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omg so me nd bf have been together like almost 2 months (mayb tbh idrk) and last weekend he came over nd we slept in the same bed and he was like so warm nd cosy and waking up next to him was the best thing ever but like the night before we were gonna sleep and it was like 3 am nd instead of sleeping we ended up kinda like tickling each other nd he has the best laugh ever and omg i love him so much

sleeping with another boy is probably the best experience pretty much?? anyone can have


Totally didn’t forget to post the full cosplay  J( ‘ー`)ゞ

I just once again wanted to say that Katsucon 2017 was an unbelievable adventure and experience…. I never want to forget it…. I met so many cool people and..!! Signed autographs! (it was embarassing but.. really cool!) >////< 

This trip was totally meant to be, because even though I tried to be prepared as best as I could, the amount of times where I got extremely lucky in certain situations were scary… (ex. Hammer almost not fitting in the trunk of a car, almost not getting through across the border, having little to no damage done in transportation, having a tremendous amount of help from all of my friends, got to see delicious Genji booty)

Shout out to my BitchBoard™! (in the first picture) Without you, I would have been kicked out of the con for having such a large prop =w=;;
You let me cart my hammer around and Me n Zed even got a shoutout from Reinhardt’s voice actor!! AAAAA!!

″SKELETON HAMMER DOWN!!!” so cool ;o;!!!

Special thanks to @livingzed (Swap Papyrus) and @Suukarin (Human Swap Papyrus) for not only being my two amazing brothers but for being there for me and especially Suu for keeping my stupid hammer in their hotel room….!!!!! I love you guys so much and I really miss you ;o;

Ok i’m done being mushy, enjoy these pictures my friend Sunny took (except the first, that one was given to me!) <3

I don’t need pants, I’m a mermaid 

Best quote ever, lol. What if, as a thank you gift for their saviour, the Queen changed Lance into a mermaid?! A dream come true and Lance is so pretty! But Keith is not amused.

Klance week 2017 - Day Six: Quote


my boyfriend and I adopted a sweet little black special needs kitty today. I work part time at a Petco and when I saw her there the other day, I just fell in love.

will post pictures soon. I know I promised that last time around but this time she is actually my cat, haha