omg did she really do that

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I️ really really love all night omggg. And omg Lauren ate it with the bridge because it fits perfectly all the other verses were her being excited about her new love interest and all the emotions she was developing then the bridge comes and she starts doubting it like should I️ do this?? And then she’s like Fuck it! I️ can’t stay away. She did that!!

SHE TRULY DID THAT! And she wrote it! I’m so proud y’all for even understand 😭😭😭 her progression from back to me to now? WOW

A month or so ago, I was at my family friends’ house, eating dinner with them, and there was this woman there named Christine who was friends with my mom’s friend. She was talking to me and the subject of music came up and she asked what bands I listened to and obviously I said “Green Day.” She said “oh I met them before!” And I was like “really??” And my mom said “was Billie so adorable?” And she said “oh, he was this sweetest thing.” And she proceeds to tell me about how she used to work with MTV and one time in like the 90s she went to their concert and had to tell them that they weren’t allowed to swear so much because there were younger people in the audience and they were like “yeah we can do that” and like they swore less but it was still bad but afterward they came running up to her and Billie was like “Christine! How was that? I did good didn’t I?!” And he was so proud of himself that she didn’t have the heart to tell him so she was like “yeah!!!” And he got really happy and like i think that’s just such a cute story omg

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Rfa & V's reaction to MC who likes to pet them? As in run her fingers through their hair and play with it. Like, as much as she can lol. I luff soff hair I can pet like kitties >w <

Oh my godddd I met this guy at work and I love doing this and he loves when I do this and it’s heaven
-Before after endings-
~Mod L

♡ The first time you did this was while he was playing LOLOL
♡ He basically melts into your arms
♡ It’s so relaxing to him
♡ He can’t even rage at the game when you do this
♡ He found a level of peace while playing he didn’t even know existed
♡ Even when he’s not playing he’ll curl up to you in hopes you play with his hair
♡ He’s just in love with you doing that
♡ Wants it 24/7

♡ Whenever she’s stressed she’ll run her hands through her hair
♡ It’s normally not very nice
♡ So when you start doing it she’s totally not used to it
♡ But it’s surprisingly relaxing?
♡ The first time you did it she fell asleep in your arms within a minute
♡ And every time after that
♡ You can’t do it while she’s trying to work because of that
♡ But whenever she has a second of downtime that’s all she wants

♡ He has so much hair to play with omg
♡ He’s used to kind of having to keep people off his hair
♡ Sometimes fans are weird yo
♡ So initially out of habit he kind of flinches away from it
♡ But one day when he was really sleepy he let you play with it
♡ And oh my god he loves it
♡ He can’t get enough of it
♡ Whenever you sat down he would lay down with his head in your lap so you could play with it as much as you’d like

♡ Whenever he’s working, he’s incredibly focused
♡ So if you do it while he’s working he won’t complain, but is rather indifferent to it
♡ He knows you enjoy it so he’ll never stop you
♡ But once he’s done with work he’s all for it
♡ It’s so comforting, and takes his mind off of anything stressing him out
♡ Even when you’re out in public, even though he’s usually adverse to PDA, he feels calmer when he feels your hands run over his back
♡ He’s so found of you and your touch that he grows to love it, even when he’s working

♡  Oh
♡ He likes this
♡ He likes this a lot
♡ He basically stops functioning whenever you start playing with his hair
♡ It’s a button to shut him off
♡ You often absent-mindlessly play with his hair and don’t realize he stops all productivity
♡ Vanderwood has to yell at Seven to get him to start working again
♡ He still tries to sneak in as many pets as possible when Vanderwood isn’t around

♡ He’s such a sucker for physical affection
♡ He always has some kind of contact with you, weather it’s your hands linked together or his arm around you
♡ So when you started playing with his hair he absolutely adored it 
♡ He sometimes feels a bit too overbearing with the physical attention, but you doing this completely comforted him on that
♡ He loves giving you attention and loves it when you give it to him too 
♡ No matter what’s going on he feels so comforted when you runs your hand through his hair 

Reunions with Peter!!:

I actually adore this, like a lot k, bye

Tags: @iamnesta (if you want to be tagged in the next one, just tell me (: )

  • Okay so let’s say that Peter was away for about three weeks
  • You’d be hella worried about him
  • Cause he’s just such a smol bean ahhhh
  • Saying Goodbye was probably the hardest part
  • „Just promise me that you’ll stay hydrated, get enough sleep and take care of yourself okay?”
  • “I promise, if you don’t worry to much about me.”
  • „How could I not? My boyfriend is thousands of miles away from me. The chance that you find someone prettier, funnier and smarter than me is incredibly high.”

  • First of, Peter would blush cause you called him your boyfriend awww
  • Second, he’d immediately put a finger on your lips to shut you up
  • He’d say:
  • „No worries love, no one can compare to you. You’re the only one that I want.”
  • „I love you.”
  • „I love you so much more.”
  • Tony would watch you guys the entire time
  • He highkey ship it
  • Mostly because you’re not that kind of annoying, clingy girlfriend
  • „As much as I hate to say this, we need to leave now Peter.”
  • Not gonna lie there were a lot of tears
  • From the both of you
  • Mostly from Peter
  • „I’ll call you as soon as we’re landed.”
  • „Okay, take care of yourself Pete, I love you.”
  • „I love you more.”
  • Awwww i caaaaaan’t

  • So about one week and a half passed by
  • Then you got a call from Happy
  • „Hey Y/N, do you have a moment?”
  • “Yeah sure, is everything okay.”
  • „Actually… no. Peter got hurt.”

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Here we go again..................

That MTV interview with the photographer was a well written piece of propaganda for “Bare with me”, basically saying that love is love, and it is beautiful in all forms. The stuff about Lauren and Lucy was all propaganda to prop up the narrative.

The photographer and the wardrobe lady were only saying what they were advised to say. LIES! (though the wardrobe lady decided to fuck the narrative a bit with the “sisterly and maternal connection”) Management did the same thing with DWTS. Val was advised to lie about when and where he had his first meet up with Normani for DWTS. They had been rehearsing for days before that Houston Rodeo, yet they wanted to push the narrative to the general public that the girls were in on the surprise, and helped introduce Mani to her dance partner. Why? To show how much they support her decision to do her own thing.

My point is, they (management) have no problem getting outside forces, other than the girls, to help sell their narrative. The ladies who did that photo-shoot with Lauren and Lucy are no different. Why have the photographer say what she said? They needed someone, other than Lauren or Lucy, to confirm that Laucy was real, to prove that Camren wasn’t. That one interview killed three birds with one stone. It confirmed Laucy, destroyed Camren, then destroyed Laucy, all at the same damn time. Brilliant actually.

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BTS REACTION : seeing you for the first time.

You are very close friends with EXO and you decide to join them backstage at an award show. The BTS members are also backstage and they notice you for the first time.


You and EXO enter the room where he was with all of BTS and other idols. You make eye contact for a couple seconds. He keeps smiling and looks pretty calm but it’s the total opposite in his mind : WHO IS SHE? why did she look at me? should I go speak to her? she is so pretty !


As soon as he enters the room full of idols, you are the first person he notices. The members are talking to him but he doesn’t listen to them and focuses on you. You’re busy talking with Kyungsoo. He looks at you straight in the eyes and smirk but as soon as you make eye contact with him, he turns his head, ignores you and acts cool, but he still keeps thinking about you : fuck, she’s so hot. who is she ? fuck she caught me staring at her. I just need to act cool.


