omg can i even finish this

Shiro wanted something big and Keith did not disappoint. Keith gave him the biggest sunflower he could find and Shiro died laughing. How can he possibly love this guy even more? So pure, too good for this world. ಥ_ಥ Redbubble  


Yooran Week Day 7: Pokemon Master and Slave Saeran-zard

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 (Final)

HERE WE ARE. THE EPIC *cough* CONCLUSION TO AN EPIC *splutter* WEEK-LONG (PLUS SOME) BATTLE! Angel Yoosung and Devil Saeran end up as Champion partners in the Pokemon-verse! THE PERFECT ENDING AMIRITE?!? I MEAN, LOOK - SAERAN IS SMILING!!!! OMGOSH

Thank you everyone for joining me on this crazy and highly questionable journey. I hope you’ve enjoyed my crack take on the Yooran Week prompts as much as I’ve enjoyed doing them. The week has been fantastic and as Mod Amy I’m really happy to have seen so many of your amazing entries! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST MUCH LOVE <3333


October 23 2017

greetings from midterm hell

Jk organic chem today was EXACTLY what I expected it to be so I’m not mad at all, unLIKE PHYSICS WHICH HAD ME SHOOK IN THE TESTING ROOM. I swear these professors are on some next level bullshit because they can write some really curveball tests. Like how did he even think of writing a test in that way, to make INTRO PHYSICS so difficult, im so impressed but sad omg. ive never taken a test like that in my life it was so weird (no calculator physics test so like……… was difficult). We had an hour and twenty minutes and still I didn’t finish the last part. fmlfmlfmflfm

anyways my last midterm (molecular bio) is tomorrow evening and I am excited because this is actually something that I know how to study for LOL I hope it’s not too bad im dying over here

Rupi Kaur themed spread from last week!! AND MY BOOK CAME IN EEK. Thankful that week is over smh


This is from 2007.  I drew all the frames in Microsoft Paint and put it all together in Powerpoint.  Then I guess I filmed it on the desktop – you can even hear my voice from back then, omg… this is so embarrassing, I love it.

Little baby Squiggs was so freakin’ proud of this when she first finished it, and you know what, I’m still proud of it today – this was the first step I ever took towards pursuing my dreams of working in animation.

If I could tell my younger self right after she finished this that, in ten years’ time, she’d be working for a cartoon on TV… she’d have been ecstatic.

I kinda wanna re-animate this from scratch, just to prove to myself how much I’ve improved over all this time.

anonymous asked:

How about something funny after that last one? How do you think the skaters would react to the white gold/ blue black dress of yesteryear?


Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+
Some PLEASE tell my boyfriend he is wrong!

Leo de la Iglesia @+Leodela+
I AM NOT WRONG @+guanghongji+ YOU ARE WRONG!

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu
What is the adoro-couple arguing about? @+guanghongji+ @+Leodela+

Leo de la Iglesia @+Leodela+
Adoro? @phichit+chu

Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+
said that the dress was black and blue @phichit+chu

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu
Huh? @+guanghongji+ @+Leodela+

Seung-gil Lee @seung-gillee
And I’m the one that doesn’t get ‘fazes’ #DressDebate

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu
What the hell @+Leodela+ that dress is white and gold #DressDebate

Seung-gil Lee @seung-gillee
I showed @phichit+chu the dress…

Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+
SEE!!! SEE!?!?!? @+Leodela+

Leo de la Iglesia @+Leodela+
It is black and blue #DressDebate

Leo de la Iglesia @+Leodela+
@seung-gillee what colour is it? #DressDebate

Seung-gil Lee @seung-gillee
Black and blue #DressDebate

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu
WHAT!?!?!? @seung-gillee OPEN YOUR EYES!!! THAT DRESS IS WHITE AND GOLD #DressDebate

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Why is twitter exploding at 2am?

Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky

Leo de la Iglesia @+Leodela+
Someone send him a link #DressDebate

Seung-gil Lee @seung-gillee
@yuri-plisetsky #DressDebate
(Photo attached)

Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+
My boyfriend is wrong @+Leodela+ #DressDebate

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
So, it is finally official? You two are finally dating? @+guanghongji+

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu

Leo de la Iglesia @+Leodela+
What does that even mean??? @phichit+chu

Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
And to finish your stupid dress debate, it is blue and black #DressDebate

Seung-gil Lee @seung-gillee
What does @otabek-altin think? #DressDebate

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Why the hell do you care what @otabek-altin thinks? @seung-gillee

Seung-gil Lee @seung-gillee
Because everyone’s partner seems to disagree with them @yuri-plisetsky

Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+
There are only two couples here, I don’t think you can really conclude that works @seung-gillee

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
The dress is white and gold #DressDebate

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Three couples @+guanghongji+ @seung-gillee #DressDebate

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
YOU ARE ON THE DARK SIDE!??!?! @yuurikatsuki #DressDebate

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Yes, @v-nikiforov, I see black and blue

Christophe Giacometti @christophe-gc
Hubby and I are also at a disagreement #DressDebate

Jean-Jacques Leroy @Jjleroy!15
Issy thinks W/G. I think B/B. #DressDebate

Jean-Jacques Leroy @Jjleroy!15
Guess who is sleeping on the couch #DressDebate

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Sucker @Jjleroy!15

Leo de la Iglesia @+Leodela+
What does @otabek-altin think? #DressDebate

Jean-Jacques Leroy @Jjleroy!15
Yeah! What does the teddy-bear think? @otabek-altin #DressDebate

Seung-gil Lee @seung-gillee
Current information suggests that @otabek-altin will disagree with @yuri-plisetsky

Otabek Altin @otabek-altin
Black and Blue #DressDebate

Seung-gil Lee @seung-gillee
Maths was wrong #DressDebate

Leo de la Iglesia @+Leodela+

Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+

Leo de la Iglesia @+Leodela+
WHAT!!! BABE!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!! @+guanghongji+

Twitter War AU

AO3 Twitter War

anonymous asked:

48 x

Ahhhh this is actually too perfect for Evak omg

48 - “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”


save me 😭


What happens after I save you?


I marry you for all your money and then you die in a mysterious accident



Forget it you can suffer



remind me again, why did I choose to study Philosophy in my final year of High School?


Because you’re a big dumb nerd.


Not nerd enough it would appear. 🙁

I miss you ❤️


I miss you ❤️

When you’re finished i’ll be here ready to make you feel better 😏


Now that’s what i’d like to here 🍆

What are you doing right now?


Oh I’m just hanging with- 

Suddenly the phone was ripped right out of Isak’s hands. “Hey!” he screeched as he glared at a very frustrated Jonas. “What the hell? I was using that.” Jonas ignored him and tossed the phone to Mahdi who caught it in one hand. Then Jonas crossed his arms and nodded at Mahdi and Magnus. 

“Do it.” 

“Wait do what??” Isak yelled, waving his hands to snatch it back but Jonas pushed him back down. 

“We are doing this for your own good Isak”

“Doing what? I’m fine! You guys are crazy.” Isak shook his head and crossed his arms, giving up trying to get his phone back. They wouldn’t dare. 

Isak we have been sitting here hanging for like an hour and the entire time you have been talking to Even. 

Isak scoffed “That is so not true.” 

“Yes” Mahdi said, “It is” 

Isak rolled his eyes “You guys are so lame.” 

Jonas raised his eyebrows, “Do it Magnus.” 

“Okay Dear Even-”

“Don’t write dear Even, no one writes dear at the start of a text message” Mahdi interjected. 

Isak wanted to so desperately tell them that they were wrong because I mean Even did that to him all the time, but then he remembered that would be helping them and that was the last thing he wanted. Those assholes. 

“Okay ‘Even we’ve become the clingy couple that I, Isak Valtersen used to complain about constantly” Magnus stopped to look Isak right in the eye “Constantly.” 

But now I have become the most clingy disgusting sappy fool who makes all of his friends want to puke whenever he is around them.” Mahdi added. 

Isak looked at them in horror. 

“P.S. you smell and your hair isn’t as great as everyone thinks it is” Jonas finished. 

“Well now that’s a lie” Magnus muttered but typed it anyway. 

“i swear to god if you guys send that I’m going to rip your hearts out and make sure you never get laid again.”

the send sound echoed loudly through the room “Whoops my finger slipped.” Magnus said innocently. 

Isak panicked “WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS.” 

Mahdi and Magnus cracked up laughing as Isak pushed against Jonas who was stopping him from barrelling into Magnus and stealing his phone back.

“Give it back! I need to send him a smiley so he knows it’s all a joke!” 

Jonas rolled his eyes “oh come on he knows.”

Magnus nodded “He would totally know.” 

“You brought this upon yourself.” Mahdi said. 

“Yep we told you the next time you ignore us to text Even we were going to punish you” Jonas agreed. 

“I DIDN’T THINK YOU WERE SERIOUS.” Isak shouted pulling his hair 

he finally snatched it out of Magnus’s hands and looked down at the sent message. 

