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July 19, 2017// mini monochrome moodboard 

我又开始学中文了!(I’ve started to learn Chinese again!) Considering that I speak Chinese every day, my knowledge of it should be way better,,, also featuring part of the sheet music of a song I’m learning on piano (so many chords omg) 

(also the Muji in the mall near my house is opening this Saturday and I am so hyped)

I ship it
  • (Kiri suddenly stands on his desk)
  • Kirishima: I am not throwin’ away my shot! I am not throwin’ away my shot! Hey yo, I’m just like my country, I’m young, I’m scrappy, and hungry, and I’m not throwin’ away my SHOT!
  • Rest of the class: omg he has vocal chords of gold
  • Bakugou: Hey genius! If you talk, you're gonna get shot!
  • Kirishima: ...
  • Kirishima: If he's Aaron Burr, I'm Alexander Hamilton.
  • Bakugou: ... wat
  • Kirishima: wat
  • Ashido: (whispers) i ship it
Hihara Kazuki appears in la corda d'oro blue sky- Episode 3!

Guys remember him : Hihara Kazuki . The cheerful and clumsy senpai from season 1. I liked him and he was so cute. 

Now look at him. He becomes more mature and hot . His hair grown up, a bit. XD 

He was talking about him:

I wonder how he looks now?

Guys , if you are really an La corda d'oro fan , you should totally check up the serie. They show us Len but not completely ,then Hihara and he mention about Tsuchiura. I wonder who will be next? I really want to see HinoxLen together ! 

anonymous asked:

my bandmates say that i should step out of my comfort zone and make progressions besides the I–V–vi–IV progression. i totally agree with them but, i have no clue how to do this. any tips?

don’t freak out lookin at this I shall explain!
Here’s your chord flow chart :) This is kinda like your instruction guide to build your lil lego house (I’m kinda like half asleep rn I’m sorry if I sound…abnormal)
Some people are gonna like big houses, lil houses, scary houses etc. but this is kinda the flow chart or instructions to build it nicely and not having something that sounds super wonky (however wonky can be good once you yourself have understood how this whole chord progression thing works)
I mean this is the creative way of doing it anyway (you could def steal from another group and get ideas Let it Be and Kids share the same chord progression…omg it’s that chord progression who are you)
Okay so I’ll explain this now, but I’m sure you can kinda understand it for yourself? iii goes to vi, vi goes to IV OR ii (but ii cannot go to IV) IV or ii can go to V or viidim, IV and ii can both go to I for a plagal cadence, VI and viidim can go to each other (yeah buddy) and they can also go to I for an Authentic Cadence, OR vi for a deceptive cadence (composing like a muther cuss) and of course I can go wherever tf it wants. Now when you’re making a chill 4 chord progression, obviously you don’t need all of these, but it’s nice to see where what can go, and what cadences they create if they can (good for ending, or not ending a song). Of course you can start with tonic, but from there you can go wherever tf you want. go to V take it to viidim man, then go to like vi. Go from iii to friggin vi, IV then I. As long as you get what’s going on in this chart, you can make any progression you want, and following the chart, you’ll never make one that musically doesn’t sound bad. It’s okay if you go outside of the chart, you don’t have to be confined to it, but it’s a good place to start.
And of course, look into classic chord progressions like I IV V I, I ii vi V I etc (you can find more online), if your feelin’ risky there’s a minor flow chart. Just have fun with it, man. Feel like a composer

-yours truly is officially loopy. I hope this helps tho…lemme know if it does coz if it don’t…I’ll come back when I’m not loopy, and we’ll figure something out

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