omg can i touch your hair


I was bored after finishing 3 seasons of Hannibal (again) and I need some refreshment. I watched Confession of shopaholic. It was a typical generic Romantic comedy movie. but COME ON FANCY DANCY with boss-office worker, shirt and tie, and THAT ACCENT THO oh my god he was so young and cute and all that jazz OMG i swooned. like, crushing harder than my 15 year-old self. screaming and blushing so hard every scene he appeared. OMG. no. i’m not ready. I fall for him hard enough already.


A/N: I am baaaack. I’m sorry this took so long :( Exam is coming up next week and the last weeks have been a flurry of exams and projects in need to finish! I’m going on an exam hiatus next week but meanwhile, here’s another boyfriend!seventeen, starring our very own Most Boyfriend-able leader, Choi Seungcheol!!!

  • so much pda omg
  • and we saw it coming but Cheol is probably one of the biggest cuddlers
  • like oh my gOD is this guy clingy
  • he’d absentmindedly play with your hair during cuddle sessions
  • can’t stop touching you in any way
  • I mean, control yourself, Cheol, there are kids in here
  • the worst times were always ones when he got sick
    he get so clingy and wHINY

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More bitter soulmate AUs

because not everyone will be the hugs and kisses type

  • ‘The timer on my wrist just got to 00:00:00 but I don’t want it to so I’m just gonna cover it up with my sleeve/a bracelet/etc’ AU
  • ‘I can feel your emotional distress but I won’t admit that we’re soulmates so I’ll just ask if you’re okay and act casually concerned’ AU
  • ‘I just thought of a joke and you laughed. Please never read my mind again, my thoughts are private’ AU
  • ‘You just said the words tattooed on my body but I’m gonna pretend that’s not what it says and just laugh at your jokes/listen to your dog story/etc instead’ AU
  • ‘My hair turned rainbow this morning and omg you dyed yours rainbow this morning? Just stop, please’ AU
  • ‘Everything switched to coloured from black and white as I touched you and wow the flowers/trees/sky is/are so pretty but I’m gonna pretend it still looks grey to me and marvel at it outside/away from here’ AU
  • ‘Ouch! Did you just touch that hot plate? Wait, I’m soulmates with you? No thanks’ AU
  • ‘My neighbour introducing themself is what it says on my body but I literally hate them’ AU
  • ‘I think I can taste that food you’re eating and it’s horrible, please leave me alone’ AU

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Can I have a reaction of RFA+V+Saeran to MC having the most soft hair ever? (I just wanted something fluffy omg :") thank you 💕)

OMG this is so cute yessss

Also, i’m sorry i didn’t get this request done sooner, had to prepare for my dad’s birthday, but now back to writing :3


  • wow
  • Babe how is your hair so soft???
  • very jelly
  • will hide it tho
  • loves brushing your hair
  • and styling it too
  • pls Babe just lemme touch your hair
  • Will ask how tf you keep it so soft
  • Babe. I NEED to know


  • Impressed
  • your hair is softer than Elizabeth 3rd’s fur
  • just how???
  • won’t admit it tho
  • loves touching your hair when cuddling
  • or hugging you
  • just loves touching your hair in general


  • ok but i’m 700% sure he also has soft af hair
  • Your hair’s so soft MC…
  • will buy you bows and cute accessories 
  • loves it if you let him put them on you 
  • cutest little smile when he touches your hair 
  • I already knew you were perfect MC, this just proves that you’re perfection~~


  • omg dis babe
  • ya’ll now he would spend at least 5 hours styling you hair
  • MCCC~ your hair is so soft!!!
  • loves hugging you from behind just so his face touches your hair
  • ok but he’d be like a lil kid wanting to style your hair
  • puppy eyes you just to be sure you’ll let him touch your hair
  • not like you wouldn’t let him for starters but damn….
  • Cute puppy Yoosung is Obsessed with your hair~


