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Carma Sutra Handbook

No matter what make or model, the Carma Sutra handbook will show you how to fog up the windshield in thrilling new positions you never thought possible. It’s the perfect combination of ancient sexual wisdom mixed with modern automotive know-how.


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Oh gosh I’m so excited you’re excited! Here is a post with more info and a summary, and there’s plenty more info at my author blog authorcblee along with writing tips, inspiration, and seals. The book comes out in October!
Daredevil’s new sidekick and status quo
One of the most exciting announcements of last week’s “All-New, All-Different” Marvel news avalanche was writer Charles Soule and artist Ron Garney taking over Daredevil, largely because of Soule’s background as an attorney. Soule’s legal knowledge made his run on She-Hulk a riveting exploration of

So we know (or imagine) so far:

  • Matt will have a new job as an Assistant District Attorney.
  • There will be a sort of sidekick, a Chinese fighter. Apparently they will not work only together but separably as well. There is something unique about the character that they want to keep as a surprise for the book release.
  • More dark and Noir like as compared to Waid’s run. The violence level will apparently not be as explicit as the Netflix show. The author will keep in mind the development of Waid and other former authors. He will also consider the Netflix show influence. 
  • Secret Identity is back.
  • Daredevil is back to New York.
  • The costume will be more urban like.

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OMG this blog is awesome *-* ahaha but do you know any LGBT book in Italian? ;P

We know of one series thanks to a heads up from an Italian reader – 

It’s called “La trilogia di Mirta” by Chiara Palazzolo (the actual books are: Non mi uccidere, Strappami il cuore, Ti porterò nel sangue). It’s a horror series featuring a lot of bisexual/queer characters! 

If anyone has any other Italian language suggestions for our Italian readers, please reblog!  

- Sarah 

You want tangible, social benefits to writing fiction? There are people walking around today because other people wrote words that spoke to them. That’ll do.
—   Warren Ellis

Hello, how are you?

I am doing well, thank you.
I breathe fire,
but do not worry
I am dragon and I am invincible.

You look great, are you on a diet?

No, no, no,
I am not a fat little girl,
and I know I’ve gained some weight.
But you see,
I happen to like pinching the rolls on my abdomen,
you don’t have to lie to me to love me.

I can see that, what can you see?

I don’t like to look,
mirrors are just glass and
I am more than that.

Yes, you’re very beautiful, did you

I have always known.
I just haven’t chosen the right time
to accept such beauty into my life.
I think it’d be rather inconvenient,
to have high expectations in staying beautiful.
Because the width of my legs should not matter and the color of my hair should not dictate what I can and cannot do in the world and the fact that I am a woman should not allow you to treat me like a doll.

Any signs of lingering depression?

Yes, Depression and Self-Hate braid each others hair and sometimes I let them brush mine.
I often stand in the shower and talk to God.
I don’t know if he ever listens
or if I even believe in him.
It gets better with time,
I’m just waiting for a full recovery.
(if that even exists)

Our time is up, but I’ll see you next week?

Maybe, I’ll need to check if I have plans.

Okay, call me and we can arrange a time if the usual doesn’t work out. And remember, broken isn’t bad or else puzzles wouldn’t sell.

I close the door, soft dies the light.


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happy birthday raquel. i know you’re not really a birthday person?? but i guess i wrote a poem for you last year (you reblogged it) and i was thinking maybe she wont mind if i write another one this year? i’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone with my writing so this poem (which is a poem of what i’d like to say to a therapist if i ever got one, though using various quotes of your work scattered amongst the lines. so sorry if you don’t like the poem at all bc i do no justice to your words ever.) and i just wanted to say that what you’ve done with this blog has changed my life. such as the fact that i applied for csssa//california state summer school for the arts for the creative writing program and got in and i screamed because really i don’t find my writing very life-changing. also, i got the guts to show my mom one piece of prose after a year of isolating her from my work and she cried while she read it and told me that she was so proud of how much i’ve grown and i bawled because i always thought she didn’t approve of my love of words. and this caption is getting terribly long, i love you, keep up the great work and i hope the sparkle in your eyes don’t dim until the day you become an angel in the warm sky. -isabelle

p.s. still looking out for a poem or sentence about my secret. it would be an honor to even have one word written about my past. okay bye!