omg but just look at them cheekbones

okay but imagine klance doing embarrassing things that I have said to boys:

-Lance flirting with Keith and Keith trying to flirt back but ultimately just saying, “wow Lance you have really long arms omg, are you good at basketball? Cause you have long arms!”

-Lance calling Keith hot and Keith going (yes I did say this), “you’re not exactly a cold sandwich yourself” (yes I too hate myself thank you.)

-Keith seeing Lance in a public venue, putting out a bunch of rapid fire tweets about them, and then laNCE FINDS THEM, AND FAVORITES THEM. AND THEN KEITH TWEETS ABOUT HOW HE IS NEVER LEAVING HIS HOUSE AGAIN, AND THEN LANCE RESPONDS “why cause you got caught fangirling?” (look. it was a rough situation.) Some of these tweets included: his cheekbones could cut glass and I found the cute boys facebook omg (this one is particularly embarrassing for me)

-Shiro convincing Keith to go over and talk to Lance, and so he literally just says hi and walks away, meanwhile Shiro is having a fucking melt down. Lance doesn’t realize what is going on until Keith has already walked away. (not 100% what happened to me)

-Keith discovering old anime fanfiction (cause Keith is a weeb and so was I) he wrote back in middle school, and accidentally agreeing to show it to Lance because he can’t say no to him

Moral of the story: I do a lot of embarrassing shit in front of cute boys.