  • What
  • why is your hair so soft???
  • HOW is your hair so soft???
  • he thinks it’s cute
  • no he wont admit that, fuck off
  • actually loves touching your hair
  • if you move he’ll get salty
  • he won’t ask you to come back tho
  • no he won’t admit he loves your soft hair
  • fuck off Mc


  • uhm wait what
  • why is your hair so soft???
  • he already sees you as the cutest thing ever are you trying to kill him?
  • why didn’t it say your hair was incredibly soft when he researched you??
  • Seven… Babe, it doesn’t work like that…
  • he always gets schocked when he touches it bcuz????
  • how are you so perfect???
  • yep he just fell in love with you, again.


  • *Sparkly eyes Jaehee Emoji*
  • Ok but 100% sure she’d love to style your hair
  • specially after Jumin basically made her cut it off
  • fuck you jumin
  • ok but for real
  • momma Jaehee would style your hair 
  • it helps with her stress so yeah…
  • Won’t let you do ANYTHING that would chance you ruining your soft hair
  • No, MC, i’m not controlling you, i just want you to be careful

well, hope this is what you wanted, my internet was pretty shit and crashed twice whilst i was writing this :)

Vibes (2/5)

Pairing: Winterboneless x reader (modern college au!)

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, blood, bruises

Word count: 625

Summary: Bucky and Ivar have been friends with you for a while and as the senior year of university is starting to close, they come upon the realization that your vibes are changing, and not in a good way.

A/N: I’ve decided that I’ll be updating this on Tuesdays and Fridays! after this series is over, there will be another short series, two to three parts, about Alex! Stay tuned for that!

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You didn’t show up. Both Ivar and Bucky were waiting at the library with their history books opened so you three could study together for the midterm happening next week. You never missed a study date.

Bucky checked his phone and his leg kept bumping against the underside of the table as his nerves were getting to him. They were both worried about you.

Ubbe came in through the library, looking frantic as his eyes searched for his brother and his boyfriend. He found them and approached their table, causing both men to tune into Ubbe’s panic.

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Matching Hair (Peter Maximoff)

You walk down the aisles of your local Walmart, on your way to the grocery aisle to pick up eggs. You start to wonder where your boyfriend wandered off to when you feel the familiar breeze on your side. “Hey!” Peter tries to start a conversation. You can tell he wants something. You roll your eyes. “What do you want?” You ask. He looks down at his feet with his hands behind his back. “Well, you see… I like your (Y/H/C) hair and all but wouldn’t it look better silver? It would match mine and everyone at school would be like ‘omg couple goals!’” He mocks our classmates in a high pitched voice. You’ve always wanted to dye your hair, you just didn’t know what colour. Silver hair would be fun. You would just have to touch up the roots every now and then. “Fine, go get the dye-” Before you could finish your sentence, Peter had got the hair dye, which was on the completely opposite side of the store, may I add. He started jumping up and down like a five year old. “Yes, yes, yes! You have no idea how excited I am (Y/N)!” You let out a small laugh. “Ok, now let’s go home before I change my mind.”

Back at your dorm room, you set everything up in the bathroom. “Peter, I’m trusting you to not get silver gunk everywhere!” You scold him. “Dont worry, I won’t!” Your boyfriend continues to have the mind set of a five year old while he does your hair, constantly telling you how good you will look and picking things up before they spill and make messes.

After what seems like eternity, Peter has finally finished dyeing your hair. “Ok, have a look!” He helps you up and you look into the mirror. Wow. You never thought you would look this good with silver hair. “Peter, this is amazing!” You continue to stare in amazement as Peter cleans up. “ I told you it would look good.” He smirks.

Once the bathroom is clean, Peter insists on showing the whole school. He drags you out of your room and runs around shouting things like, “Wow, look at my girlfriend, she’s so pretty!” And “Do you like her hair? I did it myself!” All he hot in return was mumbled agreements of tired students. He turns to you and smiles. “See? They love you!” “I’m sure they do Peter.” You laugh. He shouts triumphantly. “Ha! Know we can be the ultimate power couple!”

