omg but just look at them cheekbones

Shy Boy

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I bring you another phanfic this time, hope you like it!

prompt: dan is the famous youtuber and shy!phil joins him for his liveshow

summary: Dan is making a liveshow when his boyfriend Phil arrives home, will Phil agree to join him this time so he can see how much his audience loves him?

word count: 1.5k

no trigger warnings

Dan was halfway his liveshow already. He had already covered a few topics like his new video, a recent series he had started watching, some more serious issues concerning politics… Usual Dan to be honest.

He was now explaining a post he had read on Tumblr earlier when he heard the front door close. ‘That must be Phil’ he thought. You see? Phil was Dan’s boyfriend but he wasn’t a Youtuber like him, he worked at the BBC headquarters as a technician, where they actually met.

“Daaaaaaan” Phil shouted downstairs, his steps coming closer to the lounge, where Dan was actually duing his liveshow.

“What? I’m in the lounge!” Dan shouted back, a smile appearing on his face “As you can guess that’s Phil” he explained to his viewers, the chat quickly filling with messages of 'Bring Phil!’ or 'Tell Phil to join!’

“Oh hey” Phil said. He rapidly noticed that Dan was doing a liveshow so he made a sign indicating that he was going to leave, since he was really shy and didn’t really want to appear in his boyfriends’ liveshow.

Dan really wanted to take Phil out of his confort zone (only if he wanted) so he could also see how much his followers loved him too, even though they hadn’t seen him much, just on a couple of photos from Dan’s Instagram.

“Wait a minute, I’m not leaving yet, just gonna get something” Dan mentioned to his followers, standing up and going to find Phil, who was pouring himself a cup of tea on the kitchen.

“Hello Phil, tired?” Dan happily said, pecking him on his lips.

“Hey again” Phil answered, continuing to make his cup of tea. “No, just thinking about reading a bit so you can finish the liveshow without distractions.”

“About that…” Dan was sure it wouldn’t hurt to ask so he gave it a go “would you maybe want to join me?”

Phil was about to speak when his boyfriend cut him off “Phil, I know you are shy but I want them to meet you. They will love you I promise, who couldn’t love you, eh?” Dan saw Phil was thinking this too much so he spoke again, “I want to be able to share this part of me too, only if you are comfortable sure, but please, do it for me.” He put his best puppy eyes, knowing Phil couldn’t resist to those.

Phil, seeing how important this was to Dan, decided to say yes. He wanted to support Dan and if this was a way he could do it, he would, even if he wasn’t 100% comfortable.

Dan let out a little scream when he heard Phil say yes, so before he could change his mind, grabbed his hand and led him to the lounge where he made him stand up so he could mention he had a  'surprise’.

“So, I’m back and I brought a surprise!” Dan reached for Phil’s hand and made him sit down next to him “It’s Phil! Say hi Phil!”

Phil was still a bit uncomfortable with this, so he murmured a little 'hi’ and waved to the camera before grabbing Dan’s hand again, out of the camera vision.

“Isn’t he handsome? Look at him, he could be a model with those cheekbones, am I right?” he heard Dan ask his audience.

“Daaaaaan” he said, now his cheeks red as a tomato, before hugging Dan from the back so he could hide his face on the crook of Dan’s neck, his chest and Dan’s back now flushed together.

“What Phil? I’m just stating the facts here! See…” Dan commented, making him lift his gaze, and resting his chin on his boyfriend’s shoulder so he could read the messages on the chat. Most of them being 'OMG he is so adorable!’ 'Dan where can I get one?’ and 'Phil thank you for making Dan happy, we love you!’.

Dan bumped his head lightly against Phil’s, “see? I told you they would love you”

Phil could only nod and smile at that. He had been worried about the opinion Dan’s followers would have of him. He didn’t want to be seen as a burden to Dan, but apparently they loved the fact that he was making Dan happy so he would take that.

“Should we answer some questions, Phil? Let’s see…” Dan scanned the messages rapidly, searching for an appropiate one they could answer on camera “Olivia asks 'How did you two meet?”’

“It’s a bit of a long story. I went to the BBC to do an interview, and they were having some problems with the microphones, especially mine, so they called Phil in to see if he could solve the problem.” Dan was telling his audience while Phil looked at him with a little smile, also remembering their first encounter.

