omg did i just use that joke

Hubby and i were suppose to go to the beach with some friends of ours this past Saturday. Unfortunately, the husband fell ill so they couldn’t go with us. So hubby and I made it a beach date with just the two of us.

It was a Beautiful day.  We got there early as to avoid the long lines. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was a comfortable day, not too hot, although the water was freezing.

It didn’t take too long for the beach to pile up with other visitors. One couple that set up just off of us had a really cool four wheel cart that both hubby and I really liked. it would make life so much easier with having to card the cooler, umbrella’s and everything else you decide to take to the beach.  

Finally hubby got up off his chair and walked over to him. I heard him ask about the four wheel cart and ask where they got it. I got up and walked over to say hi. Allan, the husband was tall, probably in his late thirties, short dirty blonde hair, he medium built with a bit of a belly. Kelly, the wife was shorter, a bit bigger than he was , large tits and long black hair. One thing I noticed about her, was that Carly Simon type mouth and smile. Very sexy.

Anyway, we found out that they lived about 5 hours away and are in our area on vacation. They bought the cart at a Canadian Tire where they are from. After hubby and I said that we would have to look for one later on, we said it was nice to meet them and went back to sit out at our spot.

For a few hours, hubby and I sat at our spot, read and watched people on the beach. Finally it was hot enough to go into the water. But wow, the water was freezing! My nipples were very perky and evident through my bikini top.

The couple that we talk with earlier came into the water and made their way over to us. The husband was fine with the cold water and dove right in but Kelly wasn’t so convinced and was shivering as she slowly made her way over to us.

“I can’t believe how cold the water is!” She said shivering in front of us. Both arms across her large breasts. Her goosebumps were showing.

“ I know right.” I pointed to my erect nipples.

Just as I did that Allan came up out of his swim towards us and saw me pointing to my nipples and howled with laughter. “That’s something you don’t expect to see coming out of the water.”

I smiled back at him and Hubby piped up, “that’s nothing, you can hang your jacket up most days on those hard nipples.”

Allan Laughed again. We talked a while in the water about their life and how they were just married and this was pretty much their honeymoon vacation. I had my sunglasses on so neither of them saw me checking them out. Both Kelly and I got too cold so we all went back to our spots on the beach.  

A couple more hours passed, we read some more, hubby and I took a walk along the shore and I even got in a power nap. Time not surprisingly went fast. It was now almost 6 pm. People were starting to clear out of the beach. The beauty about having older kids is that we weren’t in a big hurry to get home. They can easily fend for themselves.  So Hubby and I made the decision to stay and watch the sunset. Kelly and Allan were still there as well. They eventually asked if they could bring some chairs to watch the sunset with us.

We all laughed and talked the evening away, all the while watching other people walking and playing out in the water. Commenting on other bathing suits and in some cases lack there of.

Sunset finally came and it was beautiful. We all managed to snap some amazing pics. Once the sun went down we all started to pack to leave for the night when Allan walked back to our spot.

“Are you guys hungry?” He asked. “We are heading out to a restaurant after we head to the hotel and clean up.”

Hubby and I looked at each other for a moment, “we would love to but were going to need to get cleaned up as well.” I said looking at hubby.

“Well, if you guys don’t mind, come back to out hotel and fresh’in up there.” Kelly said walking up to us. “We don’t think your murderers after all. “ She said with her Carly Simon smile.

“And we won’t bite. Much.” Allan said with a laugh.

So hubby and I were driving behind this couple that we just met today. They were really friendly and felt very comfortable with them. You could tell that they felt the same way about us.

“Who knew that asking about a four wheeled cart would turn into this!?” Hubby said as he drove behind them.

We pulled into this Motel that was about 20 minutes away from the beach. It looked like one one those 60′s motels with a large lit up sign outside. Inside it confirmed my thought. shag carpet was all around and the bed even had one of those coin machines that made the bed vibrate.

“We found this place on line.” Kelly said as she put her stuff down by the closet. “The new owners of this place turned it into an authentic 60′s style motel.”

“It’s too cool. I wouldn’t mind staying here sometime myself.” I said looking around.

Kelly showered first as Allan, myself and hubby sat around talking. When she finished I went in for a shower then Allan and hubby. Once we were all cleaned up we took one vehicle (our Van) to the restaurant. For a couple of hours we sat, ate and drank wine. We all were laughing and had a great time. Hubby was driving so he only had one beer, then drank water for the rest of the evening.

By the time we left the restaurant, the three of us were feeling pretty good. The wine def had its effect on us. Hubby was getting a kick out of our silly behavior during the van ride home.

“Omg, I’m really glad we met you guys today.” Kelly said flashing the smile.

“Hubby said on our way to the Motel that its funny how this all started because he asked where you guys got your cart from.” I smiled back at her.

We pulled into the Motel and they asked if we wanted to come back up to their room to chat some more. We did, and what happened after that is a blur to me, but I’m sure hubby would be able to tell you.Could have been too much wine or something, But, sometime after that and a couple more drinks, I was licking Allan’s sizable cock head as he stood in front of me as I sat in the chair next to the bed.

His shirt was off and his belly was hitting the top of my head as I held his cock that was sticking up of his boxer shorts. He was moaning as he held my head with both hands thrusting in and out out my mouth.

“Christ, you have a fantastic mouth.” He moaned . His large balls hitting my chin. I didn’t know where hubby was at this time, but between the loud sucking sounds coming from my mouth, I did hear Kelly moaning. Allan took his cock out of my mouth and slapped my face with it a few times leaving wet marks on my cheek. I finally saw Kelly laying on the bed, her top was still on and hubby was between her legs eating her pussy. Both her hands were on his head as she thrusted up into him.

“You like seeing that?” Allan asked as he stroked his cock in front of my face.

“Yes!” was all I could respond with.

Hubby and i don’t swing very often because he has to be careful with  his job, but when we do, its so hot watching him. I know the pleasure Kelly was in because hubby can really eat a pussy good!

“Good.” Allan said standing me up and bending me over the bed beside where Kelly was laying. He lifted my sundress and pulled my bikini bottoms down. At first he started rubbing his fat cock up and down my ass, then I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks and his tongue rimmed my ass and pussy.

I reached out to Kelly and pulled her sundress open exposing her right breast and started tweaking her large brown nipple causing her to cry out. I felt Allan’s tongue enter my pussy from behind and I leaned down more and took her nipple in my warm mouth. She let out a yelp and came on hubby’s face causing him to moan.

It wasn’t long before I was moaning loudly and came on Allan’s face as well. He stood up and entered me from behind. That thick cock filling me. I braced myself on the bed sheets as he began fucking me hard. His hips slapping into me causing the bed to shake. Hubby came up to me and kissed me so I could taste Kelly on my lips.

“She tastes good, doesn’t she?” He smiled at me.

“Yes.” I moaned back as my hole body shook with pleasure. Allan didn’t slow down. He kept thrusting hard into me.

I came again.

Hubby climbed on top of Kelly missionary and slid his hard cock deep inside her causing another loud yelp. He held her legs up past his big shoulders and started fucking her with long steady thrusts.

The room was loud with moaning, yelping, slapping and the bed banging hard against the wall. I’m sure the people in the next room were getting an earful.

Allan had one hand on my hip and the other on the shoulder as he fucked me from behind. Hubby pulled out of Kelly and turned her over into the doggy position and entered her from behind. I swear I never heard anyone yelp during sex before, but that girl, was def a yelper.  

Allan announced that he was going to cum and I reached under and took his swinging balls in my hand. He let out a soft moan then a loud grunt as he pulled out and shot spurt after spurt of hot cum onto my ass. He sat down in the chair trying to catch his breath, I knelt down and took his semi soft cock into my mouth to suck him dry.

I heard hubby picking up the pace as Kelly’s yelps turned to mini screams. The bed was banging harder against the wall as hubby pulled out and came all over her ass and back.

We continued to sit around in the hotel room, each of us in a different form of semi undress.

How did this all start anyway!?” I finally asked.

Kelly broke out in laughter. “Omg, you don’t remember?”

I shook my head as all three of them looked at me.

“When we got back into the room.” Hubby began to explain. “ Allan asked so what do you guys want to do. You said , Lets fuck. It surprised us all.”

“ I thought you were just joking around, but I stood up in front of you and asked what you had in mind.” Allan said with a smile. “ Next thing you know, you were massaging my cock through my shorts.”

“oh.” I said sheepishly

“I didn’t even realized you to were swingers.” Kelly said handing us all a bottle of water.

“Occasionally.” Hubby replied.

“Were not.” she smiled back. “But we could very well be now.”

“ Oh look dear, we converted another one.” Hubby joked.

Another hour passed by and it was getting late so hubby and I announced that we were going to leave. I got up to use the washroom. Allan came in behind me, left the door open and began to kiss me. His hand reached down under my sundress and felt my wet pussy. I moaned as his lips touched mine. His tongue played with mine as he fingered me.