You spend the rest of the evening looking at your newly silver hair and walking around. With Peter casually forcing comments out of people. You couldn’t be happier.

bran stark: just because

ANON REQUESTED: Could you write an imagine were the reader is Tommen’s twin and driven by grief after his death she floods to the North, running into Jon and Sansa and eventually meeting Bran and you two fall in love and elope? Somehow…. Thank you very much!

N: so sorry it took so long (。•́︿•̀。)

The wildfire.

It was all you could see. You felt the heat on your face and the bright light of the burning Sept of Baelor. You ran to the opposite side of the castle, hoping to see your twin brother. His servant went out of his room, and you ran faster to see your brother. The wildfire burned the Sept, aswell as the people and their houses. Margaery and her family was inside Baelor and you could feel your heart break when you realize how much your brother truly loves Margaery.

“Tommen,” you said as you closed his door. Tommen was standing on the ledge of the balcony without his crown on. He looked at you, with no expression in his eyes. He looked tired and defeated. His eyes shifted towards the burning Sept and he made a final step towards the open air. “Tommen, no!”

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OTP at the beach
  • I really want to go in the water but I’m also kinda afraid of the water can you please give me a piggy back and wade out into the ocean so I can get closer without having to get wet but oh my god you’re dROPPING ME ABORT
  • I found this amazingly beautiful and intricate seashell and I want you to have it, here
  • We were playing volleyball but you tripped and grazed your leg come here let me make it better I mean I would say wear some pants next time but you look so fricking hot running around in next to nothing gosh
  • On that note, let me do your sunscreen
  • I’m trying to kiss you but the sun’s in my eyes omg hang on one second
  • Look at this cool cave get your sweater we’re exploring inside okay you don’t have to be scared I promise I’ll hold your hand the whole time AND you can keep every single seashell I find as well as your own
  • Also kiss me in the spooky seaside cave please
  • You literally look like a vision with your hair all sea-surf-y and tangled and your sweater on over your swim stuff and your skin all tan and with all that colour in your cheeks let’s come to the beach like every weekend yes??
  • You’re so exhausted you fell asleep on our beach mat thingy so I carried you back to the car and made a second trip for all our beach shit and when I got back to the car you were literally passed out in the passenger seat I guess it’s home time but oh my GOD IS THAT THE PILE OF SEASHELLS YOU WANT TO KEEP HOLY FUCK WE CAN’T KEEP ALL OF THOSE ??!??!?1!1??!
Rvb 15x15 Spoilers

I finally got an RT First account so it’s lit af now

• Grif is so in love with Simmons it’s ridiculous
•"Buddy? No, friend.“ •Castaway pt. 2 is that you?
•Grif being upset that he let Church deflate speaks VOLUMES guys
•"Are You There Grif? It’s Me, Locus.“
•Lopez and Grif talking in Spanish
•"Is Simmons ok?” MY GAY BABY HEART AGHH
•I live for Spanish Crew™
•This means Grif is trilingual now right? Spanish, Hawaiian, and English?
•"Stop touching my face.”
•Of course Doc-Ball is missing. Of fucking course.
•Omg Grif I love you but SHUT UP
•He’s like Caboose and Grif bred together and then strapped a speed boost to the baby. That’s how he is now.
•"Can I bring my friends?“ “Absolutely not.” Cut to the volleyballs on Locus’ ship.
•"What’s your favorite type of pizza? Did you kill your brothers and sisters? Are you a dog or cat person? Do you miss Felix?“ If Locus wasn’t wearing a helmet, he’d rip his hair out.

mqrlene-studies  asked:

Hi! How did you get started on learning korean? :) I want to teach myself but I kinda don't know how (and I don't want to spend any money 😅)

Hi there! I was inspired by my love of kpop to start learning. Here’s what I did (for free)!