Keeps staring at you from across the room. You are laughing and talking with Baekhyun. *She is so pretty, especially when she laughs*. You notice him and smile shyly, he smiles back proudly. He talks about you to the other members and brags about how you smiled at him : Do you guys know who that girl is ? She just smiled at me ! Should I go speak to her ?


You are sitting alone on a chair. Namjoon is on the opposite side of the room and keeps staring at you while licking his lips. He then whispers to Yoongi : You see that hottie over there ? Should I go flirt with her ? Come with me, I’m too shy to go alone. But don’t flirt with her, she’s MINE !


Once Jimin sees you and gets the fact that you’re friends with EXO, he decides to go see Chanyeol and asks questions about you : What’s the name of that cute friend of yours ? Is she single ? Can you introduce me to her ? She’s really pretty!

You then see Chanyeol and Jimin coming to you, he’s staring at you while he licks his lips. Jimin tries to act cool and sexy and goes from cute mochi to sexy jimin in seconds.


He keeps his eyes on you and tries to act sexy while he’s thinking : she’s so hot! Ugh come on, LOOK AT ME ! I need to look hot when she’ll look at me! He asks questions to the members : Do I look hot while licking my lips ? I’m trying to impress that girl over there! She’s pretty hot uh? I need to know what her name is before the show ends!


Notices you as soon as you enter the room. He’s too shy to make eye contact with you so he just quickly stares at you from time to time. You also noticed him and you shyly smile at him. He looks pretty calm and has a sweet look on his face but his mind goes crazy : OMG DID SHE JUST SMILE AT ME?! She so beautiful! omg what do I do, what do I do? I should ask the hyungs for help, but they’re going to make fun of me…

omg sorry guys, this is my first “BTS reaction” so it’s not really good ahah. I’ll do better next time !

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ok as someone who's never watched the show and knows nothing about it, what did mineta do that caused him to be so absolutely hated? Like im just really curious omg

I was gonna go through and collect screenshots but Mineta isn’t worth that amount of time and energy he’s trash just trash.

Mineta has one single personality trait and thats being a shameless crass disgusting pervert. He exists only to walk around like “hey audience, these girls sure do have butts and boobs dont they?” That’s all he does is openly and shamelessly try to perve on the girls in the series.

Notable examples include:

  • Groping Tsu’s breast when she saved him from drowning (Tsu promptly holds his head beneath water while talking to Deku like nothing happened)
  • Standing beside Yaoyorozu and checking out her ass while she set up a barricade during their team-building exercise
  • Shouting at Aoyama to blast Mina’s clothes off during their sports festival battle (only to end up grossed out when it was actually Aoyama’s pants that fell down, then lamenting about “why couldnt they have switched quirks” so the opposite would happen)
  • Freaking out that hes too young to die because he “hasnt seen Yaoyorozu naked yet”
  • Clinging to Yaoyorozu’s back during the race portion of the festival 
  • (btw every offense against Yaoyorozu counts double because Yaoyorozu is my daughter who deserves to not be constantly harassed by this purple nightmare)
  • Attempting to spy on the girl’s hotspring side and, as far as i recall, attempting to get the other boys to join him
  • Perving on Mt. Lady i dont remember the whole context
  • Asserting that Bakugou must have a sadism kink because Bakugou was giving it his all in his fight against Uraraka
  • Countless others that I’m probably forgetting.

On the bright side, I have this theory that Mineta exists as some kind of vulgarity filter for literally everyone else in BNHA. Because there is practically zero perversion in the series outside Mineta and my theory is that he’s absorbing it all.

Like most anime will do the kind of “Main character looks at his crush and his eyes shift to her breasts and he gets all flustered because he remembers Girls Have Breasts Oh Boy.” That DOESNT happen in BNHA. The girls dont received comments on how sexualized their outfits may or may not be. The boys and girls are allowed to just coexist as classmates and rivals and equals.

Except for Mineta. Fuck Mineta.


Unhappy with the ending, the ASSes accused Sasuke of being so out-of-character, and I must say that I TOTALLY AGREE with them.

Because you know what, Sasuke was always being so OOC every time Sakura-fucking-Haruno was near him. Need an explanation? Ok, here we go:

  1. He blushed

Did the arrogant Sasuke easily blush? No.

There were only two people in his entire life that often made him go red. The first one is his big big big brother Itachi. And guess who the second one was?

Even when Kakashi recalled the memories of team 7 in chapter 675, he clearly remembered the red face of Sasuke when listening to Sakura’s dream. Why did Kishi have to make sure we all see his face turn red like this? Hmm, interesting… Sasuke was so OOC wasn’t he?

  1. He reacted

Did the introvert Sasuke often open up his feeling or intention to other people? No.

But there was this girl that made him answer every time she asked or called his name:

He told her about his darkest moment.

He got super angry when she was beaten.


He calmly told her his intention.

He managed to explain to her, even when everything was in chaos

He immediately replied to her and gently showed her that he cared


He called her name first, in every team 7 reunion. And these ones are my favorite moments:

- Ignored Naruto, only had eyes on Sakura. A little bit hesitation before replying to her.

- Didn’t know how to react coz’ she showed up too suddenly. No time for preparation. Better hide the creepy Rinnegan first.

Overall, don’t you see that he was so awkward being near her?

And that was OOC, indeed.

  1. He knew

ASSes claimed that Sasuke didn’t have feelings for Sakura, but Naruto did. Are you sure ASSes?

Sasuke noticed every tiny detail of her facial expressions. How about Naruto?

Even when they were not together for a long time, he still was clearly aware that she was a medic nin.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Sakura were always together, but Naruto never had the ability to detect her sadness as Sasuke did.

  1. He touched

Did the self-centered Sasuke like physical contact? No.

But still there was someone…

He leaned on her after being bitten by Orochimaru. Their hands were intertwined. 

Even when he was exhausted, he could not take his eyes off her

And this is the biggest OOC Sasuke. When the spoiler of 685 was leaked, I still thought this was a fan art or something.

“OMG Really? Is that you Sasuke???” was my first thought.

And you know what? There’s a funny thing here:

Why didn’t Kaguya just throw Sasuke into that acid dimension?

She could have killed him easily by doing that, but nah, Kishi let Kaguya throw him into a HOT desert, so that he had more chance to expose his perfect bare chest, to be rescued by Sakura, then touched her injured arm and finally held her like this. Skin on skin! 

After that, he was even more OOC when he let her lean on him a little longer and talked to Obito like a boss. 

And the most OOCness of Sasuke is the gentle tap on her head. Every Naruto reader (not just SasuSaku shippers only) understands its big hidden meaning. 

  1. He smiled

Did the ice-cube Sasuke often genuinely smile at someone? No.

But there was an only exception. And his smile implied a lot of wonderful meanings which no words can express.

He smiled to cheer her up when she was insecure of her ability before the Chuunin exam.

“You have noticed first, right Sakura?”

He smiled in satisfaction when she got her confidence back.


He gently smiled to say goodbye to her, after listening to her confession.

“Thank you, Sakura”

He smiled with pride and a little amusement when he saw her monstrous strength after a long time not being together. A real turn on.