The bathroom faced away from the bed room so hubby couldn’t see, Allan lifted me up onto the bathroom counter and moved closer. His hard cock sticking straight out. He took it into his hands and we both watched as he moved it up and down my pussy lips.

I couldn’t hear anything in the next room so I didn’t know if hubby was getting ready or not. Allan moved forward and his hard cock slid straight into me. We kissed passionately as his hips slapped into me. I held his ass cheeks feeling them tighten with each hard thrust. Everything on the counter was moving as we moaned .

Allan took both my legs and widened them apart with both arms as he fucked me. It was so hot knowing our spouses were in the next room. Allan then pulled out, moved me forward a bit and put his cock head on my asshole.

“You think hubby will be angry?” He whispered in my ear as he slowly pushed his cock into my ass.

“He’s not in here.” I whispered back feeling his hard cock entering my ass.

“I couldn’t keep my eyes off this ass all day.” he breathlessly whispered into my ear. “I was imagining how fucking tight your ass must be.”

He was all the way in my tight ass. His arms wrapped around me and started kissing my neck as he fucked my ass.

“Your.” hard thrust in. “So” another hard thrust. :Fucking.” Tight!” his hard thrust shook the bathroom counter as he whispered into me ear.

I was so fucking wet and horny. It was so hot having my ass fucked t with hubby in the next room.

His hard cock filled my ass and the sensation was driving my crazy. I could feel my orgasm building so I reached down between us to rub my clit. That was enough to send me over the edge and I had a amazing orgasm. Crying out, scratching his shoulder with my finger nails.

“I’m going to cum, where do you want it?” he was way beyond breathless at this point.

“In my ass.” I replied back holding onto his naked ass.

He thrust a could more times and cried out with his own orgasm as his cock pulsed inside my ass as his warm cum filled me.

“Holy fuck that was awesome.” He said breathing deeply. “ Kelly doesn’t even let me fuck her ass.” he confessed whispering in my ear.

He helped me off the bathroom counter and as we left the bathroom we could hear the bed banging up against the wall. As we made our way around the corner, all we saw was Kelly lying on the bed and hubby was on top of her, his bare ass thrusting in and out as he fucked her sexy mouth.

We stood there watching as she held onto his ass with both hands, Her mouth making wet gagging sounds. It wasn’t too long until he came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

When he climbed off they both looked at us and she smiled licking her lips. It was another couple hours before we left as we had another fuck session. Were hoping to see them again soon and make this a regular thing. I have messaged Allan back and forth a few times since then.

Fingers crossed.

imagine your otp, hogwarts edition
  • we’re both prefects and we broke up a food fight in the great hall, but it got messy and dungbombs were involved, and now we’re both disgusting and in immediate need of a bath, and it’s okay, we can both use the prefects’ bathroom at the same time, i promise i won’t look
  • hi, you don’t know me, we’re from different houses, and i’m not exactly sure how to tell you this, but i think your cat is in love with my toad??
  • you walked in on me practicing for datda in an empty classroom, and have now inadvertently discovered that my boggart takes the form of a butterfly, please stop laughing
  • we’re partners for an essay project in history of magic and we need to get a book from the restricted section, but i’m not sure how the books are organized in this section, and you won’t stop trying to find weird sex books, like, no i don’t think they keep the wizard’s kama sutra in the restricted section, what is wrong with you?
  • we’re partners in divination, and i’m reading your tea leaves, and i don’t know what i’m doing, so i just am guessing on images, but somehow every image i guess ends up having a romantic connotation, i swear i’m not doing this on purpose
  • i am muggle born and/or know nothing about professional quidditch teams, but i heard through the grapevine that you’re really obsessed with the chudley cannons, and omg, did you know that’s my favorite team too?? (please don’t ask me questions about it)
  • we’re both in gryffindor tower and everyone is asleep except us, but it’s thunderstorming and i never noticed how loud thunder is up in this tower, haha, i’m a little freaked out, would you mind if i just sat in your bed with you? just until it’s over? absolutely no homo?
  • i am sorry i accidentally transfigured your goblet into a gigantic, venomous spider, at least madam pomfrey was able to bring down the swelling, and look, i brought you some chocolate frogs
  • you know, i was joking when i suggested you jump into the lake and see if there really is a giant squid, and i’m still not sure why you needed to take your clothes off to do this
  • how was i supposed to know you’d react to firewhiskey like that??
  • i am headboy/headgirl, and i’ve been asked to give a presentation on safe sexual practices, and you will not stop asking me uncomfortable questions to embarrass me, please stop, i know you know the answer to that, we did it last night
  • um, i don’t know you, but you are headed right towards the grounds, and i don’t have time to explain that i accidentally let all the blast-ended skrewts out of their cages, stop asking questions, you need to RUN

part 2

anonymous asked:

Hi, do you ship Gtop? I'm new o the fandom so can you please give me some evidence that they might be dating for real? Thanks 🙏🏻❤️

this is my favourite kinda ask omg 🕵🏼‍♀️i don’t know how delusional you want me to go so i will just say disclaimer: a lot of this is just speculation

  • pre-debut cyworld messages 
  • they used to wear matching bracelets but stopped (i think) once mnet did a weird exposé on them as a joke 
  • this one is PURE speculation i think, but jiyong got his smiley face tattoo on his hand in the same place seunghyun got a scar on his? i think it was at a time when seunghyun was having it really rough so…idk
  • the amount of art work and furniture that seunghyun has bought, only for it to appear in jiyong’s flat a few months later is actually ridiculous 
  • seunghyun spent his last birthday in a gallery with jiyong and (i think?) only jiyong
  • jiyong went to go watch him get his hair cut on his last day before enl*sting (even though there was no need for him to go get his hair cut?????)
  • they ended up spending new years eve together just the two of them “by accident”
  • apparently an unaired story from strong heart where jiyong says seunghyun looked like the statue of david but it just sounds like they got drunk and seunghyun took his shirt off in their hotel room
  • the baby.… goodnight ….mv …where they get all angsty with girls and end up with each other *wheezes*
  • they had a weird period a few months ago where they would. not. stop. liking gtop fan art on instagram
  • they went on a hella expensive sushi date, this guy who only serves like 1 group of people a day and they went…alone ,…. more wheezing
  • seunghyun got into YG after jiyong called him and begged him to audition and helped him with his mixtape and if that doesn’t scream teenage love then idk anymore
RFA reacting to MC who is a big Killing Stalking fan


° you were re-reading Killing Stalking while sitting infront of the TV

° as captivating as the Story is, you didn´t recognize Yoosung enterd the house

° it was the chapter where Yoon Bum got hung up at the ceiling

° your entire Focus of Attention was on your Screen and  so you sqeaked in suprise as you heard Yoosung speak up

° “Hey Babe, what´re you reading?”

° oh shit, he saw

° “Ehh, just some new manwah” (^^ゞ

° please look away, please look away, please look away

° “Oh god why is he hanging from the ceiling? Isn´t his friend going to help him??”

° inside of you was the battle of telling him the truth or leaving him in his sweet, naive thoughts

° while you were in thoughts you didn´t notice him, now interested in how it might turn out, swiping to the next page

° there he met the holy glowing d*ck of Sangwoo

° “ What is he doing?! Is her jerk- is he really doing that to the other one hanging??!”

° you had the Feeling there´s a LOT of explaining to do (;´д`)ゞ

° “You see, that´s a Thing now between me and my friends.”

° what a bad lie

° it took almost an hour for you to convince him that you´re not mental unstable

° or have some weird fetish Σ(TωT)

° it takes him a while to accept that you like that kind of stuff but he has to

° nevertheless he is still worried about your mental health from time to time

° poor, uneducated, naive bby XD


° since your computer broke she was nice enough to lend you her private one

° but even with a borrowed PC you just can´t live without your weekly dosis of korean thriller-yaoi  


° but after you got a new/fixed PC you just gave Jaehee her one back without Clearing the browser-history

° which is like the worst mistake a human being can make btw

° so being the super careful office worker she is, she checked the browser history Σ( ̄□ ̄;)

° she was Born to, check browser-histories

° when she saw a link leading to a thing called killing stalking she thought about you having some serious issues


° luckily she decided to talk with you first before calling a therapist ヘ(゚∇゚ヘ)

° “Hey MC can we talk for bit ?”

° you were a Little confused, was something wrong with the computer you returned?

° “Sure, what´s up?”

° “You know, I´ve bee looking at the browser history on the other Computer. If you think about harming yourself please talk with me and we´ll find help.”

° by the end of her sentence she started to cry ( ˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ )

° “But there´s nothing wrong with me. How can you think that.”

° you suddenly felt the urgent need to hug her and pat on her head

° “But why are you reading those things then?”

° after a second or two you got a Feeling to know what she´s talking about

° “Are you thinking of Killing Stalking?” ∑(⌒◇⌒;)

° all she could do was nod and continue sobbing

° “But that´s just the name of a manwah I´m currently reading.”

° after you said that she asked a Million questions

° why is it called Killing Stalking

° do the characters have some issues?