“Ugh I hate you guys.”

Isak frantically began to type an exclamation before Even saw it and jumped to conclusions but just as he was about to send it- 

“Even, we have become that clingy couple I Isak Valtersen-”

“Oh dear god” Isak groaned covering his face as Even walked up from behind him. 

“Used to complain about CONSTANTLY” 

Even smirked at him and kissed his neck “Well damn, you weren’t that much fun back then were you?” 

Isak rolled his eyes but his heart was fluttering at Even’s touch. 

The boys were in the corner laughing. 

“But now I have become the most clingy disgusting sappy fool” Even continued to read as he sat down and put his arms around Isak from behind. “who makes all of his friends want to puke whenever he is around them” 

Even looked up at the boys and then back at Isak, grinning cheekily “Well baby, why don’t we give them something to puke at huh?” 

and then to Isak’s pleasant surprise Even brought Isak’s face to his and kissed him long and deeply sending shivers through his body. 

The boys all groaned and laughed simultaneously but Isak was completely lost in Even’s touch. 

Even pulled back and looked into his eyes, smiling brightly at every inch of Isak. 

then he abruptly turned to the boys and stood up. 

“Alright now which one of you said my hair wasn’t that great?” 

I hope you liked this <3 

Send me one of  these prompts and I’ll try to write it. <3 

My personal head cannon is that Carmilla kept her childhood home and would occasionally hide away there when ever she wants to be left alone.  All the locals obviously think it’s haunted and won’t go anywhere near it.  Anyways, after saving the world, she takes Laura there.  Laura wakes up early and takes that opportunity to explore the place (even though Carmilla told her not to wander off by herself because the place is old and some parts aren’t entirely structurally sound).

If I had and capacity for writing I’d give you an accompanying fic, but I don’t so instead you get an illustration. 

P.S. My full portrait of Mircalla can be found here

Nct 127's reaction to their s/o procrastinating over their work

Request: oooookay so how would nct 127 react to their s/o constantly procrastinating on homework or projects (bc that’s literally me 24/7)

A/N: can’t relate because im a highkey nerd who always does her homework immediately… HAHA kidding, this was so fun to write thanks for requesting omg



You’re together with a smartass who did so well in his academics why are you doing this to yourself, kidding taeil i love you. He’d probably drag you to the table and start nagging at you to do your work, while he stares at you and makes sure you complete the page in front of him. But most of time it seems as if he’s the one doing the homework, because he helps you with almost every question. and he gets it right for almost every question so, you don’t complain at all.

“I’m so tired-”

“so you find x first and then ….”


*still doing math equation*

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes


Some days he loves it, because he gets to spend time with you instead, away from all the school work and projects. But he still knows that it’s important for you to do your work, so he always tries to convince you to do your work, which always seems to succeed.

“Babe go do your work”

“I can do it tomorrow in the morning?? and it’s math, im lazy”

“You do it now you get a free night cuddling session later on, deal?”

“Omg you ass- alright”

Originally posted by suhyoungho


Instantly becomes a mother and would start nagging non stop. As soon as he saw you using your phone and laptop instead of doing your work that you had claimed to start doing 2 hours ago, he’d go all strict with you and probably keep your phone and laptop away from you. Doesn’t give in even if you whine and pout, because he wants the best for you and wants you to do your work on time.

“Babeeee when will you be returning my phone”

“Not until you’re done with this worksheet”

“This page please?”

“No shush i love you, do you work hm”

taeyong, why’re you so mean :-(

Originally posted by taeyongsolo


I feel like he wouldn’t even care that much and he’s even more happy that you’re actually spending more time with him rather than doing your work. But when he starts to realise that it may affect your grades and academics, he starts becoming more alert and whines at you to complete them. Like Johnny, he’d try to make small little deals with you, which always work too.

“I’m so lazy today, this work’s due two days later anyways, i can complete them later”

“You always say that but end up not doing any”

“I’m trying my best, but i’m really lazy today”

“Okay at least do a few pages, and i’ll give you a surprise”

“i guess i have no choice”

Originally posted by sour-satang


A louder and even stricter version of Taeyong. Can nag at you for hours and go on about “how important doing work on time is” to “time management in life”, and it’s always the same few words that’d he’d say. He nags so much and takes up so much time you end up always eventually giving in to doing your work because it’s the only way he’ll stop. But after you’re done though, he becomes all sweet and polite again, even cooking you a meal.