“Don’t get in my way, Naruto!!”

He tried to smile in sadness; his feet froze when she confessed again.

“You’re still damn annoying, Sakura”

And this time, he truly smiled in happiness with a promise to get back to her and bring her with him.

“Next time, for sure, Sakura!”

You know what, Sasuke’s gentle smile is for Sakura, and only Sakura, nuff said.

  1. Bonus: He remembered

He thought about team 7 as a family, with Sakura and her middle finger!

Seriously Sasuke??? Are you really that OOC ???


Sasuke tried to be cool and cruel all the time, yet he was only human, and he couldn’t resist this natural feeling for someone. And whenever he tried to hide his soft side, he was being so awkward, so OOC as the ASSes have mentioned.

Oh come on, ASSes, just answer this simple question:

Are you being OOC whenever the person you have feeling for is around you? 

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Hey gal can you pretty pretty please do headcanons for adopting the twins before anything bad happens to them? I just want to save them both so badly. Like, they're 4 or 5 years old and they need a good mom ;-; . So like can you do headcanons on how they would act if they were adopted and had a good mom growing up, and how they would react if their adoptive mom brought home her girlfriend and introduced them to her? Thank you so much!!

Bless you.

~I need to save them. Thank you for this request!! I might have gotten carried away but I’m so passionate about this???!

  • They weren’t in foster care long before getting adopted out to her
  • She was so ready to be a mother
  • After hearing a story of siblings ripped apart through the adoption system, she decided that she needed to have siblings
  • No way could she stand by and let that happen if she could help it
  • When they told her they had twin boys, she couldn’t believe her luck
  • No, more like fate!
  • They were both very timid at first
  • This was all a little overwhelming for them as they entered a brand new home
  • She had a room for each of them
  • One was animal/zoo themed (for Saeran)
  • The other was space/rocket ship (for Saeyoung)
    • “Do you boys like your rooms?”
    • “…These are all ours?” Saeyoung asked.
    • “Yes, of course! They belong to you, now.”
  • He grabbed Saerans hand and pulled him inside to look at all their new toys
  • However Saeran wasn’t used to sleeping alone at night, and the dark room scared him
  • She often woke to find Saeran cuddled with Saeyoung in his bed
  • The boys grew strong with proper nutrition
  • The first few weeks, she was astounded at how much the boys ate
    • “What is this red stuff on my pancake?” Saeran asked.
    • “That’s a strawberry, honey. Do you like it?”
    • Mmmhmm. It’s yummy, mom!”
  • She had to excuse herself for a minute, and cried quickly and quietly in the bathroom
  • It wasn’t the first time the twins didn’t know about something like a fruit or vegetable
  • How could someone have treated them so poorly? she thought 
  • She didn’t expect to be hit so hard by these random moments…
  • The glimpses of neglect
  • She always pulled herself together quickly, though
  • They were with her now, after all. And she’d see to it that they were happy from this point on
  • She took them to the zoo, to the museum, to festivals
  • So many things they had never seen before
  • They were like little sponges, soaking up all this new information the world had to offer
  • When she felt it was finally the right moment, she introduced her girlfriend to them
  • They were nothing but elated tbh
  • I mean, they went from one bad mom to two amazing moms??? !
  • They loved her
  • Their favorite thing was all four of you baking in the kitchen on the weekends
  • The twins were in charge of pouring and mixing the ingredients
  • Saeran always tried to make a mega cookie or beg for an extra scoop of ice cream
  • Each weekend they traded off who got to lick the spoons
  • So many macaroni art projects and drawings covering the fridge and the walls, she is so proud of their art omg!!
  • As they grew older, Saeran seemed to be the more level-headed of the two
  • Their personalities started to shine through even more
  • One day she came home to find them sitting in the living room, the parts of the remote broken apart and scattered all over the place
  • They flinched, expecting to get scolded or hit
  • But she just bent down to their level
    • “Did you guys do this?”
    • “Yeah,” they nodded.
    • “Why?”
    • “…I wanted to see what it was like inside,” Saeyoung replied.
  • She went out the next day and bought them several science and robot kits for kids
  • Just really supportive of their hobbies tbh
  • They were building all sorts of stuff around the house
  • And as they grew and grew, they were just normal boys
  • They fought sometimes, had each others backs other times
  • They had their hearts broken by crushes at school
  • And had their moms’ lectures if they started slacking in a class
  • They were just like any other family
    • “Saeyoung, do you remember our biological mother?”
    • “Hm…a little bit, why do you ask?”
    • “I can’t really recall much.”
    • “I think I remember her being…really mean? But I don’t remember a lot. We were so young…”
  • She had prepared herself in case the twins ever asked about their bio mom
  • But they never did, they never asked to meet her
  • Saeyoung and Saeran were the best of friends
  • Their slightly differing personalities made them very good work partners
  • Eventually they graduated with scholarships, went to college
  • She cried like a baby dropping them off at their dorm room
    • “Mooooooom you’re embarrassing us,” Saeran groaned.
    • “Yeah what if a hot chick sees or something?!” Saeyoung chimed in.
    • “Sh-shut up and give your mom a hug,” she slapped them both playfully through her sobs, “and I don’t want you eating junk while you’re here! Promise me one more time you’ll call me if you need money for groceries or anything…”
    • “Yes, yes, we promise. Mom. We’ll be fiiiine.” Saeyoung hugged her.
  • They ended up creating a successful robotics company together, really leading the industry
  • They made their moms retire, buying a nice lake house for them
  • And eventually
  • Their moms became grandmothers
  • The best grandmothers!
  • They’d get together for holidays and weekends with the kids and S/O’s
  • She felt her heart overflowing when she looked into her grandchildren’s faces as they sat on her wife’s lap reading books
  • She baked with them the same as she baked with the twins all those years ago
    • “Mom, no sugar before dinner!”
    • “Oh hush. I don’t recall you complaining when it was your turn to lick the spoon at their age,” she’d wink.
Girl, I guess {TVD 8x16 Review}

OK guys, this is the last time I will have to warn the TVD fandom about writing in real time! Here it goes: You all know the drill, I write my thoughts in real time which means if I make any mistakes at the beginning of my review, I might have rectified them at the end. This will include: anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Steroline, anti-Bamon, anti-Bonenzo sentiments. It will most likely reference other TV shows including Kdramas and may include observations of the show’s anti-blackness and racism. Are you ready? Let’s. Go. 

1. That SC kiss is still awful. Slow-mo it all you want guys, it’s just going to accentuate how awful it was.

2. Kinda salty that the hotel’s wifi isn’t much better than the data on my phone.

3. Seriously, Vicki and Kelly being in hell makes no sense.

4. “The magic was too much for her” HOW THOUGH? Bonnie did way more strenuous magic in freaking season 2. LIKE?

5. “No no no no no”, Stefan is panicking that Bonnie might be dead and Caroline’s just like, Oh. I know we all talk about how Paul has checked out but what the fuck has Candice been doing?

6. So like why is Elena in a random ass wood in a random ass white bed? Is this what Bonnie’s world looks like? Because I thought it was a rundown Mystic Grill.

7. Nina’s wig is AWFUL.

8. How would Elena seeing Bonnie make Elena think Bonnie is dead though? Like, isn’t it just that if Bonnie dies, Elena wakes up? Who said anything about meeting each other in a random ass forest before Bonnie dies?