° so you show her……aaaaand she´s gone

° jk she just states it isn´t her type of Story and then she never talks about it again

° maybe she´s distusted……. or horrified XD

° but she still has the number of the next therapist on a sticky note inside her calender ∑(O_O;)


° he was at a rehersal so you just sat in the living room and chatted with your friend about the latest chapter of Killing Stalking

° but being the lazy-ass you are you switched to voice messages in the middle of it

° since this is thing you´re very passionate about you don´t notice somebody entering the room

° “Yeah, it was so stupid when he was like let me suck your dick -No you´re too creepy, and now he´s like didn´t you want too suck it? I mean can´t he decide?!”

° Bam!

° you heard a bag drop on the ground and then silence

° you were frozen for afew seconds and then slowly turned around

° only to see a very confused/perplexed Zen

° “Oh, hey. Didn´t know you´re finished early today babe.”

° he´s still at a loss for words and just stands in the hallway

° “What were you talking about?”

° OMG a complete sentence, that must mean he´s back to consciousness

° it then hit you that he must have heard your last message

° “Oh, just this new manwah me and my frind are currently reading. nothing special.”  ( ̄ω ̄;)

° Sure MC, sure 

° “But what for my sake is this about?”

° so you showed him a chapter, and another one, and another one

° by the time you were done explaining he was as white as his rat tail

° “ You sure you don´t need to throw up Zen?”

° “No, I´m alright.”

° he then threw up

° but since it´s fictional he doesn´t mind if you read it

° I mean he as an actor knows some fans are into weird stuff

° nevertheless you are now more conscious of your surroundings while reading those things XD


° he was in a meeting and you were in front of the conference room waiting for him

° beacuse he knew you´ll be bored he gave you his phone to entertain yourself

° your´s was still in the car with Driver kim

° so you thought why not catch up on the latest Killing Stalking chapters when you have the time now

°  but right when you were captivated by the chapter´s climax the door opend and Jumin stepped out

° to his disappointment your attention wasn´t on him but on his phone

° being the sneaky Daddy Person he is he just snatched it away from you

° “MC, please come home with me I think we need to talk about …this

° you felt like one of your worst nightmares just came true

° you were very nervous the whole ride back home and neither of you spoke a word

° by the timeyou entered the penthouse you just knew he would be nagging you nonstop about this

° “So, Jumin what do you want to talk about?”Σ(TωT)

° “Would you care and explain to me just what you were reading on my phone?!”

° to our suprise he was very calm but you somehow felt very arfaid

° “This was just this new manwah I´m reading andthe new chapters are out so I wanted to read them while I waited for you to finish your meeting and-”

° “It´s okay I wasn´t going to scold you, please don´t be afraid”

° It was only then you realized that you sounded very terrified

° “I´m sorry, I just thought you were angry at me.”

° “Why would I be angy at you I was just interested in what you were so fascinated with. But depending on the Images I saw I´d like for you to explain the plot to me.” 

° so you did as asked and when you were at the part where Yoon Bum got hang up by Sangwoo he just told you to stop XD

° “Not that I mind but should you really be reading those Storys?”

° when you told him about your Passion for it he understood that he should just leave it at that

° to your suprise he manages to get you an autograph from Koogi (the creater of Killing Stalking) and it was the best day ever

° and by day I also mean the night ( ° ʖ °) if you know what I mean


° the new chapter was out and since Seven was busy working you decided to change into fangirl-mode and read it

° bad for you Seven observed everything you did while using his wifi

° so when he was on a break he glanced on the tab where youre browser-history was displayed

° “MC why are you reading the new chapter without me?!”

° you were so suprised you almost dropped your phone on the ground

° “Don´t shoch me like that I almost dropped my phone!”

° That´s all you´re worrying about MC?

° but before you realized what he just said you already felt the matress sink in and another persons presence by your side

° “Go back to the beginning I want us to read it together. <3″

° now you were really confused (・_・ヾ

° “You know Killing Stalking?”

° “Of course I know. Who do you think I am?” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° you just kept quiet and both of you read the new capter together

° while reading he was suprisingly concentrated and focused

° you expected him to make bad jokes every 0.07 sec, but he didn´t

° but this moment of peace only lasted till the last page

° “OMG MC did you see that glorious dick just now?”

° “Saeyoung keep you voice down Saeran is next door!”

° guess who opened the door just in that Moment

° he somehow looked a bit disappointed

° maybe he expected to see his brother without pants and looked forward to laugh about him

° as soon as he saw you being alright he left

° your head was as red as Seven´s hair and you kept throwing pillows at him

° in the meantime he just laughed his ass off

° the next time the new chapter was out you made sure to either besomewhere else or locking doors and Windows

° poor Seven ( ≧Д≦)

Dear Lord forgive me, for I have sinned

That´s it for now, maybe I´m going to add Saeran and V but I´m not sure yet       o(^▽^)o

If you enjoyed reading or are a fan /victim of Killing Stalking leave a like or a comment , which wold make me very happy (/^▽^)/

Also if you have a request for a HC don´t hesitate and just ask(。>ω<)。

Sucking at Keeping Secrets / Day 5: Hurt/Comfort

(Wow I am SUPER late with this entry for @juminzenweek *sweats ;;;;* but I promised I’d do all the prompts, no matter how long it takes. I hope you enjoy, a fair warning, this one definitely breaks the fourth wall.)

MC: Haha that’s so funny!
ZEN: I can’t believe anyone finds Seven’s memes funny
707: God Seven Oh Seven never fails to amuse~ (ᵔᴥᵔ)
MC: It’s always great to chat with you all
MC: Ah, if only you were all real
ZEN: ? What do you mean?
707: MC NO!!
707: This is not that kind of universe!
MC: Oh
MC: Shit
ZEN: What??
ZEN: Oi, don’t go quiet!
ZEN: ??? WTF is going on??!
MC: I’m sorry Zen, I didn’t plan on reaching a bad ending
707: MC, you’re making it worse
ZEN: A bad ending? What?
707: Well I suppose we might as well explain it now
MC: It’s okay Zen, you will probably forget next reset

Zen hadn’t replied to his messages at all. At first Jumin worried that having their first… tryst in his office yesterday had been a bad idea. Maybe he had scared off the albino by making him wear cat ears. A quick check in the morning chatroom confirmed that the situation was worse. Much worse.
The lights were off in the basement apartment when Jumin stepped out of the car, making him wonder if Zen was home. Ringing the doorbell twice brought no sign of life and he was about to leave when the door opened.
He had never seen Zen this disheveled. Hair all over the place, expression wild, even his posture was poor; the Zen he knew that worried meticulously over his appearance was nowhere to be found.
“Jumin.” Zen’s expression brightened at seeing him before it faltered again. He walked back inside and Jumin let himself in.
“I’m surprised you’re still so peppy after the big reveal in the chatroom.” Zen said morose, lying down on the couch. Jumin sat down on the armrest.
“I honestly don’t really know how to process it.” Even now his voice waivered recalling what he had read. MC’s confession that they were all part of some game and Luciel’s confirmation that yes, they weren’t real. Jumin had a hard time reading keeping his cool when Luciel brought out evidence that MC was never part of their world in the first place. It was all unbelievable… But Zen believed it. And it hurt to see him crumble like that.
Assistant Kang looked like she expected it when he had rushed out of the office and asked for Driver Kim.
“Why is this so important to you?”
Zen shot up and glared at him. “Because! If we are just characters in a game, it means all the pain we went through in our past was written in on purpose to make us suffer! Hell, they could have at least written me more successful…”
The way he pouted brought a smile to Jumin’s face. “There must have been a good reason for it. If anything, I like the way you are.”
Zen flopped back down. “So do I, but… it would have been nice to still have a good bond with my brother.”
Oof. Family had always been a difficult subject for them both, but he knew Zen had it worse with no one supporting him. Zen looked genuinely upset and Jumin could tell he was fighting the tears threatening to fill the rim of his beautiful red eyes.
Carefully, Jumin laid himself down next to Zen, who instantly placed his head on top of Jumin’s shoulder and wrapped an arm around his waist.
“MC said we’d forget everything next time she ‘resets’. I don’t know exactly what that means, but I am terrified. I don’t want to forget everything. Especially this.”
Jumin felt a pang in his heart. It would mean once again, they would start off hating each other again. Mutually pining for the other again while thinking it would never work out. Even if they didn’t know what they once had… How many times had the world reset? Did he want to know?
He shook his head, focusing back on the present. There had to be something they could do. An idea jumped to mind. A mad idea, but everything was pure madness now. “Do they know? MC and Luciel I mean.”
“Know what?”
“What we have done? The… You know.” The raven-haired man blushed uncharacteristically. Even after they had scandalous sex in his office, he couldn’t say it out loud.
“…I don’t think so. Why?”
“What if we gave MC a reason not to want to reset?”
Zen peered at him curiously when he gave the albino man a sly grin.


