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i'm going to keep asking these till you get tired of me! so tell me what you're H.C would be as to how the W.B. and A.S.L boys would go about wooing their crush and tell them how they feel?!

jokes on you, coz i’m never gonna get tired of my lovely followers

you said wb boys, so unless you wanna add somebody ill just always do ace, marco and thatch when you request wb boys ;)


  • Got some stuff here already
  • he’d get nervous around them a lot
  • He wouldn’t tell his crush about his feelings without help from others tho, they’d tell him to man-up and be honest


  • lots of smiles and compliments
  • genuinly tries to make them feel good and beautiful
  • like Ace he’d get nervous around his crush and blush certainly but not too much
  • certainly goofy and awkward
  • As the time approaches he’d just carefully tell them about his feelings and try to be honest


  • ask someone for help because he doesn’t even realize he’s in love with someone
  • really confused
  • would share his food with them
  • some of the strawhats would eventually put one and one together and explain Luffy’s situation to him
  • minutes after that he’d run up to his crush and just blares out his feelings


  • very confident i think
  • tho his crush does sometimes get him flustered, even if that’s done unintentionally
  • always move near them or just try to be in their near
  • lots of warm smiles with him too!
  • confidently tell his crush about his feelings


  • the most confident here!
  • Always gush about how great they look and that they’re lovely
  • Very meaningful and loving looks
  • But he wouldn’T tell them himself per se, rather his crush would quickly understand that captain obvious is in love with them
  • “Thatch…are you…uhm crushing me?”
  • “YEP, I am!”

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So yesterday I was having lunch with some friends, and I saw her standing by the cupcake display, i waved her over and she sat opposite of me. We spoke for a bit, and it was all long eye contact and nervous smiles. She asked me why she hadn’t seen me around. At one point I started talking about cold hands and she reached over and held my hand. We stayed like that for a while. And she was so cute. My heart was beating so hard omg #crush stories

I. Want. This.


So I developed one of my OC characters for Mystery Skulls in yesterday’s livestream! I was so surprised how many people loved him [including me cough cough]


Age: 25, Works at the Surf Shack [working on name] near the beach [im headcanoning the gang living near the beach;;;]
Color scheme: Silver/teal?? 

A twin brother to his sis, Onyx, Milo loves to chill, relax and talk about supernatural activity stories with Arthur! Milo met him when he was selling stuff at the counter as usual~ Arthur loved Milo’s wristband and he bought a pair for himself [and thats how he got them lol] 

Im still working on the twins back story…lets just say they both have an ‘accident’ which might make them disappear.…> ~ >;;;