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❝ Juvia—— am I that cold? ❞ He questions with unbridled sincerity, ❝ 'S just ... sometimes I wonder if I am dilutin' Calli's temperature when I cradle her. I think that's ... bad for babies, I dunno. —Am I cold to you? ❞

 An unexpected question. The scene ahead had all the
attention in its power. Perhaps many would say that it is
not something common, but it seemed natural; something
    instinctive. The male held the little figure protectively,
nestling her between his arms and chest as if she were his.

       Heartbeat skipped a beat at the thought that maybe
    she could be. That maybe she could be his. Theirs.
              ——  that someday that could be her family.

          ❝ If Gray-sama is cold …?

      No ice could pierce his armor. No cold could
       penetrate his flesh. He was a winter storm;
but now it concerned him.

There were not many times where she could feel his 
touch. Feel his warmth mark her bare flesh. Still, her 
  right hand ran to the side of her visage, where the 
  male placed his hand in a soft touch as he wrapped 

her being in a hug once. Juvia could still feel the warmth
 of his palm against her skin; making her body shiver as
         if it could almost BURN.

  ❝ Gray-sama doesn’t need to worry about it. ❞

A tender smile formed over the pink lips. Deep blue irises
watching the other with affection as she took a few steps
towards him. She took her right hand to the head of the 
little girl, caressing the thin golden plumage that glittered 
 in the light of the lamp as she snored against his chest.

  ❝ Juvia thinks that Calli is feeling comfortable & happy 
  there Gray-sama  —— and Juvia think that Gray-sama is..
     ——is really warm.

a lot of people in this fandom admire lady lesso (especially since she sacrificed herself and all to save the Woods), but i really just can’t get over her abandoning young aric by himself just to keep her job

like, yeah she’s a never and as nevers they believe that love isn’t enough of a reason, but wHO THE HELL LEAVES A KID IN THE WOODS BY HIMSELF??


and we can’t really attribute this to all Never parents, cause look at Callis for crying out loud! she adopted a kid who wasn’t even her own child and physically transformed herself to look more like her so the other townspeople wouldn’t speculate!!

and lady lesso was able to show genuine love for someone else besides her self, like her best friend clarissa dovey and her best student sophie (who she even said she saw as her own child), so why couldn’t she feel the same way for aric??

you’re probably going to say tho that it’s too late by then, cause he’a all revenge-hungry and probably wouldn’t see reason, but that’s kind of the point

forget the fact that aric is a raging lunatic who tortured people for kicks for a moment (tho i know it’s hard to), and remember that this was a kid who had to leave with the knowledge that his own mother - the one person who most of us know we can always count on on matter what happened - left him for dead basically!! in the woods!! alone!!!

well we dont really have much of a backstory tbh to know if lesso left him with some form of protection or not tbh

maybe lesso has more of a reason behind it, like maybe she didn’t like being reminded of aric’s father or something like that, but if that was the case, why would she keep aric close in the first place by placing him in the blue forest so she can be near him?

let’s be honest, child abandonment is child abuse, and there’s really no excusing that

i’m sure i’m not the only one who has wondered how different aric would have turned out if he’d grown up with a postive role model or some good influence or something like that

i’m not saying that this excuses aric for the terrible, terrible things he has done in the series, but what more can we expect of a person who has not been taught to be anything but a monster?

he probably had to go through some rough ordeals in order to survive, and maybe he lost some parts of his humanity to live to see another day

no one was there for him (probably, due to lack of backstory™ ) so how can expect him to act like a morally upstanding citizen, especially given his Never nature?

i know it’s easy to hate aric (i know i do) but we have to remember that villains just dont come out being bad irl (no matter how misleading this series may be lol) but because they went through some horrific experiences and didn’t have proper direction or a working conscience to stop them or make them change or something

aric was a child then, plain and simple, who did not deserve to go through that

no matter how grand a legacy leonora lesso left behind, it doesn’t excuse the fact that she abandoned her own child to save her skin

or like did the school master threaten her or something that he would kill aric if lesso didn’t abandon her child or something? cause then im gonna be really mad at soman for his lack of clarification™ and at myself for writing this really long post for nothing