Jumin Han: We’re not joking.
ZEN: We discovered each other’s feelings a few weeks ago
Jaehee Kang: The entire office and I found out the unfortunate way -,-
ZEN: Sadly it won’t mean much when you reset the game *sadface*
MC: Oh hell no, this is the best thing ever!
MC: I’m never resetting!!!! 8D
MC: OMG I have to make screenshots of this for stumblr brb
707: You sneaky fucks ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)
707: Well done ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )
Jumin Han: I can’t believe you knew all this time and didn’t tell us, Luciel.
707: I can’t help it that I’ve been written as the meta-breaker.
ZEN: Can we go back to talking like normal?
ZEN: This is just way too confusing for me
Jumin Han: Good idea.
V: I guess you did not see it coming.
Saeran: Whoever is providing you with those blind jokes needs to stop it before I punch them through their screen
Jaehee Kang: ;;;;

anonymous asked:

Is it completely jarring to anyone else that characters are using the term Battle of the Bastards™ in canon? Like, is that the officially agreed upon name of a battle that affected the realm so much that even commoners like Hot Pie several kingdoms away know it offhand? Did the small council agree to that and issue a notice to all the realm? Are we sure this isn't just a big joke?

Omg when I first read this I was about to defend the show, like.. “oh no, you must be remembering wrong. They wouldn’t have done that.” But lo and behold:

Hot Pie: Jon Snow came down from Castle Black with a wildling army and won the Battle of the Bastards

I’d say “completely jarring” is one way of putting it…

gold-on-ice  asked:

"On April Fools day Phichit posted a picture of him and Yuuri to his Instagram with matching rings" Okay but since Viktor used to stalk Phichit's accounts he probably saw it, right? So could you tell us what his reaction was? Did he think it was true or did he actually get the hint that it was April Fools and they were probably just fooling around? Oh Poor Viktor if he thought it was true, I can only imagine him slightly going into panic for a moment there

On the April Fools joke of Yuuri and Phichit pretending gonna a couple, which half of Phichit’s followers was Viktor in? Also, I picture Yakob erupting in a cloud of hair and frustration when young Viktor eagerly explained the meaning of the Eros costume.

omg what was viktor’s reaction when pitchit posted the april fool’s day picture with the rings????????

Imagine viktor being one of the fans that had a meltdown at phichit and yuuri’s ‘eloping’ only to realize later that no, its only april fools.


Viktor knew that it was an April Fools thing because there had been a lot of Arpil Fools stuff on Instagram that day already and also Phichit and Yuuri had already confirmed they weren’t dating years before and there wouldn’t really be a reason for them to hide it or lie about it if they secretly were so he knew it must be a joke for the day. But he still had a heartstopping little moment when he say Yuuri with a ring on though 

Seventeen going to a SHINee Concert

Episode Ten: Where Seventeen decides to go to their Sunbae’s Concert to cause more destruction and chaos

disclaimer: this in no way is trying to offend any fans/ fandoms, this in no way represents a certain type of fan/ fandom and is just written for everyone to have a light-hearted laugh :)

Hoshi: “I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M GOING TO SHINEE SUNBAENIM’S CONCERT!!!” *flaps arms in the air*

The8: “You mean WE are going to Shinee Sunbaenim’s concert…”

Hoshi: “What do you mean we?”

Wonwoo: “Minghao means that all of the members are going to the concert not just you Soonyoung”


Hoshi: “But I didn’t buy tickets for you all”

Scoups: “WHAT”

Hoshi: “I didn’t know you all wanted to go!”

Scoups: “Soonyoung… I gave you like $4,000… why do you think I gave you so much money for?!”

Hoshi: “I thought you were finally giving me the love and attention I deserved and so you gave me more money!“

Woozi: “I am amazed at how highly you think of yourself”

Vernon: “Jeonghan hyung, I think you need to get Seungcheol hyung a glass of water, he needs to calm down”

Jeonghan: “Why me? Why don’t you get him a glass of water!”

Vernon: “Because you love him?”

Jeonghan: “Yeah sure.”

Vernon: “What is that supposed to mean??”

Jeonghan: “What are you waiting for Hansol? Go get him a glass of water!”



Hoshi: “Woozi I’m scared” *hugs woozi*

Woozi: “Ew don’t touch me”

Hoshi: “But you’re supposed to protect me, I’m your squishy!”

Woozi: “When did I ever say that?”

Hoshi: “In my dreams…”  *smiles*


Hoshi: “I don’t know anything!”

Seungkwan: “I can tell you what he did with that money”





Scoups: *taps foot waiting*



Seungkwan: “Money”

Scoups: ???

Seungkwan: “What? I’m not going to give away the information so easily…”

Scoups: *hands Seungkwan 5 bucks*

Seungkwan: “5 dollars can’t even buy me fried chicken”

Mingyu: “I want fried chicken…”

Scoups: *rolls eyes and hands Seungkwan another 5 dollars*

Seungkwan: “It’s a little short of what I expected but I’ll tell you anyways… he bought VVVVVIP tickets, front row, backstage pass, a meet and greet private session and also an autographed album, oh yeah aaaannnddd he bought two of everything”


Scoups: “WHATTTTTT?!?!?!?!”

Vernon: “Here’s a glass of water you need to calm down hyung”

Scoups: *throws water at Soonyoung’s face*

Hoshi: *screams*


Vernon: “Erm that was meant for you to drink it”

Seungkwan: “Oh yeah did I forget to mention he bought the entire merchandise store and the shirt he is wearing is one of the things he bought”




Seungkwan: “Yes finally some action! This is what I left Jeju for! Hey Vernon pass him another glass of water, I didn’t get to record it”

DK: “So why did he buy two?”

Jun: “Do you really need to ask? It’s so obvious”

Dino: “He bought it to go with someone duh”

DK: “Who?”

The8: “Even the maknae knows and he is like 3”

Dino: “heyyyyyy….” *frowns*

Woozi: “I hope it’s not me”

Jun: “Dude don’t even try wishing that it isn’t, because it’s probably you"

DK: “But what’s da point of buying front row tickets when Woozi hyung is too short to see anything”


Woozi: “Hang on for a moment, I’ll be back after I break everything in Seokmin’s room”

Woozi: *leaves*


DK: “He’s just joking right?”

*sound of glass shattering*

DK: “omg”

Hoshi: “Onew’s face is drenched in WATERRR!!” *attempts to dry it with a tissue*

Scoups: “Selfish jerk I can’t believe you did that!" 

Hoshi: “I can’t believe you threw water at my SHINee concert shirt!”

Wonwoo: "I saved up five months’ worth of my book buying allowance for the ticket…”

Mingyu: “I thought I already used that money for the pizza delivery last month?”

Wonwoo: “You what?”

Mingyu: “You heard nothing”

Hoshi: “I’m sorry sunbaenims… you got slapped with water” *cries*

Vernon: “You mean you got slapped with water”

Hoshi: “What did you do to deserve such humiliation? Amazing talent? Good looks?” *cries harder*


Hoshi: “I can’t its already gone!”


Hoshi: *uses two fingers to covered T-shirt Taemin’s ears*

Hoshi: “How dare you say that in front of Taemin! Don’t worry Taeminnie he is just jealous of your amazing talent and dancing skills and flawless looks which he doesn’t have" 

Scoups: "WHY I OUTTA-”

Scoups: *lunges and grabs hoshi’s shirt*


Joshua: "Okay okay calm down everyone if we just take a step back we will see that it’s just a small matter and it is not worth fighting over”

Seungkwan: “Soonyoung used your bibles as a stool when he tried to reach for his piggy bank”

Hoshi: “thanks a lot fam”


Seventeen: *gasp*

Vernon: “Whoa watch your language man”


Hoshi: “I’m sorry I needed my money if not how am I going to see SHINee?!!”

Joshua: “And I’m sorry that you weren’t born taller” *throws dino’s apple juice at hoshi*

Dino: “My…. my juice…”

Jeonghan: “I don’t know what is happening to Joshie these few days but I think I kinda like it”

The8: “You mean the crazy Joshua that suddenly rages and forgets about his gentlemanly self and attacks people with his vicious words like a dog with a serious case of rabies?!”

Jeonghan: “Yeah that Joshua, bad boy joshie, Jeonghan likey”


Seungkwan: “Well that’s gonna leave a stain…”

Woozi: “Just wash it”

Hoshi: “But I need it tonight! The concert’s tonight!”

DK: *yanks shirt off hoshi and throws it into the washing machine*

Hoshi: “Will my shirt be okay?”

DK: “I can’t guarantee that it’ll be okay but I’ll just lie to you and say yes” *smiles*


DK: “How much detergent do I put in this thing?”

*5 Hours Later… at the Concert…*

Hoshi: “I can’t believe I let you talk me out of wearing my shinee concert shirt to the shinee concert”

Scoups: “You’re lucky I haven’t murdered you with Jihoon’s guitar and sold your limps to the butcher”


Joshua: “I doubt the butcher would want to even buy it"

Mingyu: “Mingyu wouldn’t buy that rotten piece of meat from the butcher….”

Wonwoo: “How did Coups hyung manage to get us in?”