“Long story short, Phil here was stuggling to fix the microphone because apparently I was one of his favourite youtubers and he was nervous, isn’t that right Phil?” Dan teased him, girating his body a bit so he could poke him in the ribs, making Phil squirm and laugh a bit. “I saw how nervous he was, so I decided to engage him in a small talk which led to me asking him out for a coffee later to thank him for fixing the microphone. And here we are.” Dan finished his tale, happy now his followers knew a bit more about him.

“Okay next question from Sam, 'what’s the favourite thing to do together?’, nice question.” Dan started to think, he and Phil did a lot of things together to be honest so it was difficult to choose just one. He was about to speak when he heard his boyfriend’s shy voice say “Probably dancing to 2000’s songs on the kitchen while we make dinner.”

Oh Phil, he finally decided to get out of his shell. “Yeah, that probably.” Dan agreeded, “Or maybe some other things that are not appropriate for this PG13 liveshow.”

That’s when he heard another “Daaaaaaan” from Phil, who was hiding again on his shoulder.

“Umm let’s see what more are you asking… Alex wonders if we have any habits that annoy eachother” Dan didn’t miss a beat when he shouted “Phil constantly leaves his socks everywhere, LIKE EVERYWHERE” he gesticulated exageratedly with his hands.

“Hey! Not fair!” Phil’s whiny voice said “You tap on every surface possible, even when we are silently watching a movie and it distracts me!” Dan laughed at this. It was true, he had the annoying habit of tapping and it often drove Phil mad.

Dan looked at the clock and he decided to answer one last question before ending his liveshow. He saw an interesting one and decided that this was it, “Okay, one last question from Kayla 'This might be a bit personal but have you said I love you to each other yet? And if you have who said it first?”’

Dan didn’t even have time to think when he heard Phil’s soft voice, as the same time he brought Dan’s body closer to him “It was actually me. I told Dan I loved him after an argument.”

They both remembered it. It had been a horrible argument for them both, shouting at each other and crying, ending it with Dan storming out the apartment.

Phil rememebrs going to bed crying, not even trying to sleep when he felt cold hands embracing him from the back. He jumped at the sensation, turning around and not leting the other person speak.

“Please Dan, forgive me, what I said to you was horrible and I understand if you don’t want to be with me anymore but I don’t want to lose you. I love you Dan. I…” Phil realized what he had said, “Oh, Dan I…” he couldn’t speak anymore, since a pair of wet and salty lips from tears kissed him hard and fast, making him lay on his back.

Once their lips parted Dan looked at him, eyes red from crying, “Phil, I’m sorry too. We both said horrible things to eachother I know, but hey, we will deal with it, okay?”

He kissed him again, now more camly before moving his body a bit higher so his mouth was near Phil’s ear “You know? I love you too Phil.” was all he could say before Phil’s hands grabbed his cheeks, giving him an open mouthed kiss as he straddled him, making his back touch the soft matress beneath. Only grunts, sighs, moans and 'I love you’s’ were heard that night.

“It was an accident really but… I said it first and then he said it back and here we are” Phil continued his sentence from earlier.

Dan pecked him on the cheek before whispering a soft “I’m proud of you and I love you” into his ear so only Phil could hear.

Dan looked his liveshow chat once again before reading a request “'Kiss Phil (on the lips this time) please!’, well, what a better way to end the liveshow, right?”

He grabbed Phil by the back of his neck before kissing him not very appropiately in front of his audience, leaning onto his boyfriend so he would lay on the couch as he closed the laptop with his free hand, not wanting to let his audience see what he intended to do to his boyfriend now that the liveshow had ended.

Excuse me. I need sit down. Because he’s not human. He can’t be. THOSE CHEEKBONES. I mean, we’re not even going to talk about his eyes, the laugh lines, his mouth, his hair, his expression, his eyebrows…. What was I saying? Oh yeah…HIS CHEEKBONES. As Stephen Fry said, you can shave Parmesan cheese off of them!!

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Gajeel vs Acnologia (Genes Edition)

/tries to make ~fancy title~ because i’m a loser 


I’m mostly just gonna sum stuff up below: Acnologia and Gajeel look related – they could be the generic Father/Son, siblings, cousins, etc. Who really cares? It’s theory time! Let’s throw Rogue in there too since there’s also a strong resemblance in appearance with him and those two (thus ending any mention of Rogue in this whoop)

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What's a Luke Hemmings? Like please tell me about him like describe him, little details facts, anything please!

