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The Transfer

The Transfer (m)

Word count: 9.4k

Genre/Warnings: language, angst, smut, dirty talk

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Summary: You’re a sophomore in college who always runs away from relationships. That is until you meets Jung Hoseok, the South Korean transfer who shows you what a relationship can be. Although you know it’s wrong since he’s your best friends Jimin’s new roommate.

(Again this is my old story from my Wattpad (5sos version on there) but I wanted a Hoseok story and to finish this one.) Plus I was listening to Selena Gomez’s song, Bad Liar and yeah.

Parts: two

“Kook?” you yelled threw the apartment. You waited until he answered, “Yes Puddin’?” He yelled back.

“Do you need me to wash any clothes for you? I have a little more room in the washer!”

“Yes, one second!” You heard him shuffle in his room grabbing his hamper. He walked through the den and kitchen to the laundry room. “Thank you, Puddin’.”

“You know Jimin called me Puddin’ the other day,” you said taking his clothes out and sticking them into the washing machine.

“That’s my nickname for you!” He pouted, leaning against the door frame.

It was true, ever since sixth grade. You never wanted anyone to call you by your name for some reason. You thought it might have been some teen rebellion thing. So when you came to school one day with a Harley Quinn shirt on Jungkook took that as the chance to call you puddin’ and it just stuck. You two had been best friends since and now you were in college together. It was your sophomore year at the University and you loved it. Your parents had also found the two of you an apartment close to the school, so you could “stick together,” as your parents called it. They always thought you two would end up together but you two were too close for that. You loved Jungkook but you could never be in love with him.

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Kit Kat

Summary: Before the 1st season of Supernatural airs, Jensen meets the reader at his talent agency in LA.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,508

M&M’s. Snickers. Butterfingers. Reese Peanut Butter Cups. You name it. If it’s fucking chocolate, you’ll eat it. You’re a stress eater. You’re stressed. And there’s not one God damn piece of candy left in your bag.

“Y/N! Get in here!” You hear your boss Eileen yell from inside her office.

You stand up quickly and smooth out your dress. You don’t know why you bother, you’re just a measly intern. But your mom said to dress for the job you want instead of the job you have. So here you are. Ugh. Thanks, mom.

“Yes?” You try to say as confidently as possible.

“Where are the press packets I asked you to get? I need them asap! Clients are coming in and out all day today.” She snaps looking irritated.

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anonymous asked:

Okay but yesterday I rewatched the inshallah clip and I realized that in that moment Yousef already thought about himself and Sana as soulmates...!!!!😍😍😍😍 what do you think were his thoughts?


Okay Yousef’s thoughts? Basically:

“Hahaha, I’m having so much fun with my bros here…oh look there’s Sana, she’s eating a carrot, she looks beautiful, oh god she’s looking at me, what do I do, what do I do??? Smile you dork just smile…Oh she’s looking away, Okay Yousef calm down just calm down. Aww but she likes carrots and I like carrots we’re definitely soulmates!!!….wait did I see her mother leave? this is your chance Yousef, you go there and talk to her!!”

Hey guys I’m going to get a drink from the kitchen and I’ll be back”

Okay, okay Yousef relax, you can do this, just say hi I’m having a drink…she smiled at you, that’s a good sign, now pick up a glass and go to the fridge….hmmm this seems like a pretty big kitchen but you know what it’d be nice????? walk by her like super close to her as if there was no space, yes, she wouldn’t even know that you’re doing that on purpose…that’s it walk by her…leave enough space so you don’t make her uncomfortable but at the same time ohhh she smells so well and ed sheeran is on the radio what else can you ask for??? wait….did she just change the music??? what does that mean? is that a good sign??? yousef focus, just focus….she’s peeling a carrot, how cute…wait she’s doing it completely wrong…should I?…..of course I should….there tell the girl she’s doing it wrong so you can teach her and show her that your husband material…yup yup yup look sana that’s how you do it you have to pull it towards you not push it away…got it? don’t push me away sana please we’re soulmates!!!!!….oh she wants to know how I know how to peel carrots, come on yousef this is your chance tell her that you work with kids, she’ll love that………….she doesn’t like kids????? how doesn’t she like kids????but I want to have kids with her???????? how many kids do I want how many kids do I want??? uh….12!!! that’s it, 12 kids….12 kids yousef??? are you insane???? now make a witty comment about it…yeah that’s it a football team……..a football team that has 11 players damn she’s smart….think think think think….there are 11 on the field but what if something gets hurt? huh? huh? you’re so smart yousef acar, you’re the smartest yeah yeah yeah……oh god she’s laughing and smiling and omg I’m going to die here, how can she be so pretty????????….Okay let’s make her try…….Sana????? you’re doing it wrong????? have you been listening to me at all?????????…..did she just throw a peel at me??? YUP WE’RE DEFINITELY SOULMATES……….maybe she wants me to teach her again???? yeah, that’s it, play it cool acar, you have to show your soulmate how to do it well and…..DAMN IT ELIAS WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?????…….play it cool, like you’re not here to flirt with his sister…..AND HE HAD TO SAY THAT OUT LOUD!! SERIOUSLY BRO? WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS????…..ahhh goodbye Sana, my soulmate, love of my life, I love you, best day ever!!!”