Jun: “He sold Hoshi’s tickets and whatever he had bought and purchased 13 tickets for us”

Mingyu: “Can I go out to buy some food… I think we’re too early… it starts in an hour’s time” *pouts*

The8: “Is there ever a day or a time where you can stop thinking about food?”




Woozi: “Omg shut up”


Seventeen: *covers ears*

Hoshi: “WHYYYYY SOOOO SERIIIOOUUSSS” *waves light stick*

Hoshi: *light stick falls out of his hand and hits woozi*


Hoshi: “Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry” *rubs hands together*

Shawols: *glares*


Hoshi: “No no, I was just saying sorry to my friend… no no um, my boyfriend?… errrrrm my girlfriend?”

Woozi: “Why am I your girlfriend?”

Shawol 1: “Girlfriend?….YEOJA CHINGU?! Gfriend???” *rage*


Scoups: “Oh my god you guys are such an embarrassment”

Shawols: *clenches fist*


Hoshi: “I love SHINEE I SWEAR!”

Jeonghan: “Ohhhh I~ Swearrr~”


Jeonghan: “What? Can’t I stan Sistar?”

Shawol 2: “Get me a bat”



Shawols: *gangs up*

Hoshi: “Wait or was it RING DONG DING OR DING RING DONG?”


Vernon: “Not making it better Seungkwan….”

Hoshi: “Wait don’t you know us? We’re Seventeen! You know everyday boom boom?”





Dino: *whispers* “Oh my god” #poseslikeCL


Hoshi: “That was actually really good my performance team! Maybe we can do that for one of our performan-”

Shawols: *grabs hoshi by the collar*


Mingyu: “DASI RUN RUN RUN” *runs*

Scoups: “What a loyal member…” smh

Wonwoo:TT… Mingyu… how could you abandon me…”

Hoshi: “How do you want me to prove it to you that I’m a 100% SHAWOL? I’M MARRIED TO THE MUSICCCC”


Dino: “I thought you were married to Woozi hyung?”

Woozi: o.O

Hoshi: “That was a secret chan how could you tell everyone my secret?!”



Shawol: “Get this fake shawol out of here!!!”

Hoshi: “No guys I can explain, I have it but then we got into a fight about me getting VVVVVVIP tickets and then they threw water and apple juice at my shirt-“


Scoups: “Okay guys I have a plan to get us out of here in one piece…. Hopefully….”

Wonwoo: “But I’m already broken into a million pieces it’s hurts so bad… my heart broke into a billion pieces when he left me here how can I ever get out of here in one piece when I’m so broken I cannot even be fixed back together even with superglue?”


Jun: “If only that was for me and not Mingyu…”

Vernon: “That’s deep man”

Joshua: “Somehow… I can relate to this”

Scoups: “Okay moving on…. I’m going to try to distract them and you guys try to escape alright?”


Hoshi: “FIGHTING!”

Woozi: “Oh god”


Shawols: *screams*

Hoshi: “WHEREEE???!”

Woozi: *facepalms*

Jeonghan, Dino, Joshua, Wonwoo, Jun and DK: *escapes*

Scoups: “Oh god Soonyoung”




Seungkwan: “I know what will help!”

The8: “It better not be a song”

Seungkwan: “Minghao! You’re getting smarter by the day!”

Seungkwan: “and a one, a two, a one two three, BABY YOU ARE MY ANGELLLLL!”

DK: *runs back into the concert hall*


Jun: *runs back into the concert hall*


Dino: “Hyungs stop it…”


Scoups: *glares*

Vernon: “What? I might as well promote myself right?”


Shawols: “EXO?”

DK: “What? Don’t you like EXO?”

Woozi: “Shut up Seokmin”

*Several hours later after much hair pulling and punching*

Mingyu: “What took you guys so long? The food I bought turned cold so I had to eat it all”

The8: “Don’t lie Mingyu, lying will give you food poisoning and you won’t be able to eat anything for three months”

Mingyu: “Erm… Manager hyung… can you drop me off at the temple? I erm have some things I need to ask God to forgive me for…”

Joshua: “Can I take this chance to tell you about Christ? Have you heard of him?”

Jeonghan: “YES like everyday Joshua…. *sighs* I miss my bad boy Joshie”


Joshua: “If anything ever happens to you… I don’t know what I would do… I’ll blame myself for not protecting you…. It’s all my fault…”

Vernon: “It’s just his hair man”

Joshua: “PRECISELY!”


Wonwoo: “Oh look, people who went to the concert are posting on their social media….”

Jun: “What does it say?”

Wonwoo: “Apparently Onew gave out free chicken to fans, Minho brought V onto the stage as a guest, Jonghyun gave everyone a copy of his book that he wrote, Taemin was shirtless 98% of the time and Key decided to sass everybody as usual”


Dino: “Even Woozi hyung?”


DK: “I feel like I’m forgetting something”

*meanwhile back at the dorm*

Washing Machine: *chokes*

Washing Machine: *rumbles*

Washing Machine: *shakes*

Washing Machine: *explodes*

*in the car*

DK: *thinks for two seconds*

DK: *shurgs* “Meh”

masterlist ✨

Read the previous episode: Seventeen going to a Buffet Pt. 2

  • Anakin: Fine. We'll try it your way.
  • Obi-Wan: So glad you agree.
  • Anakin & Obi-Wan: *walk toward alien zombie bug queen*
  • Zombie bugs: *gurgle*
  • Anakin: How did you know they wouldn't just attack us?
  • Obi-Wan: Because I make observations while you just think with your lightsaber.
  • Anakin:
  • Anakin: Did you just make a dick joke?
  • minghao is the type to not beat around the bush ever
  • so when he asks you out he’s really straightforward about it he just makes reservations at his favorite restaurant and asks if you’re free this weekend to grab a bite with him and when you say yes you’re like wait- is this a date??? and he’s like yes (-: yes it is (-: 
  • that’s how you end up on a cute date with minghao at his favorite chinese restaurant near the dorm and he even offers to feed you with his chopsticks and you’re a blushing mess while he’s just smiling sweetly at you like god minghao can’t you at least pretend to be nervous,,, 
  • your relationship is more like you + minghao + food 
  • you two adventure all over seoul to find the best street food, best bakeries, best snack shops - basically you two are always eating something while also holding hands and just being cute
  • minghao always does the thing where he leans over to wipe crumbs from the corner of your mouth with his thumb 
  • sometimes when he has crumbs you do it too, but once you kissed the crumb away and minghao just opened his mouth in shock like oh MY GOD and you were like don’t look at me that was embarrassing I’m s o rr y and everyone around you two was just like omg what a cute embarrassed young couple 
  • after that tho minghao started using his lips to clean the crumbs from your cheeks too and honestly when the members see him do that they’re joking like ‘ew’ but honestly they’re just sad n jealous 
  • jun once tried to convince minghao to use cheesy pickup lines on you in order to see your reaction
  • but even naive minghao was like “seriously? ‘did you fall from heaven?’ jun even I know that sucks…”
  • of course it’s not always ‘out to eat’ dates,, he also likes going to places like the museum and other historical sites with you to learn more about the culture of korea 
  • of course he misses china a lot and loves talking about it when you ask him! you two watch a lot of chinese movies and dramas when you’re having lazy dates at home and if the subtitles are bad it’s ok,,,minghao will explain 
  • for cuddling minghao likes it when you sit in his lap so he can rest his chin on your head and sling his arms over you. 
  • he has a very long body so it’s perfect for covering all of you in a very warm embrace hehe he likes it when you run your fingers up and down his arm too
  • if you lean your head back and kiss his chin or something like that, it’ll make him laugh
  • he’s still pretty young so his kisses would be hesitant and a little short
  • he’d never do anything brash or teasing because he doesn’t know if you’d like it so his kisses would stay on your mouth and maybe one or two on your neck 
  • but other than that he’d like to have his arms around your waist and would like it if he was the one to lean in and initiate the kiss 
  • sometimes when you two are walking together you’ll see a cute puppy or something and minghao will be like “in the future let’s get one!” and you’re like ,,,the future,,,omg,,,,like marr,,iage!!!!!??? and your blushing will just confuse him tbh but it’d be cute
  • calles you ‘baobei’ and all the other members are like thATS SO CUTE
  • s.coups like sniffling into his sleeve like minghao has grown up,,, and you’re like rolling your eyes honestly
  • when he has long and tiring dance practices he sends you an apology message like ‘sorry i won’t be able to facetime you tonight,,, i love you!! talk to you soon!!’ and you’re ofc like omg don’t apologize everytime but it’s cute u know 
  • he always insists on teaching you some part of the dance right like even if you’re like omg no i can’t dance he just pulls you up and all the members cheer you on and you’re like minghao i -
  • but he just easily moves you and guides you and before you know it you’re having fun and everyone is joining in and you’re just dancing with your boyfriend and it just brings a smile to your face 
  • once you brought over a bunch of water and towels and snacks to their practice and ofc everyone runs over to greet you and get some food and minghao just runs over to you and tackles you in a hug and you’re like minghao you’re all sweaty please,,, and he’s like “how are you so great to bring this all over???” and you’re like it’s nothing - go eat a snack i know you’re tired!!
  • because you take care of him so well minghao is always insisting to take care of you too he’s always making sure you’re eating right and getting enough sleep
  • once you had stayed up super late to get some work done and he snuck out to your place and you were like mINGHAO and he was like “I’m here to make sure you go to bed so shut your laptop-”
  • if he finds out you’re not eating then omg he drags you out the next day for a big meal on him and he won’t take no as an answer 
  • you used to be scared of meeting his parents, especially his mother, but minghao assures you that he’s only said good things and once you two are able to go to china to see her, he’s one hundred percent sure she’ll love you!!
  • whenever he b-boys and everyone’s clapping and chatting about how amazing he is you’re just nodding proudly because honestly you know how hardworking he is and it makes you so proud
  • but minghao is also super proud of you omg all of your accomplishments, even the smallest things, he remembers and always reminds you that you too are trying your best!!! 
  • minghao usually never gets upset, but when he does it really shows. like his shoulder slope and he looks tired and when that happens you take it upon yourself to make him happy again and you always sense what’s wrong and offer to do whatever you can to help and honestly you just being beside him helps him a lot
  • once he just pulled you close and nuzzled his head into your shoulder and stayed there for an hour and that was all he needed to calm down
  • it’s the same when you’re upset tbh, minghao just gives you his best sweater and is like “put it on and come here and cuddle with me while telling me what’s wrong” best boyfriend award here really
  • he tried to teach you how to do a handstand and he was holding your ankles to keep you steady but you kept laughing because it was ticklish and long story short you ended up falling over and minghao couldn’t stop saying ‘I’m sorry’
  • once you wore something short and when you reached up to get something it showed a peek of your stomach and jun elbowed minghao like hey bro but minghao thought he was asking him to go help you he’s just a clueless kid honestly it’s the cUTESt
  • he just wants to make sure you’re not hungry or cold or sick and he wants to hold your hand while you two pet dogs isn’t that the ideal tbh.. 

