: Omg Please! (:

Going to use different POV’s


Jack Gilinsky Imagine

(Jack’s POV)

I’m standing outside of Y/N’s door. Just on the front porch. I have stood here a thousand times before and for many different reasons.

But as of right now the average of all those reasons is because I f*cked up. Real bad.

I’ve tried so hard to ignore it but I can’t get her out of my head. I need her, yet every time I stand on this front step I have chickened out.

I would sit and think about how you were probably up in your room, mere feet from where I stand, and you would feel alone.

I kept on imagining the possibilities of you opening your eyes into mine and then everything would feel better. 

I raise my hand up to knock on the bright red door, that I had come accustomed to throughout the numerous times we had spent days together. I finally got the courage and actually knocked.

I waited patiently for you to open the door and when you did everything felt better. To see your eyes boring back into mine was such a relief.


Your POV

You opened the door to reveal Jack. You had been through this before. You and Jack would have a huge fight and he would come to your door, wearing the best apology. 

And every time you fell for it. But not this time.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry, please just let me explain!” He pleads.

“No Jack. You do this every time. You show up on my doorstep with a pre-rehearsed apology and every time I fall for it, letting you back in only to have my heart broken again,” You say to him. You were fighting back tears because you really did miss Jack, but you couldn’t let him win. He couldn’t use you.

“Y/N, I f*cked up and I know. But you and I both know that we need each other, no matter how many times we make mistakes we need each other,” He begs. “You don’t understand, I can’t live without you in my life. Life is meaningless and pointless without you in it. Please Y/N, I need you,” He whispers more to himself than to you.

“Jack,” You say and his head comes up. “This is the last time, you’re saying I have it wrong?” You question him.

“This is the last time, baby. I promise it’s been you all along,” He says as he comes and holds your hand.

“I’m warning you Jack. This is the last time I’m going to let you through my door,” You say in a threatening tone. Jack comes closer to you and holds your head in his hands.

“I promise. This is the last time. I won’t hurt you anymore,” He whispers to you as he stares into your eyes.

“Okay,” You whisper quietly and you let him come in.

“I’m so sorry Y/N, I love you so much and I don’t deserve to have you, but no one does. No one can live up to the standards that you deserve, but I can tell you this. Your name is and always will be at the top of my list.”


Okay, I still have some more but I am proud with what I have accomplished so far. My eyes are killing me though.

This Imagine actually wasn’t all that hard once I got into it. I hope I did alright! 

ANON! Whoever you are, you can let me know! :))) <3



As most of you know, on September 21st, I met my biggest inspiration, aka taylorswift.

Last Thursday on the 17th, I got a call bright and early at 7 am, which I accidentally slept through. Stupid iPhone sleep mode. There was a contest going on near me (I’m not going to say the name for privacy reasons) where you had to text in the keyword TSWIFT as many times as you wanted, and they would pick a random winner. Me being me, texted in at least 1,000 times a day, casual right? Anyway, I jumped out of bed and ran upstairs after reading the word “congrats!” on my phone. I WON. I was so afraid they had given it to someone else, but luckily they were so nice and waited for me. They called me back on the way to school, and I cried on the radio, and I also missed a test but who cares!

I only told about 10 people that I was meeting her, and I finally revealed my little secret at about 5 o’clock on the 21st. DON’T HURT ME I LOVE YOU GUYS. It was so funny seeing you all react because it was so difficult keeping this a secret for so long.

Anyway, we were handed our tickets and the colored meet and greet paper at will call, and as soon as doors opened we sprinted (lol get the joke cause it’s SPRINT center hahahaha I’m not funny) towards the meeting location. This guy with super cool hair from Taylor Nation checked us off the list and then we got our wristbands! We had to wait in line for about an hour, but my friend Kylee and I kept ourselves busy by singing and tweeting updates. The line finally started moving, and the super-cool-hair dude told us all the rules. No belongings inside except for the clothes on your back, leave your gifts on the table outside, etc.