9. So Elena doesn’t even blink an eye when Bonnie tells her “I can be with Enzo now”? Like she just accepts that her friend is going to die to be with someone who was an enemy when Elena was awake?

10. How does Enzo have the power to bring Bonnie back to life? Is Enzo an angel? LIKE? Rules DO need to exist, Julie.

11. The look of relief on Stefan’s face when Bonnie wakes up is so nice to see.

12. Vicki, stop talking. I also like how no one has tried to tie her up to keep her from ringing the bell. Just because you can’t kill her doesn’t mean you can’t contain her.

13. “I can’t go back there, you don’t know what it’s like” because the show literally hasn’t shown us anything.

14. How predictable is it that the DE reunion is really a DK reunion, oh! Like season 1 when he thought he was kissing Elena! CLEVER. Like 100 anons came into in my inbox like, I bet it’s Katherine, the moment that reunion aired. Well, at least Damon realized it was Katherine this time, you know, after hugging her and being all, “You’re both OK.”

15. It is so tacky they made her say, “Hello brothers.” Like omg, why isn’t it over yet

16. So Katherine is in Elena’s dress. Is Elena just naked somewhere? And she straightened her hair, like how much time did she have to do this?

17. “Her PHYSICAL body” I do miss seeing Paul and Nina onscreen together again, that “so over it” attitude is very reminiscent of season 2 and the delivery was hilarious.

18. Although this Katherine is a little off, she actually seems a little more unhinged, like the way Nina says, “the devil” in that tone and “Why do you think he wanted you? Because I  wanted you. DUH.” Like this is probably the first time I’ve been like so you’re crazy.

19. I don’t know why but Stefan is making me laugh so far. Damon is all “Dammit Katherine” and Stefan’s HAD IT, he’s just like YO let me stab this bitch “We gotta find, Elena, let’s go” and he LEAVES. Like he’s ready to go into battle. It also makes me feel like it’s Paul rushing to finish a scene like, “It’s the last episode, Ian, let’s GO.”

20. CAROLINE. VAMP SPEED. Walking down the stairs with a teddybear all chill and shit.

21. This is so low energy, Alaric and Caroline should be yelling at the top of their lungs, like if you want me to believe this is life or death then the characters needs to be amped, they need to be scared and frenzied, this feels like any other fight in any other episode.

22. Alaric, seriously, demote Caroline to Auntie because that’s how she acts with those twins anyway.

23. At least Katherine took the time to dress Elena in a shirt, a cardigan and jeans. It’s very thoughtful of her.

24. Me at Stefan’s face when he sees Elena on the ground:

25. So Katherine’s hair is suddenly curly again? Does she have superpowers?

26. Oh great. The fact that Katherine said Elena would choose Stefan over Damon just confirms that Elena will in fact choose Damon over Stefan. Just had to spit in the SErs’ faces one last time, I guess.

27. Lol watch Katherine actually be Silas getting into everyone’s heads and voicing their deepest fears. Again.

28. I want to feel something about this SC scene but I’m legit bored. “Please, please don’t make me leave you, please,” was sweet. That’s about it.

29. Like I’ve seen Stefan emotionally distraught at having to part ways with Elena:

and I know SErs are upset over the “I love you so much” but it’s not this:

30. It really doesn’t feel like the “world” is coming to an end, everyone is actually pretty chill. Like the season 2 finale of Buffy was the world ending (again) and everyone is freaking the fuck out:

and this is just like, Elena is unconscious, Matt allows Vicki to ring a bell that will bring hellfire and there’s the slowest evacuation in the world. We don’t even see randoms freaking out in the street. Whatever.

31. Of course Bonnie is staying behind.

32. “Downtown Mystic Falls”, I mean I guess. As the crow flies? WHO WROTE THIS. You are NOT in Lord of the Rings.

33. So I’m confused about this plan, Bonnie is going to redirect hell fire through the tunnels away from MF into hell … so these tunnels lead into hell? Bonnie knows where hell is? The fire won’t destroy the tunnels?

34. Aw, Paul is acting! But yeah his speech to Damon is meh because Damon doesn’t deserve shit.

35. Considering that vampire blood can’t work on people who have ingested the cure, why would compulsion?

36. Why would I care about a Donovan family reunion?

37. So Grams is still around even though the Other Side is gone?

38. Bonnie pulled a Gandalf. “You shall not pass.”

39. Sorry, it was supposed to be a powerful scene but like nah.

40. So a bunch of black women who I’m guessing are the Bennett clan are pushing the hell fire away to protect a town that does not acknowledge their existence. Mmkay.

41. “He’s the better man, he’s the right man.” LOL EXCEPT NOT. HOW? Because he was FINALLY willing to sacrifice himself after almost two centuries?

42. He probably whispered something about loving Caroline to Elena.

43. I feel like I’m supposed to be sad that Stefan is dead but like I’ve seen this coming for a while.

44. LOL Magic School/Hogwarts where Jeremy teaches, this is SO BAD.

45. I’m sorry but these “peaces” just look like individual prison worlds.

What an AWFUL series finale, like it was SO BAD. I can’t even, I mean it’s laughably bad but like THIS is how you’re ending a supernatural series? WHAT DID I JUST WATCH? Nothing happened! Stefan sacrifices himself to make sure Katherine’s in hell when the fire comes but he dies when the fire goes through the tunnels so why wouldn’t Katherine just be dead if they kept her tied down in the tunnels when the fire came? And then Caroline and Alaric open a boarding school for magical kids in which Jeremy teaches for absolutely no reason and Klaus is a donor because why not and Vicki finally achieves nothingness except nothingness is peace with Tyler somewhere even though Tyler basically treated her like trash and the Other Side is gone so how they’re still watching the living is beyond me. And then Bonnie travels the world and that somehow makes her happy as if she hadn’t traveled before. Matt got a bench, good for you Matt. And Elena goes to med school and has a happy life with Damon we don’t see and then they die and each of them spend their peace not with each other and it ends. Like … why tho? How does this make sense as ending? I should’ve been drunk for this. Plus side is, Stefan has still only called Elena the love of his life.

Assassin!Seungcheol Pt 1

Requested by anon: Can please request a seungcheol mafia au with angst and fluff 💘 

hi lil anon i was actually already planning on writing this au right before you requested! I hope this was something along the lines of what you were looking for!! happy bday to papa cheols he is sUCH A BIAS WRECKER!! AND IM SORRY I WROTE SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! THIS ALMOST SURPASSED WOLF!WONWOO’S LENGTH JLSDJFDLS I WILL DO A PART 2 IF PEOPLE WANT IT!!!

also I was in the middle of writing this when all of a sudden i got a notification that @cheollies posted one and i was like oMG ARE U SERIOUS HERS IS SO MUCH BETTER!! go check hers out IM SO IN LOVE WITH HER WRITING OMG SHE GIVES ME INSPIRATION!!! my au takes a different direction bUT I FIND IT FUNNY HOW WE BOTH DID IT LMAO

warnings: fluff and a whole lotta angst, mention of some violence

Part 1 | Part 2 (Finale)