“But i’m tired and lazy-”

“No excuses, do your work please”

“Babe you’re so mean to me”

“Only at times like this, now stop talking and do it”

Originally posted by doyo-ng


Like Johnny, he sometimes doesn’t mind and let you do things on your own, not interfering at all. But when he needs to, he becomes a less serious and nicer version of Taeyong, constantly reminding you to do your work and also offering you help if needed. Lowkey smiles to himself proudly everytime because he managed to convince you to do your work.

“Jae, can i not do it today?”

“I wish i could say yes but no, you need to complete it”


“I love you but you really have to hm?”

Originally posted by jyofanclub


At first when you lied to him and said that your work wasn’t important, he believed it at first and didn’t mind at all. But he’d notice how you’d always drag your work till the last minute, causing you to not get enough sleep the night before. From then on he started reminding you to do your work, probably acting cute so you’d agree to completing it on the day itself, which was a success.

“It’s due on Friday!!”

“it’s only two days away, do it now baby”

“Don’t give me that pout- and those eyes- okay fine i will”

Originally posted by nct-trash


Gets worried and anxious rather than as compared to the other members, and he seems as though he’s the one that’s doing the homework. Would try his best to convince you to do your work and also at the same time, help you out. Probably even offered to help you finish your homework because he’s so nice? And because of that your heart softens and end up doing it because you feel bad towards Mark if you don’t.

“I can do it later though?”

“It’s better to do it now babe, you can rest later”

“Why not you help me complete it?”

“I mean… i wouldn’t mind”

“Omg babe, i’m only kidding, i love you. for you, i’ll do it alrights”

Originally posted by neotechs


Probably joins you in procrastinating too that’s why both of your assignments are always not passed up on time. But on days where he’s feeling good and actually completed his homework while you haven’t, he’d started annoying you and asking you to complete your work, while he’s there laughing at you while you suffer.

“Stop laughing and at least help me out or something”

“No way, find the answers yourself”

“You’re so mean, ”

“Well maybe if you actually did it earlier than i would have helped but you dragged it on for one hour so, sorry”

“I hate you”

“i love you too”

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Fun fact: here in Italy Friday the 13th is not a day of bad luck, it’s actually Friday the 17th. The reason is probably that in Roman numbers 17 is written as XVII, which can be shuffled in VIXI (“I lived”, meaning you are dead in the present).
In Italy, 13 is usually a lucky number! Even though, due to Americanization, many young people consider Friday the 13th unlucky as well.
Key word: as well. Because, guess what? Friday the 17th occurs twice in 2017 (on both February and March), and Friday the 13th also occurs twice (on January and October).
Is 2017 an unlucky year, then? No! Even though we get four unlucky days (plus the year itself finishes with 17)

put it out to sea and perfect our chemistry

thanks to @jakelovesamy for spending basically her entire day alternating between providing ideas and being a generally reassuring person. thanks to anonymous, who sent in the prompt below. and thanks to kokomo, for providing a passable title. 

75. “I’m going for a swim. Do you wanna join me?”

The 2018 Detectives-Only Getaway takes place in an icy New York February. It begins with the hot tub and one of Charles’ less adventurous meals, but by late afternoon on the first day, the inhabitants of the house have moved into the basement and uncorked several bottles of wine. From the outside, it would be easy to assume that the beach house is deserted, its owners waiting for warmer months to use it. All of the lights are off, the curtains are drawn, and everything seems still and quiet. There’s no reason to believe that anyone would be spending a weekend at a beach this far north in the winter. And yet, invisible from the outside, dim lamps are flickering in the basement where six adults are crowded in a circle, voices rising as their third game of Never Have I Ever comes to a close.

Amy stares across the coffee table at Jake from her position on the floor with a ferocity that unnerves her friends. Charles is slowly scootching away from his best friend, distancing himself from the subject of Amy’s scrutiny, and even Gina has inched away from Amy, trying to pretend that the lasers shooting out of her friend’s eyes aren’t the most terrifying thing she’s seen this week. Amy holds four fingers on her right hand in the air defiantly, almost as though she’s daring someone to force them down. Only Jake, sitting across from her with heavy-lidded eyes and an absent-minded grin, seems unfazed by her glare. He holds his one remaining finger casually in the air as he takes a few large gulps from the bottle of beer he’s grasping loosely in his free hand.

“Jake! You can’t just drink whenever you want! We’re playing a game!” Amy is scandalized, shifting her weight as though she’s getting ready to leap over the table and knock his beer out of his hand, like she did during the first round.

