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Hi can i get a flirty and slightly obsessive villain! Izuku x hero! s/o scenario? ;) like what their encounters in the field would be like? Ive found fanart and couldnt resist

OMG I’m trash for flirty and slightly obsessive Villain!Izuku. 
Send me the fanart that you found Anon if you’re still out there. 

„Don’t fucking touch them.“, his voice growled as he slowly steadied himself again from the painful hit he just received from protecting his s/o.
Their eyes were widening, clearly not expecting him to jump in only to stop others from hurting them – after all they had an agreement about this whole scenario being on the fieldactually against each other.

They’re mine.“ a mischievous grin spread on Midoriya Izuku’s lips as he grabbed the other villain’s head in a speed that eyes could not catch only to force it violently into the ground. Raising the weight in his hand again there was another loud thud, crushing the person’s face more than needed.

It was as if he made sure that the person would die, causing shivers running down his lover’s spine but nonetheless they had to act because they were a hero for heaven’s sake.

The man was stopped by their hands which he was able to dodge fast enough, a proud expression on his face that they were pretty close to get him there.

They froze slightly, trying to process what had just happened.
His hot breath was fanning their ears just a moment ago, whispering steamy bullshit into it before his feet connected back to the ground beneath them.

Turning away from them he let out a satisfied sigh, ready to go for another hero.

„Izuku, are you serious?“, his lover whined upon entering their shared apartment with an exaggerated groan, throwing a small notebook right at him, aiming particularly for his oh-so-smug face that they were normally trash for. 

The greenhaired male skillfully caught the object and put it down onto the glassdesk in front of him, his figure seated comfortably on their couch as his head cocked to the side to face them properly.

„What do you mean?“, his green orbs met theirs, faking innocence as they approached him with a huff. This man loved when his partner whined, oh dear lord. Pushing their palm into his face with an annoyed groan, he let out a small laugh as his hand gently guided their hips towards him.  

Slowly climbing up on his lap he placed feverlight kisses onto their neck, inhaling their pleasant scent when he noticed that they took a shower before coming back home to him. His lips then firmly pressed against theirs as he couldnt hold it to let his hands roam a little bit over their perfect body.  

„Just can’t refrain when I see you out there.“, he breathed huskily with a smirk gracing his features. God damn it Midoriya Izuku.  

I wanna do more of this smh. Hope this is alright!

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