For about 5 to 10 minutes, we waited inside Loft 89. There was a lot of really delicious looking pizza inside but there was a really buff security guy guarding it so it probably wouldn’t have been a good idea to steal pizza. I kept seeing little glimpses of Taylor as other people went in and I about died. We finally got to the curtain before the meet and greet room, and Erica handed us our little card with the information on how to get our photo the day afterwards.

We then ran inside and oh. my. god. She was wearing this beautiful maroon crop top, black skirt, and heels. I swear she was almost like statuesque. Also, her makeup was flawless and just… wow. Here’s the stuff she said to us from what I remember:


*we hug her very tightly*

“Omg! You guys are so cute!”

“I love this!” *touches my paper airplane necklace*

I say, “I can’t believe this is a real thing.”

“This is real. This is happening right now.” *grabs my arms*

“Did you make these yourselves?! (referring to our tutus)”

“They are so… BOUNCY!” *touches my tutu*

“You guys are so crafty!”

“So, do you guys have a pose picked out?”

I then told her we need to be all “cool and casual with our arms crossed.”

“Ok, ok.”

“This is going to be like the coolest pose ever, I love it.”

*picture gets taken*

“Awesome! Awesome!”

As I’m leaving the room, I say, “I hope I’ll see you on Tumblr soon!”

“Omg, do I follow you?!”

“What’s your URL?”

“Okay, babe! I got it! Love you!” *waves goodbye*

We were only in the room for a minute, but Taylor used that minute to its fullest. Taylor, thank you for being so gracious and welcoming towards us. I forgot everything I wanted to say once I walked in that room, but I just want to thank you for all that you’ve done for me. You are such a huge blessing on my life, and have allowed me to meet so many amazing people that I never would have known without you. BTW we also forgot to tell you our names LOL but mine is Paige, and my friend’s name is Kylee. We had such an amazing night, and we can’t wait to see you next tour. Also, I left a few of my watercolor paintings on the table outside–I hope you got them!

With all my love,


PS: If you guys have any other questions, feel free to ask :)

anonymous asked:

You are the best olicity shipper. I love your posts, please talk more about them. Why do you love them?

THAT IS SO SWEET. Thank you so much. Whoever sent this, I’m so sorry that it took me forever to get back to you. I wanted to give you the best answer I could in the most succinct way I could. I hope you enjoy this!

Why do I love Oliver and Felicity. Very loaded question, but I will try my best to answer this:

1.) Friendship is the Best Ship…Before….You Know

Oliver and Felicity’s friendship is about the best I’ve seen for a male and female in quite awhile. I love how it wasn’t supposed to happen. Oliver simply needed information from “his” computer from a resource that’s readily available to him through his family’s company, and it turns into one of the most genuine and accepting relationships he’s ever had, and, quite possibly, she’s ever had. 

I like the idea of Oliver Queen, who devours women unrelentingly, can maintain and cultivate a friendship with Felicity Smoak, a woman who doesn’t seem to be impressed by that kind of behavior. No doubt she’s heard about him, their first meeting indicated that she knew of him, and with her acumen for research, probably knew way more than what the nine-o-clock news could ever reveal, and none of it was particularly flattering or indicative of anyone she’d call an acquaintance, much less a friend. 

But, even after all she’s heard, she still gives him a chance, and she’s one of the reasons why he’s gone from killing to having enough strength to let his enemies live. That’s a huge deal. That is what friendship is capable of doing before you jump into bed with someone. And when they do….jump, it’ll be founded on this bedrock of trust and honesty, complete openness to true vulnerability.   

2.) Their Chemistry Gives LIFE.

I’ll tell you this, Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards can sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman wearing white gloves (if you don’t know that reference, I feel terrible for you). They pull me into Oliver and Felicity without fail. Even in those moments when I want to scratch Oliver’s eyes out, he and Felicity create a magic together that momentarily makes me forget that Oliver can be a dick sometimes. Felicity softens him around those rougher edges and makes our hero, the guy that we root for.

They exude a certain classic aesthetic quality, with Oliver’s stubbled, chiseled handsomeness and Felicity’s fragile, pouty, gorgeousness. That drives me absolutely crazy, you have no idea. MAH GOD. THE FIRST TIME THEY HAVE SEX WILL KILL US ALL.  

