omg can't get enough of these two!

  • Me: I think its so refreshing the way Bughead's been written. I'm so happy its not two horny teenagers jumping each other every chance they get. It's like two lost, troubled souls are reaching out to each other, they have each other's backs and support and understand the other and it's so beautiful and unique and OMG I just love it!
  • Also Me: I can't get enough of them, their chemistry is off the charts, I scream and flail everytime they share the same screen space, I've watched all their kisses and touches 32647395729 times and omfg they're so sexy and hot af and I can't wait for them to bang!

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karina, kaz ~ i am ready to embrace girl groups fully, please rec me some blogs + exid, aoa, blackpink, twice, pristin, red velvet, ,,,, just more you can think of like i want more .... ive been listening to only girl groups for like the past two days and i can't get enough but i follow very little blogs [ i saw your previous rec post too ] 💞 whenever you feel like it, if at all , im asking for a lot

alex omg I’m so proud, I’m feeling like a mom showing the world to her child. I’ll do my best and it will be very long so!!! (I’m sOrry if I repeat some of yesterday….

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wow it was a lot but I tried to mention everyone I follow who post girl groups, most of my mutuals are multifandom so it’s pretty much like my blog I hope you don’t mind. If you wanna talk about girl groups you can come to me anytime, boo, I love talking and rec stuff. I hope you have lots of fun with your new followers!!! GUYS PLS GIVE ALEX A LOT OF LOVE!!!!

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(uwahh thanks so much :’V!! enough people seem to like these two that i outta get off my ass and make a real tumblr post with their backstories/personalities since they’re only on fr right now) and even the bios on fr only have a fraction of what i came up for them


OMG apparently drinking two martinis and one shot of whisky while watching bob ross at a bar for two hours was enough to DESTROY MY BRAIN FOR A DAY AND A HALF. 

I’m having a hard time rebooting and I really want to draw but I am having some trouble getting my meat mush to work. 

If anyone out there is tv land has any questions or thoughts for me I AM A WILLING TARGET. 

Taylor Swift, Everybody!

taylor swift: writes a song about being in a relationship that people want to destroy, as she reassures her lover they are strong enough to get through it, and she knows places to escape from them [I Know Places]

Taylor Freaking Swift: makes the secret message “AND EVERYONE WAS WATCHING

Taylor Fucking Swift: writes, “And everybody’s watching her, but she’s looking at you” two. fucking. years. later.

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Maybe some more poly roadrat baby/family headcanons? I absolutely love how you write them and I'm curious on how many kids they'd have and who'd they look or act like because omg I just can't get enough of your baby hcs!

Here’s the post with them having twins!

Okay so they like to space out the babies being born by like.. four years, and have like six kids, two sets of twins and two singles. they all have similar faces, but some get Junk’s eyes, some get Mako’s hair, some get all their s/o’s features, but they all have very different personalities. Two of them are responsible and kind like Roadrat’s s/o, one is a mix of Junk and Roadie, two are mini Junkrats, while one is a carbon copy of Mako, from his looks to his mannerisms.

All of them have sharp canine teeth, and two of them have Mako’s mini tusks. If any of them are bullied bc of their looks, the others are there and immediately destroying the bully. They all get in a lot of trouble for beating up the bullies, but their parents reward them (after their punishments) bc family is important. Three of them have some sort of hyperactive disorder, and one has OCD. Bc of an accident when she was younger, one of the mini Jamies is mute, and the one that’s Mako’s copy has a slight stutter. They have an even split of boys and girls, as well.

Boys: Alexander, Jamie Jr., Kai
Girls: Amelia, Sasha, Lorelei

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I agreed with what you said to the other anon about the kiss between KS x ET. Gong Yoo was so great in kissing his costar that he didn't look pervertedly lustful in the kiss like some actors did. It was filled with longing passion and yet warmth.

RIGHT!! Yes, Gong Yoo was amazing in how he approached her, initiated the kiss, and how he ended the kiss. He made the kiss look so passionate and longing, but at the same time with a level of desire for the woman he loves and sadness that it might be their last kiss they share. Personally, it was a very worthy kiss that Kim Shin would be able to execute being a 900 yo goblin and he should know a few good kissing tricks up his sleeves, lol. Also, the kiss itself still maintained a level of innocence and purity with the way how he gently caressed her face, how he kissed her, and how he gazed at her. It wasn’t perverted or lustful - but had a degree of hunger and desire due to him holding back because he respects her. C’mon, I’m sure I’m not the only one who intently analyzed their kiss lmao… no tongue action, no saliva slipping, no lip sucking, and no teeth biting… just a genuinely passionate and sexy kiss between two lovers that made me melt upon seeing it and internally & externally screaming incoherent words of excitement. This kiss lands in one of the best I’ve seen lately and I NEED MORE! JUST LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY! OMO! >.<

Gif credit

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One of my friends is trying to convince me that anakin and Darth Vader are two completely separate entities and quite frankly I can't seem to explain to him how wrong he is. Like he thought the Vader scenes were too much anakin not enough Vader and doesn't seem to get that like, his underlying traits are still the same?

Why are the vaderbros always reaching the hardest omg

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I'm sorry but I need to rant to someone. With Rogue One near, I've been seeing more angry men commenting on how SW is ruined because there's too many female protagonists, how it's unrealistic for women to fight, how every woman is a Mary Sue, blahblahblah. Ugh, can't we just enjoy the movies in peace without being reminded how men can never relate to female characters at all? All of this fanboy whining makes me hope that Rey and Kylo have like 6 daughters and they all get their own SW movies.

Hahaha, OMG YES! That would be wonderful and the perfect middle finger to all those insecure enough to feel threatened by the prospect of - gasp! - two female protagonists in a row.

I would like to say that fandom is getting better, but the recent debacle with Rebel Force Radio clearly shows that it isn’t. I aspire to the day when having a female-led SW movie will be so normal that it’s not even remarked upon as anything out of the ordinary, but that still feels a long way off.

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OMG I just neeed to share this with someone!!! So, I am from Holland and my family has never had that much money, and now I will be the first one to graduate from school with a levels! And I just found out that my grades are gonna be good enough to get a full scholarship for a very good university in scotland, that's where I've always wanted to live! I am so incredibly happy right now, I've literally been crying for two hours after my teacher called me. Can't believe it.


Congratulations my clever flower!! That’s amazing! I don’t even know you but I’m really proud of you, haha :)