omg can you imagine tho

The roman au no one asked for:

ancient rome au where Reyna pulls a mulan and dresses as a man to run for praetor. but Octavian (her former ally) is suspicious of her and tells her he knows her secret and will go to the senate in the morning. Reyna will not let the 10+ years of pretending go to waste. her bodyguard Jason kills Octavian and no ones the wiser. Reyna runs for praetor and is elected. 

#75 Your daughter interrupts his live show (requested)

Dan: “Yeah, it was really cool,” he smiled, leaning on the arm of his chair.

Just as he was about to say something else, he heard two little feet pattering down the hall.

“Someone is coming to say hi,” he whispered with a grin.

Your two year old daughter came into the room holding a piece of paper tightly. “Daddy look!” She exclaimed.

Dan pulled her up into his lap and took the paper, which showed a messy drawing of what seemed to be your little family.

“Wow, bear! That’s so good! Can we show our friends?” He asked, pointing to the screen.

She smiled and nodded, dark brown curls bouncing. Dan flipped around the paper so everyone could see.

“Isn’t it really good guys?” He asked, pulling your daughter in the shot a little more.

The chat flooded with things like “best drawing ever!” And “you’re the cutest thing to ever exist.” Your daughter grinned proudly.

Phil: “But isn’t that crazy? Like-” he stopped when your 2 year old daughter walked through the door. “Hello precious!” He smiled at her.

“Daddy! I missed you!” She ran to him, crawling up on his lap and wrapped her little arms around his neck.

“You missed me during your nap? Well I missed you too,” he kissed her cheek. “Can you say ‘Hi guys’?” He asked.

“Hi guys!” She giggled, waving her arm like she’d seen her father do.

“I like your bow,” he commented, adjusting the little pink bow that you’d placed in her hair earlier.

“It’s pink!” She stated, looking back at Phil.

“Very good! Now… What color are daddy’s socks?” He pointed to his feet, where he bore mismatched socks.

“Red, black, and yellow.” She pointed to each color on each sock. Phil genuinely didn’t think she’d get that.

“You’re so smart!” He pulled her close to him, tickling her stomach.

oKay, so I’m sure we are all veryy veryy excited to see if the whole “Daryl takes a shower” rumour is true…….

And if anyone knows me then they’ll know I never  (never ever ever ever ever everrrrr) shut up about the film Darling Lili (1970) and THIS perfect moment ..#NotEvenSorry

Imagine Carol and Daryl in this laveeely laveely romantic scene in place of super duper Julie Andrews and Rock Hudson…..

Maybeeeeee this is how Daryl finally gets that shower that Carol asked him to have?

Pretty Please Scott Gimple???!!



can you imagine sera/josephine tho 

because omg josephine trying to be all perfectly proper. but you know she has that wild fun side. and her and sera get up to the weirdest shit and they go running back one of their rooms laughing the entire way. and josephine might be like “I haven’t done something like that since my days as a bard” and she’d be laughing some more until Sera kissed her and they laughed as they fell into the cushions together.