  • Dedicate your entire soul and being into learning Hangul. Master it. It’s much easier than you think; there are only 24 characters that you need to learn how to pronounce. I’ll go into more detail on how I mastered it later in this post!  
  • COMPLETELY ABANDON ROMANIZATION. Once you learn Hangul, read Korean words in HANGUL. Abandoning Romanization will make your pronunciation better because it’ll fight your English speaking and pronunciation habits, as well as help you remember and practice the Hangul pronunciation and characters you learned.
  • I learned Hangul through YouTube and I h i g h l y suggest you do too!
    • Koreanclass101′s Hangul series was wicked for learning all of the 24 basic consonants and vowels. The lessons were almost too easy to understand, and you even learn a couple words as you go along, slowly building your vocabulary!
    • After learning Hangul through them, I watched their mini series on pronunciation as well! I recommend watching and taking notes on these videos as well, they gave me some really great tips that has made my Korean so much better.
  • Hangul Quiz Free for iPhone/iPad was the app I used to practice my Hangul after I watched Koreanclass101 and sweetandtasty’s videos on Hangul, dipthongs, and double consonants. It’s a really simple quiz app that gives you a character in Korean and gives you four possible options in Romanization/English to answer with. I loved it, it came in handy when I had nothing to do and helped practice reading and recognizing Hangul. I think it’s what helped me read at a medium pace today!
  • KDrama Talk is another great app for simple and common phrases, but it’s more effective if you take the time to make flashcards out of the words/phrases. I also believe there’s a quiz feature, but I didn’t have the app for that long to know. 


  • I found this PDF called Korean From Zero thanks to thestudyzone that I swear by. It’s brilliant! It walks you through Hangul at the beginning, and then goes into simple phrases and grammar lessons. This book is the best thing that happened to me and my Korean, it taught me things about Korean pronunciation and grammar I would’ve never learned without maybe a teacher or native speaker (both of which I don’t have). I recommend you download, read, and take notes on it because it is seriously such an incredible tool for beginners. AND IT’S FREE. I CRY. 
  • I also downloaded My Korean 1 and 2 but I haven’t dived too deep into those yet, but so far I think they’ll be very helpful!
  • is absolutely amazing! This site also walks you through Korean, pronunciation, and tips on learning in the first unit, then goes into grammar and vocabulary! I love this site because it attaches audio files so you can hear what the syllables/words should sound like when you say them. The lessons are easy to understand, you can download PDF notes or take your own, and they give incredible tips, I definitely recommend!
  • YouTube is also incredible for vocabulary.
    • Koreanclass101 videos
      • You can click around their channel and find a playlist you want to learn words from! They have basic korean, holiday words, weekly words, etc. 
  • I track the tags “Hangul” and “Korean language” here on tumblr to get any information I can. In addition, I follow a few blogs dedicated to the Korean language to expose myself to more vocabulary/grammar rules.


  • I installed the Korean keyboard on my phone and laptop to practice typing, because realistically I’m going to be typing Korean more so than writing it once I’m more fluent.
  • I have this picture bookmarked so when I’m typing on my computer in Korean, I can have the window I’m typing in up on one half of my computer and this on the other. I haven’t quite memorized the keyboard yet, so I have to rely on the picture still! 


  • I signed up for’s word of the day and every morning I read it and try and remember it throughout the day! It’s a really good way to slowly build vocabulary. I make a flashcard deck for each month, which helps because I’m learning the vocab, writing in Hangul, and speaking the words when I practice.
  • I’m not going to assume you know about kpop/like it just because you want to learn Korean, but I’d suggest giving it a go! K-Dramas as well; try and drown yourself in hearing Korean to get used to how they pronounce things and try and recognize words. 
    • Also, you can practice reading the subtitles/titles in Hangul! Though you might not know what the words mean, it’ll help you get better at pronouncing the words and reading them faster.
  • It helps a lot if you have someone in real life to talk to in Korean! If you don’t, try and translate words out loud whenever you recognize one (For example, I always say 진짜 (really), 아이고 (omg/oh dear!), 네 (yes), and touch my head or hair and say 머리 (head/hair) just to practice speaking. I’ll even see a rainbow in the sky and blurt out 무지개 (rainbow) just because I know the word and can remember and apply it.) Also, you can write to me on here and practice writing/typing, and read your messages and mind out loud to practice reading and speaking! 