“Come on, Santiago, lighten up. Drinking is fun,” Rosa contributes from her position in the corner, where she’s curled up and hugging a bottle of vodka. She lost their third game nearly half an hour ago, and since then she’s been heckling from the sidelines and drinking vodka like it’s water. Amy had tried to cut her off an hour ago, when she first started to slur, but Rosa had pulled out a pocket knife and chugged her drink defiantly, so Amy decided to leave her be.

“Yeah, Amy!” Jake sounds less like a boyfriend and more like a whiny teenager, but everyone’s too far gone to tease him for it. “Anyway, it’s your turn! Just go so I can drink already!”

Amy nods, pausing for a few seconds to think. She chews her bottom lip and furrows her brow - three rounds into Never Have I Ever and even she’s running out of new activities to trap people with. To stall for time, she takes another sip of her beer, pretending she doesn’t hear Rosa and Jake protesting about fairness and equal enforcement across from her.

And then, in a burst of inspiration, she has it.

“Never have I ever kissed Amy Santiago.”

The room is silent for a moment, while everyone takes a second to think through the sentence. And then, with resignation, Jake lowers his final finger, and chaos erupts.

Amy jumps off the floor so hard she almost knocks the coffee table over - Terry, whom she’d assumed to be asleep, catches it with one hand, eyes still closed. And then Gina and Rosa are pointing at her, shouting incoherently about legality. Charles is trying to provide comfort for a remarkably untroubled Jake, who’s busy chugging the rest of his beer, laughter etched in every line of his face.

Amy is ignoring all of them, doing her best victory jig around the room. She manages to find a clear space, which is a relief because she can only seem to control two of her limbs at a time, and she definitely kicked Charles’ shin on her way out of their tight circle.

“Undefeated champion!” she shout-sings. “Beat that! Three rounds in a row!”

Gina, who’s now stretched out into Amy’s vacated spot, replies lazily, “You know that means you’ve done nothing, right? Never been to a sewer rave? Never stabbed anybody? Never performed in an interpretive dance competition?”

“I mean, we all knew you were a nerd. The real tragedy is how little you got to drink, Santiago,” Rosa slurs.

In response, Amy throws her head back and chugs the rest of her beer without a breath. Then, on impulse, she slams the bottle to the floor with a flourish.

What she intends to be celebratory and badass quickly turns into a mess. The bottle shatters, and she discovers that it was much less empty than she thought when beer splatters across her toes. Charles shrieks, concerned for the carpet beneath them, prompting Terry, who’s been jarred fully awake by the commotion around him, to clap his hand over the smaller man’s mouth. Rosa and Gina, meanwhile, are shrieking with laughter on the floor. All of a sudden, Amy sees the hilarity in her position, one leg extended sideways, caught mid-dance, and her foggy mind decides that lying down and laughing sounds like an appealing course of action.

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Yooran Week day #1
Let’s go to eternal paradise~
Mystic Messenger Normal Route Bad Ending

Starting Yooran week! YEEY!  So..ok… I  was shipping them a little from the start! When I finished all Yoosung’s routes (He was my first)
But it was not until I finished Secret Ending 2  that they become my MysMe OTP.   Saeran all shy stole my heart! Like…I think that I like him more even that Seven? (omg, and I LOVE Seven)  so I want Saeran to be Happy T-T
I don’t like to ship him with MC, MC/707 all the way!
but I really truly believe that he and yoosung can have a very nice relathionsip…so


For day 1 -
This is based on The common bad ending in the 5th day…

** spoilers and more talk under the cut **

..that one that you get when you didn’t play at all on normal route and yoosung became crazy and start to talk about they being robots… and in the end…


So… Enough cannon information to support that they can be together… FIGHT ME!  xD 

Did I say that I love them?

anonymous asked:

Do you have any evak + girl squad headcanons?<3

Okay let me just say I live for evak and the girl squad. Like so so so much. The birthday one shot I did for Even’s birthday was basically just a massive girl squad and Isak hanging out fest. I am obsessed haha