WHAT’S A LUKE HEMMINGS YOU ASK? well sit down bc i have a lot of feelings towards this boy. 

luke robert hemmings is one the most amazing, talented and beautiful person that ive never met.  

he’s in a band with three other dorks that are just as amazing as him called 5 seconds of summer (5sos) 

now this 6 foot boy is an 18 yr old that looks like a 25 yr old and has a mentality of a 4 yr old (only at times compared to his band members). 

He’s known for his amazing voice and awesome guitar playing skills that can kill ovaries and melt hearts just alone but combine that with a face sculpted by angels and you’ve got yourself a perfect human being that will ruin your sanity. 

he’s voice can go from high to low and that makes me want to implode bc he’s so talented. sometimes when he sings he scrunches his whole face bc he puts so much into the song that you can truly feel the emotion and that also makes me v sad. 

He’s awesome at playing the guitar and jumping around the stage too bc sometimes that makes my heart beat irregularly  

this is luke looking fine as hell doing what he does best. which moves me onto how freaking beautiful he is. luke is like a perfect combination of hot and cute

his hair is almost always quiffed now and i still wonder how it just stays there after performing a whole gig.



AND HIS BLUE EYES DONT HELP EITHER. just his natural genetics weren’t enough to ruin me HE HAS TO GET A LIP RING THAT SOMEHOW MAKES HIM HOTTER?? didnt think that was possible with a 10/10 face!!

and when he always bites it and you kind of just want to rip his head off for being too hot.

sometimes looking at him can be overwhelming and you just want to cry bc look at that face. 

I can guarantee that 100% of the 5sos family want to boop luke hemming’s nose and if you say otherwise than youre wrong and you need to sit in the corner and evaluate your life choices.

oh yeah and lets not forget how tall and lanky he is that it’s ridiculous how hot he looks in tight clothes and ESPECIALLY WHEN HE IS IN ALL BLACK

and dont get me started in how well tanks and plaid suits him. but im not going to go there bc my body has a limit.

but here is luke being a super dork 

unfortunately i don’t know luke well enough to tell you his personality but what i gather from interviews that is that he’s quiet and awkward around people he doesnt know well  but when he has something to say its usually smart/funny/meaningful. and through keeks you can see he definitely is so much more open around the other boys and once he’s comfortable the true idiot comes out. he also seems to be that guy you can trust and i think he would make the best boyfriend bc you can tell he will spoil his gf. 

ok im gonna stop bc now im sad thinking about how i dont know luke hemmings personally. 


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how are they in person? are they kind, funny, cute, whatever?

OH GOOD QUESTION yes let me talk about the babies

AMANDA: she is just PERFECT, so sweet, kind, funny, gorgeous, and she cares SO MUCH about the fans, she spend the most time with us, stayed the longest with every fan, actually having whole conversations with each one, I told her how much i loved the curls on her, and she called me an angel back, then i told her she was an even more beautiful angel, and she told me no i was more beautiful, she just wouldn’t stop until she had the last word, it was SO SWEET, i was also wearing my “Not all those who wander are lost” T-shirt and she stood back and asked me what my t-shirt said, she read it and she asked me if i loved the hobbit, which i OBVIOUSLY do, but god, and she just kept coming back to us, making sure to give everyone attention, and when she discovered how long we’ve been there waiting, she LITERALLY dragged Benedict up to us, god… I am in love with Amanda… Martin you are such a lucky man… 

MARTIN: HE IS THE BIGGEST CHARMER ON EARTH, and so handsome! And he is SOOOOO SWEEET AS WELL!! I really couldn’t notice his “I’m famous” state on him. Him being a bit of a dickhead to the media is just him hiding his oh so big heart, he is so kind to his fans, I could barely believe it… knowing how much Martin loves fashion and how important his looks are to him, I complimented his hair and outfit and oh god, his whole face just lit up and he got hold of my arm and squeezed it while saying “thank you so much darling”, i got to talk a bit more with him… but i was so tired and starstruck, i can barely remember it :O but god, honestly… Martin is so sweet, he and Amanda make such a perfect couple (and that says a lot as me, a freebatch shipper) I could really feel that they just… acted as normal people?? No famous state, no quick autograph, but really trying to talk, take pictures, taking time, making sure to not disappoint people… god these two caught my heart forever… 

BENEDICT: … soaking wet but still kind enough to quickly pop by (altho amanda basically made him to), and he quickly left again too, and he was mostly hiding behind vans, but the little time i saw him, he was also very kind. And it was SO WEIRD to see that Ben is…just a bit taller than me… like he isn’t all that tall at all… and Ben is just… weird looking tbh??!! He is still very handsome tho, his face is like 85% cheekbones and he does indeed have a bit of that…alien look on him…but i was able to make him laugh while joking a bit so i’m very proud of that XD but he was quickly gone too bad :/ 