This turned into a master post so quick, omg (아이고)! I hoped this helped you though! Best of luck to you and your Korean journey! 

“natural hair is for broke bitches” “you gonna get a perm..soon?” “ur hair is so nappy like omg!!” “can i touch it?? it looks so soft” “you should get a weave”       “your hair doesn’t suit you”
Alexander  pt.6 [BTS Jungkook ] (M)

jungkook x reader (y/N)

bts members

Genre : angst/smut/fluff  

Mature contents: this is not a fairy tale leave if you don’t like it,

Summary: he gave me fire and i need to find him ;with him i saw stars ,i wasn’t scared i felt safe.. i liked his kisses and i wish we meet again …

part 1 2 3 4 5


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this chapter has smut 

“can i come in” Katherine knocked the door she knew her colleague is so cold but it was something important for her to understand so she will not fuck up her work 

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Jimin & sexy time






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Can I ask a stupid question? As a white woman, is complimenting a WOC on her amazing braids actually a compliment (just saying "Your braids are gorgeous!") or is it othering? I know braids and hair are issues fraught with tension. I don't want to thoughtlessly cause harm by what I think of as an positive intended act of admiration for things my hair could never do. Should I just keep my mouth shut and admire in silence?

i think you answered your own question. are you complimenting her because her hair is “so exotic wow these braids are amazing omg can i touch it???” (and that way othering her) or do you appreciate the technique or the way it suits her? i want to believe that your intentions are good, but the fact that you even have to ask if certain behaviour is okay because you’re afraid of othering someone (or making them mad?) makes me think you’re (subconsiously) already doing it.

idk, what do you all think?

Seokjin Appreciation Post

I think there’s a unanimous agreement that our Seokjin deserves more love and attention than he is receiving so I think it’s only fair that I make a Jin appreciation post #stopsleepingonseokjin2k16 LET US PROCEED.

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okAY FIRST OF ALL he’s an ACTUAL prince like omg LOOK at him

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with a FIERCE ASF side profile sent from heaven above

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bb boy can go from hella HOT AS FK

Originally posted by omgjbmtjy-jsyjbbyk

to squishy smol mochi that needs to be protected at all costs and just wants cuddles and back huGS

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…to ultimate dork that makes you question if he really is the eldest in bangtan???

Originally posted by jeonsshi

eyes brighter than the stars in the night sky

Originally posted by jungkookiescookies

messy and ruffled hair that’s probably really soft to the touch if you ran your fingers through his hair T_T

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*takes a deep breath* wHO GAVE HIM PERMISSION

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his reactions give everyone life and the oxygen that we breathe like LOOK HOW CUTE

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ethereal beauty incomparable to anything 

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;-; loves and cherishes us so much 

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there’s just something about him doing literally aNYTHING that is just so captivating?

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also, he loves his members so much eomma jin is so caring like i can’t with how motherly he is I-

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lil baby gets so excited eating his eyes go all big and i JKSFDKSB

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i could honestly go on forever with this appreciation post

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but then we’d all be shook™ 

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that’s all for now folks :))

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goodbye ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- admin hwayoung (procrastinating assignments that needs to be done)

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Omg that TianShan headcanon your wrote about He Tian resting his head on Mo’s lap is everything!I love to see them get comfortable like that for real. But Mo should take the opportunity to tease He Tian as well and run his fingers through He Tian’s hair exposing his forehead. Mo would start laughing because he hasn’t seen him exposed like that ever lol. I mean, can you imagine how He Tian would react to Mo teasing him, touching him and hearing him laugh?