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Boruto recap Ep. 6

“The Final Lesson!”

•I SCREECHED when Shikadai punched Boruto upside his sunshine ass head then continued to put him in a headlock.
•Boruto & Shikadai’s friendship is everything! Everything! 🗣I won’t let anything come between them! Not even the writers!
•now that I’ve gotten to see so much Shikadai & Boruto interactions, I’m kinda mad that I won’t see them on a team together cause of the Ina-Shika-Cho tradition. They would make a great team.
•Shino has had ENOUGH!
•low key glad that Shino got to flex his powers on these bad ass kids so they can spread the word to the other youth.
•The fact that Boruto & Shikadai were in distress & Mitsuki was chillin.
•Shikadai doesn’t trust Mitsuki & it’s very reminiscent of his daddy.
•& Boruto being clueless about Mitsuki & saying he’s not gonna let anybody die, just like his daddy too!
•Mitsuki is still such a mystery & it’s killing me! I want to know everything like right now.
•He’s also a bad bitch. He used 3 different jutsus in one episode. Wind, the linguini arms & lightning.
•that whole scene in the lake was real precious.
•& what did Boruto, Shikadai & Mitsuki do? THAT!
•I loved the transition of Kurenai talking about how Shino was able to make friends then it cuts to the Hokage’s office with Naruto & Shikamaru.
•"It’s a pity that he took after you.“ Bdjcgvsvskdo! LMAO! Omg! (I know a lot of y'all are gonna furiously write a dissertation about why Shino should be glad that Boruto takes after Naruto instead of Hinata. And I just wanna say, relax. It’s a joke.)

Thoughts on next ep:
•yaaassss! A ChoCho episode!
•seems my girl has an admirer & why wouldn’t she???
•I’m also really curious about how Boruto is gonna make this his business. 😹

EreMika as a couple hc’s:


- Get mad and fight for everything and then make up

- “then fine” “fine” fine” “FINE”

- “I want a kiss, now” “Eren we are at a meeting” “so?”

- Lovey-doveys

- couple shirts

- they don’t even remember when it all started

- the “omg guys get a room” kind of couple


- Would be the one to confess obvsly

- Would make really cute handmade gifts for him

- And write letters

- And cook for him

- And is a good kisser

- Would send him cute selfies


- Gets jealous when other guys stare at her but calms down


- “I know you liked that blue sweater we saw yesterday so I brought you an apple”

- Would organize the craziest dates ever, such as going on a road trip all sudden

- Would be a gentleman

- would give her his favorite shirt so she could use it as her nightgown

- send funny selfies to cheer her up

- Would make her get angry just to tell her how pretty she looks 

- “babe I know it’s 2 am and you were sleeping BUT I REMEMBERED THIS JOKE AND OMG”


- “Can I touch your boob?”

Artemis -Roy Harper 《Arrow》

Summary: Your mother was Paula Crock and she had recently died of cancer. You were still 17 meaning you needed to have a legal guardian till you did turn 18. Moira Queen had been best friends with your mother since high school so she decided to take care of you. While there you became good friends with both Oliver and Thea. You forced Oliver to make you a part of the team. You had expected it, because back in Gotham you were great friends with Dick Grayson, and he was able to tell you the secret that his family had. So to you it was pretty obvious that Oliver was Arrow. You chose to call yourself Artemis because that was the name of your best friend. Your sister.


“You ready?"You asked Diggle."I’m ready."Right when he finished you swung for his face, easily knocking him back and yelling in agony."You said you were ready!"You shouted at Diggle."I wasn’t expecting a punch to the face so quickly.” “Which is why I chose to punch you in face so quickly!"You shouted back, laughing at the end."You know she has a….point."Felicity said from the computer."Thank you, Felicity."You smiled and began to take off your kickboxing gloves.

"Well get back to training, just-just let me recover."Diggle said with a towel pressed to his nose. You giggled and shrugged."Fine with me."You said and took a water bottle from the mini fridge.
You quickly chugged it down, and jumped up to sit on a cot, that held all the arrows and all.

"You know, when I used to come down here I’d never expect a half naked lady to be sitting next to deadly weapons."Roy joked as he came down the stairs."Who’s nak-and you meant Y/N. Awesome."Felicity said, like always being herself. She always managed to make you laugh and you loved her for that.

"Roy, my uniform is a sports bra and pants. Only difference now are the shorts. And please! I’ve handled way more arrows than you."You said rolling your eyes."But you cant aim better!"Roy said."Bet!"You challenged and got down to grab your bow and your carrier.

Roy went to grab his red ones and you guys walked out to the shooting range Oliver had for you two."Let’s see how good you are Arsenal."You said teasing him. He gave you an appointed look and than smirked, getting his arrow ready.

You winked before turning on the tennis ball machine. It was on high, shooting three every second."What was that!?"Roy shouted as you shot three arrows from you bow, claiming all three balls. Roy went back to shooting when she saw you weren’t listening and just aiming.

"Alright no wasting the arrows or balls."Oliver’s voice said, and the balls stopped shooting out."15, 16, 17, 18……I win!!"You shouted and started to do a happy dance."14, 15…Dammit!"Roy shouted.

You laughed and rushed out behind Oliver. You grabbed your bag and went to change. You sighed walking back out and sat in a chair."You can go home, Y/N. I’ll have Felicity call you when you’re needed."Oliver said.

"Thank you."You smiled and reached up to give Oliver a kiss on the cheek before leaving. You were homeschooled but the work still frustrated you, it seems harder than it did when you were in Gotham Academy."Hey, Y/N! Wait up!"You turned and waited for Roy to catch up."I’ll take you home."He said smiling."Thanks Roy."You smiled and followed him to his car.

The ride was filled with laughter and you two reminding each other who’s a better vigilante."Come on, girls are falling for the red, hot, hero under the mask."Roy said. You laughed and opened the door to get off."Well guess what. I have both guys and girls, so suck it Harper."You laughed and quickly shut the door to his car.

He stuck the middle finger up as he drove off, but you just laughed it off. "Oh, Y/N. You’re home."Moira said coming down the stairs."Thea is in her room, I have a meeting to go to, but you’ll both be fine, correct?"She asked."Of course Moira. I think I’m going to just shower than have a talk with some friends back home."You smiled.

"Well alright. Take care."She kissed your forehead and headed out the door. You waited patiently for the door to shut before you dropped your bag to the ground and ran right for the kitchen.

While there you made yourself and Thea a sundae, than headed up to her room."Vanilla, hot fudge, peanut sundae. Just like you told me you loved it."You said and handed Thea her sundae."Thank you!"She smiled and took it.

"What you doing?"You asked and sat down on a fluffy chair, watching her on her laptop."Nothing."Thea shrugged. You leaned over and giggled when you saw her stalking Dick on twitter."You know I can set you up with him."You said and leaned back.

"That would be so totally awesome."Thea said and swiveled her chair around to look at you."Here’s his number, I’m going to go and take a shower."You said and got up to leave Thea to her man crush.