  • Yes another one
  • I apparently really like assassin and vigilante aus bc,,,, just look at wonwoo’s
  • anyways birthday boi papa cheols can run me over with this au bye
  • Seungcheol had always been involved in the shady realm of business
  • His father was a politician and,,,, well he wasn’t bad but he wasn’t good either
  • Seungcheol, however, thought his father did some questionable things
  • His suspicions were confirmed one day
  • “You’re gonna need to protect me”
  • And lil cheollie was like ???? what do you mean dad????
  • “Son, I have a lot of enemies, and that’s inevitable when you have this type of job. I don’t trust anyone else to do this job,,, so,,,,,,”
  • Poor smol cheols is still really confused like dad im still not understanding
  • “I need you to,,,,, take care,,,,,, of some people for me”
  • “Take care?? Like help them when they’re sick???”
  • “Sure…. Sick…. Let’s go with that”
  • And from then on, seungcheol started this dirty job his father brainwashed him into doing
  • He was only in middle school when he had to do his first “mission”
  • Since his dad didn’t want him to do anything big just yet, he only had cheols start off by dropping in poison discreetly in drinks
  • His missions slowly started to grow larger and next thing you know Seungcheol is taking up self defense classes

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BTS reactions to their gf moving alot in their sleep


He would hate it but also love it at the same time. When you try to get comfortable then start huffing and puffing because ain’t nothing working, he would just pull you close to him. Boom you stop moving and become more comfortable. “Damn, maybe she was having a bad dream”.


Yoongi loves sleep and if he isn’t getting some because you are moving too much, he would hate himself. He doesn’t want to leave you or he’ll feel like an ass, he would just leave a note by your bed side and just go to the couch. The note would say something like, “you were moving to much and I was trying to get some sleep, please under stand- Love Yoongi”.


Thinks your having a bad dream, goes for a cuddle,then you (accidentally) push him, He feels hurt, then goes down stairs to get milk and just think, “where did I go wrong”.

Rap Monster:

Namjoon thought it was cute when you gave little moans of destress but knew you were never comfortable. He would just wake you up, “babe are you alright, do you want to talk about it”. The long “life” talk begins.


Poor, poor jimin would stay up all night rocking you to sleep in his arms. He wouldn’t mind it he thought it was a good deal. Jimin got to see your cute sleepy face and you got some sleep.


When you move he gets really nervous. Thinking all these things that made him more nervous. “Omg is she ok”, “dose she need water”, “wait is she having a SEIZURE”. He would wake you up and tell you that, and your just like “go to bed Kookie I’m fine”.


Jin really can’t help seeing you be stressed in sleep. He would literally pick you up, take you to the nearest chair, and put you too sleep himself. He was like your mom and was not gonna give up his place anytime soon.

45. Casual Sex

Word Count: 1,396.
A/N: Hope y'all enjoy it and Happy Birthday Bucky! .
Written by: @persephone-is-here-omg

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“Oh, no… Fuck no. I’m not doing that" Did your best friend really thought that was a good idea?

“C'mon… It’ll be fun! And haven’t” you seen Captain Rogers? He’s so handsome" She was jumping up and down in front of you.

“Of course I have… They’re in the news day in and day out” You sighed, you were not ready for that. Super people and all that shit, kinda freaked you out.

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The interdimensional call echoed in the silence and darkness of the room where Star was. She called her best friend, Ponyhead.  
“B-FLY! OH MY GOSH! Long time no see!” she shouted “How are you? Always good catching up!” 
Star didn’t aswer but Ponyhead continued to speak: “Things at ST.Olga are mad, like ever! But I don’t give up! NO ONE CAN TAME ME! HAHAHA! I TOTALLY RULED THIS PLACE!”
Star kept silent. It was weird.
Ponyhead stopped immediately when she realized that her friend did not react.
“Ehy girl, what’s up? You look different! Is anything wrong there?”
Star bit her lip and lowered her head. Ponyhead was more worried.Star was always so cheerful and talkative! What happened to her?
“Did the earth turd…erhm…Marco upset you?” asked jokingly.
That question was like a knife in the chest for Star. Ponyhead perceived it, and made a face like ‘did I say something wrong?’. Only then she noticed the environment behind her friend: Star was in her room in Mewni.
Meanwhile Star finally spoke: “Actually…. I’m not on earth anymore!”
roared Ponyhead “OMG! WHY? Is really because of Marco or something else happened?”
“It was my fault!” she said with voice breaking “It’s totally my bad!”.
There was a long silence. Ponyhead  didn’t know what to say, but she knew that her best friend needed help and wanted to talk.
“What happened exactly, Star? Why are you saying it’s your fault?” she asked slowly  “Do you feel like talking to me?”
Star took a deep breath and blinked her wet eyes. She couldn’t look at her friend’s eyes. She was afraid to start crying. She had to be strong and resolute. A Star never seen before.
“Well, It all began three months ago…and…”



What happened to Star? Why she’s on Mewni now? Where is Marco? 
You can draw your own conclusions. Next page will arrive soon! ;)
Suggestions or english corrections are welcome, as always!~

BTS reaction to you bringing home a puppy without telling them


“Can we keep him?”&#157; you ask Jin excited.

“Only if you promise you’ll take care of him/her, you have to walk it every day, feed it and take it to the vet. I give you the full responsibility, and if you can’t take it we have to find him/her a new home. Do you understand?”

“…….. What should we name it?”&#157; he looked at you and smiled.

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You were kind of worried of how he’d react. “Are you mad?”

“Do you think it’ll like Holly?”


“You see, I’ve been working so much lately and haven’t been given Holly enough attention. Maybe a play buddy is just what she needs? Thank you so much for bringing her/him home, Holly will definitely love him/her!”

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“OMG is that a puppy? Where did the puppy come from?”

“I bought it, sorry for not asking first.”

“It’s so cute, look at it’s tiny ears!”

“You’re not mad?”

“Of course not! I mean just look at it, how can I be mad?”

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Rap Monster:

“Babe….. What’s that? Did you buy it without asking me first?”

“You have to admit that it’s cute!”

“…… Yeah”



“Jagi, I’m not mad, but you really need to ask next time.”

“I couldn’t help myself, sorry. Do I have to give him/her away?”

“Give it away? Hell no! I already named it Jimins Jams.”

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“What should we name him/her? I’m thinking something unique, but still cute!”

“So you’re not even a little bit mad?”

“Mad? Why would I be mad?”

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When you came home after buying dog food, jungkook was sitting on the floor playing with the dog.

“Where did this dog come from? Babe, look at it! Can we keep him/her?”

