omg bruce i am so so sorry

headcanon that before batman tells the league about his secret i.d. whenever someone makes some comment abt bruce wayne batman gives superman this weird significant look and nobody knows what that’s about and it turns out it’s bc batman never managed to lead line his mask w/o making it too heavy to wear in combat and so he’d assumed that superman would have looked and knew who he was and he thought they were sharing some private joke or w/e but superman was just like omg why do u hate me so much u r always glaring at me omg i cannot control how ppl talk abt the citizens of your city i am sorry ffs

  • drake bell: has been calling Justin Bieber gay/a girl since like 2012
  • drake bell: has always been transphobic, posting photoshopped pictures of Bieber with make-up on several times
  • drake bell: very casually tells a belieber to go die, even though all she did was defend her idol without being mean to drake
  • justin bieber: hardly ever defends himself, even after 3 years
  • everyone: O.M.G Drake is soooOooOOo R Eal people!!1! drake u are the man HA HA HA HA Very funny
  • drake bell: "Sorry...still calling you Bruce."
  • everyone: WOWowOw this is so surprising ?? but :// i never knew Drake Bell was i used to respect him but now I lost all of my respect for him.. OMG. i am so sHocked !

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Yes. Tell me all your thoughts on Timkon. All of them. Feelingssss This is a wierd ask...

timkon is. in my head they’re all fluff and rainbows and all the good, soft things. they’re kinda like that exhilarated laughter when you go down on the rollercoaster, watching the stars come out at night, dancing with your friends in the school dance. that ‘whoop’ feeling in your stomach when the plane jolts, yelling yourself hoarse in the mosh pit to the lyrics of the song. sitting outside in the grass with the sun on your face and a daisy in your hair. it’s peaceful. and then a dog comes over and asks for a pat. that feeling too.

they’re so good for each other. they’re the best versions of themselves when they’re working together, or are on the same team. remember those two issues of superman/batman with them and the toyman? :’) they trust and care for each other unconditionally. in the costume and out of it. they’re grounded in each other, they’d probably go crazy without the other? pfft. tim had gone crazy without kon. where tim’s grief was quiet but expressed so extremely (his uniform, the cloning thing, kissing cassie like how the hell are we supposed to interpret that), i’m guessing kon would be even quieter about it. not at first - at first he’d rage and yell his grief to the world, fly into space and scream until his lungs hurt where no one can hear but kon knew tim. he knows that tim would hate it if he doesn’t get over him, knows that tim would say ‘the world spins on, kon. you gotta keep up, don’t stay still for me.’. and kon would. move on? get over it? not really. never really. the world makes less sense without tim in it. but other people looking in will think ‘he’s okay now.’

happiness for them is explosive and bright but sometimes also quiet and just a warm pressure on their chests. it’s the high five that makes tim’s hand sore for days after taking down a bad guy, it’s the yell of victory when kon beats tim in mario kart. it’s laying on the fields of smallville, tall grass waving, krypto dozing between them. it’s hushed conversations until 3 am about anything and everything.

they could grow up to be better versions of bruce and clark. they probably will be better than bruce and clark someday. tim’s already vowed from the beginning to not get sucked into and become batman’s darkness, and kon’s not superman, not clark, but he’s got such a good heart.

the world’s finest 2.0, bigger and better.

and it’s so so easy for them to not so much fall as step into love. they’re practically there already.