It was 11 when you had finally let sleep consume you after a little conversation on the phone with Dick and Damian. Just as your head was fixing to hit the pillow, the phone decides to go off. You yell and reach over to see who it was. Already having a hunch you answered, and groaned a response.

"Y/N, were you alseep?"Felicity asked, sounding worried."No I was fix-"She cut you off before you could finish."It’s Roy."You instantly felt the sleep dissolve and immediately got up.

"What about him Felicity?"You asked, trying not to sound bossy."You sound like Oliver."Felicity said."Felicity."You shouted trying to get her to talk.

By than you had already made it to the car and were on your way to Verdant. "He got shot."You hung up on Felicity and quickly shifted to sports mode on the car, and drove all the way to the open club.


Quickly jumping out, you used the back way to go downstairs and rushed down."Where is he?"You asked when you saw Diggle. He pointed to a cot and you saw Oliver stitching Roy’s shoulder."You scared me, Harper!"You shouted causing both men to look up.

"Why did you do that!? What if it wasn’t you shoulder!? Why am I talking!? I do the same thing! Omg! Shut me up!"Roy leaned over cupping your face in his hands and kissing you. You placed you hand on his thigh and lightly squeeze.

"K thank you."You said blushing when you pulled away."Next time give us time to walk out the room."Diggle joked."Agreed."Oliver spoke.

You and Roy gave him a look and he just looked confused."What?"He asked. Simultaneously you and Roy look over at Felicity. "Well nevermind than."Oliver said and began to walk out.

"I think you guys should really work it out."Felicity said as she passed you two. You gave her a smile and she gave you thumbs up back."Can I get a better kiss?"Roy asked."Whatever, Harper."You giggled and met him halfway.

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Omg why are aries moons so sensitive. I got this placement and i like to kind of pick on people? Not always in a bad way. Or make silly jokes of others. But if someone picks on me or makes a mean joke of me im like DID YOU JUST PHYSICALLY ATTACK ME? WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO MEAN?😞

Lmao it’s the classic Aries antics!! We like to tease people because it’s fun but once it the teasing goes on us, we cry!

(That’s why we’re considered the babies haha)

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who is that coworker whos blog you gave us that just posts edited pictures of themselves? who are they why is that blog so great where did they come from

omg ive gotten so many asks about jckson but i live jackson so its ok

he started at starbucks like ,,, 5 months ago? dam i still think of him as a new kid cause we havent had new hires since then but like

hes one of the most positive people to work with? hes just all good vibes and smiles no matter how much hes working. and he always laughs at my jokes and he makes some good ones too

hes a rad dude 👌 ten outta ten

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omg can you pretty pretty PLEASE do #9 (You love her, don't you?) where Jumin loves MC but she's dating Zen bc Jumin

Yes, yes I can.

#9: “You’re in love with her.”

The setting sun makes everything more beautiful. MC was no exception. Here she was, bathed in a golden glow that set every feature alight, smiling at him, joking with him, making him feel like no other woman ever did. Never once did she treat him as less than anyone else, she had no use for his money. She just… knew him. She understood him. 

Her smile and sweet words made his heart swell until it was painful. The way she looked at him made his muscles involuntarily twitch and he had to reach out and touch her to steady himself. Only ever small touches: a quick pat on the arm or a brief hug. Jumin didn’t hug. But he would hug her every opportunity that was given to him. He needed those small gestures of affection, craved them.

He was amazed at the flood of emotions that overtook him when they were together. Love, anger, jealousy. Things he pushed deep down, latched in a cage of his own design. When they were together, those emotions rattled the cage, viciously tearing at the locks to escape.

He was also disgusted with himself. The way he pined for her voice. He would find so many excuses to call her. The way his brief touches lingered only a second too long. He couldn’t stop himself. And when he was alone… the images that he conjured up of her, writhing beneath him, calling his name.

She festered inside of him like a sickness, eating away at him a little more each day.

And she belonged to Zen. 

So here she was, bathed in a golden light, right in front of him, but so far out of reach. He felt Zen approach before he saw him. The actor stood next to him, voice low enough so that only the two of them could hear it.

“You’re in love with her.” Not a question, an absolute fact.

Jumin turned to him, his silvery eyes betraying his next words.

“No.” He lied. Maybe one day it would be the truth.

Reaction: Catching them watching porn


Originally posted by vinegarboy

i swear it wasn’t porn– i mean i didn’t even– i mean–”

Hanbin would totally loose his cool and just toss his laptop to the side, making lame excuse about the whole matter. He’d be way too embarrassed to actually admit what he was doing. Just from the look of his face, it’d be completely obvious that he watched porn and he’d know that as well so after stuttering for a while he’d just shut up and look at you with his red cheeks.


Originally posted by verygood-climax

it’s nothing bad– i mean every guy does that so please don’t be mad” *plays cute*

Jinhwan would also be embarrassed but tell you the truth and be honest about it. It’s not a secret that it’s pretty normal that quite a lot of people watch porn so he’d just brush it off with a sheepish smile and hope that you understand (of course with a little bit of cuteness). If you don’t like it, he’d of course apologize and not do it again (in front of you at least).


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babe i swear i was thinking of us while watching this”

Bobby would think it’s funny and even ask you if you wanna join him watching. He’d also be embarrassed but it wouldn’t be such a big deal in the end and he’d just laugh it off. He rather makes fun or makes a big joke out of it all so it wouldn’t seem like he did something really bad (which he really didn’t)


Originally posted by teambgasm

what is this?? omg i don’t even know how this came up”

Junhoe would play the i-am-pretending-to-not-know-anything part. He’d be wayyyyyy to embarrassed to even admit that he watched it intentionally and pretend that he doesn’t know anything till the end, even if you tell him you know, he’d keep saying he has no idea and lock himself in the bathroom afterwards so you can just forget this whole matter.

- moyo

I played charades with SHINee!


I’m sorry this is so long!!! I wanted to be very detailed!

Brooke (@brookelyns12), Heather, and I went to the SHINee fan meet in Chicago tonight! We were among the 20 ladies picked to go up on stage and play charades with SHINee! So, here’s how the evening went for me.

So first, I have to say how we were picked. When we first got into the venue, my friend stopped a guy (Eddie, he was super nice and amazing), and asked where our seats were and he said “Oh, they’re over there. Do you want to go on stage and play a game with SHINee?” and we went “uh… yes. That would be good.” So he told us that after they sang “Hello” we needed to go to the side door and meet him and was it okay that we were going to miss the Q&A part and we were like “yeah that’s fine.”

So, we find out seats and I literally had to breathe into a bag to calm down. We made friends with some girls sitting by us and one girl near us could scream so loudly that it hurt, so I’m really glad that I brought ear plugs. Also, the music was super loud and hurt, too, so another reason I was glad.

So, they came out and sang “Everybody” 0.0 and then they introduced themselves and only Onew bowed because I think he forgot (I don’t know, but i loved it!) and they introduced themselves in english. And when Jjong did, a fan boy shouted “I LOVE YOU!” and Jjong smiled and said “I love you, too” in english! and Minho kept saying “Chi-town” instead of Chicago and I saw him tear up during them introducing themselves because of how loud we all were for them. Key said they were so blown away by us and the love they had already received and he wanted to know where we get out shirts and CDs (merchandise, basically) because he knows they don’t have a store in the U.S. I don’t know if they found out (the MC said something about Ebay, but I don’t personally tend to use Ebay, I typically use kpoptown and cdjapan).

Then they went off stage to change and the MC talked to us. He joked that we would cheer for anything he said and then said “I had eggs for breakfast!” and we cheered really loudly and he laughed. Then SHINee came back out and they played the fan video for them. And Jjong cried and so many people had amazing videos and OMG THEY INCLUDED MINE!!!  In the video I had hearts over my head and told them how proud we all are of them and how much we love them and just want them to be happy and Onew did wavy hands at the screen during my video and I FREAKED OUT and fell down into my seat and sobbed for a few seconds. Then after the fan videos, they sang “Hello” and it was so good! 

When the song ended, we ran out and met the other girls who were doing the game, too. Eddie told us to put our bags down in the waiting room and then we lined up in a backstage hall and they separated us into 5 teams of 4 people. There were only 3 of us, so we had another girl added to our team.  She told us she came to the fan meet because her sister wanted to for her birthday and that she was turning 14 today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMAZING GIRL!!!) I’m so excited and happy for her that she got to do this on her birthday!

Then, they had us go out on stage and line up and SHINee each drew a ball with a number on it and that number told them which team they got. We were team 1 and Onew got us (he gave the ball with the number on it to the other girl in our group and she was so excited)! Jjong got team 2, Key got team 3, Minho got team 4, and Taemin got team 5. Then they tried to tell us how to play the game and it was loud and confusing and I looked at the girl and said “I don’t know what we’re doing?” and Onew leaned over and said “Me either.” And then I figured out it was charades and I leaned over to him and said “Okay, so you’re supposed to act out the word on the paper and we have to guess.” and he said “Only me?” and looked so adorably perplexed and I said “I don’t know. Maybe.” That was right.