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 1 Thoughts
  • Yay Jughead’s angsty monologue is ongoing! (not sarcastic)
  • Do ambulances not exist in Riverdale?
  • Aw graduation
  • Archie has a bowtie 
  • Molly Ringwald is still flawless
  • “Beanie wearing cad”
  • “We almost did” YEAH YA DID
  • Crown helmet omg branding
  • Core Four grioup hug is amazing
  • Oh ambulance didn’t come… I guess? What? The hospital needs to step up it’s game
  • Alice: *SIGHS* Jughead: What? Internally: Does she know????
  • Jughead not leaving Archie’s side - Brothers
  • Veronica Lodge: Makeovers… party planning …. dance offs
  • Veronica wants to be there for him sooooo badly
  • Awww Varchie dog walking really sweet
  • Shower scene pretty quick not complaining
  • Oh wowo v taking control of that situation but like aren’t they 16 or something?
  • “he told me he loved me” !!!!!!!!!
  • “Mr. I’m-weird-I’m-a-weirdo” Never let this die
  • good to know Betty tells Kev EVERYTHING he’s so lovely
  • YASS Cheryl looking fierce after her house LITERALLY BURNED TO THE GROUND
  • “oh my god is this the apocolypse” yes
  • V just trying to help gives me life she’s such a good person
  • That varchie hug tho
  • Jesus archie’s been through a lot today
  • That line up isn’t traumatizing at all
  • “A motorcycle” *smirkss* “hop on”
  • Bughead joking and laughing just cleared my skin ahhhh
  • “You are gonna need to hold tight” aha
  • Ah! Reggie has a new face! And he shrunk!
  • All the support
  • The pussycats are still stunning
  • Fred is the BIGGEST varchie shipper
  • “She better. She picked it out” Oh Ronnie what a queen
  • Protect Pop Tate
  • “Im always hungry yeah” Juggie is honestly the soul of this whole show
  • Juggie trying to make betty laugh with his stupid bad boy thing
  • Yas bughead comunication
  • Cheryl taking back the reins on the Blossom family in her own special way that girl is so cool
  • So daddy blossom’s death wasn’t a suicide huh?
  • Cheryl is sheer chaos I’m living for it
  • Juggie is literally the only person to smile ever this episode
  • Cheryl kissing Fred on the forehead was either really sweet or really creepy
  • Wow! Veronica in a wedding dress! Archie in a kilt!
  • Fred is really scared of red heads
  • Bughead + rain = aesthetic
  • BUGHEAD KISS they better be endgame honestly im not playing around -
  • Oh no serpents may not be right for Juggie afterall
  • The famous Hiram Lodge is finally here
  • And she’s still a pedophile
  • What a way to go - death by bow
  • Killer is totally Grundy’s ex btw

Why is everyone so angry about Connie acting the way she did to Steven?? She clearly had all of the rights to do so.

Some people are like: “OMG!!1! 😱😱😱 WHY IS CONNIE BEING SUCH A BITCH TO STEVEN????!!!??! SHE’S SO RUDE 😡😡😡😡” when she really isn’t???

Now don’t get me wrong, Steven was trying to be a protagonist and save his friends, but can’t you stop to think how Connie felt??? One of her closest friends, (possible love interest if you think about it that way,) got abducted by a group of aliens, got took to a completely different planet, not knowing when he was going to return. She was worried that Steven wasn’t going to return for a long time. Steven was acting a bit selfish. Not only was Connie worried for him, but she also wanted to help. She has been training with Steven, right? Being Stevonnie, Pearl teaching Connie how to wield a sword, etc. Steven had even promised Connie that they were going to go together in fights against Homeworld. And what did Steven do? Go by himself, leaving Connie to have to worry about him, and also feeling deeply depressed due to steven breaking his promise.

think about it, SU fans, wake up.

hello again

She knocks him flat on the ground and then, as if that isn’t bad enough, she lands squarely on top of him.

She has just enough time, in the fraction of the second before she crashes painfully onto him, to register the identity of her victim. It’s James fucking Potter.

She hasn’t seen him in person in years.

And now his long legs are all tangled up with hers. And she is pressing against his very solid chest. And her hair is in his mouth, which is five centimetres away from her mouth. It’s James fucking Potter.  

He recovers remarkably quickly.

“First my heart then my head, Evans?” he says as he helps her up.

“Neither are worth much,” she shoots back.

He grins his lopsided grin.

“D’ you know you’re blushing? Redder than a tomato.”

Redhead genes. It’s a curse.

“Well, we did just get to second base, Potter. Got to compose myself.”

He turns pink, and he doesn’t have any genes to blame it on.  

“Eh, been worse. I play rugby – ”

“Yes, I remember, you re-enacted every game a million times back in school.” She doesn’t mean it abrasively or anything, but she thinks she sees him almost wince.

“Anyway, how come you’re here?” he asks, at the same time she says repentantly, “So you still play?”

She laughs awkwardly, and he laughs – something-ly. She could never really read James Potter. You’d think some gangly rich kid with a tackling-people fetish wouldn’t be that mysterious, but…

It’s possible that she’s just bad at reading people generally. I mean, her best friend did turn out to have some troubling ideas about women.

“Yeah, I’m still really into it,” he says with a swagger.

She definitely imagined the wince.

“Your turn.”

“I was going to surprise Mary,” she explains. “she studies here, I don’t know if you knew…? I’m really close by, I study at – ”

“Yeah, I know.” He hastens to explain. “From Instagram. Privacy is dead, yada yada.”

Beat. Another beat. Another…

“Well um, I’ll let you go…” he hesitates. “And listen, I don’t know – I mean, you remember that night in the pub?”

“When my best friend shoved his tongue halfway down my throat?” Lily asks drily. “Yeah. Hard to forget.”

“He was an effing wanker, but I set him off and you got involved. I’m sorry about that.”

Lily shrugs. “It’s not your fault Snivellus thought he owned me.”

Her family had moved away a few months after the Pub incident. She’d had to finish high school somewhere else. She’d been a little relieved really, at the chance to put it all behind her. To bid a permanent goodbye to her ex-best friend. And to her complicated feelings for James Potter.

Yeah, I know.

She knows it’s a bad idea, but she adds: “I s’ppose…I s’ppose he knew I fancied you a bit. Salt in the wound and all when you asked me out. No excuse for grabbing me obviously–ah, well. I gave him a black eye.”

She can’t quite meet his eye. I s’ppose he knew I fancied you a bit. Who is he – her priest? Why’s she confessing all her deep dark sins?

“You called me a toerag! I asked you out and you called me a toerag! That was you fancying me?”

His laughter is ready as always.

She’s kind of pissed off that her declaration didn’t affect him more. Her heart is in her damn mouth. Not that she still likes him – it’s been two years! – but still, you know?

“You asked me out in the middle of harassing my mate. Ex-mate. Whatever. What was I going to say?”

“Bit stupid, that,” he admits. “I was a bit thick.”

She smiles grudgingly.

He smiles widely.

“It’s good to see you again, Evans,” he says.  

“You too, Potter.”

He smiles wider.

James to Lily Evans: hi I got ur number frm Mary

James: this is Potter

James: James Potter

James: u can call me James

Lily is typing…

Lily is typing…

Lily is typing…

Lily: hi!

James: wuz wrong w u evans

Lily: u can call me Lily I sppose

James: good stuff

James: got to ask u a q

Lily: yea sure

James: do redheads really need more anaesthesia

Lily: wtf

Lily: it’s 3 AM Potter


To no-one’s surprise, James Potter turns out to be absolutely militant about keeping up with snap streaks. “That fire emoji next to the person’s name,” he says, too earnestly, “gets me going.”

Sometimes he makes mocking him so easy, it’s impossible to mock him.


