omg blair

corporateasshole-andlovingit  asked:

"You seem to be new here, so let me make a few things clear to you right away. I don't give a shit if your paycheck doesn't arrive in time. I don't care if your own stupidity gets you injured or killed. By signing a contract with Murkoff, you signed away your rights. If you have any further questions, please refrain from asking them, and do your goddamn job. That taser is coming out of your own salary, by the way. Now get the fuck out of my office!"

“I’ve been with Murkoff for YEARS, long before Project Walrider was put into action, my “rights” were signed off to them longer than you’ve been around. I was trained as one of the VERY BEST in their little ‘Clean-up’ Corps. I’m sure you’re well aware of what I am, and I am not just a mere experiment from Murkoff either. No. I was sent directly by those ranking far above you. Meaning I will deal with things in this facility however I please. 

So, I will warn you once, and only once. Treat me with respect and I will spare your decent-looking facade you call a face from another beating, as well as reporting your little addiction to certain substances that you’ve bought using the Murkoff’s emergency funds. As for the taser, I have no need for something meant to hurt the patients. I only need my sword and nothing else.

Now, to wrap up our little meeting: I appreciate such a warm welcome from you, Mr. Blaire, and I apologize for messing your work desk. I hope, it won’t happen again.

And as for my pay check, mine gets automatically transferred into my account from those at Murkoff Corp. So there is no need for you to worry… I’d have that nose of yours checked too, it looks a little redder than usual.

Have a nice day, Mr. Blaire.”