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What are these tales games?? I would love to start a new series of games.

The Tales games are JRPGs that are INSANELY fun and pretty relevant to real-world issues. Like most of them have complex characters, an underlying message, amazing music, and an engaging battle system (similar to Final Fantasy where it’s more ‘free-style’ rather than turn-based). I’m not very good at explaining things, but I’ll list a few of my favorite things about the games.

There’s these random little scenes called ‘skits’ and they honestly add a whole new level of involvement to the story / game because you get to better understand the characters’ points of view, plus they’re usually pretty funny. At the end of battles the characters have little bits of dialogue that are pretty cute (especially Tales of Graces OMG), and you also can dress the characters in cute outfits with accessories.

I HIGHLY recommend Tales of Vesperia (Xbox 360) for first-timers because it’s a great introduction to the series since it has ALL the qualities listed above and the protag is a sassy crimeboy like Akira. LMAO But the character development is incredible and the graphics are nice to look at. The battle mechanics are easy to grasp and there isn’t too much grinding. Here’s a few screenshots from Vesperia:

Anyway, I hope this was somewhat helpful??? LMAO I’m not good at explaining things, and it also depends on the consoles you have; most of the popular Tales games are on PS3. ;A; But I could talk about my love for these games all day, and I hope you give the series a chance!! ^^

Dating B.I Would Include

“can i request a “dating would include” with hanbin of ikon? thanks!”

“Could you do a dating would include with hanbin please?”

Wow! he’s a popular boy <3 Fun fact, a blog said I was the perfect match for him in terms of personality then I looked up the band and BAM that’s how I became a fan. He’s still such a bias wrecker for me tho I swear.

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The roman au no one asked for:

ancient rome au where Reyna pulls a mulan and dresses as a man to run for praetor. but Octavian (her former ally) is suspicious of her and tells her he knows her secret and will go to the senate in the morning. Reyna will not let the 10+ years of pretending go to waste. her bodyguard Jason kills Octavian and no ones the wiser. Reyna runs for praetor and is elected. 

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ok but i feel like pidges birthday should have been april 1st, partly bc of april fools day and also partly bc that's my birthday and i adore pidge lol


It’s the dawn of a new day. Everyone is up bright and early to begin training. They get into their lions, refreshed and ready to go. But then, Lance notices something odd on his command screen.

“Hey, guys,” he mutters curiously, “anyone else getting some weird blinky message thing?”

A chorus of equally confused agreement meets his ears.

“Okay, on the count of three, everyone press it at the same time,” Shiro says.

“One, two, three -”

Lance presses the message. In a quick flash, a large belt shoots from the side of his seat and crosses over his lap, firmly strapping him in place. Before he can form a single thought, or let any witty remark fall from his lips, music starts blasting from the speakers.

Namely, “What’s New Pussycat”, sung by Tom Jones.

Lance blinks. As his teammates voice their puzzlement, a horrifying idea plants itself in his brain.

‘No,’ he thinks. 'No, nobody would go that far.’

But after the seventh loop, he slowly realizes that one of the paladins is missing.

'It’s true,’ he thinks. 'We’re all doomed.’

“It’s Not Unusual” begins to play.


Somewhere deep in the castle, laughter is heard. Pidge sits cross legged on her bed, a wicked grin on her lips.

“Happy fucking birthday to me,” she whispers.

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Omg but can you imagine catching Harry jerking off tho...?

It would be one of those moments, when he’d just freeze right on the spot. His hand gripping his hard shaft, cheeks slightly flushed out, his chest rising up and down rapidly.

Harry swallows loudly in the tensed silence as you start slowly walking towards him, your feet dragging against the hardwood floors.

You sit down on the bed and dance your fingers down Harry’s front, all the way down to his cock, and place your hand over his, encouraging him to continue. 

“Why did you stop love? Show me how you like it, yeah?”