Lily Evans to James Potter: I have a picture of u in green tights

James Potter: I’m going to fucking kill Sirius

Lily: it was remus who told me the whole saga of the Peter Pan play tho

James: I’m only 75% embarrassed  

James: because Peter Pan is fuckin brilliant™

Lily: there’s just one thing about him that ruins it for me

Lily: and that’s mostly me being unreasonable

Lily: but doesn’t it KILL that he forgets about tinkerbell

James: yea I mean

James: u already have blackmail material

James: so don’t want to be a sap

James: but who tf wants to forget their friends y know

James: growing up w ur friends is like

James: the whole point of life

Lily: getting real™

Lily: but yeah that’s like

Lily: a beautiful sentiment or something

Lily: and ur really right all jokes aside

James: I mean it includes u

James: I’m like excited to make memories w u in the future and stuff now we’re friends

James: so like?? Yeah?? I know Peter Pan forgetting tinkerbell was a poignant statement about

Lily: the callousness of childhood or whatever

James: but it sucked

Lily: that’s really sweet James

James: getting real™

She meets up with James Potter and his merry men the next time she comes to visit Mary. The boys have an apartment and James rashly offers to fix dinner.

As it turns out, you can’t trust them an inch.

Remus is laughing, Lily is starving, Peter is feverishly trying to decipher a cookbook.

Black is talking about some fancy French chef his mother used to hire. It’s the only worthwhile thing she ever did, apparently.

Lily had always thought James was more country-blood rich than blueblood rich, but it turns out the distinction isn’t really that marked.

“We used to call him out to our place on weekends sometimes,” he tells Lily in an aside, before continuing to argue about the merits of a particular dish with Sirius.

“They don’t know they sound like absolute tits,” Remus tells Lily cheerfully. “You can’t hold it against them, poor sods. Oy, Potter!”

“Yeah mate.”

“We offered our guests dinner. I feel we ought to provide it.”

“We don’t even have bread,” Peter offers helpfully. “Well. We do, technically, but it’s a bit moldy.”  

“Girls are fussy about that kind of thing,” Lily deadpans.

“Nothing I don’t know about girls, Evans,” James says, leering.

“James, you wanker.” Remus seems to spend much of his time abusing them. “Take us to bleeding McDonald’s.”

“I’ve got your keys,” Black says. He writes shotgun in James’ very nice car (rich arsehole) and they keep up a steady, lazy banter the whole way there.

Lily is fascinated by their rhythm. She hasn’t had that kind of friendship in a long, long time.

“How does he ever pull?” she wonders in an undertone to Mary and the others. “Can he stop chatting Sirius up long enough to have a snog?”

“I’ve wondered for years,” Peter says surprisingly. He does say it very quietly though, for fear of incurring James’ wrath.

McDonald’s is quiet for the first time in the history of mankind, and Sirius and James finally stop their very interesting discussion to talk to everybody else. The conversation wanders to eye colours, which is actually Lily Evans’ least favourite topic of conversation ever.

She confesses that she really prefers hazel eyes. Or grey, she adds. Or really dark brown. (Safely covering her bases.) Green’s just too limpid, she says as they yell abuse at her.

They order masses of chicken nuggets and build an elaborate castle that they, after much brainstorming, christen Hogwarts.

“Stroke of bloody genius, Evans,” shouts James, leaning over the table to grin at her.

“It just came to me,” she says modestly.

Everything is very warm and friendly, so it makes perfect contextual sense when James flings a warm and friendly arm around her.

Mary MacDonald to Lily Evans: hazel eyes?

Mary: pucker up jimmy boy

Lily: I didn’t even notice his eye colour

Lily: u got something u want to tell me Mary?

Mary: not I

Lily Evans to James Potter: omg redheads really do need more ANAESTHESIA


Lily: I’m googling this shit while I’ve got an assignment tom help me Potter

James: FT me and I’ll talk to u while u do ur assignment

James: moral support

James: We’ll get u thru it tog

It is normal for your stomach to clench before video-chatting a good-looking (Lily has never denied that) boy.

The FaceTiming becomes a tradition,  and so does the stomach-clenching.

She visits the boys on Saturday night, just to hang out. James isn’t there, and they claim to have no idea where he is.

“We just thank God when he fucks off,” Sirius explains kindly. “Gift horse, mouth, all that,” Remus corroborates.

Sirius brings out some board games.

“That’s…that’s Snakes and Ladders,” Lily points out, her voice strangely choked. “You own a motorbike and a guitar…why do you have Snakes and Ladders?”

“That’s my guitar,” Remus says.  

“Mrs. Potter got them for us. She says they’re wholesome,” Sirius says disconsolately.

“Oh – James’ mom. Maybe he’s visiting her or something?”

“No – what, for the weekend? I always go with him.” Sirius’ tone is suddenly a little sharp. He always was a bit moody.

Peter is the only one of any use. “Maybe he’s gone to the dentist or something?”

“Yeah, maybe. Hopefully. Remember when he spread Nutella on broccoli?”

“You told him to. You said it was a pro tip.”  

“That’s because broccoli is fucking disgusting, Pete.”

“It’s probably the dentist,” he says. “He was wearing nice-ish clothes. You dress up for the dentist, don’t you?”

“Shut up, why don’t you, Pete? Everybody come and play this bloody board game,” Sirius interrupts, maybe because he thinks he saw her face fall, which it didn’t. Remus hovers his hand sympathetically over her back for a second, before offering some of James’ most expensive whisky.

She says yes most empathetically to that, and they proceed to have a very enjoyable night. So she can’t be that far gone.

Peter Pettigrew to Lily Evans: James wasn’t out on a date on Saturday

Peter: just to clarify

Peter: I mean idk where he was but not like on a date

Peter: James always tells us about birds

Peter: did that sound sleazy

Mary: what’s the deal w u and potter

Lily: there’s no deal

Mary: u guys flirt quite a bit

Lily: yeah I guess sometimes

Lily: but just u know friendly flirting

Lily: I’m going to go out w that guy from my chemistry class next week

Lily: the one w channing tatum shoulders

Mary: “channing tatum is vastly overrated”

Mary: just like

Mary: u get on really well w James

Mary: and I know u used to think he was pretty fit

Lily: and I used to think he was a dick

Mary: the dick part has changed hasn’t it

Mary: not to imply that he doesn’t have one

Lily: yeah he definitely seems not-dickish but who can tell w blokes

Lily: and anyway there’s just……too much groundwork

Lily: I used to have quite a big crush on him u know and it just feels like even though a lot has changed liking him is still charted waters

Lily: so if I like him it’ll just be too intense and go too fast…on my end. He’s a sweet and affectionate bloke but there’s a big possibility that he doesn’t see me in that way but even worse would be if he’s just be sweet and affectionate and superficially romantic while…I fall in love with him.

Lily:  Getting rejected by my high school crush?????? painful in a unique way

Lily: but if he dates me and I fall in love and he just … likes me as a girlfriend and a good snog… like if I’m not part of the inner circle of his life like Sirius is while he’s a huge part of mine – that would be even worse.

Mary: whoa whoa FALLING IN LOVE?