MARK AND STEVEN: both so sweet as well, but also very busy, MARKS HUSBAND THO, holy shit Mark great job on that :O and Mark has THE SWEETEST CUTEST DOG EVER OMG I told them I was so excited for series 4 and how much i loved Mark as Mycroft, and they both were so kind as well, but quickly gone, as busy as they are, and ohmygod Mark is such a clown, i just love him XD


I just want you all to look at this. Pay attention, gals and gents. THIS SHIT IS IMPORTANT.


Just look, the man is wearing three colours. THREE. TRES. TROIS. DREI. 3.

AND NONE OF THEM ARE EITHER BLACK OR WHITE. (If you are thinking about telling me that those jeans are black, DON’T. They are fucking dark blue, don’t deny it).

Maybe that’s why he seems so upset and frowny… No monochromaticness whatsoever…

Oh. Wait. It’s just a regular eyefuck.

okay but imagine klance doing embarrassing things that I have said to boys:

-Lance flirting with Keith and Keith trying to flirt back but ultimately just saying, “wow Lance you have really long arms omg, are you good at basketball? Cause you have long arms!”

-Lance calling Keith hot and Keith going (yes I did say this), “you’re not exactly a cold sandwich yourself” (yes I too hate myself thank you.)

-Keith seeing Lance in a public venue, putting out a bunch of rapid fire tweets about them, and then laNCE FINDS THEM, AND FAVORITES THEM. AND THEN KEITH TWEETS ABOUT HOW HE IS NEVER LEAVING HIS HOUSE AGAIN, AND THEN LANCE RESPONDS “why cause you got caught fangirling?” (look. it was a rough situation.) Some of these tweets included: his cheekbones could cut glass and I found the cute boys facebook omg (this one is particularly embarrassing for me)

-Shiro convincing Keith to go over and talk to Lance, and so he literally just says hi and walks away, meanwhile Shiro is having a fucking melt down. Lance doesn’t realize what is going on until Keith has already walked away. (not 100% what happened to me)

-Keith discovering old anime fanfiction (cause Keith is a weeb and so was I) he wrote back in middle school, and accidentally agreeing to show it to Lance because he can’t say no to him

Moral of the story: I do a lot of embarrassing shit in front of cute boys.


So basically I’m dying right now.
There was that free Kpop concert in LA that I couldn’t go to even though I was in the area, so I was kinda sad that I wouldn’t be able to see my favorite Kpop stars at a concert. I had comforted myself by thinking that I probably wouldn’t have been able to see very much of them anyways at a concert.

The next day I was at Little Tokyo in LA just kind of thinking about how I couldn’t afford anything. I was passing by Pinkberry and heard some Korean, but I didn’t really think about it. And then I saw them. For a second I couldn’t really believe my eyes, but after trying to inconspicuously study their faces I realized that IT WAS REALLY JONGHYUN AND ONEW. They looked different from how I imagined in person. For one thing, they were a lot tanner than I thought they would be, but maybe it was because they had spend the past few days in sunny LA, I don’t know. Jonghyun also had some really obvious spot concealer on. But mostly OMG their faces are so small and their cheekbones are so prominent!

Anyways, they had their manager with them, and they went to look in the trunk of their black SUV. The three of them went into a shoe store, and I was just kind of standing on the sidewalk trembling. I really wanted to see them, but like I was really anxious for some reason. I worked up the courage to go in the store to ask for a picture, even though I knew the answer would be no. Sure enough, when I went up to Onew and asked, the manager made an X with his arms and said no picture. Jonghyun was looking through some shirts and wasn’t paying attention to us.

My heart was already pounding so I was ready to just run out of there and scream that I had actually seen them. Onew smiled at me and said “sorry” in a really good American accent and I just kind of smiled and said it was okay and thank you. BUT THEN HE PUT OUT HIS HAND. THAT’S RIGHT I SHOOK HANDS WITH ONEW. After that I just profusely thanked them and ran out if the store before I like fell over.

Afterwards, I regretted only saying like “okay thank you” to them. I mean I just met some of my favorite celebrities and I didn’t even really say anything to them. I really wish I could have like wished them health and happiness and a good time in the States, as cheesy as that sounds. But sat the same time I’m kinda proud that I didn’t like scream I love you at their faces. Anyways, the end.