Sorry I got carried away!!

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funny story; i was recently at my old grade school for reunion with a few of my teachers from SO long ago. i ran into my 5th grade teacher and went up to hug her and the first thing she did was read my shirt out loud, which was your legalize awoo shirt.. keep in mind, i have not spoken to this women in over 10 years, so it was like a new first impression. nothing screams "it's so nice to see you again!" like a shirt that says "legalize awoo" amiright?

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Carry on hc: after penny realizes that Simon and Baz are dating at the end of carry on, Simon and Baz just decide to annoy her (and maybe make fun of themselves for not realizing sooner) by insisting that they hate each other. Penny walks in on them kissing? "Penny help he's biting my face!!" Penny walks in on Baz saying I love you? Suddenly it's "I love youR FACE WHEN YOU LOSE TO ME" penny walks in on them cuddling? "Look at him he's TRAPPED ME" and they keep this up for months

omg (this got a bit longer than expected) (1.1k words)

  • Penny walks into the bathroom, “Hey Simon, have you seen my-”
  • she soon realizes Simon is in the bathtub
  • and not alone
  • and nakey
  • woops
  • “Oh Merlin, I did NOT have to see that,” she covers her eyes and stumbles out of the bathroom
  • loud laughter and splashes
  • Simon: “I know something that can get you off”
  • Penny groans, “SHUT UP” and runs away
  • Baz and Simon are laughing their asses off
    • (still happily cuddling in the bathtub)
    • (even tho theyre trying to splash each other)
    • (and grinning like idiots)
    • (im just a slut for laughing baz okay let me live)

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Seventeen Reaction #3

Seventeen reacting to hearing you talk about their butt with your friend

Seungcheol: “Is my butt that nice Y/N? Hmmmmmmm??” 

*will tease you 1298503 times*

Originally posted by howona

Jeonghan: “Do you wanna get a better look of it Y/N?”

“Eww gross no”

“Aww stop denying it jagi”

Originally posted by amillionwon

Joshua: “Y/N NO BUTT TALK”

“…..for now”

Originally posted by mountean

Junhui: “Oh, you wanna see it in action?”

*starts twerking in front of you and your friend*

Originally posted by satanteen17

Soonyoung: “You’re a little bit weird jagi, BUTT it’s what makes you cute”

*starts laughing/crying on the floor bc of his pun*

Originally posted by saysvteen

Wonwoo: *pretends he doesn’t know you out of embarrassment*

“I’m  sorry, who’s Wonwoo?”

Originally posted by 1yx

Jihoon: *major second hand embarrassment*

Originally posted by gyuhan-17


*screams uncontrollably*

Originally posted by junhuiduu



“It’s okay, you can tell me all about it later” *winks* cheeky lil shit

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

Minghao: *gets hella flustered*

“Uhhhhh thanks Y/N?”

Originally posted by kookhao


*hair flips and struts away*

Originally posted by the8soo

Hansol: “Stop frontin and tell me you like my butt”

Originally posted by lonexsamurai


*runs away along with his innocence*

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"The Sixth Movie"

this happened to me last year, and although it’s not as horifying as the other stories on here, i think it’s still really cringey haha

Weeb- bonnie (bc she loved fnaf)

me- egg 

(all names have been changed)

i had been in the school’s LGBTQA+ club for over 2 years then, and was probably the most invested in it. i went every thursday after school. about halfway through my second year, Bonnie started going.

i never really had an opinion of her, but id seen her around and thought she looked nice, so i welcomed her. after her third time of going to the club, however, she started to act weebier and weebier. 

the two teachers who run the club are two lurvly ladies and they’re married, and they’re my favourite teachers because of how nice they are. bonnie would always talk about how cute they were because they were gay, and would constantly talk about how gay people were so cute. as a lesbian, i felt offended that she would find someone cute just because of their orientation, but i let it slide.