3.) That “Opposites’ Attract” Crap is Pretty True.

He’s a billionaire-bred, trust-funded, suave, drop-out, philandering superhero with a bow and many arrows, who should not be attracted to a mousey, four-eyed, awkward, nine-to-five IT tech who graduated with honors from the most prestigious research institution in the states or even the world, and vice-versa. 

Oliver’s brute physicality and mastering of most likely every form or creed of martial arts is strikingly opposed to Felicity’s intellectual trade of computer science. Oliver can put an arrow through your eye socket with one stretch of his bowstring, and Felicity can clear your financial portfolio with one swipe over the touchscreen of her tried and true Microsoft Surface. I don’t know which is scarier to have happen to me. Yeah, I do, Felicity taking all of my coins like *that* is TERRIFYING OMG *sorry Oliver but you know your wifey can be downright horrifying when she wants to be*.

For all intents and purposes, THEY SHOULD NOT WORK, but they do, they so effortlessly do, so much so, that Felicity Smoak saved the show. Hell, she saved Oliver Queen. They’ve saved each other, from more dangers than what lurks in the dark alleys of Starling City.    

4.) “What. Color. Are. Your. Shoes?”

This is in reference to their teamwork capabilities within Team Arrow.

These two can get shit done. Oliver was walking around Starling City completely blind and somewhat handicapped without Felicity’s eyes watching his every move, and everyone else’s every move. She has his back all the way from that subfloor in the Glades and never makes it seem like she’s the one responsible for the day ending on a good note, and he never lets her feel like her contribution doesn’t matter. In fact, “You’re my partner“ is the most reliant thing I’ve ever heard Oliver "I-Can-Do-This-By-Myself” Queen say, ever. 

To put it mildly, she can do your taxes from behind that desk, while he can get your confession from behind that bow. It’s so beautifully fluid and compatible that I cry about it. They are two of the three pegs that constitutes the Dream Team in all its effective glory.

5.) Lets Argue And Then Make Up A Nano-Second Later.

When these two fight, someone better get a mop, because its about to get down and dirty up in here. When they make up, someone better get me a drink, because I can’t possibly take them sober.

You’re absolutely comfortable with someone when you can tell them, by your standards, that your skills are supposed to trump the latest baddie, that you’ve got your head up your own ass, that you need to go apologize, that you shouldn’t go out and kill a man with a 10-year-old son to look after, that you can’t make someone feel like crap about your crappy love life, because theirs is just as crappy etc. When they put the other on blast, it’s so nice to watch how ruffled they get, how hurt their feelings become. It means that their opinions of each other matter to them.

It took some great arm-twisting for Oliver to go to Diggle and apologize for not helping him take down Deadshot, for choosing to look after Laurel instead, but it didn’t take him long at all to apologize to Felicity for snapping at her about her absence, her choice to stay in Central City. That is not to say that Diggle doesn’t matter to the same extent as Felicity, but it says something for a man who doesn’t admit he’s wrong as easily as most, to be very sure to right any wrongs committed against this woman who has come to mean so much to him. 

6.) Felicity, the Effervescent Harnesser of Light, Meet Oliver, the Living, Breathing Dark Hole.

I think the title of this one speaks for itself. Any insertion about any other (female) character being Oliver’s light is a joke. Sara outright admitted that she wasn’t. Laurel showed that she wasn’t when she appealed to Oliver’s need for vengeance in order to convince him to keep going. 

“You can do a lot of good in the city besides recovering stock portfolios.”

“Whoever he is, he’s willing to sacrifice an awful lot to help the people of this city.”

“He’s wrong. There is another way.”

“You are not alone.”

“I believe in you.”

“You did it.”

And the list goes on and on. Felicity Smoak saved Oliver Queen, in every way a person can be saved, and I will go to the end of this series with that belief. 

I could have gone on and on and ON with every theme here, but I’ll leave it there. I think you get the gist. Thank you for your question and the support!