I’m so happy you liked it ☺️ Omg, that’ll be so sweet and funny! Since He Tian is always the one who teases Mo, it’ll be refreshing to see Mo get out of his shell and do it for a change.

thrivingamongthetrees  asked:

*ULTRA SUPER MEGA HUG OF WELCOMING LOVE* Hello!!! I've read your posts and omg you're amazing! I'm so excited to see how far you go! ^w^ can I request the incubaes with a rlly touchy s/o who just likes to always be touching them in some way? <3

(つ≧▽≦)つ⊂(・ヮ・⊂) Thank you so much! I’m excited too!

James: There’s a low hum of approval from him as you run your fingers through his hair. For a moment, James has half a mind to remove his glasses and lean further into your touch. But this wasn’t the first time you’d done this and he was so sure it would never be the last.

“You know, you don’t have to do this every time I get home from work.” The end of his sentence drifted off, his senses finally giving into temptation as he relaxed into your hands.

“I know,” you murmured in reply, placing a kiss to his temple. Allowing your hands to slip from his head to his shoulders, you continued. “But I want to.”

Erik: “Nobody told me being in love would earn me this many rewards,” Erik chuckled, leaning down to be closer to your height.

You placed a kiss to his cheek, trailing it up to his temple before doing the same to the other side. It had been the umpteenth time that day you’d asked him to lean down so you could give him a kiss, but Erik never grew tired of your constant display of affection.

“Come here, so that I may return each kiss you’ve given me,” he told you after a while. Pulling you close, he kept that promise and reciprocated every kiss with one of his own and then some.

Sam: “Warn me next time, will you?!” Despite his tone and glare, you knew there was no real anger being Sam’s words.

He should have been used to the affection you showed him by now. He should have been used to all the loving stares and lingering touches. So, damn it, why was he still blushing like an idiot every time you brushed his skin with your own?

“You don’t always have to be touching me.” He’d say it, but he would never really mean it. Though he never once told you how much he enjoyed every little graze, every tiny kiss, every lasting hug, you knew he would never seriously tell you to stop.

Matthew: “You are so cute, you know that?” His voice had come out as a whisper, not expecting you to hear it at all. You were asleep after all.

One of the best feelings in the world, in Matthew’s opinion at least, was the feeling of being completely wrapped in a hug while relaxing with someone you loved. And having a partner like you allowed him to experience that feeling nearly every day. What more could he honestly ask for?

“Man,” he sighed, a smile playing on his lips as he ran his fingers along the length of your hair. Despite being sound asleep, you still managed to snuggle further into his touch. “How did I end up so lucky?”

Damien: Despite not going out anywhere special, the two of you were holding hands. With your fingers entwined with each others, you could feel every ounce of warmth from Damien’s hand being shared with yours. Every so often one of you would lovingly squeeze, catching the attention of the other.

“You honestly don’t mind that I hold your hand so much?” Your question, coming from out of the blue, was laced with some worry. “It doesn’t bother you in the slightest?”

“Not at all,” he answered, lifting your hand to kiss each knuckle. “In fact, you could say I’m just as touchy as you are.”

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Omg can you do S and H from your last post for the Holland boys + Haz? I love this idea hahah oops

StaminaHarry: don’t fight me on this but I’m super sure that Harry is Always up for quickies in the less appropriate times. So he lasts less but for more than a couple of rounds.Sam: i think Sam, on the other hand, enjoys taking his time. He wants to make sure that he had kissed and touched every inch of your body.