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EXO reacting to their girlfriend after not properly apologizing to her

anon asks: How Exo will react if after a fight, they buy a expensive gift for you (his girlfriend) thinking that you’ll forgive them, but then when they came to home, you just close the door on his face and say that what you want is not a gift, but just a ask for forgiveness. I hope you understand, english is not my first language. Thank you <3

HEY first of all thank you for being our VERY FIRST requester, believe me u will always be remembers and thank you for making my day!!!! your english is really good so don’t worry about it. i really enjoyed doing this <3

/gifs are not mine/ 

Xiumin:  *as she pushes him out the door and he falls on his butt* “ But i even dressed up for this… ummm when are you going to let me in? Jagiya? Anyone?”

Luhan: *as he stands in front of the door like a lost puppy* “But i don’t understand what i did wrong…please honey tell me what i did…”

Kris: *talks into the house security system (is that what its called? correct me if I’m wrong) “listen up I’m going to make this quick I’m sorry”
her: “huh? what did u say? i didn’t hear that”
kris: “i said i was sorry”

Suho: “ I’m sorry i made you feel this way. And i know you deserve an apology so can u please forgive me? please?”

Lay: *goes to Luhans house* “…and she closed the door on my face and said that my gift wasn’t what she wanted… i gave her my heartttttt”  *Luhan: thinking that Lay is super adorable for what he did for u*

Baekhyun:*after she slams the door at his face* he says: “I’m sorry I’m soo sorry please don’t cry” *she opens the door and throws the gift at his face* “omg what was that for u could have broken my nose!”

Chen: “i guess if i don’t apologize now ill be dead by tomorrow’ *says this as he stares at his flying food*

Chanyeol: *talking to you through the door “listen your going to be apologizing to me for that… who’s going to help you sleep tonight?’

DO: “hell ya sleepover with Jongin! shit did i say that out loud”

Tao: “k i understand i messed up… I’m sorry… now will you take my gift?”

Kai: *awkward ‘forgive me’ smile* “ill sit here all day waiting for u to take my gift”

in the beginning: *before ringing the doorbell* “ BOYS! we will be singing her this song ok get ready”

Then: *as she opened the door and then slammed it on them* “ what just happened? i didn’t think she would be this hurt…jagiya i swear it was a joke i didn’t mean to hurt you”

/the ask box is open/ 


Dear Maya
Autumn in NYC! One of my favorite times of year to be there. All of the leaves are changing. Did you see the gorgeous fall colors on our favorite girl? An orange jacket - the stunning burgundy suit. You know the saying in the south that you can’t wear white after Labor Day? I say rubbish! I want that white blouse she wore yesterday!

R; knock knock

K: what?

R: knock knock

K: knock the fuck what?

R: knock knock. Now say “who’s there”

K: omg. Fine. Who’s there?

R: orange

K: ????

R: say orange

K: ORANGE. happy now?

R: orange you glad we’re here?

K what?

R: say it out loud and you’ll get it

K: ………….bwhaaaaaaaa. you are such a dork

R: I heard some kids in the park say it. So orange you?

K: you have been reading waaaay too many color books

R: I’ve been seeing red and feeling blue

K: what color are you now?

R: looking around here I would have to say pink

K: yeah heard you couldn’t find any pink leaves in the park

R: no. Mostly “wed weefs and bwowen weefs and wehwhoa weefs but no pink weefs” A few gween weefs

K: I always wondered how the fuck you spelled those. Wehwhoa? LMAO. So precious

R: It’s phonectic. BTW they’re talking about you on Twitter

K: just ………………. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ON TWITTER. Are you a masochist??? Why would you waste time reading that shit.

R: honey I was just lurking

K: if reading shit about yourself is entertaining then have at it. They are so fucking clueless

R: they liked your outfits yesterday. I liked one in particular

K: bet I know which one and I was wearing a camisole. Jesus

R: I know what is under it which gives me an advantage

K whatever!!!

R: They liked the W article

K: didn’t get to talk about writing & directing my short but If they’re talking about my work then at least they’re not analyzing my personal life

R: speaking of shorts…….damn you have the most beautiful legs

K: don’t you mean “wegs”

R: Yes. You have buuutiful wegs. At least you got to talk about “Certain Women” which is preferable to their bullshit about a “Certain Woman”

K: irrelevance doesn’t merit a mention. Your twitter buddies just don’t want to FACE IT

R: I’d rather not face IT either

K: LMAO, We’re here. I love fall in NY

R: I love falling

K: falling where

R: falling in love with you. Falling into bed with you

K: one track.I don’t think I fell I think you tripped me. LOL. I love you

R: the best track. But I caught you. I love you more

So sweet Maya
Now our favorite girl is receiving more accolades for her work.. Her handsome man has a new Dior campaign. How can anyone not fall for those pictures!! And shot in Paris at n ight……….magical city but even more so at night. What a lovely surprise!
Things usually falli into place in the fall. It’s going to be OK

"EXO reaction to the female staying in their dorms."