  • So just like the boy squad the girl squad and evak work all for so many different reasons depending on the girl. So Even and Noora find themselves in serious discussions about women’s rights and human rights and equality all together. Even is actually one of the few people that make Noora rethink things she was so sure were the only way to think about them. They listen to each others perspectives and then broaden the way they originally think about something, and it is both beautiful and annoying because Isak is just like ooohhhh eeem geee stop. And then omg Chris cracks up Even so much. her jokes and omg omg omg 
  • Okay so Chris does not let Even forget that she had this ‘connection’ with Isak. She is all “So Even, you know I am really glad that Isak found you because, I mean we kinda had a thing” and Even raises his eyebrows and is like “really?” she nods “Oh yeah, gawd our energy, the sexual tension, it was electrifying!” then she lowers her head in pity “poor Isak tho, He tried to make me jealous once which didn’t work, and then by the time he would have been ready to profess his love for me I had already found my Kasper. I can tell it really cut him up.” Even is just like “wow, I had no idea” and she is all “yeah it hurt so much that no other girl could compare. But I mean I’m just glad he finally got over me,” And Even laughs and says “same Chris, same.” 
  • And then ahhh Eva and Isak are finally reunited. They had such a precious friendship before the snake stuff went down and now they are baaack. They like have so many silly inside jokes and do such fun and silly stuff together that just makes everyone smile and go “ahhh you two” Like Isak and Eva’s super cute and adorable shenanigans truly come out together and Even and Vilde just sit there all heart eyed as they watch Isak and Eva compete to see who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouths. (this of course leads to some inappropriate jokes from the girls, especially Chris who says something along the lines of “this is really a competition to see who is better at fitting something else in their mouths” Even laughs of course and gives her a dick joke of his own. they are adorable) 
  • Oh and Eva showers Even in stories of baby Isak. of all the goofy stuff he did in middle school, and how his obsession with trying to rap began. And she leans forward and whispers “I’m pretty sure he actually thinks he’s really good so just go with it so we can get more footage of him being a dork” And Even is like “That won’t be a problem” and shows her the million videos he has secretly taken of Isak doing silly things and it is amazing and Eva is giggling and telling him a story for every video he shares with her. And it is like so perfect. <3 
  • Ahhh Sana my angel Sana gets along so well with our boys. Her and Isak are so so close (as we know) and they just mock each other and banter in such a fond way. It is adorable. and then Sana pays out Isak to Even which he loooooves but then Just like Sana and Isak, Even and Sana talk about so much issues that are happening in society and religion and cultural beliefs and basically their own personal values that truly make them understand each other and feel less alone. It’s beautiful. Sana clearly has a soft spot for both these boys which the girls tease her about immensely. Because this one time Even corrected her and the whole table just gasped and went into a dead silence, waiting for Sana to put him in his place buuuut instead she was like “Oh yes. Thank you. So anyway…” and they are just like OMG and now they laugh and go “Sana is a softie!” and Sana just glares and is like “I can make you all disappear.” 
  • And then Vilde omg I love Vilde + evak. I actually want to write a real drabble about this one day (I will when I finish the prompts and get a chapter out for each fic ahhh) so anyway this one is so funny because Isak and Even absolutely adore and love Vilde buuuut in completely different ways. So to Isak, Vilde is that super annoying little sister who is just like always there asking him things and telling him things and interrupting kissy time with his boyfriend and he is just like “oh my gawd Vilde I don’t care what dress you are wearing! Just cos I am dating a boy doesn’t mean I know fashion. gawd” And then she lectures him on his manners and he tells her to look in a mirror and she says I was gonna say the same to you but then I thought you would probably break it and they just totally bicker like siblings and it’s adorable. But then Even, oh Even he finds Vilde so endearing and sweet and he just wants to protect her and keep her happy and safe from the world. So this makes things awkward cos he is always like “Vilde join us to the movies tonight!” when she is complaining about having no plans and Isak is just like “ummm baby what the actual hell” because it always turns into Vilde rambling and Even listening politely while Isak is rolling his eyes and mumbling under his breath. He really does love her tho. Like if anyone actually hurt Vilde he would be the first to be like “I will defeat you with my muscles” and Even would be all “Isak you are the softest boy I know” and Isak is all “I am the master at fighting” and Even is just like “Okaaaaay sure Jan” 

Ahhh omg this is ridiculously long and probably not very good. I think I will try to make a better girl squad and evak headcanon in the future haha sorry for messing this up :( 

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How would bts (and/or got7) react to their normally outgoing girlfriend getting shy when asking them to have le sexy time? Your blog is the best by the way!



Jin: “Don’t ever think you need to be shy with me, i’m your boyfriend, you can be open with me even if you think it’s embarrassing”

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Suga: “babygirl, why you acting shy for? (omfg worth it by fifth harmony) we both know how you can get so no need to get all quiet on me” (MASTER OF DIRTY TALK)

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J-Hope: Would like how you were being honest with him and he would assure that there’s nothing to be shy about

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Rap Monster: would just get cutely flustered with you

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Jimin: would get embarrassed himself because you’re shy about it

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V: would be surprised because you usually aren’t shy about things

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Jungkook: bOY would just be like

no need to be shy with me, i know you always want me

anyway ;) 

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Mark: *gif it explains it all*

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*fans self*

JB: Would think it’s cute because it’s the opposite of how you usually are

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Jackson: He’d kind of tease you about it, if you want me you don’t even have to ask, you always got me

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Jinyoung: *does cute thing where he covers his mouth when he laughs*

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Youngjae: “Awh it’s okay, don’t ever feel shy about this with me”

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Bambam: okay ignore the lightstick LOL

he’d be like concerned and offended, why are you being shy about this all of a sudden, we do this all the time.

