omg best movie ever!

this movie honestly f***ed me up
—  my sister after watching Kimi no Na wa

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SHEIRJNEKDD I TOTALLY FEEL YOU! I loved both characters but Taki’s character was amazing. I loved it and everything about it and I agree, best anime movie ever!

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OMG This is the best thing I’ve ever seen!!!

If I Stay Michael Imagine

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Anonymous asked: Okay, so I just watched If I Stay and omg best movie ever. And I was wondering if you could have the reader and Michael be like the two in the movie, if that makes sense. I was kind of wondering if it could be a short fan fic or a long imagine.. I know I’m asking for a lot, and I’m sorry.

“Keep your eyes on the road!” You shout at your dad as he tries to tickle my little brother next to me.

“Alright safety,” He jokes, “This isn’t over,” He warns your brother.

“She’s right, it’s snowed,” Your mum says as she taps the beat of the song on her leg. You smile widely as your brother starts to draw pictures on the window and nod his head along.

This was the way most car drives went, you and your family joking around and dancing and messing around to the song playing through your phone (because your music was the best).

“I love snow!” Your mum screams out the window, it echoing between the mountains and trees around you.

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You've watched night flight?! I LOVE that movie. That part when giwoong raids into the school to get back the camera and then smiles at yongju was so sad...( and yongju holding onto giwoong while crying..) The ending was also heart shattering :'( giwoong telling yongju not to go broke me into tears :'( :'( I'm so happy I found a person that also watched and liked that movie!

OMG! Yes! One of the best Korean movies ever. I cried so much at the end. It was so touching. Giwoong is such a bad ass. I love him!

Night Flight [x] Raw :(

Steven Universe episode predictions.

As many of you are aware, cartoon network has released 30+ new episode titles onto their website. I was looking at them this morning and i can’t help but wonder what the crewniverse has in store for us.  Here are my predictions for what these new episodes will bring to the table. 

“Same old world”- I think that this episode will finally touch on the long awaited  subject of home world and what it is like. I don’t think the gems will travel back to home world yet, but we will certainly learn more about it. 

“ Hit the diamond”- I certainly hope that we will get the chance to learn more about yellow diamond in this episode. If no yellow diamond, maybe the other diamonds? 

“ Steven floats”- I can’t even begin to imagine what this will be like? Water? Is it about malachite? Is it another beach episode? 

“ To short to ride”- This episode will probably be about fusion. Just think about it. Maybe its an amusement park episode? Maybe more stevonnie? I hope so. 

“Drop beat dad”- Probably about greg and his music? Maybe? 

“ Mr greg” - This is very vague, but i love Greg episodes, so give me more!!!

“The new Lars”- Hopefully more Lars development. More sadie? 

“Beach city drift”- Something about beach city and water maybe? More mayor Dewey possibly?

“Resturaunt wars”- Something about the resturaunts in beach city. Fish stew pizza? The fry place? The crab shack? 

“Kikis pizza service delivery”- Omg i love the title. Best movie ever. But its bound to be about kiki pizza and I’m glad she’s finally going to get her own episode. 

“Monster reunion”- Im calling it. Its the centipeedle return. 

“Alone at sea”- This will definitely be a malachite episode. Or I’m hoping it will be. The time will be just about right. 

“Greg the babysitter”- I think this will be some sort of flashback episode. By this point, we won’t have had one for awhile, and there is supposed to be more coming. 

“Gem hunt”- This is also a very vague title. I am going to bet that peridot will make an appearance. Maybe they went looking for her again. Maybe we will get a new gem?

“Crack the whip”- So the odds are, this episode is about amethyst. She’s the only one with a whip. Its probably gonna be one of those emotional development episodes like on the run or maximum capacity. No complaints here. 

“Steven vs amethyst”- Okay, despite what it sounds like, i think this will be more of a playful bonding episode for steven and amethyst. I don’t think they will literally fight eachother. 

“Beta part 1″- I have no clue honestly. 

“Earthlings part 2″- I have no idea either. I wonder if it has to do with the previous episode? Maybe Peridot??

“Back 2 the moon part 3″-  wtf?BACk 2 THE MOON? Im very confused. 

“Bubbled”- Okay, i feel like this episode will be more heavy and touch on the subject of bubbled gems. I think we might even get to learn more about the gem in lions mane? could it be bismuth? What is its relationship to rose? were they friends? Why are they in lions mane? 

“ The kindergarten kid”- This will probably be an amethyst episode. Hopefully it will be a flashback and we can see how rose and the other gems found her. I would love to see how amethyst has grown as a character since she was created. 

“Gem harvest”- I am assuming this episode will also feature the kindergarden. More info on amethyst? Maybe on Jasper as well? Assuming that jasper is also from the kindergarden. 

“ Tiger philanthropist”- Im guessing tiger millionaire will be involved in this. Tiger millionaire starts a charity organization??? no idea…

“ Last one out of beach city”- This is the end of season two I’m guessing, and history repeats itself doesn’t it? So will this be an episode like jailbreak or the return? it sounds like the citizens of beach city will have to evacuate again, so maybe. 

What do you guys think???

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