“What?” *gets embarrased just thinking about estrogen floating in the air*


“Where is she? Where is she?! I want to meet her first!”


“A girl?! Really? A girl?! Good luck for her I should say!”


“It will be fun…Really fun…”


“Just bring her to my room, when she comes. I will give her a tour.”


“Oooh, a girl? I like girls! … That sounded wrong….”


“I hope she is a good girl. Because I’m not.”


OMG! We can braid each other’s hair…Oh wait…Did I said that out loud?“


”….I don’t need a rival…“


"Poor girl, she doesn’t know where she is going…God have mercy on her soul…”


“If that bitch even touch my guccy, I will whip her ass”


“I hope she likes to clean…”

ANON REQUEST: EXO’s reaction when they meet the girl that Sehun has a crush on

Thanks for your request! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤



Xiumin: Hello there~ Sooo… you’re friends with our Sehunnie~ Of course you are, he has a thing for pretty girls~ 



Luhan: Hello~ Hi, I’m Luhan. How are you? *tries to stay calm, but he runs up to Minseok and starts gossiping*



D.O: Oh my god. Oh my god, IT’S A GIRL. A REAL LIFE GIRL. S-should I say something? *so scared he didn’t even realize he said all that out loud for everyone (including the girl) to hear*



Lay: Hello, sweetheart~ So you’re the girl Sehun has a cru- Ooooh, it’s supposed to be a secret, isn’t it..? *innocent giggle*



Chen: *troll mode on/thinks of all of the embarrassing stories about Sehun* Heeeey! Did Sehunnie tell you about that one time he had to film this scene with Baekhyun~



Kris: Heeeeey, hiiiii~ It’s so nice to meet you~ *wow omg is it just me or does she look EXACTLY like Miranda Kerr? CREEPYYYY~*



Sehun: Please don’t say anything embarrassing, please don’t say anything embarrassing, please don’t say anything embarrassing~



Tao: Oh my god, she’s not even that pretty… I don’t get why Sehun likes her more than he likes me… I’m fabulous, and she~ she looks like a fetus~ *jealous* 



Chanyeol: Hey, psssst~ Yeah, you! You don’t know that from me, but… Sehunnie likes you. I mean, he REALLY likes you. *wow so helpful*



Baekhyun: Sooo… Chen already told you about the Sebaek scene… Yeah… Sehun~ Great guy. Good kisser. I can tell from experience~ *tries to joke around*



Suho: HELLOOOOOOO~ Hiiiiiiiiiii~ I’m Suho! Heeeeyyyyy~ Welcome to the familyyyyyy~ *embarrassing dad/mom mode on* 



Kai: The other members probably told you many embarrassing stories about Sehun~ I think you should know~ They’re all true. * supportive friend a.k.a. little shit mode on*

PLEASE read. New Theory finshed. I

OMG!  I just thought of this! (I don’t know if it’s already been said but…) Ok, follow me…“That night” Ali sent Spencer back to the barn after their whole fight and talk. Spencer was walking away like all slow and upset with the shovel dragging behind her. Ali went to meet Byron. Now, Ali said Spencer went back to the barn but we never saw her actually take Spencer there,right? Soooo, the scene we saw of Spencer returning to the barn alone may have been right after she left Ali not later on like we were all thinking.. Following me? She never went back to the barn, left again and then return again. The return to the barn was the continuation of that scene with Spencer and Ali talking. She returned to the barn acting the same way she was when she left Ali. She didn’t want the girls to know about the drugs so she stayed calm like nothing happened between her and Ali and she left the shovel outside the barn….Spencer said she thought she heard Ali scream. (At what point did the Jenna/Garrett scene happen?).Was the scream she heard Ali and byron fighting or Melissa yelling at Ian about the kissing rock ordeal? Spencer said thought she heard,maybe she wasn’t probably 100% sure bc she knew she was drugged up and unsure of herself. This would explain why no one went looking for Ali…Spencer was drugged up and didn’t want anyone knowing, plus she was probably crashing from mixing the drugs with alcohol and sleeping pill Ali added in. The girls were already sleepy and groggy from the alcohol and sleeping pills so they all went back to sleep no problem. This is after she spoke with Byron. She comes back to the barn and all the girls are sound asleep. Ali waits for any texts.They never come. She heads back home…the whole rock thing goes down.