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Yugyeom: He’d get pouty about it, and would be like I want you to know that you can tell me whatever and whenever you want it

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Hope you like it <3 (sorry for this long ass post)

Vocal Unit Hybrid AU

A/N: Ok so this one’s some short bursts of headcannons on how Seventeen’s vocal unit would be if they’re hybrid imo. Shoutout to the Anon who asked for the hybrid au! I’ve been thinking about this AU for a while, too. If you want a fic/buletpoint fic for this, please let me know! Also I didn’t do it for a specific member like the usual fic bc you didn’t give me any specification so ^^ I just want to hear what you guys think before writing a fic for this. Man, I love me some hybrid AUs. I hope you all enjoy!

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  • You know that bougie ass cat with the long white coat and whose food is probably more expensive than your week’s worth of groceries?
  • Yeah that’s Jeonghan
  • Is so picky with which shampoo he uses oml
  • Knows he’s pretty
  • Reeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy loves it when you brush his hair with that special cat brush (cat people, y’all know which brush I’m talking about)
  • 99% just naps around tbh, especially on that spot near the window with the most sunlight
  • Likes to push your stuff off the table out of spite
  • “Don’t you dare, Jeonghan. Don’t you dare.”
  • You can see the ‘f*** you’ in his eyes before he pushed your things off the table
  • Will distract you from what you’re initially doing just to get a good rub
  • He’s that hybrid that looked really nice and angelic at first but you know that s*** is just an act lmao
  • But he loves your attention alright
  • Like, if you seem very too infested or intimate with other hybrids, he’d get pretty jealous
  • Proceeds to give you a haughty look and a silent treatment that could last for days
  • And it’s the cutest thing tbh, it’s so easy to rile him up
  • But ofc you do it in moderation bc man, can he hold a grudge
  • But despite all that, he’s pretty receptive and would immediately know when you’re feeling upset
  • The type who wouldn’t say anything but hold you close as you cry into his shirt
  • Is a really loving hybrid despite his attitude


  • Joshua is a cat hybrid, just like Jeonghan
  • But unlike Jeonghan, he’s an actual angel
  • Joshua is a domestic cat hybrid, of a tortoisehell cat
  • Likes to watch you as he sits on the counter as you fret around the house
  • He also likes to steal you food (playfully, anyway) whenever you’re not looking
  • Loves waking you up by carding his fingers through your hair and saying good morning in this really soft tone
  • Omg imagine waking up to Joshua
  • You like to think the sweet way he always wakes you up is because he’s so restless during the night
  • The times you share air bed with him, he either steals all the cover or pushes you off the bed
  • Loves to take up space on the bed, too
  • But it’s all well bc he always apologize by making you breakfast the next morning
  • Loves to sidle up next to you as you read or do your work and just watch you do your thing
  • Loves to take you by surprise when he plant tiny pecks on your face when you least expect it
  • Refuses to let you wash the dishes after you cook for the both of you
  • Really loves quiet Sunday mornings when you don’t need to go to work and just lay in bed all day
  • The day you introduce him to anime was the day his life began oml
  • Couldn’t stop watching One Piece lmao
  • A habit he inherited from his cat DNA was he loves to lay on the living room carpet and take a nap as the shine shone through it
  • Also goes bats*** crazy when you tried aa catnip room fragrance lmao
  • He couldn’t stop purring through out the day


  • smol but spicy
  • Has tiny brown ears that would sometimes be hidden underneath his hair
  • While his eyes are clear and beautiful, it always seem to judge and calculate your every move lmao
  • His nose twitches if he finds a smell particularly strong
  • He sneezed once and you swear it was the death of you
  • His tail is pretty long and super strong
  • Would wag upwards and downwards annoyedly if you tease him lol
  • Loves to sleep and play music with the guitar you bought him for his birthday
  • But his favorite activity with you is going out for a swim swim
  • Otter!Jihoon loves to swim
  • Especially if it’s a lake
  • You try to take him out to the nearest lake, which is hundreds of miles away, as often as you could
  • It has become a monthly routine for you now
  • Looks really grateful as he swims about near the water’s edges while he chases minnows around
  • You don’t mind the long drives back and forth between the city and the lake town because Woozi seems the happiest in his element
  • The calmest you’ve seen him is when he’s asleep or when he’s eating lmao
  • Speaking of food, however small he is compared to most hybrids, Woozi seemed to have an endless appetite
  • You went and bought him a burger set one day and now he’s totally hooked
  • But you couldn’t help but submit to his wishes because overtime you buy him one, he would have the cutest smile on his face and his dimples would appear ugh
  • He totally knows you think he’s cute and he’s totally using it to his advantage