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RFA and Saeran having to deal with an MC obsessed with classic rock? Like Dean Winchester obsessed with classic rock. Plays it all the time, blasts it while cleaning the house, plays it in the car, knows Highway to Hell (AC/DC), White Wedding (Billy Idol), and Ballroom Blitz (Sweet) by heart, and WILL sing along to any song they recognize as classic rock, even if they don't know it. (I recommend all of these songs btw. Highway to Hell is my personal fav) Thanks Lovely Admins~

A/N: CLASSIC ROCK TAKES UP MOST OF MY MUSIC LIBRARY ON MY LAPTOP ON MY PHONE ON MY DEATH BED WHATEVER, THESE ARE SOME OF MY FAVOURITE SONGS I WAS FUCKING BORN FOR THIS REQUEST AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (not to mention I am 10/10 Dean Winchester trash, I also recommend all the songs mentioned in here if y'all haven’t heard them yet) ~Admin 404


           -He had his headset on while he played LOLOL, but?

           -He can hear some pretty cool guitar riffs in the background. Maybe someone else on the mic was playing music?

           -It wasn’t until he quit for the day that he realized it was coming from the bedroom

           -??? Were you playing music?? What song is this??

           -Why is this song talking about the state of California like it’s a person?

           -When he asked you about it, you told him it was Dani California (by Red Hot Chili Peppers), one of your favourite classic rock songs!

           -Classic rock??? What was that??? Just older rock songs??  listen here, buddy;;;;

           -He really really liked the guitar in it though!!

           -From then on, he asks you all about the songs you play, and you can find them on his phone later that day

           -10/10 you converted him half-way to classic rock the other half is pop like Katy Perry but that’s okay too


           -Pretty sure he’s heard of classic rock

           -During his motorcycle gang phase, definitely!

           -Used to play Highway to Hell (by AC/DC) all the time when he rode his bike!

           -So when he came home from practicing for a musical all day long, it was a huge surprise to find you in the kitchen making dinner, dancing to this song

           -It was so loud, you didn’t hear him come in or call out to you at all!! okay but you nEED TO LISTEN TO THIS SONG SUPER LOUD OR ELSE WHAT’S THE POINT

           -Hugs you from behind and scared the living hell out of you!!!

           -“MC!! I didn’t know you liked this type of music!! This is my favourite song!”

           -He tells you all the stories and feelings he had when he’d ride his bike, blasting this song

           -Begs you to play more music like this at home!!!! It’s a nice break from all the musical things he has to do all day!! Brings up so many memories!!!

           -As a surprise, he dresses the both of you up in some leather jackets and recreates that scene just for you!! Wants you to feel the same as he did! Free and happy!


           -The moment she got home, she could hear loud music and you singing along, but couldn’t find you?

           -What are we dreaming about? You want me to sing with you? What lines on your face are getting clearer?? Yes MC, the past is gone, what about it?

           -She walks in to the living room to see you dancing around with the broom, practically screaming at the top of your lungs along to Dream On (By Aerosmith)

           -MC you’re just flinging dirt everywhere that’s not very smart

           -You pointed and starting singing the chorus to her, and she got pretty flustered

           -At the end of the song though, you apologize for having it so loud, and offer to turn on some of Zen’s CD’s

           -But??? She turned down your offer???

           -Shyly asks what you were listening to, and asks if the two of you could listen to it again

           -She likes how slow it is, until it gets a little more intense and she’s fiRED UP

           -Any other classic rock band you attempt to put on though, no, the guitar is too much for her, please leave it to the softer Aerosmith’s like Dream On or Sweet Emotion



           -You were with Driver Kim, on your way to pick up Jumin from work since you kinda took driver kim away for the day lmao

           -Driver Kim knows your favourite songs now, and has a whole playlist ready for you! The two of you were arriving at the C&R building, but you were having so much fun singing along so loudly to the songs! Dancing in your seat! He couldn’t turn off the music and ruin your fun

           -That being said, the moment the door was opened for Jumin, the blaring music almost knocked him backwards a little bit

           -He got in and watched as you kept singing along, not realizing that he had entered the car

           -Immediately recognized the song you were singing as You Give Love A Bad Name (by Bon Jovi again, fiGHT ME)

           -When the song was over, he clapped a little and it scared the hell out of you because whEN THE HELL DID HE GET THERE??

           -You try to apologize for the music but to your surprise, he has Driver Kim keep your playlist going?

           -“MC, this is a secret between the two of us okay but what about driver kim tho. Although I thoroughly enjoy the beautiful instrumental pieces that usually play, I…. have a guilty pleasure for the guitar riffs in Bon Jovi’s works.” did jumin han just say guitar riffs, deceased

           -Loves listening to you sing along from now on! Every now and then you can hear him humming a few songs from your playlist, or even singing very quietly along slay me omg can you imagine tho


           -He’s into multiple genres of music sooo, why not classic rock too?

