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Asexual visibility is so fucking important. My friend had heard about it and wondered about it but it wasn’t until I researched it and then asked her “have you ever been sexually attracted to someone?” that something clicked. You should have seen the look on her face as she realized that that was a thing.  She was like “Omg… have I?”  Now I show her every post about asexuality I come across and every one of them she relates to.  She realizes she’s not broken or difficult.  She understands why puberty wasn’t the same.  She realizes now why she has a disconnect with sexual situations. She understands herself so much better and the best thing is the absolute happiness I see in her now that she has a label. Now that she realizes she’s not defunct or impossible to date.  And this right here is why I’m here for every asexual and will always support and advocate for asexual visibility.  You are real and you are not broken.