Next morning, everyone hungover, sleepy and groggy. Not remembering much from last night. The Ali search begins….the girls talk about the “possibility” of Spencer hearing Ali scream. That might explain the conversation between Aria and Emily a year later. “We do know she’s dead, right?” They most likely assume she’s dead bc of the scream..

Other parts of the night: The shovel was left outside the barn. Melissa had witnessed Ali with Ian earlier at the kissing rock (AFTER  he made all those promises to Melissa). She saw the whole “I know you wanna kiss me” thing and them possibly making out. She flips, she heard Ali say she had the NAT videos. A little while later Melissa and the gang are shown in Ali’s room frantically looking for the videos. No one can find them. Melissa’s anger is rising now. She flees Ali’s room and heads towards the barn bc she thinks Ali is there at the sleepover. When she approaches the barn, the shovel is outside it. She grabs it ready to go after Ali when this yellow shirted Sara Harvey is in or near the woods for whatever the hell reason and Melissa thinks it Ali! She goes after her and of course Sara has no idea why so she runs for her life! Melissa reaches her hands hits the back of her head. Sara falls face down and doesn’t move. Melissa is like oh shit, she’s dead. In a panic, she drags Sara by the legs face down (like Mrs.D was being dragged…hmm,parallel clue?) Melissa knows there’s construction going on at the dilaurentis house as I’m sure she even knows about the gazebo going up the next day. During all this chaos, Mrs. Grunwald gets Ali out and away. Melissa reaches the gazebo area, sees the hole Ali was in…dumps Sara face down and buries her. This is why Melissa thinks ali’s dead. She believes she killed her. A couple years later she is shocked that Ali might be alive! She thinks she killed and buried her! Now, after its found out that Ali is alive Melissa is like oh shit, I better move away. So, she does.

Maybe after Peter Hastings hired a P.I. he was looking for Ali as well as following Spencer. At that time he had that big folder of Ali’s pictures. Why else would he have them? Does he find Ali’s alive? Idk. When the other body is found under the gazebo he was like oh shit, It must have been Spencer. She was on drugs that summer, etc.. It could be Mrs. D saw Melissa out the window burying Sara’s body. Maybe she thought it was Spencer or knew it as Melissa but lied and said it was Spencer to get back at her bc we know Mrs. D hated her and hated how she stood up to Ali. Spencer was the blame. Peter Hastings pays Mrs.D off to keep hush. They have an agreement. FFWD to the present..Peter still believes it was Spencer. At the police station he does his “thinking out loud” thing and Melissa is like wtf did you just say? And being she hears him say he covered all those years for Spencer and thought he covered everything. Melissa feels she’s safe enough and knows her dad’s power so she tells him the truth that is was her, hence the “holy shit, jc, omg wtf” look.

The End.

Well, what do you guys think? Comments, add ons?

P.S. Now the big question is…Who the f hit Ali with the rock??? x.x.x.x.x.

Pride and Licking Wounds

Found in and ao3

Part of Marichat May; Day 3: Injuries

Check out the rest of my Marichat May contributions

Blurb:  Really, what is it about cats being too stubborn to seek treatment when they’re hurt?

“Mission accomplished!”

It was a regular day for our two beloved heroes. They’d saved Paris from the imminent danger of akumas, akuma threat neutralised and all that. All in the span of one evening. They still had time to kill.

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letsemmajesticuniverse  asked:

Eremika 9 or 39? (If you're still doing these?)

This one got so out of control omg also dendensushicosplay came up with their usernames :3

9.meeting online au

It had been another typical day at school; mind numbing class after class, loud and obnoxious classmates who did nothing but give her a headache, and more homework than she had time in the day. Needless to say, Mikasa just wanted to collapse on her bed for the rest of the day, but the books she had pulled from her bag and onto her desk loomed at her no matter where she went in the room. With a sigh she turned her laptop on before pulling out much more comfortable clothing.

“Dinner will be ready in an hour, Mikasa, okay!” her mom’s voice called up the stairs.

“Okay!” she said back, pulling a sweater over her head that hung right above her pj pants and sitting down in front of her computer.

Physics, British Lit, Calculus, American History…she looked down her stack of books trying to pick her first poison as she typed in her email to bring that up first. “Might as get this stuff outta the way,” Mikasa mumbled to herself, pulling her history textbook out, a worksheet sticking out of the chapter she needed to read.

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