           -There’s been multiple times that he’s walked into the living room and you’re playing air guitar to some of your favourite songs

           -500% jumps on the table and joins you

           - once took air guitar too far and broke the table he was standing on

           -That being said, he really doesn’t mind that you’re so obsessed with it! He likes it too! CRANK IT UP MC

           -Loves when you sing along because he likes hearing your voice

           -When you sing Space Oddity (by David Bowie) he’s wEAK

           -Purposefully plays it often just to hear you sing along

           -Most of his playlist during car rides is classic rock, just for you!

           -The type of guy to slip song lyrics into casual conversations, which confuses the group chat but you’re always laughing at it


           -He came home earlier than expected from a photoshoot to surprise you!

           -When he got home though, he could hear music from the living room

           -Though it wasn’t usually the soft music the two of you usually have playing?

           -Why is it talking about a crazy train? What’s wrong with the train? It’s coming off the rails? That’s dangerous!!!

           -He noticed you dancing around, dusting, so he decided to just look at what you were playing himself

           -Crazy Train (by Ozzy Osbourne)? He recognized that it was classic rock, and decided to surprise you in a different way by plugging his own phone into the aux cord

           -Which, of course, scared the living hell out of you because you weren’t expecting the music to stop???

           -You went to apologize for playing such loud music, thinking that he was ignoring you and putting on something softer because he didn’t like it, but??

           -He put on Dust in the Wind (by Kansas)?? He knows Kansas???

           -Gets embarrassed when he explains he likes a few classic rock songs here and there, especially anything by Kansas or Lynyrd Skynyrd (His favourites are Free Bird and Simple Man)




           -It’s some of the softer music he’ll listen to what do you mean metallica isnt soft enough music to sleep to

           -He may hate singing in front of you because he gets embarrassed but!!!



           -So when you turn it on full blast in the living room, he comes RUNNING

           -S L I D E S into the living room and sings along!

           -Listening to classic rock with you, it honestly relaxes him and he comes out of his shell! So he obviously doesn’t care if you’re obsessed

           -Might even stay for an encore and sing Walk This Way (by Aerosmith) or Born to be Wild (by Steppenwolf), otherwise he’ll sit and watch you dance around like an idiot totally doesnt record you because you’re cute

#75 Your daughter interrupts his live show (requested)

Dan: “Yeah, it was really cool,” he smiled, leaning on the arm of his chair.

Just as he was about to say something else, he heard two little feet pattering down the hall.

“Someone is coming to say hi,” he whispered with a grin.

Your two year old daughter came into the room holding a piece of paper tightly. “Daddy look!” She exclaimed.

Dan pulled her up into his lap and took the paper, which showed a messy drawing of what seemed to be your little family.

“Wow, bear! That’s so good! Can we show our friends?” He asked, pointing to the screen.

She smiled and nodded, dark brown curls bouncing. Dan flipped around the paper so everyone could see.

“Isn’t it really good guys?” He asked, pulling your daughter in the shot a little more.

The chat flooded with things like “best drawing ever!” And “you’re the cutest thing to ever exist.” Your daughter grinned proudly.

Phil: “But isn’t that crazy? Like-” he stopped when your 2 year old daughter walked through the door. “Hello precious!” He smiled at her.

“Daddy! I missed you!” She ran to him, crawling up on his lap and wrapped her little arms around his neck.

“You missed me during your nap? Well I missed you too,” he kissed her cheek. “Can you say ‘Hi guys’?” He asked.

“Hi guys!” She giggled, waving her arm like she’d seen her father do.

“I like your bow,” he commented, adjusting the little pink bow that you’d placed in her hair earlier.

“It’s pink!” She stated, looking back at Phil.

“Very good! Now… What color are daddy’s socks?” He pointed to his feet, where he bore mismatched socks.

“Red, black, and yellow.” She pointed to each color on each sock. Phil genuinely didn’t think she’d get that.

“You’re so smart!” He pulled her close to him, tickling her stomach.