Lily: I don’t love him OBVIOUSLY

Lily: I just have this gut feeling that I could

Lily: like we really click and uni is so fucking big and I can always talk to him about anything stupid

Lily: so I could fall in love with him very quickly just because I want something permanent

Lily: and look at how Sirius is with him or even remus and peter they really kind of depend on him

Lily: james is really really really good at being people’s somebody’s permanent  

Lily: I don’t fancy him yet so I’m just not going to go there. We’re really good as just friends

Mary: I don’t know what to say

Mary: this seems intense and you’ve obviously thought about it a lot and you’re a smart girl

Mary: but isn’t it false reasoning to like shut something down because you think it could be too good? Like it’s okay if you like somebody a lot and if they make you feel safe or at home or whatever

Mary: that’s a good thing. And the fact that his friends really depend on him means he’s dependable

Lily: I could fall in love with him

Lily: and I know this after like barely a month of friendship

Mary: maybe you’re already a little in love? Is that possible  

Lily is typing…

Lily is typing…

Lily: I hope not

Read at 2:30 AM


Tinkerbell could only feel one emotion at a time because she was so small. But she felt things very, very strongly.

Remus Lupin to Lily Evans: James went to the eye doctors on Saturday

Remus: he’s a fucking idiot

Lily: ???????????

Lily: what’s going on

Lily Evans to James Potter: Why are ur eyes so red in ur snaps

Lily: ur okay right???

James: never better babe

James: bit of a flu

James: worried about me are u?

Lily: I thought u’d been crying

Lily: got excited for a second

James: sure u don’t want to nurse me back to health??

Lily: I do have a sexy nurse costume back from my rebellious phase

James: ur killing me Evans

They talk about her sister a lot. Especially when they’re both lying in their respective beds and FaceTiming during the quiet hours of their respective universities. It feels so private, and intimate, and she tells him.

He started it, really. He told her about Remus, and how he always underestimates himself. About how Sirius is all sharp edges but always ends up getting cut. About how Peter is really, really good at history.

About how he used to wake up in the middle of the night to check whether his mother was still breathing. “Miracle baby problems.”

So she told him too. How close she and Tuney had been, before they grew too big for their little bubble. How her sister started hating her for getting all the attention.

“Everybody always noticed me. I just talk more, and I liked doing well in school, and I just always take up so much space. I felt shitty when I realized – but by then she was already so angry. And there were some things I couldn’t change.

“Like, if anything she’s prettier – seriously, she is – and if people stopped to look closely they’d see. But they don’t look closely, because my hair is red, you know, and that’s unusual – and my eyes are very green. It’s so storybook. They would always just talk about that instead of her. People get distracted.”

James smiles and his voice drops an octave. “Yes,” he says, laughing through his teeth. “It is very distracting.”

And – it’s like clockwork now – her stomach clenches.

“Oh, hi, Sirius,” Lily says, distracted by how her own voice sounds on the phone. “All right there?”

“Do me a favour,” Sirius says drily. “Tell James you find glasses incredibly hot?”

She hears Remus laughing in the background and somebody loudly swearing.

Her stomach clenches automatically.

“Why’s James yelling?” she fights to keep her voice steady.

“Peter and Remus are sitting on him,” Sirius says maliciously. “They took him down in one really superb tackle.”  

“So much for his rugby prowess,” Lily says.

“Don’t kick a man when he’s down, Evans.”

Increased noise from the background.

“All right, all right, getting down to business. The thing is, Lil, this pillock is wearing contacts that he’s deathly allergic to because you said you liked hazel eyes. We need his eyes working for rugby games, and also because we suspect the Potters will stop paying for this apartment if they have to start paying for robot eyes…”

Her stomach is twisting itself into knots.

“Please tell James he’s beautiful just the way he is.”

And then there is roaring, and somebody shouting, “I’LL KILL YOU!” and the call is cut abruptly short.

Radio silence from James.

“Text him,” Mary urges.

And Lily thinks about pixellated hazel eyes, and miracle baby problems, and Sirius playing Snakes and Ladders to distract her. James telling her he’s looking forward to making memories with her. Mary telling her not to be scared of a good thing.

She tells him glasses make him look like a sexy librarian, and she misses him, and she wouldn’t say no if he wanted to ask her anything.  

He doesn’t reply. And he doesn’t reply. And he keeps not replying, till he shows up at her dorm in his rugby jacket and his sexy librarian glasses with a boombox that has been turned off (it’s the quiet hours) and the boys in tow (they had insisted).

“I wanted this to be special but I didn’t know how,” James says breathlessly. His glasses are sliding off his face.

Her stomach is full of butterflies.

“Go out with me, Evans,” he says, “go on. You see, I’m already half in love with you.”

They stop talking for a while after that. Wolf-whistling audience be damned.

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stranger things 2 - character analysis

SPOILERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

episodes 1-9 , also some from the first season but you’ve probably seen that

feel free to add your own opinions in the comments !!

1 ; steve harrington —

if i may start with !! steve harrington is a sweetheart deep down. he makes sure nancy gets home safe with jonathan, even after a FIGHT with her. when will your boyfriend ever ?? anyways, here are a list of things i love about him this season :

- this man and his hair

- he helps dustin get the ladies

- he. carries. around. his. nail. bat.

- babysitter!steve. need i say more?

- actually cares about school now

- stands up for max !!!!!!!!

- understanding of nancy and jonathan’s friendship ( even tho he doesn’t know that they frick fracked )

2 ; nancy wheeler —

this woman needs to get her priorites straight. but i actually love her, she is just so cuTE and her smile is amazing wow. now the list. and i actually, first, have some dislikes :

- she continued to talk to steve like a boyfriend even after she did the do with jonathan. ( don’t get me wrong though, i’m literally jancy all the way - i just think it’s wrong )

- uhm, you like jonathan, admIT IT !

- she gets pissed real easy

and now. some likes :


- actually cares ?? a bit for her brother this season

- when she dances with dustin !!!! and gives him advice !!!!

- her smile to jonathan at the snowball, cute.

- a baby

- she waited for jonathan

3 ; jonathan byers —

MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER !!!! no dislikes ( except that he left nancy waiting ). he’s the best. moving on :

- his cAMERA

- his jealousness for nancy

- when he showed up to the party for nancy !!

- “ i’m a guy who hates parties ” mood

- “ you are a freak, i’m a freak too ”

- a beautiful boy

- showed his brother real music

4 ; eleven / jane hopper —

a bitchin’ character :

- she wanted to go out on halloween as a sheet ghost

- sheet ghosts are my aesthetic

- “ 353 days, i heard ” im crying

- her hAIR !!

- she’s so lost. give her a hug

- eggo quEEN

- even hopper GROUNDED her from eggos. thats how much she loves them

- it’s the little things, kids



- she loves mike with her whole heart

5 ; michael wheeler —

it broke my heart to see him so broken all season. i literally heard it tear. omg :

- “ i talked to you everyday ”


- he cares so much about will

- like he never leaves his side

- when he tears up everytime he sees eleven

- when he tears up everytime eleven leaves because he’s afraid of losing her again

- when he smiles

- when he literally hit puberty 80 times since last season

- just pROTECT HIM

6 ; william byers —

LEAVE MY BOY WILL ALONE. i literally yelled the first time we saw him in the upside down again. he was so afraid, my baby :

- he tried to stand up to his fears

- he tried so hard

- he fought against the monster

- he loves his friends

- he didn’t want to worry his mom ever

- he never got to do things alone and i feLT SO BAD OMG

- protect

- hair

- zombie boy

7 ; maxine mayfield —

madmax, i have to say, i didn’t think i would like her character, but i really did in the end :

- when she flips off her brother everytime he leaves

- her hAIR is so pretty

- she’s stubborn

- like me

- lmao

- scaring the party on halloween