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How Do I Look? (Jughead x Andrews!Reader)

Prompt: Hi :) could you please do a female JugheadxReader where the reader could be Archie’s somewhat younger sister and she’s always had a crush on Jughead. And then like one day she asks for Jughead’s opinion on her prom dress and then it kind of just escalates from there and turns into like hot smut. Um, haha, so yeah. Please and thank you! :)

A/N: Guys. This took forever to write. Hopefully you like it! I’ve been a bit of a slump but I’m hoping to upload some more. I’m also in the process of moving so my requests are closed until I move! Also I hit 4.7k? Thank you loves xxx

Warnings: Heavy Makeout Session (sorry it’s not the heavy smut you wanted), Archie is a cockblock as always. 


How Do I Look? (Jughead x Andrews!Reader)

As the youngest Andrew, you always hung out with Archie and the gang. Over the years you developed a crush on your brother’s best friend.

Prom was approaching and you had hoped that a certain boy would have asked you. Of course he didn’t. In fact, you didn’t know if he was even going at all.

It was 3 days before Prom when she cornered you.

“Little Andrew!” Her voice rings in your ears as she wraps her fingers around your arm.

“Hey Cherry. Whats up?” You smile at the Blossom twin.

You guys weren’t usually super close but after Jason died, you were the only one who had been there for her.

“So I know you wanted that freak to ask you to the dance-” Cheryl waves her other hand as you blush and try to interrupt her. “Don’t deny it. We’re besties. I know you like him.” She grins and pulls you to walk with her.

“Cherry, Where are you going with this?” Her fingers tighten slightly as we past my brother and his friends.

“Go to Prom with Me.” She shrugs. “Since the freak clearly is too stupid to do anything. Show him how hot you look in a dress.”

“Cheryl…” You shake your head but she waves you into silence again.

“Too late. I already bought your dress and it’s sitting in your room as we speak. Try it on when you get home and ask him for an opinion. Thank me later.” She yells as leaves you by your next class.

Why do you hang out with her again?

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  • Feliciano: Fratello, who do you like better
  • Feliciano: Gilbert or Ludwig?
  • Lovino: ...that's like asking which activity do i enjoy most,
  • Lovino: having a huge migraine or puke fest??

I fucking hate award shows because they always hype people up like “please give a warm welcome to an amazing and talented musical icon…who’s shaped a generation….their impact is unbelievable..” and I’m like omg??? Is it Cher?? Madonna?? Did they resuscitate MJ??? And then then announcer is like “THE CHAINSMOKERRRRRSSD” and my insurance premiums immediately go up bc of the spike in my blood pressure

steal the voice of a passing stranger.  use their song to enchant, entrap, entangle, enslave.

a collection of covers for seduction and consumption.  here.

i. la roux’s in for the kill by london grammar ; ii. gorillaz’s feel good inc. by celia pavey ; iii. kings of leon’s use somebody by paramore ; iv. t.i.’s whatever you like by anya marina ; v. usher’s omg by cher lloyd ; vi. alt-j’s tessellate by ellie goulding ; vii. arctic monkeys’ do i wanna know by chvrches ; viii. 3oh!3’s starstrukk by marina and the diamonds ; ix. lana del rey’s summertime sadness by miley cyrus ; x. drake, tlc, and destiny’s child’s hold on, we’re going home/no scrubs/survivor by the saturdays ; xi. beyonce’s drunk in love by angel haze ; xii. christina aguilera’s genie in a bottle by sara bareilles ; xiii. cee-lo green’s crazy by melanie martinez ; xiv. nirvana’s heart-shaped box by lana del rey ; xv. lana del rey's born to die by the ting tings ; xvi. gotye and kimbra’s somebody that i used to know by rita ora

Better Than The Original (Some of the best covers.)

1. We Can’t Stop- Bastille || OMG- Cher Lloyd || Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Relient K || Perfect- Boyce Avenue || Skinny Love- Ed Sheeran || Someone Like You- Charlie Puth & Emily Luther || Counting Stars/ Holy Grail/ Smells Like Teen Spirit- Little Mix || Good Time- Alex Goot & Against The Current || One Way Or Another- One Direction || No Diggity/ Thrift Shop- Ed Sheeran & Passenger || Last Kiss- Boyce Avenue (feat/ Megan & Liz) || As Long As You Love Me- We The Kings || What I Like About You- 5 Seconds of Summer || What Makes You Beautiful- The 1975

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Hello! I tried to do a doodle of your Mattie. I’ve been in an art block recently and was trying out doodling to see if I could get into the hang of it again. I’m sorry it’s not better but I wanted to show you anyway. I hope that’s okay ; - ; 

OMG THANK U SO MUCH!!Its beautiful!!you did a wonderful job omg thank you!