Taemin’s team went first. Their category was school and they got 12 correct. He was so cute and silly acting out the things and he was super impressed when his team guessed some of the words. Onew laughed at the faces Taemin was making. Also, Onew realized that it was really hard to hear the girls’ guesses, so he went over and held a microphone up for them. He did it for Minho’s team, too. Minho’s team was next and their category was occupations and they got 9 correct. The first one was firefighter and it was so cute how he pretended to have a hose and AAHHHHHHH! Key’s category was instruments and they got 10 correct. Minho and Taemin stood behind him and tried to distract the girls and it was hilarious. Onew and I kept leaning forward trying to see the card to see what the words were. When we weren’t sure what xylophone was, he went over and looked at it and then came back and said “oh! It’s xylophone!” and he said it in the cutest voice! Then came Jjong’s turn and his category was movies and they got 10 right. And he totally cheated. He just started saying famous lines from the movies and it was hilarious. Also, Onew has apparently never seen Avatar because Jjong didn’t know how to do that one and they had to pass and Onew went and looked at it and came back with this confused look on his face. 

Then it was our turn. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! We got animals and we got 9 correct. I told Onew not to worry too much because I know he’s a amazing actor and we can do this! Key held the microphone for us. Onew had 3 boxes to choose from and so he walked over and had me choose which box to do. He opened it so cutely (just kept tossing it all adorably and aggressively on the ground). When we were getting ready to guess, Key held the microphone up to me and I said “Do you believe we can do this?” and he said “I don’t know.” and I said “Do it. Believe in us!” Then we were about to start and I went to give Onew a high five and he wiped his hand on his pants first and then gave me one and then the went down our line and gave the whole team one! I can’t remember all the animals we went through (I do remember my friend took forever to get giraffe, but please forgive her. She’s a new SHAWOL!), but Onew did so well! I ended up being last and the word was tiger and so Onew roared and pretend to bat things with his hands, so I started guessing big cats, but I guess I spoke too quickly and quietly because I said “lion? tiger? cat? uhh…” and he kept doing it and Key said “It’s a big cat” and so I was guessing leopard and mountain lion and Key said “Keep going. It’s like that.” and so I went back to lion and Onew ended up saying “No, lion.” and then time ran out. They told me it was tiger and Key said “Yeah. Tiger. Tiger. Tiger.” and I said “I said tiger.” and he said “but you didn’t get it.” and I did this little jump at him (Okay, it looks kinda aggressive in the video, but I wasn’t that close to him and he’s really tall and I think I just startled him because I’m really small and have literally no stage fright) and said “I said tiger!” and Onew came over and said “She said tiger!” into his mic and Key said “I’m not the judge.” So I went over to the MC and said “I said tiger!” and Onew ran over and yelled into the mic “SHE SAID TIGER!!” and the MC pretend to call security. So I walked away because I didn’t really care, but if our team lost, then Onew would have to do punishment and I didn’t want that! Then the MC said “that’s one aggressive girl!” and I walked back over to him and put my hands on his arms and said “It’s really okay, because it’s really loud in here and you just didn’t hear me. It’s okay.” and he said “Yeah, it is really loud. Okay.”

So we walked back to our spots and Onew came over to me and said “The next one was jelly fish. What? How?” and then he and my friend tried to figure out how to do jelly fish for a second and he laughed. Then they announced that Taemin won and he did this adorable proud spin! Jjong was really proud of his team and he gave them all a big hug! Not to be shown up, Onew pulled us all in his team in to a big hug and he hugged us so tightly and warmly. They decided that Minho and Onew lost and they let us leave the stage. We walked off and went back to Eddie and got our stuff and went to our seats. I found out that between me leaving stage and me getting to my seat, the MC announced that I actually had said tiger and that Onew shouldn’t get punished, but they still did it anyway. You should know that my friends and I basically made friends with any staff member that walked past us. We kept asking Eddie if he needed anything because we were so grateful and he thought it was really sweet and told us to find him after the show, but we couldn’t because venue staff ushered us out (which is understandable, but it was sad that we didn’t get to hang with our new friend.) I also want to say about this that I genuinely wanted to hang out with EDDIE because he seemed really cool and friendly and wasn’t trying to use him as a way to get any private one-on-one time with any of SHINee. Someone suggested that to me later and I got mad. SHINee are busy and need their personal time and I SERIOUSLY do not want to interrupt that at all. I got to see them and that is genuinely enough for me. 

After the game, we went back to our seats and they did the punishment game for Onew and Minho. They had to act out how they’d act if their girlfriend was mad at them. They looked embarrassed, but did it so cutely! Onew pretended his girlfriend slapped him and then they talked it out and made up and it was so cute! Sassy Key called out saying that Onew’s acting was bad. Then Minho had to do it and he made Onew pretend to be his girlfriend and proceeded to try to jump all over Onew and kiss his face and when Onew pushed him away, he did major aegyo and you could see Onew fighting a smiling but holding it together well. It was so cute! After that they sang another song (was it Replay? I can’t remember) and then they went backstage to change again. They played a behind the scenes video of the making of View and it was precious!!!! I’ve seen it before, but still! “Carrot no no!” Then SHINee came back on and sang View! and then they sang Sherlock (? honestly I’m having a super hard time remember what they sang after I got back to my seat). They ended and said goodbye and Key promised to come back again because of how impressed they were and how great we were and he was the last off stage (Minho was second to last and did his thing where he walks to every edge of the stage and waves at EVERYBODY) and kept talking to us in English about how they ARE going to come back!

When we left the venue, we found a group of 3 women outside just sitting and crying. So we went over and gave them tissues and consoled them and they told us that they were just so happy. They had been fans since SHINee debuted and they were older fans (about 30 years old, I think, probably a little less) and they had never imagined that they would get this opportunity. If SHINee had done this ANYWHERE else in the states, they wouldn’t have gotten to go, so this was huge for them! I actually videoed them telling us some of this. I am going to post it later, because THAT is the kind of thing SHINee needs to see. They need to see that they have fans in the states that have been around since the beginning and are so proud of them! I know not everyone has been a fan that long, myself included, but I need them to know that they are SO loved!

So, this is what it’s like to see SHINee up close in the flesh. Taemin is a literal fairy, but, at the same time hilarious, sexy, sweet, clever, and gorgeous! Minho could be carved from marble and I would see no difference. He has so much love for us in his heart! He’s so happy and sees how amazing his life is! Some idols don’t see, but he sees! Jonghyun… wow! You’ve seen pictures of him, but they do NO justice for him! He is probably the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen, and I didn’t even get to get that close to him. He’s so happy and clever and funny! One of the movies he had to do was Jurassic Park (Onew laughed really hard at that!) and so he just pointed at his face and then did t-rex arms! I laughed so hard! Dino!!!! He was also very loving with his team and gave them hugs and hand shakes! He’s also nowhere near as short as people make him out to be! I would look quite small compared to him! and HIS HAIR WAS THIS SO BEAUTIFUL LIGHT PINK AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! Key can’t be real. His skin is flawless. His voice is sassy yet deep. He’s dark chocolate! His eyes are so intense (yes he had contacts in, but the point is, he was making intense eye contact with me). He’s tall and thin and if he couldn’t sing he’d be a model in a second! When you stand next to him, you can just FEEL him. His aura is huge and intense, but delicious. And Onew… How do I talk about this boy? How do I portray how sweet he was? How every time we looked at him he would look right back into our eyes. How he tried so hard to understand the things we were saying and respond well to them. How his tan skin glows  and his eyes light up when he smiles at you! His smile is sunshine and his laugh is a choir of angels! His hands are so much smaller than I expected, but not in a bad way (definitely bigger than mine!). He gave us all the attention that we needed to know that we were important to him and what we had to say was important. He was so comfortable and observant. And you should know, during our group hug, I had my arm wrapped around his back and my head against his chest and his back and chest are so wide and firm and strong feeling! Like, you can feel how stable he is physically. Like leaning against a warm, comforting… wall, I guess. And he smelled AMAZING (especially considering him being under the lights and sweating and stuff). He didn’t smell like any particular smell. He smelled clean and… safe. He smelled like home. I never want to forget how he made me feel! He made me feel so important and needed and loved. 

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Bruh Jaebum's cats are like the sweetest fuckin things. How did he land cats like those????? Because no joke one of my cats just catches leaves and runs away from me and the other one just doesn't like attention so he won't let us pet him

MAANNNN idek I don’t have cats but I FEEL UR PAINNNN like omg okay cATS DONT MAKE SENSE HONENSTLY. I pet stray cats and theyre loving it and I’m like ayyy you my mans and then they hiss and scratch me and strut away like who tf–

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I'm soooo confused omg where did Deji used that guitar joke ? 😂

In his latest video where he got his parents to react to some of the diss tracks, he said he came up with a really sick new bar, but it turns out he just got it off of a joke website🤷🏽‍♀️