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Hey, Lissa! I stalk your blog all the time but this is my first time leaving a ask! 😅 Anyhoo, I just wanted to stop by & ask if you knew that samurai used to carry around prints of erotica with them for good luck? 😏 Can you imagine the warlords carrying porn into battle? And MC finding out & being lowkey jealous then drawing erotica of herself with her warlord for him to carry instead? I just thought of it while watching Miss Hokusai on Netflix. 10/10 would recommend, especially for Edo inspo!

Heyo! Aw, thank you so much for popping in and for checking out the blog~ sorry for the late response, by the way!

… I… did not know this…

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  • Hideyoshi: Does it very subtly but secretly really enjoys having it with him.
  • Ieyasu: Passes on the whole thing and threatens the gods if they intend to spite him for it in battle.
  • Kennyo: No. Just no. He’s a monk, for fuck’s sa- who am I kidding, hed do it too but probably wouldn’t even think about it.
  • Kenshin: … he’s got issues. He passes on this one bc otherwise he’ll go grow mushrooms in a corner whenever he looks at it.
  • Masamune: H E  P R O B S  L O O K S  A T  I T  I N  B A T T L E
    *Waves sword around with one hand, casually sticking some guy in the face with it, porn in the other*
  • Mitsuhide: Takes it with him, then sets himself a goal of kills. If he reaches it, he can look at it later on in the night ;)))))
  • Nobunaga: HIS PRIDE IS TOO BIG HE’D BE INSULTED BY THE THOUGHT OF RELYING ON PORN FOR WINNING but he’d take it with him anyway and just enjoy it in the night-time~
  • Sasuke: … he might be secretly kinky, but he’s a scientist. Luck isn’t a thing. He leaves his at Kasugayama.
  • Shingen: S P E N D S  E V E R Y  S P A R E  M O M E N T
    B E F O R E  A N D  D U R I N G  B A T T L E
    L O O K I N G  A T  I T  S H A M E L E S S L Y
    *Also may or may not run after Yukimura trying to show him it because…

Bless your soul for this because it’s cracking me up here and I’m cackling so hard at the thought of it XD Christ almighty…

And as for Miss Hokusai, I can’t watch it, unfortunately! I’ve got Netflix but a lot of the shows on there aren’t available in the UK because of licensing and stuff… *sigh*

Thank you for sending this in, sweetheart! It’s seriously made my night and just made me laugh so much~

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Haha this is really dumb, but on the previous imagine about the Wammy boys' s/o being musically talented, on Mello's part where it said "slammed away on the keys" for some reason I thought it said "slammed your face on the keys" and I started laughing so hard just imagining poor Mello walking in on his s/o just repeatedly slamming their face on their keyboard and he's just so worried.

I was in Spanish when I read this and I had to try so hard not to start laughing omg

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Omg Shanna I’m actually crying tho... ok let’s imagine nothing’s has been going on & they hung out a few wks ago & they haven’t since or w/e... maybe decided just to be friends. Lily gets to London & maybe she hasn’t even talked to him in a bit, she goes for work, chillin w/ London friends before she starts filming her new movie & like every single place she goes, everywhere she turns Niall’s face is plastered there! All throughout the city! Like can you imagine tho... it’s kinda funny omg 😂

DEAD omggg how did i not even THINK of that aljhfajklhf thats so funny 

Being Harassed For Skin Colour (GOT7)

“hi babe, love your work! could i please request a got7 reaction to their gf being constantly harassed in media due to being slightly tanned?”

(gif credit to the original owners)

He’d be quite angry. Upon reading such harsh comments on a girl he loved so much, he would flip. He wouldn’t speak out about it or anything, because he’d want to remain professional, but he would livid away from the media’s eyes. Once you spoke to him, reminding him that mindless words didn’t hurt you, he would ease up a little. A tinge of bitterness would linger, however.

“I know I shouldn’t let these things affect me (Y/N), but why it should matter what colour your skin is?”

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Of course he would be annoyed. He would hate it so much if you were to feel personally affected by mindless comments aimed at your appearance. As soon as he heard them, he would go directly to you. He would speak gently about how beautiful he thought you was and to not listen to anything the press says about you. Yet, you could still tell he was agitated and would reassure him you were fine.

“Don’t listen to them (Y/N). I don’t care what skin colour you are because you’re so gorgeous, okay?”

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