  • Ok don’t be weirded out but I can’t help imagining Seokmin as a horse hybrid
  • Ok but horse hybrids don’t have a tail so their only distinctive feature is their horse ears
  • And they neighs sometimes
  • Which in DK’s case is whenever he laughs hard
  • Which is often because he loves to laugh
  • So you can say he neighs often?? Is that weird???
  • I love confusing myself
  • Another distinct horse thing he got was that he loves going on a run
  • He runs every morning seven days a week
  • Used to beg and drags you to run with him but gave up after seeing that you wouldn’t even budge lmao
  • Can and will finish an entire week’s worth of food after his runs if you don’t control him
  • Definitely more independent than some types of hybrids but he still loves his hugs
  • Loves giving you piggyback (or can you call it horseback?) rides around the apartment
  • Your apartment is always full of laughter with DK around
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re on the more quite and introverted side of the spectrum, he will make you sing during the weekly karaoke nights in your apartment
  • Loves singing off-key, which leads to more laughter
  • Which means more neighs


  • Seungkwan is a parrot hybrid
  • Oh gosh, sometimes you wonder how Seungkwan caught your eyes in the first place
  • But then he’d smile and it would in turn make you smile, too and then you remember
  • Parrot!Seungkwan sometimes doesn’t seem to shut up but it’s impossible for you to get mad at him bc you know he just wanna see you happy
  • Loves to dance funnily to the music you play on the speaker lol
  • One day you figured to bring him to a karaoke place to actually use his endless energy for a purpose
  • And oh my god??? You were blown away
  • You always ask him to sing everyday now
  • Which he doesn’t mind complying to
  • And now he can’t stop singing lmao
  • Bird hybrids are particularly unique bc they have wings
  • Seungkwan’s wings are really beautiful
  • They’re pristin(e) ayee white with yellow coloring its tips
  • It makes him look even more like the angel he is
  • Also, Seungkwan’s hair tips seems to be yellow like his wings, too
  • Loves to sing off-key to wake you up and although you always wake up annoyed, you wouldn’t have it other way
  • Loves validation and literally loves it when you shower him with praise
  • Despite being really rumbuctious and full of humor most of the times, he’s pretty sensitive to your mood changes
  • Likes to cover you with his wing as you lean on his side when you’re feeling upset and it would feel like a little save haven shared only between you and him

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Veers gets a helmet, Thrawn gets a helmet, Tarkin gets a helmet, even PRYCE now has a helmet...Krennic is feeling left out. Can you draw an AT-AT Helmet for Krennic even though Veers will never, ever, ever, EVER let that man near one of his Imperial Walkers? Thank you!

He’s grumpy because Veers just got finished telling him all the many, many reasons that Director Krennic is most certainly not going to allowed aboard one of his walkers.

frothing over trivialities

Is it too trivial what with the state of the world to still be shaking my fist over Civil War??? GRR! I can’t believe that they literally dispensed with what is characterologically the most interesting part of the Steve/Bucky story using a cheap fucking TV news voiceover between explosions to say, oh, yes, and we have a photo of a suspect, James Buchanan Barnes known as the Winter Soldier who is a known terrorist–YOU CHEAP HACKS OMG HOW I HATE YOU.

This message brought to you by having the current WIP - hopefully coming to you soon or soon-ish or soon as I can finish it, sigh - having to thread its way through Civil War you cheap hacks how I hate you, oh wait, I said that already. And I’m not even yet having to leap the hurdle of the stupid stupid stupid Wakanda cryofreeze, which I will have to do and which I plan to do with the grace of a gazelle: leap! Hey, maybe I’ll do it with a fucking TV VOICEOVER, “In other Wakandan news, James Buchanan Barnes, known as the Winter Soldier, was released from cryofreeze today …”  UGH. Anyone up for a vent?

Happy Birthday, erens-jaeger-bombs !! ♥

Cute boyfriends being cute in Autumn season for you~~