Hairok, I didn’t get very much the meaning of this? I’ll do it as I like ahahahh, lol.I think that Harry is very fond of hair pulling, especially when he is behind you while lil Sam loves playing with them especially during lazy love making when you ride him
Monsta X reaction to seeing their black girlfriend’s hair afrod out for the first time

AN: Based on my own imagination

Shownu: Wide eyes upon first sight. A smile grows on his face as he continues to stare at you. Thinks you look cute regardless of what hairstyle you try, will get extra protective of you if anyone had anything negative to say about you and the way you choose to wear your hair.

Wonho: Encouraged you to do it because he was curious to see it, tells you it looks amazing and would really want to touch it. Would ask if you’re okay with it or not and would want you to teach him everything associated with keeping your hair healthy. Begs you to keep it like this for as long as possible because he thinks you look prettier like this and he’s really proud to have you.

Minhyuk: Wouldn’t recognize you for a second, “only because you looks so stunning I can’t believe it’s you. Wants to touch instantly, you would have to smack his hands away. Forehead kisses, tries to cop a feel at it. Wants you to teach him how to style your hair so you can have matching accessories together and hairstyles if you’d allow it.

Kihyun: Can’t stop secretly taking pictures of you because omg you look so cute.Would ask any and every question he has about it in his head at the moment. Would get mad pissed if people looked at you weird or would say anything out of line. Is really concentrated and on board with learning how to braid your hair if you wanted too as well. 

Hyungwon: Won’t stop staring because you look different, only then does he realize that your hairstyle has changed. Doesn’t think much of it because you’re his girl and if this is what you want to do and you’re happy, then he’s more than happy about it. Pinches your cheeks and tell you that you look beautiful no matter how you look or what anyone tells you.

Jooheon: Wanted to help you do it because he was really curious about the process. Would sing and take extra care with dealing with you and would giggle when you tell him to stop. Can’t stop himself from touching it because it’s so floofy and soft. Another one you’d have to tell to stop touching because you’d get tired of it. The type to freestyle about how he loved you an your appearance as he walked around you, eyeing you up and down.

I.M: The second you told him what you were going to do, he would go out and get you whatever you needed to keep your hair healthy. Would sit in the same room as you to watch the process. Refuses to help because he’s afraid of combing your hair too harshly when he gets excited. Uses his aegyo voice to talk to you when he sees the end result because he thinks its the only way to talk to the cutest person on the universe.


Seventeen Drunk Type

S Coups : Philosophical drunk. Asking weird but deep questions like “Do you think that bugs have feelings ?” Would discuss over anything and turn it into a really deep conversation. 

Jeonghan : All flirty drunk. He teases everyone. I can see him flip his hair like a bitch and bite his lips to every person he has in eye contact. 

Joshua : Blank drunk. He’s there, his glass in his hand. Jun is grinding on him but he’s so focussed on his empty glass that he doesn’t react. 

Jun : Naughty. Grinding on anything, even his chair, he doesn’t give a fuck. 

Hoshi : LOUD DRUNK. like hell omg. I can see him shouting while dancing weird things (like octopus dance) with Mingyu. Laughing his ass off for nothing.

Wonwoo : Fighting anything. Shouting on everybody. You touch him ? He smacks your head on his knee and let you dead on the floor before getting another drink. 

Woozi : Does alcohol affects him ? I can just see him taking joshua’s guitar to beat hoshi’s ass because of how loud he is. 

DK : Friendly and social, just trying to have a good time with his friends by meeting new people and laughing with them. 

Mingyu : Dancing drunk. Please take him back cause when he goes on the dance floor he never leave it, trying to grind on as many person as he can. 

The8 : Cute drunk, giggling and dozing off after a few drinks. (Or fighting with everybody I’m not sure) 

Seungkwan : Never stop talking drunk. Never stand next to him when he drinks cause he’s going to talk to you all night about anything : His mom, his weight, his mom, Jeju, his mom, food, his mom…. HE WOULD TALK ABOUT HIS MOM.

Vernon : I can see him enjoying himself alone by rapping for himself too loud and making weird dance moves… Alone 

Dino : Lmao baby is drinking orange juice at home.